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Steel in the Moonlight: An Okami Fanfiction

Chapter 1: Dreams

People talk all the time about their dreams…dreams that are little more than a confused mass of oddities and strangeness, with no sense of reality or normalcy to them at all.

But not all dreams are like this. Sometimes…dreams are clearer than that. They can sometimes take the form of cryptic messages, telling us the answer to some long lasting problem in our lives. They can even act as windows into other worlds entirely, worlds where anything is possible.

I have dreams like these.

Dreams that begin with darkness, an all-consuming darkness that surrounds me and tries to pull me into the shadows. But I never go easy. I punch, kick, bite, and claw at it, fighting with all my strength even as I slowly continue to slip away.

But every time, when my strength fails, and all of my hope is gone…a light pierces the darkness above. The shadows recoil, releasing me and receding back to where they came from.

Every time…I get to my feet and look up into that very light, the glowing light that is neither blinding, nor dim. It comes closer to me, close enough that I could reach out and touch it, were I not so overcome by shock and awe.

When it hovers right above me, I can hear a voice speaking softly in my head.

Every time, it says, "Search for the place you belong."

The light suddenly intensifies, growing brighter and hotter, until I eventually find myself staring into the sun itself, its incredible power washing over me, blasting me away with its fury and fire.

I always start falling at this time…but not into darkness. Every time, I'm falling from the sky.

I can see rolling hills of grass and snow, trees and rivers, beaches and oceans. If I search hard enough, I can sometimes even see a small town or two dotting the landscape, although they seem…different somehow. Different than the towns I'm used to.

But strangely, even though I know I'm in mortal danger…a strange sense of calm comes over me…like I've already come to terms with what has happened, and I'm simply enjoying the brief view I have of the world from a bird's-eye view.

I always look down at this time, and note with a particular lack of concern that I'm falling towards the northern reaches of this land, towards the snowy hills and frozen mountains. As the world beneath me grows larger, my falling path takes me towards one of the larger clearings in the snowy hills, where there are no trees for miles around. The air grows colder, biting at my face and forcing me to close my eyes as I rocket towards the ground.

But right before I hit…I feel myself slowing down.

I touch down into the cold, yet soft snow, now lying on my side as though I were in a soft bed. At this time, I open my eyes, and see what's around me.

Nothing...nothing but an endless sea of white, undisturbed snow beneath a sky of grey twilight. Not a single sound reaches my ears. It's perfectly quiet, with no disturbances, save the small particles of snowflakes drifting down slowly from the sky where I just came. They slowly land on me, sticking to my clothes and eventually beginning to cover me in a soft white blanket as I continue to lay there.

But I'm not cold. I'm not hurt, or dying, or freezing to death. I'm just lying there…basking in the calm, serene radiance of it all.

A smile crosses over my face, before I slowly close my eyes, at peace with the world around me.


But sooner or later…we all have to wake up.


He groaned in exasperation as he slowly opened his eyes, his view drifting over to his alarm clock…which currently read 3:00 a.m.

"Son of a…they're at it AGAIN!", he thought angrily, sitting up in bed before turning around to pound on the wall behind him as hard as he possibly could, rattling the painting of an idyllic country sunrise on his apartment wall.


The banging sound slowed, and eventually came to a stop.

"The nerve of some people!" he thought, lying back down and grumbling out a long stream of colorful words before falling back asleep.

My name is Alexander Grey, or Alex for short. I'm the very angry and irate young man who was just interrupted from what passed as his best recurring dream these days. You've obviously heard my neighbors, but they're not important right now. What is important is the story that I'm about to tell you.

Four hours later, his alarm clock went off precisely at 7:00 a.m. where it had been set. Opening his eyes, he slowly pulled himself up into a sitting position on the side of his bed, licking his dry lips and nearly gagging at the taste of morning breath.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he took a quick look around his apartment, a part of his daily morning ritual to help him regain his bearings before usually getting up, making the bed behind him, and going to the pantry to get some breakfast.

(Awolnation - Sail)

I live in the city of San Francisco in the year of 2011. I had spent the majority of my life growing up with my family in the countryside, among the rolling hills of golden grass that made up most of California's viable farmland. However, when that time came in every young adult's life, when I knew that I had outgrown the nest and felt the need to stake my own territory, I had decided to move out towards the nearest major city in order to carve out a living for myself. Therefore, I ended up in San Francisco on the coast of California, living out my life in a rented apartment in one of the many building complexes that made up the city.

