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Maka is standing in the middle of the desert. She is wearing a sleeveless black dress with matching black heels. The heels are about two inches high and wrap across her foot, up to her ankle, like thin black vines. Her hair is tied up in a messy looking bun. In her right hand is an uzi. Her arms are both at her sides and she has a somewhat haughty smirk on her lips. In the background, Soul can be seen in a suit kicking an apparently broken camouflage Jeep.

Chapter One: Little Black Gun Approved

Maka Albarn was used to this sort of thing, really. It was a very typical occurrence that her parents would sometimes leave her home alone for an undecided amount of time while they looked into a new home for them. Ever since she was three years old, they never stayed in one place that long. The longest she could think of was this stay, and that was only because she'd reached her breaking point. She had exploded at her parents because it was her senior year of high school and she refused to be moved half way through the year.

She was a bright girl, of course, but even she could only take so much. Sometimes her credits wouldn't transfer properly and she'd be stuck having to take extra classes to compensate for it by taking the classes over. Hell, she'd taken Geometry a total of three times! And so, because she had decided for herself that she would not be held back or overloaded with extra classes in her senior year, she had fought her parents tooth and nail over the matter of moving. In the end, they saw her points and agreed; albeit with quite a bit of bitterness.

She had graduated about two months ago, and been working ever since. Her parents, after her graduation, started to look into where they'd go next. Now, Maka was eighteen years old and could, therefore, refuse to leave with them; she hadn't broken that fact to them yet. She didn't plan to leave their current home. In fact, she rather liked it in New York City, even if it did have high crime rates and rude people.

This all, however, was not her problem; despite being left alone multiple times in her life, Maka had never felt like she was being watched. And ever since her parents left her four days ago (on Tuesday evening, she remembered), she felt like there were eyes always on her. She would look over her shoulder but wouldn't see anyone. She would round a sharp corner when she heard footsteps then look back to see nothing but shadows behind her.

All in all, she feared that her apprehension over telling her parents her decision was making her paranoid.

Currently, walking the four blocks from her family apartment to her job at a popular club, she could feel that creeping sensation crawling up her back again. She glanced behind her and saw two children running about in the streets, ignoring their mother's shouts that they come in since the sun was almost completely gone in the horizon. Maka briefly entertained the thought that the children were really perfectly trained assassins, disguised as her obnoxious upstairs neighbors, but tossed the thought aside. They would have killed her already if that were the truth.

She rummaged through her purse, looking for the hair tie she had tossed in there before leaving. The club she worked at, The Nightingale, was an odd place run by a man named Justin Law whom her parents had known in their youth. Her boss had let her get a job mixing drinks, despite the law saying you had to be nineteen to sell alcoholic beverages, but told her she was required to dress like one of the floor girls. The floor girls, as they were known, were the girl's who would go out to tables to deliver drinks or see if the people had specific requests for the DJ to mix up. They were like servers with fewer obligations to the customer.

Because of this, Maka was wearing a neon pink top, cropped with scissors so that her stomach was bare, with a short yellow skirt. Loud orange leggings and green heeled sandals completed the basic uniform. She finally yanked her pink hair tie from her purse and pressed her hair through, making sure it was a tight and high pony tail. She then rummaged in and pulled out a bunch of bright, colorful bracelets and shoved them up on both her arms. She sighed as she looked in the large shop window of an abandoned building; she looked like a rainbow threw up on her. After eating a bunch of clothes from 80's.

The job paid a pretty penny so she had decided the humiliation was well worth it.

She blinked and looked through her peripheral vision, spotting a shadowy figure peer out through an alley to watch her. She turned fully to face it, but then the shadow was gone. Too frightened to go look down the alley (and too concerned about being late), Maka decided to hurry on her way. She walked faster and faster until finally she took off running, sighing loudly as she saw the fluorescent lights of her job greeting her from across the street. She looked back around, noticing there was no sign of any shadows, and shrugged before heading over to greet the club doorman and head in for her shift.

In the shadows, however, a consult was being held.

