Congratulations! You have the spinoff to "Moonlight Shines"! Note: Yes this is a spin-off and though reading this will probably not make you confused I would still suggest that you read my other story so you can get background and have a more overall feel to this story and know more about this story's main character Riley.

Now if you have read "Moonlight Shines" and you know who Riley is and are practically over the moon for this said spinoff then proceed to read. Now I must say that I do not own Chris Colfer or Darren Criss, which is really sad taking into account how much I love them both and they don't know I exist but whatever… Keep that rainbow flag a-flying even though you Darren are not gay but I do know a lot of people that wish you were so you and Chris could be together. Live on.

Now if you are actually reading this author's note and not skipping it like I usually do when I read fanfics then you may have read that Riley is the main character. Yes that is true because if you recall in my author's notes in "Moonlight Shines" I said that the spinoff would be about Riley and I was not lying about that. It is about her. But don't worry… There are plenty of Darren/Chris moments and if you are even slightly interested in the Alex/Erin relationship from before there will be some of that too. Sadly no Cory/Lea moments that I can think of now (I always plan my stories out before I write them) so… Yeah.

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It's been thirteen years since Darren Criss came to New York City for a Glee reunion in which he was once again reunited with his old secret love Chris Colfer. But when he met Chris he had with him a little girl, Riley Marie, a seven year old at the time with a light case Asperger's Syndrome but a big heart full of song and love. The three of them immediately became like a family and after two years of living together in Chris' apartment the men got married and made their family official. Then with Chris' help, as well as those as Rainbow Park and Darren, Riley got her chance on Broadway and became Young Cinderella in the Broadway production of Disney's Cinderella, a production written, casted and practically controlled by Chris himself. For five years Riley stayed as young Cinderella and when she was sixteen and was just about to be promoted to the role of Cinderella herself she left Broadway to start her career as a musician. She started an organization and even went to Fox and restarted Glee, where the children of the first Gleeks went into their parents' old Glee club, known as Glee Too, on her third year out as a musician and stared in it as her dad's roles' adopted kid, Angela Anderson. When she "graduated" from Glee Too it was her sixth year as a musician and she genuinely missed her life on Broadway. So with one last tour she quit being a musician and went back to Broadway, with of course the help of her dads.

Colfer-Criss Home

Chris felt alone in this big house. Whatever possessed him to buy such a big house when most of the time there were only three people in it (that is when the others aren't on tours) is beyond him. Oh yeah. So when the holidays come all the family can come to stay. Great idea Chris. One idea Chris did love though was hiring a maid to help upkeep the house. Lydia Nieves, a stereotypical Hispanic maid with three kids and a husband and a dog. Chris groaned and let his head fall onto the table. Currently he was writing a script for a movie. A romance-action flick with a kind of Romeo and Juliet theme but with a twist in the end in which the main characters find that all along they were in love with others. Ha. What a crappy idea. Chris rolled his eyes at his own criticism and stared, no glared at the laptop screen with the script he has been writing for the past hour and a half. He saved the script and closed the laptop and went to get a drink. While he was raiding the fridge for a diet coke he heard the front door open followed by a familiar voice. "Honey I'm home!"

Chris smiled and pulled out from the fridge as he snapped open the diet coke. "There's my old man." Chris said as he turned and was met head on with Darren.

Darren scowled at him. "Shut up." Chris giggled. They are both old men. Darren was just into his fifty's and Chris is just three years from it. But luckily they are men and men usually age well which was no exception for these two. Darren now usually kept his curls smoothed back since well… He was kind of losing his hair and it just refused to grow as it used to. He didn't have a lot of wrinkles thanks to his feel-free-don't-worry personality and he practically looked the same as he did twenty years ago. For Chris he also looked the same except the wrinkles were more predominant on him because of the stress of work but he wasn't losing his hair unlike Darren and overall both men remained beautiful. Darren leaned in and kissed Chris which Chris returned gladly. The two moved backwards until Chris' back hit the counter (he used this opportunity to ditch the can of soda in his hands so he put it on the counter) and Darren wrapped his arms around the taller man's waist while Chris wrapped his arms around Darren's neck to depend the kiss. "Missed me?" Darren asked when they pulled away.

