If you're an explosion, I won't search for shelter.

"I'm a monster."

She'd lost count of how times she'd heard him say it. He was determined to make her think he wasn't worth praise, that he wasn't worthy of the term 'human'. He was a monster. One that didn't die no matter how many bullets you shot or many cuts you made. One that killed because that was what he was good at. One that didn't deserve thanks.

One that had time and time again come to the aide of others.

A monster.

Somewhat like her.

"I'm not someone who can protect, I only destroy. I wouldn't be surprised if someday I blow up and destroy the entire city."

She stared at him a moment, considering his words. The bitterness wasn't lost on her and she knew, or rather couldn't help but think, that it was a desperate attempt to convince himself. Why that was, she couldn't quite fathom, but she hoped eventually he'd work through it because she could see plain and clear that he could protect. He protected those around him with everything he had. If only he could see it, too.

She sighed, tightening her grip on the leather case concealing her sword and pushed on the door to the church. He didn't move and that didn't surprise her, what did was that when she glanced back all she could see were his eyes. Red eyes that seemed so bright, so lonely and so very, very troubled. Eyes that, for a brief moment, were so much like that man's. She paused, startled at the sight before looking away. Her grip tightened on the door handle, a frown marring her expression. If only he couldjust see.

"If that's true and you're an explosion, I won't search for shelter," she said quietly, before pushing the door open all the way and disappearing into the church.

She didn't see the wide eyes, or the smirk that slowly followed but she did hear the sound of footsteps as he followed her in and two words:

"That's stupid."

She didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. What she did know was that she'd meant every word she'd said because if he was a monster, so was she and she needed all the hope she could get right now.

Author's Note:

Just a quick oneshot I thought of this arvo. Tell me if there's any glaringly bad errors or OOC-ness. XD

Thanks for reading!