"You need to be more careful, you dofus! What if she'd decided to check out what was going on?"

"Ha! What are you so worried about, mortal? It would have been easier to catch her if she'd come snooping! I could have stunned her with my Godliness and she would have easily agreed to come with us quietly!"

"You're seriously delusional, aren't you?"

"Um… You two, she's heading in and I think…"

"What do you mean by that, you ass? I AM THE GREAT-!" A hand was clamped over his mouth as the third person, timid and ignored, held one finger to her lips.

"You guys, she headed in! We need to get in after her or we won't know when she gets out," She said delicately. She then released the one she had grabbed with a small sigh. "I'm sorry about that but we need to focus."

"I guess so. What about getting all her things gathered together?" The individual she hadn't grabbed asked calmly as he leaned against the alley wall. "And what about her parents? If they come back too soon things might get dicey. We need enough time to get her well past the state lines and at least halfway to Shibusen's Nevada base before they catch on."

"Liz and Patty are going to get her things and head out with them tonight. As for her parents, Kid said he'll find a way to get their flight home delayed a day or two," She answered. The other made a face at this. "I know it isn't very much, but considering Shibusen has quite a few bases along this continent alone, including the one we have here in New York, it'll take them a while to guess at where we took her to exactly."

"I guess that's a valid point," He stated with a small shrug. He always had to play it cool, act all unimpressed and such. "So how are things going to go down?"

"Well, we got you a slot as a guest DJ tonight; since their DJ station is up rather high you'll have a good view of the whole place. Keep an eye out for any of Medusa or Arachne's lackeys. We'll keep an eye on her from the bar, try chatting her up and getting her comfortable with us. When she gets off, we'll ask if she'd like to share a cab home and then we'll knock her out," She explained with a nod, a small smile on her lips. The thought of this plan going through flawlessly was so painfully appealing (since things rarely went according to plan with these two on her team) that her mouth almost started watering. "But, as a Plan B, if things don't go as I just explained, you are to slip out the back of the club, follow her home, and knock her out on your own. If that plan ends up being the one we use, we'll have to improvise after picking her up."

She was rewarded with a toothy grin. "Let's just plan on Plan B working out as our actual plan of attack," He stated deviously.

Maka sighed as a woman yelled at her for the umpteenth time that evening. By order of her boss, they were obligated to check ID before preparing any alcoholic beverages for a customer. Older individuals (usually the characters going through their mid-life crisis) were flattered, thinking she asked because they looked young for their age. The slightly younger crowd, however, were always insulted by the thought of looking under their actual age for some reason. In her time at the Nightingale, she had heard words and insults she had hoped to never hear.

"Hello," A pleasant female voice mused, snapping her from her train of thoughts. She turned to be greeted by a younger looking woman, taking a seat on one of the many bar stools. The woman had inky black hair, tied into a large loop that draped over her shoulder. Her skin, Maka noticed immediately, looked smooth and pale. It complimented her deep cerulean orbs, making them stand out even more. She also noticed the other woman was wearing a yellow tube top dress with one lone necklace made of silver. Maka was almost floored at how pretty this girl was; she could totally pass as a movie star or a model!

"What can I get for you?" She asked quickly, snapping away from gawking. When did she get to be so rude? A boy suddenly flopped down next to the girl, grinning as if he owned the place. He had hair a color between light blue and dark green that was spiked out all over the place. His eyes were an onyx tint and Maka noted that he was wearing a tight black tank top that revealed his large muscles.

"Margarita for her, gin and tonic for me," He said with a smirk. Maka blinked a bit, forcing herself to keep rude comments about the guy's attitude to herself, and put on a small smile.

"No problem. May I see some form of ID, please, just to make sure you both are legal?" She asked with her usual politely cheerful tone. That usually helped her keep her cool if the customer blew their top at her.

"May I see some form of your ID please? I want to make sure I'm being served by someone who is legal," The blue-haired male remarked with an annoyed glare. The woman's face fell as she looked at him, eyes wide in horror.

