It was another morning in the beautiful Nowhere Islands. Most of the heroes' family was in their house. Hinawa in the kitchen doing what she loved the most, cooking for their sons whom always praised her food.

Claus lay on the couch, watching television as he waited for breakfast. Flint, the twins' father had to work early that day. And Lucas was the one that stayed up the most last night hence he hadn't woken yet.

"Claus, is your brother up already?"

"No, you want me to wake him up?"

"Please, the breakfast is almost done."

After trying, Lucas asked Claus for 5 more minutes. Being the good brother he was, he let Lucas sleep a little more. Then, after more than 10 minutes passed and Claus got tired of his brother's laziness, he decided to do something.

"I have an idea," he smiled maliciously.

The redhead went to the kitchen for a glass filled with cold water. With this Lucas will learn not to drink too much water before sleeping and this will be fun for me to watch. Everybody wins.

Claus carefully placed the glass of water beside the bed and put his brother hand inside it. After a few seconds Lucas shivered, Claus chuckled, and suddenly Lucas woke up, throwing the glass of water to his brother face. Claus felt his shirt plastered to his body with every drop of water now in him

"Great..." Claus muttered.

"S-Sorry Cla–wait, what were you trying to do?" Lucas said, sitting up.

Claus didn't respond. He got up from the chair he was watching the blond and went to the bathroom to change his clothes.

Hinawa entered the room and almost stumbled with the glass. "What happened?"

"Apparently I just ruined Claus' little prank," Lucas said grinning.

Claus sighed. "It was good luck," the redhead replied, walking back into the room.

"Well, let's go the breakfast is ready,"

Each one sat at their place on the table and started eating. There was not much conversation because the twins were concentrated in eating their omelets. Hinawa giggled at this. When they finished with the breakfast their mom had to leave, she said she had to buy something. Meanwhile Lucas offered himself to do the dishes; Claus didn't have an option, he just lay down in the couch watching Lucas.

He was so bored just watching his brother that he decided to talk to Boney who was besides the couch, relaxed.

"I bet you that he will break at least two dishes trying to brush them, he is obsessed with the little stains," Claus said not expecting an answer for obvious reasons.

Boney grinned and barked "You're wrong, he will break two dishes, because something will scare him," Claus heard the words in his mind

"What the–" Claus interrupted himself falling down from the couch; he didn't know he could hear animals. Neat!

The sudden noise of Claus hitting the floor made Lucas jump and break 2 dishes. "Aww, not again,"

"Well, now you owe me some steak," Claus listened to Boney's funny voice in his mind.

"What happened Claus, what are you doing on the floor?" Lucas asked.

"I just heard Boney talking?" Claus was not sure if what he just said made any sense at all.

"Oh yeah, you didn't know that?" Lucas responded as if it was the most common thing in the world.

"That our dog talks? No!" Claus exclaimed the last part.

"Ha-ha, he doesn't talk; your PSI lets you hear him."

"Claus, Lucas, are you there?" Someone shouted from outside the house.

"Who is it?" Claus asked

"It's me Fuel, come on open."

"What's up Fuel," Lucas greeted taking a seat in the couch.

"What, you don't remember?" Fuel rolled his eyes at the clueless look of the twins. "We were going to celebrate; it has been one month since all of this ended, thanks to you two."

After a short talk about how much everything have changed the last month the twins proceeded to change their clothes then leave to the town, along with Fuel and Boney. Most of the town was deserted; the only noise was coming from the place's only hotel where they decided to go. In there they found all the people the town was lacking. Friends and new citizens were waiting for them in the Yado Inn. The celebration was more like a small party which everyone enjoyed. The only thing that could interrupt the atmosphere for the twins were the thoughts of how Kumatora and Duster were. They haven't seen them in a whole month.

Earlier in Osohe Castle.

"Where did you hide my clothes?" Kumatora started yelling at a group of ghosts, "What's your problem. I hate this uniform!"

"Hey, calm down." One of the ghosts responded "When you left, we decided that that uniform fits you pretty well."

"Idiots!" Kumatora yelled once again making her point heard. "Now if you don't give me my clothes I'll kill you all."

"Good luck." The group of ghost vanished.

For several minutes Kumatora chased the group of ghosts who kept disappearing, until she trapped one in a corner. The ghost was in front of a wardrobe trying to hide something.

"You are dead!" Kumatora raised her finger giving off small sparkles and aimed at the ghost. She launched a fireball which missed the real target and burned down the wardrobe.

Kumatora growled for a second, and then realized that her clothes were in the wardrobe, when she lifted them, she found a collar.

She reached out and touched the collar. As her finger felt the golden collar, a memory came back to her. A blond kid and a tall man trying to hold a little brown dog inside a bath, while she was trying to bath the dog with a hose.

"Lucas, Duster, Boney... I remember this very well." Kumatora said looking at the picture with a smirk in her face.

At the same time in Duster's house…

"Moron, Moron, Moron! I can't believe you can't learn something as easy and important like this," Wess cried. "I will show you one last time and I hope you get it this time."

"Please no more, my eyes and legs hurt," Duster complained, it was already at night, and they haven't stop dancing–breaking furniture in the process.

Wess started dancing again. He always told this to his son that this dance would save his life one day, but he never understood.

"Oh right, now it's your turn, and please do it before I lock you up in your room," Wess said trying to keep himself away from throwing a chair at Duster.

"Again? But, but…" Duster kept complaining, but he would not win this discussion, his father was one of the most stubborn persons he knew. He gave up trying to avoid more failure attempts. Ge beagn to copy his dad's steps but it was too hard for him due to his injured leg. Suddenly he fell to the floor.

"Good job dad, now my other leg hurts. I'm going to my room, my legs can't stand this anymore, we can continue later."

"Hey, don't go yet, I want to tell you something." Wess said, in response Duster rolled his eyes. Now what kind of soulless torture was he going to get? "I'm glad you are back son," Wess said with a smirk on his face. "I'm proud of you and of your friends, you should pay them a visit.

There was silence in the room, the last words pointed to a priceless father-son moment but not… "Are you okay?" Duster asked with sincere preoccupation on words that didn't seem to belong in that man's mouth. It made Wess angry and his eyes twitched, "Yes I am, but you won't because we will continue dancing!"