From his viewpoint by the bed, he could see his entire apartment: the main room, with his bed and a desk at the foot of it that supported a positively ancient computer, and the "kitchen", a tiny, separate section of the main room which supported a small mini fridge, a sink, a few cabinets, and a microwave on top. The closet was nonexistent, most of his clothes either folded in his traveling bag or strewn about the room. As for a bathroom…it was down the hall of the building, and he had to share it with several other guests on his floor, most of them simply loving to take their sweet time in the shower.

As you can see, I don't exactly have the biggest apartment. The room in its entirety can be crossed in three large steps. The reason I'm even living in such a tiny, derelict postage stamp of a room is because the rent is dirt cheap, and I'm not exactly brimming with cash right now. Not in this economy.

Sighing, he pushed himself to his feet and walked over to the kitchen area, opening several cabinets to take out a box of cereal, a bowl, and a spoon. Pouring himself a bowl, he opened the mini fridge to make the pleasant discovery of an empty milk carton. Cursing under his breath, he took it out and tossed it in the recycling bin, taking his bowl of cereal and sitting back down on his bed as he began to eat it dry.

I'm not entirely poor. I'm just severely strapped for cash right now. My job, pretty much the most solidified one I could find at the time, since I'm not doing odd-jobs too much anymore, pays just over minimum wage. And with rent and basic living necessities to pay for, the amount of cash I can save each month is miniscule at best. The main reason I'm saving up is for something extremely important, at least to me, given the way I was raised: college. Having finished high school several years ago, I've been saving ever since in order to pay my way into a decent college that can train me for a decent profession.

But as you can see, things aren't going exactly as planned. Want an example? I was eighteen when I moved out of the house. Today, I'm nineteen going-on twenty.

Yeah…it's taking a while.

Finishing his breakfast, he tossed the bowl in the sink, grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste, and carefully creaked open his door, looking out to see if anyone else was roaming the halls. As far as he could see, there was no one else out and about, and to his left, he spotted a rare sight: an open bathroom door, with no one inside. Hardly believing his luck, he immediately bolted for it and slammed the door shut behind him, planning to savor every minute of being the first person in the bathroom this morning. Looking into the mirror, he moved his head left to right as he checked his appearance out: short black hair that lay close to his head, a very light gotee that circled his mouth and covered his chin, unremarkable brown eyes, and somewhat pale skin. Everything was still there, just the way he had left it last time he had checked, so he set to work brushing his teeth without a second thought.

When he was done with his business, he strode out, receiving several dirty looks from the others who had gathered outside the bathroom in a line, waiting for their turn. Simply smiling and nodding at them, he returned to his room and started getting dressed. A quick peek out the one small window above his bed told him that the weather was going to be cold, and possibly wet as well, so he opted for blue jeans and a sweater that was the color of black with a thick red stripe running down the sides of each sleeve. Satisfied and comfortably warm, he went out into the hall, locking his door behind him, and proceeded down the rickety, graffiti-stained staircase, past the mailboxes, and out the door.

The sounds of honking cars and a cold blowing wind greeted him as he stepped out onto the sidewalk, taking in the same view that he had a hundred times before: derelict buildings, rusty fire escapes, and a handful of homeless people strewn about the nooks and crannys of the sidewalk. "Good ole' San Francisco…" he thought, taking a good, long stretch…right as a freezing cold blast of wind from the coast rolled past, going right through his sweater.

"Coldest damn city on Earth!" he finished, immediately hugging his arms close as a shiver ran through him. Shaking his head in irritation, he began to walk down the street, keeping his eyes pointed downward as he made his way through the small crowd of people on the sidewalk.

No car for me, unfortunately. I make my way around the city either by walking there, or taking the tram. I don't mind though. Walking helps me get my thoughts in order and think about my life as it is right now.

I'm barely making any money at all, living off the wages of a dead-end job, and I'm trying to get to college with such meager savings. Things aren't looking good, but I know that if I just hold on, I'll eventually get out of this place.

For now, I'm just toughing it out. That's all I can really do.

"Spare change, mister?" a voice said, interrupting his thoughts.

"Huh?" came Alex's reply, as he looked at the man sitting down in the crook between two buildings, wearing a beat-up looking coat and holding a small can with a few coins and several bills inside.

"Spare change?" the man, clearly homeless, repeated for him.

"Oh…sorry man. I'm saving up for college," Alex said, shrugging apologetically.

"Eh?" the man asked, looking up with a slightly interested look on his face. "Welp…that's alright then. You can keep your money, I won't bother ya."

"Sure...thanks man," came Alex's grateful reply, as he waved down a nearby tram and hopped on, heading straight for the docks.

Yeah, I know, kind of a short and descriptive chapter, but it's my first fanfic and the beginning of the story, so cut me some slack :D

Anyways, things will heat up a bit in the future once I start writing more of this down, so hang in there and thanks for reading!