"B-Black*Star, please-"

"How cute, sir. How old are you, twelve?" Maka bit out snarkily. She could only take so much from her customers; on top of that, something about this guy just pissed her off. She wasn't sure if it was his attitude, his presence or just him, but either way she just didn't want to have to deal with him all that much.

"How old are you, five? You look more five than eighteen with those chesticles(1) you've got there!" He snapped back gruffly. Maka's eyes started to twitch at where this conversation as heading. "Hell, they aren't even chesticles; they're just mosquito bites!" He laughed at this now.

All the while, the raven haired beauty looked completely horrified. 'Oh God, he's going to get us into serious trouble! Or worse; he could botch up our plan!' She feared having to follow through with their second plan simply because it would get them in trouble later. And the last thing she needed, given where Black*Star was heading, was more trouble.

"What charming things for you to say," Maka said with a tense smile. Underneath the bar, there was a button a bartender could press to summon security; currently, her fingers were groping around in search of it. She tried not to squeal for joy when she found the button and pressed it as hard as she could. "But I still need to see some ID, sir."

"Do you honestly think I'd waste my time coming here if I wasn't legal, lady?" He snapped back with a feral snarl. A bouncer approached and glanced at Maka. She gave a curt nod, noticing how the man's companion turned around and paled at sight of the other male.

With a quick yank, the security guard snatched the blue-haired freak up by his arms. "Okay, punk, we've had to throw you out four other times this week for acting up. What part of 'stay the hell away' don't you get?" He sighed, sounding worn and annoyed. Maka blinked a few times in surprise. She remembered a few days ago there had been a small scuffle on the dance floor (unable to see from her perch at the bar) but she had thought they'd keep that person out for good after what she overheard! Perhaps Justin wanted to give the guy one last chance to just hang loose and have fun?

Sometimes Maka wondered if her boss was too forgiving or just completely psychotic.

Just as the blue haired midget was being dragged out (his dark haired associate was following along with her head bowed in disappointment and shame), that her boss trotted up happily. "How are things going, Maka?" He asked cheerfully, popping out one of the ear buds he always wore. The other thing that got to her was that he was always dressed like a priest; an oddity her parents told her that she'd get used to over time. She still wasn't very used to it.

"It's been alright, aside from that weird kid that just got dragged out," She stated calmly. She offered him a glass of ice water.

"Ah, thank you," He mused, taking it and sitting down. He smiled lightly as he looked around. "It's really busy tonight. I know you were only supposed to work from six to eleven, but would you mind staying on until midnight? I can arrange you a ride home, if need be." He asked gently.

"Oh, I can stay on no problem! And don't worry about a ride; the street lights should keep the weirdos away. Plus, I have a can of pepper spray in my purse," Maka stated cheerfully. She was excited for the slightest extension in her shift, really. She was saving up so that she could start going to college in the fall and she would only get so much from FAFSA. Not only that, but she needed to get herself a car instead of taking the bus, cab, or walking all the time.

"Excellent!" Justin beamed cheerfully. He chugged his glass of water in one gulp and set it back down on the table top. He gave her head a small pat and waved at her, heading off to the back room. She assumed he was going to do stock, but he was actually heading out to make a call.

Her parents were always keeping tabs on her and he was their friend, after all.

Maka could hear a small part of herself screaming in protest as she marched down the street from work. Her heels were killing her, and she could feel a blister beginning to bloom on the back of her right ankle. She didn't want to run the risk of cutting her foot on broken glass or anything like that, so she forced herself to push through the pain. She usually wore a pair of luminous pink flats to work, but she had stepped in dog crap the other day cutting through the park on her way home from the library and her shoes were still bearing the scent. 'I am never wearing these heels again,' She thought grumpily.

She felt something wet and sticky running down her heel and paused, leaning against a nearby wall and looking back. She could see blood starting to trickle down the heel of her foot. "Goddamnit!" She cursed lightly, leaning down to readjust the shoe. Maybe if she walked on the back of the hell she'd be able to last long enough to make it home and give it the proper attention.

