In the case of Hitsugaya Toshiro, he was definitely odd. His snowy white hair, his teal eyes, his maturity, and etc. I could've gone on and on about his abnormalties, but as you probably would've guessed this isn't the time to speculate anything else he was hiding under his sleeves. Toshiro wasn't very communative, like Nagato, but he would speak when questioned or had to participate in something to give his direct opinion. That was the type of person he was. And like me, he did not enjoy being hauled around like a slave by Haruhi. Not at all. If anything, I had a sneaking suspicion that he was one to order people about. Then again, he had told me that he was a captain or something of some squad of shinigami. Just what this group needed.

Though, I'm glad that we got someone who was mature and had that odd sense of leadership, and he always seemed to know what he was doing. Better off than wandering around aimlessly and do nothing. So, this is how the day started in the scorching hot heat of June. Now, May wasn't too bad yet. Though June was just unbearable and made me want to go die in a hole. It looked like Hitsugaya didn't like the heat either, seeing as how he was more irritable during hot days.

"Good morning, class." Mr. Okabe said. His greeting was responded with a chorus of 'good morning's and some 'how are you's. As soon as everyone settled down and the classroom was quiet, he began to speak again. "Today, we're getting a transfer student from Hokkaido." Hokkaido? Isn't that some really snowy town or something close to Sapporo? Don't blame me if it's wrong, my georgraphy's been totally warped by Haruhi. Not my fault. This is when Haruhi chose to poke me in the back with her .07 lead mechanical pencil. And that doesn't hurt too bad, but then again, Haruhi can make a feather hitting you hurt if she wanted to.

"Kyon! I can't believe that we're getting another transfer student! How mysterious!" She squealed. "We're going to recruit him into the SOS Brigade." Well, Hitsugaya, your plan seems to be working so far. Just wait until you walk into the room.

Mr. Okabe continued after the chattering ceased and the classroom was silent again. "He's skipped a few grades, so don't be surprised if he's a lot younger than all of you." I swear I could feel his anger through the door. "Alright, come in." And enter the one and only Hitsugaya Toshiro. A shinigami no less.

Now, this is when I imagined about three quarters of the class to squeal. Those three quarters were in fact girls and counting out Haruhi. She probably thought that Asahina-san was a lot cuter or something along the lines like that. Just my luck. The guys in the class, mainly Taniguichi, scoffed and was probably thinking something along the lines of: 'I can do way better than that shorty can.' This was proven when he whispered those words to me. Which proved highly dangerous.

"That shorty's nothing compared to me." Hitsugaya's head snapped toward the dead man who was still leaning towards me. The shinigami's teal eyes seemed to bore through his skull. At that moment, I think that the wind decided to come through and cool off the room. Taniguichi panicked and backed away from me.

"What was that you adolescent-lacking twit?" He growled. "Did I hear you right?" If I was in Taniguichi's situation I might've wet my pants. Lesson learned, don't mention his height in any form possible. The dead man shivered and squirmed in his seat before managing to speak in a jittery voice.

"N-Nothing. N-Nothing a-at all." As soon as the white-haired shinigami dismissed it, the room went back to its usual temperature, and the class breathed a sigh of relief. That did not include Haruhi. She merely scrutinized the transfer as the introduction continued. If looks could kill, then we'd be slumped on the floor with blood pouring out of our mouths. Luckily, the rest of this introduction went smoothly.

"Would you like to introduce yourself, Hitsugaya?" I swear I saw his eyebrow twitch.

"Hitsugaya Toshiro." He said. And once again the 'fangirls' squealed. Great, now he was going to have a fan-club at the rate this was going. I'm pretty sure that he and I didn't need that either. One, because Haruhi would start complaining to me even more. And two, Hitsugaya would have a lot of trouble on his hands like stalkers and etc. Just what we didn't need.

"You can sit by Kyon over there." That was...Asakura's seat. The one right across from mine. That brought back unwanted memories. I shuddered and turned back to the head of the classroom. Toshiro plopped himself down and the lesson droned on. I didn't think that he even bothered to listen to it either. Well, considering that he was only here for a mission, I guess that meant that he really didn't need to do schoolwork if he didn't want to. Though that'd probably make him look suspicious so I think he'd just stay on the safe side.

After class, Haruhi dragged Hitsugaya into the room. Wait, let me rephrase that. She kidnapped Hitsugaya and took him to the clubroom. That sounded a lot more reasonable. Then again, she had no idea that a majority of this clubroom was here to investigate and observe her. Closely. Hitsugaya, during all of this, seemed irritated and it was evident. His eyebrow was twitching slightly again. As odd as it was, despite the summer heat, the second that Haruhi had mentioned that he was short, the temperature in the room plummeted to about a negative fifteen. Was I the only one who noticed that it was cold on a hot day? I think not.

Koizumi's eyes narrowed at this newfound sudden change in temperature. Asahina-san merely shivered in her summer maid outfit, which if I must point out made her look cute. Nagato didn't even bat an eye. And Haruhi, the cause of this, didn't even notice. Though, she might have. I couldn't have made any speculation on just how much she knew and how much she suspected at this point about the identities of her group members. Whatever the cause, if she knew or found out in the future, I dearly hoped that she wouldn't turn the world into a living nightmare.

Maybe I should've seen it coming.