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Taking Steps Forward

Think about the love inside the strength of heart
Think about the heroes saving life in the dark

It was official; Skye was going to have to kill someone.

"Ya must be pullin' me leg," She said blandly, glancing over at her personal assistant, Lanus. He was a tall and gangly excuse of an agent whom had no field experience to fall back on. Nope, he was just one of the few physically lacking figures that made it in by being good with computers and other electronics. It was good for her every now and again (since she had never been too keen on learning about their technology) but right now she wished for an agent that could actually fight. Too bad her primary squad was out on an assassination mission right now, because she had a feeling that any one of them would suit her purposes just fine.

She just needed to punch something. And she knew she could never raise a hand against the short, young child standing next to her assistant.

"I am not, Commander. He was found rummaging in the trash cans outside of Cover-Up Building 278," He said simply. She blinked, sitting up a bit more straightly and looking at the child.

"Ain't that the petting zoo?" She questioned.

"No, Commander. The petting zoo is Cover-Up Building 268," He said tensely. Honestly, she was a great leader and all, but she was still not listening to him apparently. He'd been trying to help her memorize all the Cover-Up Building numbers, affiliations and their leaders for almost a week now and she was still confused by it! Some people just could not retain information, he assumed. "Cover-Up Building 278 is the eatery on the corner of the next street over from the petting zoo, right at the light." Skye stared at him blankly for a moment before he sighed, rubbing his forehead lightly. "The Chuck E Cheese."

"Ya sure he ain't just some kid from a party that wandered off? Kids do that often for what I hear," She said casually, sizing the young boy up. He was scrawny, clothes filthy and clearly too big for him. He had no shoes and she could tell he probably had some wicked bad cuts on his feet from going barefoot. He kept shifting from side to side, fingers working anxiously at the edge of his shirt. If he was a kid from the party that managed to get outside, his parents clearly weren't doing a great job of raising him.

Then again, she had only made the suggestion to piss Lanus off further; she knew she wasn't lucky enough for that to be the case.

"No, Commander, I made sure to check around before bringing him here," He said levelly, glaring at her slightly. Skye's gaze turned back to him, her look more intimidating than his. "The child has not told me much, but has made it clear he has no family to be returned to. That is why I think it would be a good idea for you to take him in."

"And what makes ya so keen on me takin' the lad in?" She asked, sincerely interested in his response.

"Because you are a woman, and are built to be good with children, or course," He said just as calmly as one would recite their grocery list.

Her fingers twitched and she resisted the urge to smack him. She and Lanus knew very little about each other, as she'd only been working directly with him for a few weeks now. In this short amount of time, however, she had learned that she did not like him. He was a sexist jerk, whom seemed to think he knew everything. That was why she liked getting under his skin with her lack of concern about learning everything as soon as possible; since she had to be a role model of sorts, she could not actually slap him silly. As such, she had to rely on beating the tar out of him emotionally instead. "Yar out of line; shut yar trap before me fist does," She said coldly, glaring at him.

He tensed up, opened his mouth to speak, but then thought better of it.

Skye shifted slightly, rising from her chair and walking over toward one of the nearby monitors. It showed that everything outside was calm, as per usual. She was trying to remember some of the advice that Excalibur had gifted her wit before his departure. "Don't let these fools drive you batty; just remember to stay calm and breath when things look ridiculously stupid," He had said lightly. She started taking even breaths and began organizing her thoughts.

She wasn't really that great with kids. To best explain it, she handled children as well as a cashier in a fast food joint does when the child comes up with their parents, animated chatting the cashier's ear off instead of ordering. The parents of the kid don't seem to care or notice the long line beginning to develop, but the cashier also doesn't want to hurt the child's feelings. As such, they get stuck nervously smiling and nodding at the child. Skye didn't normally have to deal with children in her line of work; she could be polite and patient to a degree, but she was a soldier and preferred working on her tactics and such.

She had barely been able to stand her own agents when they were younger and left in her custody; and, given the way they acted sometimes, she wondered if she'd done that great of a job.

She turned and cast another glance at the small boy, still shifting uncomfortably. What would her old boss have done in this position, she idly wondered. No, she knew what he would do; he wouldn't hesitate to take the child in. She had been a lot like this young child at one point, hadn't she? Alone in the world, with no one to trust, and then she was taken in by Shibusen.

They gave her a purpose and a second chance; who was she to deny this child the same chance?

"Ya have a name, lad?" She asked, slowly walking over to him.

He looked up at her and then looked down. "No," He said, shaking his head.

"Well, need to fix that, don't we?" She asked, holding her hand out to him. He stared at her before slowly taking it. "From now on, I'll be callin' ya Cal, okay?" He blinked and then nodded. "Yar gonna be listenin' to me and me squad from here on out. We'll watch out for ya and once ya turn thirteen, it'll be yar choice to stay here and work for us or to go on out and live in modern society."

"What do you do here?" He asked meekly.

"Yar too young to know now. Let's just say we take out bad people whom hurt good people," Skye said simply, keeping to walk along with him. He nodded then slowly shifted, walking closer beside her. She looked down at him briefly then smiled lightly. "For now, let's get ya cleaned and fed."

Want to make a change right here, right now
Want to live a life like you somehow
To make your sacrifice worth while



I had been planning to come back and do some more little things with the OCs all you viewers were nice enough to let me use, should you be okay with me using them again. Naturally, the first up would be Skye, whom I gave the most development to during the initial plot of the fanfic. I liked her character a lot and enjoyed getting to try my hand at writing an accent. However, I wanted to go back and cover her development as a base leader, having to sit back and not really take as active a role in the missions that were issued. So how did it come to this? Well, that would be because of my iPod.

The lyrics I used are for the song Believe, by Yellowcard. While I was planning out which bonus story I wanted to work on first, it popped on and suddenly I had this idea. I fell in love with the idea, messaged MusicSoundsMySoul 14 and was given permission to use Skye again. I also gave her the right to read this before it was uploaded, to assure that it did not go against anything in her character's personality.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to use your wonderful character yet again, and for giving this bonus story the green light, MusicSoundsMySoul 14. I have been very lucky and grateful for your kindness. :3