A clattering sound in the alley next to her caused her to look up quickly.

She peered over the corner of the alley and saw a trash can shaking back and forth slightly. Curious, she approached the moving object after fixing up her heel so that it was less painful to walk on. The top of the can suddenly popped up and a small, scraggly looking tan, black and white kitten. Maka responded by screaming in surprise and stumbling back until she realized what it really was.

The little kitten appeared to be about eight or nine weeks, tiny and clearly very starved. Its large green eyes widened on her and released a small, tired mewl. Considering its coloring, Maka knew it was a calico and that it was also a female (2). "You poor little thing," She stated sadly, getting up and walking over. She carefully picked the trembling mass up and cradled it to her. It mewled lightly at her again. "Well, I don't think my parents will mind if I just take you home with me." She hummed, turning around.

She then spotted the very human figure that had snuck up behind her, causing her to jump back and knock over the trash can. The little kitten dug her sharp claws into her arm and hissed in surprise. The individual had spiky hair the color of fresh fallen snow, wearing a black leather jacket over an orange T-shirt and with black jeans. What unnerved Maka were his blood red eyes and his shark-like teeth, currently twisted into a grin. "Hello," He greeted patiently. She glared back at him.

"Are you the one who has been following me?" She asked, taking another step back. She shifted her purse and carefully reached in to get the can of pepper spray she had slipped in there. Her father had given it to her as soon as she got the job for nights where they couldn't pick her up. He said he wanted her to be safe and sound no matter what.

Although, leaving your daughter on her own for a few days with the family vehicle at the mechanics didn't seem too logical on their part.

"Maybe. Anyway, you and I need to-"He was cut off at the sounds of a gun going off. A bullet whizzed past them, causing Maka to rush forward and look back. A hooded figure with a .44 Magnum revolver stood there, preparing to shoot again. The cat was yowling and whining in Maka's arms, clawing at her frantically to try to escape. "Well, looks like we'll have to talk in a second." The silver-haired male scoffed as he pulled out a gun of his own. Maka felt her eye twitch at this; and, just to add insult to injury, she swore she could hear that generic cowboy-showdown music playing in the background.

While the two would-be desperados got ready for their gun fight, Maka slipped back while getting the traumatized kitten situated in her purse. The only other things in there (since she was currently gripping the pepper spray like her life depended on it) were her wallet, her cell phone and her house keys, and she kept those in a small pouch with a zipper so she was hoping the kitten would be okay until they got to her place. She started to run but skidded to a halt when she saw the pair that had been thrown out earlier standing in her path.

This really was coming down to not being her day.

"I'm not in the mood for you, kid," She groaned out at the blue haired one. She then shifted her gaze to the dark haired woman and sighed, walking a little closer. "You seem like a really sweet girl, you know that? You could do way better than some loud mouth midget in need of a serious attitude adjustment. I mean, look at you! You're beautiful, you have an intelligent look to your eyes, you've clearly got patience to be with this fool, and I'd bet you've got a good head on your shoulders! Stand up, take charge, and find someone who really deserves you!" She said in a stern yet supportive tone of voice. The girl made a timid squeaking noise, face turning bright scarlet, while the blue-haired male glared and clenched his fists at his side.

Despite her rude and brash remarks, Maka had never pissed anyone off bad enough that they'd get physically violent with her; not until that munchkin's surprisingly powerful fist collided with her stomach, that is.

She doubled over and wheezed pathetically, falling to her knees with eyes wide in pain; she somehow remembered the baby cat in her purse and clutched it to her a bit to assure it wouldn't hit the ground and get hurt when she collapsed. She started coughing terribly, little red dots speckling the ground until she retched out an entire glob of the hue. She gasped afterward and felt the world spinning, grateful when she felt her body slump rather roughly to the cold pavement.

A few gun shots rang out in the background before the white haired male rejoined his companions. He took one look at the unconscious chick and the proud smirk on the other male's face before he realized what had transpired here. "Damnit, Black*Star! What if you broke one of her ribs?" He snapped, rushing over and shifting the girl into his arms.

