AN: Had this idea in my head for a while now, finally getting it out of my system.

Chained: Chapter 1

Ah, Angel Island. No place is more peaceful, remote and historical on Mobius.


Well, almost.

"Get off of my island Eggman!" Knuckles shouted angrily at the heavy man in the hovercraft above. A slightly damaged robot that greatly resembled a giant spider laid embedded in the side of the cliff with it's curled legs twitching.

"Now why would I do that?" Eggman sneered as he pressed a button to jolt the spider back to life and ordered the robot another attack on the red echidna. Knuckles barely dodged getting jumped on by the mechanical arachnid. He landed on the robot's abdomen and gave it a few good poundings causing it thrash violently to get him off. One of the mechanical legs was able to swiftly brush Knuckles off, sending him flying across the area and sharply hit his back against a tree. The spider was on quick recovery and took advantage of this by spitting a long silver chain out towards Knuckles just before he hit the ground, the chain immediately whipped itself around the tree and Knuckles several times before finally getting to the end. Knuckles quickly snapped his eyes open to find he couldn't move his arms or legs, he was bound against the tree by the strong chain.

He struggled to use his strength to break the overlapping chain around him but there were too many overlaps, making it too thick and strong even for him.

"hahahahaha!' Eggman laughed victoriously. "Looks like your strength is no match for my creation's strong metal thread! Finish him off Clasp!"

The robot spider called Clasp crawled it's way towards the tree Knuckles was bound to. It's thousands of tiny red eyes seemed to glare at Knuckles. It raised a sharp leg just above Knuckle's forehead. He in turn did not show any fear towards the weapon it possessed.

"Go ahead, I dare you. You piece of-"

Before he could finish his sentence, a quick blue blur made it's way between them, startling the mechanical beast backwards and loosening the chain enough for Knuckles to slip out of them unharmed.

The blur took form behind them to reveal a blue hedgehog smugly ready for action.

"Sonic!" Eggman shouted again, "That blasted hedgehog! Always ruining my plans!"

"Good to see you too Egghead." Sonic exclaimed. "I see that you're inventions are as useless as ever." He teased.

Sonic got into his favorite fighting stance and was ready to dodge any attack if need be, when he suddenly got knocked hard upside the head from behind.

Sonic turned around surprised to see Knuckles the culprit of the blow and he did not look happy either.

"What?" he asked impatiently, rubbing the back of his head.

"What do you mean what?" Knuckles said frustrated. "I don't remember asking for your help! I was doing fine on my own!"

Sonic couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Really? Seeing as you were chained to that tree right there when I arrived." He pointed out.

"I was going to get out. I just needed the right moment. I didn't need your help. This is my fight!"

"Sure thing Knucklehead." Sonic remarked sarcastically "Of course you could get out with just your brute strength, it's worked before hasn't it?"

"Stop calling me that!" Knuckles shouted back. "And strength is the best way to win a fight. Unlike your stupid speed. Speed will get you no where; it's a waste of time to be running around like an idiot all day when you can just get the job done better by strength!"

"Oh yeah?" Sonic retorted. "Well, speed is way better than strength and I can prove it!"

"Oh really? Well let's see how well your speed can match this!" Knuckles raised his giant fist to strike Sonic once again but was interrupted by a loud raging voice laughing hysterically from above.

"Ahahahaha." Eggman continued, "You guys should see yourselves. Why fight me when you got eachother?" A spark lighted up in Eggman's head. He had an idea. An awful wonderful awful idea.

"Clasp!" He commanded the robot's attention. "Let's see how well these two can get along without me. Fire the ultimate bind!"

The robot then aimed and shot what looked like an explosive weapon out towards the two. Both Sonic and Knuckles turned around to run the opposite direction shortly duck and covering to the ground preparing for an explosion.

However, there was no explosion. Instead, the casing of the 'bomb' opened up to shoot out a long sticky chain that happened to be aimed at their exposed backsides.

Sonic and Knuckles simultaneously yelped feeling something hit the ends of their tails.

Quickly looking behind them, they found a heavy gold chain glued to the tips of their appendage. Both eyes followed the long chain to the end where it was bound to the others tail. Sonic and Knuckles immediately tried to get the sticky end of the chain off of their tails by pulling it off. But the glue was already set. Try as they might, the end of the chain was set like hot glue to paper. It wouldn't come off; After several failed attempts and pulling the chain to the point where it was starting to hurt, they looked up at one another with shock and disbelief.

They were stuck with each other by their tails and couldn't get free.