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Warning: This is a rate M fanfiction and that is for a reason. There are sexual acts, body parts, ect. In this fanfic so be warned!

Kiss Me, Touch Me, Love Me

Chapter 1: Why Can't I Stop Thinking About You?

His lips trailed across her skin causing her back to arch into his touch. His hand slid down her side barely touching her skin yet setting her entire body on fire. His cheek rubbed hers like a cat showing its affection before his head tilted to the side capturing her lips.

Her hand entwined in his hair. She slid her fingers under his shirt his skin hot, soft, and smooth. Her nails dug into his shoulder as he rubbed against her warmth. Her body pressed against his out of instinct as her foot trailed down his leg.

His tongue tasted her lips pushing them apart. His pulled her in deepening the kiss as his hand brushed against her stomach slowly moving under her top. She arched her back pressing his hand flat to her skin. His hand moved under her garments cupping her breast causing a soft moan to flow from her throat.

His head tilted down sucking her skin sure to leave a mark in the morning. Her leg locked around him forcing him to press against her center causing as much friction as could be with their clothes still on.

His hand slid out from under her shirt causing a whimper at the loss of contact. A smirk slid onto his features as he pulled down her shirt and bra to reveal one of her beautifully sculpted breasts. His lips capturing the pink taunt nipple causing a gasp followed by a pleasure filled moan to pour out of her body.

His tongue caressed the soft pink skin as her eyes rolled back into her head. His tongue began to trail a path down towards the edges of her jeans kissing and sucking at her skin. His hands made quick work of the button. Hooking his thumbs under the jean he made to remove them letting his tongue trail a path to her warmth.

"Alek," she moaned his name as he touched what no other man had yet to.

Chloe shot up out of the as her alarm blared in her ears. Panting her heart beat out of her chest, her body was covered in sweat. She could feel the wetness in her panties. She fell back onto her pillow as she stared up at the ceiling.

"Alek," she whispered. Why had she been dreaming of him?

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