"She was mouthing off and insulting me! No one messes with the great Black*Star and gets away unscathed! Plus we needed her unconscious to assure she'd be easy to move, right?" He laughed loudly, hands falling to his hips. The other rolled his eyes and sighed, pushing the girl's shirt up and inspecting for damage. He could already see the angry red mark from where Black*Star had hit her and felt around; his only comfort was that she didn't appear to have any broken bones. Internal bleeding, on the other hand, was a slight possibility.

He carefully picked her up bridal style, making sure she was secure. He glanced down at her purse when a kitten head poked out and stared at him. He had a feeling he should have let the kitten out, set it back in the alley, and walked away. But then again, their young target clearly had wanted to take care of the feral fluff ball. He figured the kitten could be worth a few brownie points in the near future; there would most likely be damage control needing tended when she woke up thanks to their violent companion. They were going to need her trust if they didn't want her to find a way out and get herself killed. He then sighed and leaned down, carefully but haphazardly, holding Maka and setting the purse on top of her stomach before re adjusting her to her previous state in his arms. He pretended not to her the keening noise of pain she released. "Let's get her checked out; if she'd been seriously injured we won't be able to go as soon as we wanted," He sighed as he started walking.

"Whatever," Black*Star huffed as he followed after the other. He had his hands in his pockets and a small scowl on his lips. "Make sure to mention that it wasn't my fault that she decided to test my patience! I don't want to get blamed for this or anything!" He announced grumpily.

Tsubaki immediately set to doing damage control on Black*Star's huge ego while Soul rolled his eyes and accepted that he'd most likely have to explain the whole story to their boss (and, therefore, get Black*Star busted). They didn't even both worrying about the body or the blood they'd left in their wake; not realizing it may, very well, be there undoing.

Soul was eternally grateful that Maka ended up not having any serious injuries thanks to Black*Star's punch. "We're not too sure why she vomited blood, though, since there was no serious damage or rupturing caused," Their medic confessed. She had then shrugged and finished wrapping up the young girl's midriff. "It may have been a psychological thing or whatever."

"How is puking blood psychological?" He asked incredulously. The girl had then paused, looked up and glared at him.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? I'm a doctor, not a shrink!" She had scoffed right back at him. Soul felt his eye twitch in a mix of mild confusion and annoyance. "Anyway, I'm going to suggest icing her bruise every two hours or so. Also, keep that wrap around her when you aren't icing it. That should keep the bruise from getting too swollen or ugly."

"That sounds easy enough," He said casually. He had Maka's purse on one shoulder (and he had not thought that one out until the medic had openly laughed and pointed at him) and the kitten was resting in his other hand. Currently, the curious creature was peering over his fingers and sticking one of its little front paws out, as if feeling to find ground to walk on. He smiled and chuckled a bit at the cute behavior. "Anything else?"

"Not that I can think of, Man-Purse," She mused with a snicker. He glanced up to see her watching him from over her shoulder; her eyes specifically on the pink purse with tons of little daisies on it. He scowled and felt his eye resume twitching. "I gave Tsubaki a large ice chest to take with you guys; inside is some ice and food supplies to get you three through your trip. I made sure to include lots of things with high sugar and caffeine, like sodas and candies. I figure that since you're pulling an all-nighter tonight to get some more distance you'd need to keep up your energy."

He nodded and set the kitten back in its pink home, grateful when it didn't protest in the slightest. He then carefully picked Maka back up and headed toward the door. "Thanks Jackie," He said as he worked the door open with one hand.

She flashed him a small salute. "No prob. Oh, and tell Kim I said hi," She said calmly before returning to organizing her supplies again.

The door led out to a dimly lit parking lot to a small clinic in a rarely-visited section of the city. There was a large green van with tinted windows resting before him. Tsubaki, holding the cooler Jackie had mentioned, was standing beside Black*Star who was leaning on one side of the vehicle while twirling the keys around his index finger and whistling innocently. They both glanced up at him, one grinning and one putting on a small yet anxious smile. "How did it go?" Tsubaki asked nervously.