"You know I did Mr. Music Manager." Chris leaned in and kissed Darren again. Throughout the Darren had been managing his daughter in her music career and found that he actually had a knack for it. He was still writing songs and singing but for the most part he was now really known for his managing charisma and less for his music but he didn't really care. He enjoyed what he did now just as much and even had his own studio and company. The two finally broke apart for air and they stared into each others' eyes. "You know I get lonely in this house."

"Yeah well… At least with Riley getting back into Broadway you'll always have a plus one in the house."

"Yeah…" Chris replied sadly.

Darren chuckled softly and gave his husband a confused look. "You're not happy that you're birth daughter's going to live here most of the time now? What gives Chris?"

"No I'm happy! Really!" Chris said defensively, raising his hands up. "It's just that…" Chris moved his hands so that they rested on Darren's chest, which even at fifty was still pretty well defined. "I rather would have you as my plus one... We hardly get to spend time together now."

"I know." Darren agreed while he kissed Chris again. "It's this band you know." Darren said as he pulled away slightly, their lips still close together and their breaths mingling. "They're so good." He added with a chuckle. "I'm bringing in the dough but taking out the love life."

Chris giggled and pressed his lips back on Darren's before pulling away and snaking out of his arms to retrieve his soda. He finally took his first few sips of the drink before putting it back down. "Yeah well… My work is getting me out of a love life too."

"Chris, it's mostly my job."

"I know. I just don't want you nor your job to have all the blame." Darren smiled and recaptured Chris in his arms before he could make his way back to the fridge to get something to eat. Chris squealed and begged Darren to let him go.

"No way Chris." Darren replied as he pushed Chris to the counter. "Because I don't know about you but I do want a love life before I go senile and since we're all alone…" Darren's eyes sparkled with an almost horny-teenager appeal as Darren's mouth attacked Chris' neck.

Chris blushed and shook his head (to the best of his ability with Darren giving him a hickey on his neck). "W-We're not going to have sex in the kitchen Darren."

"Then we'll use the elevator to go up, we'll have a hot make-out session there, try to make it to our room and do it there."

Chris giggled and Darren kissed him once more, tongue exploring Chris' mouth. Darren was starting to pull Chris out of the kitchen and to the elevator in the hall but then the demon of all sounds sounded. Chris' cell's work ringtone. Chris shook his head, breaking the kiss, and tried desperately to push Darren away but Darren held strong and attacked Chris' neck once more. "Darren! It's work!" Darren grumbled something into his neck that sounded like 'Screw work' but Chris was still able to slip out and Darren whined and stomped his foot down. "You are acting like a child Darren!" Chris said as he ran to his phone next to his laptop. Darren followed Chris and as he did so he pouted and crossing his arms in front of his chest. Chris saw this and rolled his eyes as he answered his phone. "Hello Jayden. No I wasn't busy."

Darren scowl deepened. "Liar."

Chris ignored him as he listened to his boss. "The bad news first obviously." Pause. "What? What do you mean she quit?" Another pause. "There is such a thing of maternity leave she does know that right?" Chris groaned at Jayden's answer. 'Yes but she wants to be a stay-at-home mom now.' "Well then the good news would be the open position right?" Chris smiled and nodded while Jayden spoke. "Well is she finishing off the season first?" Pause. "Good. That should be enough time… I'll get onto it immediately sir… Yes I meant Jayden… You have some issues Jayden I'm sorry." Chris chuckled. "Yeah definitely. Bye Jayden." Chris hung up the phone.

"Someone quit?"

"Yes because she wants so become a stay-at-home mom for her child and future children."

"Bummer… Riley's going for it isn't she?"

"Oh yeah."

Pause. "You lied to Jayden when you said you'll get right to it didn't you?"

