Chained: Chapter 4

"ARRRG!" Knuckles yelled in frustration. "Are you trying to kill me Sonic!"

"Sorry." Sonic replied sheepishly. "I didn't think that you'd get pulled into my quills if I tried to do a spin dash."

"Yeah well, next time warn me so I can spin with you, not into you." He said wincing as he pulled a blue quill from his behind.

"This is such a bummer" Sonic said with a sigh. "Every time I do my attacks YOU always get hurt."
"Yeah." Knuckles agreed. "Which is why I think we need to switch it up a bit."

Knuckles pointed across the forest to the giant towering cliff at the edge.

"We're gonna climb that cliff using our abilities, and if we can BOTH make it to the top without getting hurt, then it's time to face Eggman."

Sonic gulped a bit, one false move going up that steep cliff and they would both be sent down to their doom.


"Knuckles are you really going to climb that cliff?"

"Well yeah." he said like this wasn't anything new. "I can't run straight up the cliff like you, I have to use my knuckles to climb remember?"

"Yeah I know, but I have to be going pretty fast to keep gravity from kicking in. I don't know if you'll be able to stay by me." Sonic said with caution.

"As long as you don't go your full speed, I should be fine. Just run fast enough to keep momentum and leave the rest to me."

"Ok." Sonic said convinced "On three. One, two Three!"

Sonic and Knuckles both jumped onto the side of the cliff, Knuckles immediately latched on and began climbing as fast as he could while Sonic kicked the speed. The ground quickly went farther and farther below them as they were getting higher. Sonic started going too fast for Knuckles though as he was getting too far in front of him.

"Sonic! Slow down a bit!" Knuckles yelled from below still climbing, Sonic looked behind him to see if Knuckles was ok when his foot caught on a deep indent and he tripped falling face first into the cliff before gravity taking over and him falling fast to the ground below.

His fall was interrupted however by a hard yank on his tail. Sonic yelped before he opened his eyes to see the ground several feet below him, but he could feel that he was literally hanging by his tail. He looked up to Knuckles who had his teeth clenched and his hands buried deep within the cliff.

"Now what?" Sonic said swaying by his tail.

"Don't 'now what' me!" Knuckles said. "I just saved your life! Now figure a way to get back onto the cliff before my tail falls off!"

"How?" Sonic asked.

"Just do something!" Knuckles begged with desperation in his voice.

Sonic thought for a second before he started to use his body to swing side to side.

"What…are you doing?" Knuckles said feeling the motion Sonic was doing.

"Just trust me." Sonic said. "Be ready to climb again as soon as you feel the weight come off your tail."

Sonic swung backwards and forwards waiting just for the right moment. Forwards, backwards forwards, more and more height until, ah ha! Sonic turned so his feet his to the side of the cliff and he began running again, Knuckles was quick when he saw Sonic run past him and he started climbing again. Sonic was sure to run just enough to keep from falling this time, and Knuckles was a pretty quick climber, they were now side by side and before they knew it, they reached the top of the cliff without falling.

Knuckles breathed heavily from the exhaustion, he never climbed a cliff that fast in his life.

Sonic was fine, but boy did his tail hurt.
"Sonic, I think it's time to give that egghead a piece of our minds."

"heh, I think your right Knuckles. Let's go show him what we're made of!"