"She's going to be fine; she'll just have a really large bruise for a while," He said, shooting a slight glare at the other individual. He decided that going into another tirade about how uncool that move had been would be pointless so he decided to change the subject. "So this van has a bed we can keep her resting on, right?"

"Yeah, it does. It's like one of those really old cars that have the huge back with nothing in it. They had a small twin sized bed bolted to one side of it, though, just for these kinds of transfers," Tsubaki explained. They headed to the back and opened it, showing Soul what they meant. It had a wooden frame, which he knew was drilled and welded into place, with a rather old looking mattress resting securely in the frame. Other than that, there was nothing but their three small travel kits and tons of space for Soul to get comfy. "Are you sure you want to sit back here with her? I don't mind if you'd rather drive or stay in the front." She offered politely.

Tsubaki couldn't drive, but Soul and Black*Star could. It would technically make more sense for her to take care of their captive, but the white haired male had a hunch that if he sat in front he'd end up getting into another fight with Black*Star over what was appropriate responses to certain stimuli. And he wasn't really in the mood to crash the car into a street light or a tree. "It's cool," He shrugged. He carefully crawled in with their cargo and got Maka set on the bed. "Besides, I don't think she'd react very well to seeing you or Black*Star if she wakes up." He said as he set her purse down next to him and let the kitten out.

Tsubaki nodded and headed back to the front with Black*Star after handing him the ice chest. Soul set it next to himself and started looking through, his stomach growling in agreement with his actions. He pulled out a tuna sandwich in a Ziploc and opened it. Immediately the kitten caught the scent and crawled her way up his leg to sit on his bent knee so as to be as close to his food as possible. She mewled pleadingly and he shot her a glance.

Now that he could get a good look at her, he saw how malnourished she really was. No wonder Maka had wanted to help her; through what they'd learned on their way here, she had a temper but also had a rather tender heart. He scooped a generous amount of the filling from his sandwich with one finger and held it out toward the little animal. As the car grumbled to life, he nibbled his sandwich and watched the little creature licking his finger with its sand-paper tongue.

Two hours into their car ride, Maka had woken up. She was in a groggy and still slightly delirious state. "Kitten? Where's the kitten?" She grumbled lightly, looking around curiously. Soul perked up and chuckled a bit, picking the little fluff ball up and setting her near the young woman's face. Maka smiled lightly when her emerald orbs fixated on the matching greens of the cat.

"What are you going to name it?" Soul asked. Maybe if he could get her to warm up to him while she was still a little out of it, it'd be easier for them to explain the whole situation to her later on when she was all together.

"I'm not sure what to name her," She mumbled back lightly. She reached out, scratching under the little kitten's chin. She responded by leaning in and purring loudly. The kitten was almost all black although her left eye had a large splotch of tan fur and the right a large splotch of white. The little tips of her front paws were also white and the back paws were tan. Her tail was a raccoon style between black and tan. "Maybe Stripes?"

"Nah, that's a little too cliché," He answered back. He could see Tsubaki peek over the side of her seat and watch them with a bright smile.

"How about Spot?"

"She's a kitten, not a Dalmation," Soul said flatly. He reached into the ice chest and took out a soda and a bag of snack size chips. He offered them to Tsubaki, who took them with a quiet thank you.

Maka stared at the kitten for a long moment, her mind slowly churning back into normal. "Calanthe (3)," She said softly. The silver haired male perked up and watched her with a tilted head. "It's Greek for beautiful flower. And I know is that someday she's going to be the prettiest kitty on the whole block." She mumbled lightly.

"That's a good name; cute and unique," Soul agreed lightly with a smile.

"Thanks for taking me home, by the way," She mumbled, causing Soul to flinch. Tsubaki looked between them with a worried frown on her lips. Neither of them was sure where she'd gotten that thought from, considering they hadn't mention one word of her home since they set out on the road. "My parents aren't home right now but if you leave me with your number and information, I'll make sure they give you some kind of reward for your troubles."