"Obviously." The men chuckled again and went forward to each other when his phone rang again. Again his work ringtone. The men groaned and Chris picked up the phone. "Alex! Is it work related or relationship related?" Pause. "Goddamn you Alexander. I'm busy here!" Pause. "No I don't care… Well look if you two are once again broken up then do the usual and take Erin to a… Well it's your fault for pushing him. You know the man enjoys his dates." Chris rolled his eyes and thought for a moment. "Take him to Coney Island for a nighttime party at the amusement park. That's the one thing the man likes that doesn't scream out 'Hey look at me, I'm a flamboyant gay'." Actually Erin Taylor always screams out flamboyant gay just from what he's wearing. It sometimes makes him sick, him, another gay! Chris is still to figure out how Alex Harris can stand it all. Chris mentally shrugged. Love conquers all… I guess. "You're welcome Alex… Yes I know. You can't live without your personal and free couple consultant, now don't call me again… Bye Alex." Chris hung up the call and turned off the phone. "No more interruptions."

"Finally." Darren reached for Chris and kissed him full on the lips as he started to lead them towards the elevator just across the hall when the front door opened and a familiar, yet demon sound, sounded.

"Dads! I'm home!"

"Fuck the shit that moves the universe and these damned interruptions." Darren hissed as the two jumped apart.

"Riley baby!" Chris yelled sounding excited but in reality he felt just like Darren. True the men were excited for her to be home but still… Could she pick a worse time to come?

Riley came into view and Darren nearly peeled over at the sight of his daughter. Tall and beautiful twenty-two year old Riley wearing a teal blue knee length, strapless, tiered skirt dress that was fitted close to her body with white and clear pumps. "Riley, what possessed you to look all hot?"

Riley giggled as she hugged Chris who wasn't shocked at all with Riley's outfit. In fact he bought her that whole outfit. "Riley honey, you're home early."

"Yeah well." Riley said as she set her luggage in an upright position and held onto her purse on her shoulder. "As it turns out the tour went by more smoothly than it was originally intended so… Here I am!"

"I'm so happy you're home! I've missed my little girl!"

Riley chuckled as she walked passed him and went to give Darren a hug. "Daddy, I'm not a little girl anymore."

"I know." Chris said with a dramatic 'I'm about to tear up' voice as he fanned his face with a hand. "How fast the years go by…"

Darren chuckled and held onto his daughter's hand while he looked her over. "Yeah… But the years have been kinder to her." He released her hands and she placed them on her hips and raised a brow at him. "I mean, we're so old!"

"I knew that was coming." Riley said as she smiled at him. "You guys aren't old. You're just old school. It's cool. Really."

Darren scoffed. "Bullshit."

"Hey!" Chris scolded. "You know I don't like that language around her!"

Darren and Riley looked at each other and sighed heavily. "Dad," Riley started, "I'm twenty-two and I use profanity… I think it's a little too late for worrying about what you say around me."

Darren shook his head as Chris crossed his arms before his chest. "Darling… It seems that daddy Chris is in denial about you being an adult."

"No I'm not." Chris said quickly. "I know she's an adult I just… Don't want to lose my only child."

"Aw…" Riley cooed as she went over and gave him another hug. "And I don't want to lose my dad even though I have two of them."

Darren chuckled and Chris frowned. "Not funny."

Riley giggled. "Daddy Darren thinks so."

Chris mocked Darren's laughter which emitted more laughter from his husband. Then Chris remembered the phone call with Jayden. "Oh! Riley great news! Broadway has a main role position open."

Riley smiled. "Really? I would have thought that all the great roles were taken."

"Nope. She quit just today actually. She's going to finish the season and then if you make it past auditions, which I know you will, you get the part." Chris grinned at her.

Riley chuckled and raised a brow. "Let me guess the role…"

Together they said "Cinderella." Riley squealed and hugged Chris again. "You're the greatest dad ever!"

"Hey!" Darren protested. "Who started you in the music biz? This guy!" He pointed to himself and they all laughed as they welcomed Darren into the hug.

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