"Uh, yeah. Thanks," He said nervously, scratching the back of his head. She was not going to be a happy girl when she realized they were merely hours away from crossing the state border. She'd be even more infuriated when she realized they had a two or three day car ride ahead of them.

She merely smiled and yawned, starting to doze again. "Wake me up when we get there, okay?"

"Yeah. No problem," He said, still nervous, before sighing lightly. Once her breathing started to level out, implying she was back to dreamland, he looked over at Tsubaki. "So, who here thinks this is going to totally backfire? I do!" He said with fake enthusiasm while raising his hand.

"Soul, please. A negative attitude isn't going to help us get through this any easier," Tsubaki said gently. She popped the top of her soda can and took a small sip. "We're just going to have to own up to everything and explain it to her when she comes to again."

"If you'd like, I can just flash her one of my infamous Black*Star smiles and she'll be subdued!" The blue haired male laughed from his spot behind the driver's seat. Soul sweat-dropped at this and rolled his eyes.

"I think that she's going to remember you insulting her at the bar and later when you punched her in the gut and, therefore, leave her unaffected by your charms," Soul scoffed flatly. Black*Star shifted, as if aiming to turn and say something, until Tsubaki placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Focus on the road, Black*Star," She said delicately. She then turned back to Soul. "Will you go through her purse and remove anything she could use to sabotage this plan? You know, like a cell phone or anything like that?"

"I took care of that already, back when Jackie was looking over her," Soul stated. He had left her wallet and pepper spray in her bag; pepper spray was easy enough to get out of someone's grasp so he figured that couldn't do too much harm in the hands of their captive. Plus he figured her wallet would be good for her to have just in case she wanted to use her cash.

Until they reached the Nevada Shibusen base they would have to be adamant against her using her debit card; it could be traced at any normal store, after all.

"Excellent," Tsubaki sighed lightly. She took another small sip of her soda before offering the can to Black*Star, who eagerly took a large gulp of the sugary elixir. "Well, I guess we should start getting ready for when she wakes up. She's probably going to be hungry, thirsty, and at least mildly annoyed."

Soul nodded and kept his gaze locked on the snoozing blonde. He found it strange she looked so peaceful and sweet in sleep, when he knew she had quite a mouth on her. He was suddenly very grateful they had got a hold of her. She was a special pedigree that could turn out to be very useful to Shibusen in the long run from what their boss had said.

Not only that, but he was kind of looking forward to getting to have a conversation with the snappy little brat.


(1) Chesticles is a term my friend and I have coined as of late. It's basically just another funny phrase to use in reference to boobs.

(2) So, calico cats! Here's a little known fact; calico females come in any variety of the three colors common among their breed A.K.A black, white and a dusty tan. However, males only come in three certain coat colors; they'll either be black and white, tan and white, or black and tan. Females are the only ones that will possibly come in all three hues, hence how Maka was able to tell the kittens gender by looking at it. We had a cat when I was younger that had babies; she was a calico and it was then that my older sister looked it up and told me that bit of knowledge.

(3) The name Calanthe is actually the name of a character from a comic book one of my friends and I are planning on collaborating on. I'll be doing the writing and she'll do the artwork. If we get it started, I'll upload a link to a place you can read it if you'd all like. :3

A few notes for you all:

So… yeah… If you can't tell, I love snarky Maka. I hope the rest of you do too; there will be lots of fun banter between she and Soul later on.

I hope you all like that kitten; she is going to be a comic relief character as well as a relationship developer for Soul and Maka.

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Maka demands to be read her Miranda Rights… Or at least given the right to call her parents to find out what the Hell is going on. Soul decides to teach Maka how to use a few tools for self-defense; he also learns not to insult someone right after you teach them how to properly use a weapon. Liz realizes that, when partnered up with Kid and Patty, there is no such thing as a "discreet" way to sidetrack trained assassins.