Summary:It is a bit short. But it is my first story

Rating T for gory fight scene

Shrikes Story

Shrike sat up, he was in some kind of jail cell; with plasma beam bars trapping him in here. He noticed a guard by the door 'WHERE AM I?' Shrike asked the guard in his drone of a voice, the guard turned to look at him went to speak then decided not to and turned away. Shrike got angry and his eyes flashed red 'I SAID, WHERE AM I PUNY ONCE BORN! He unsheathed his claws 'I wouldn't try that if I were you' said the guard chuckling. Shrike ignored him and went to stab the guard standing close to the plasma bars, his claws were going through the bars when a nearby bar conducted onto Shrikes claw and sent him flying back into the wall 'I WILL GET MY REVENGE PUNY HUMAN' Shrike said calm fully. But Shrike had recently had a secret weapon compartment installed in his foot; he crouched down by his boot and flicked a switch on his arm, his boot slid open and in the secret compartment was a Swiss army knife, a small flare gun and 2 plasma grenades. He whipped out the knife; he then flung it at the guard's foot. The knife twisted in a spinning motion then hit the guards leg and cut right threw blood spurted out of the stump forming a puddle on the floor the guard screamed and went down and landed in his own blood. Shrike reached through the plasma bars, ignoring the electricity surging through him, grabbed the guard and his knife and dragged him through the bars ignoring his cries of pain as the electricity hit him. The guard's eyes were wide with fear his uniform was covered in blood and his skin was burned in some parts due to the plasma bars. Shrike unsheathed his claws again and with a swift movement cut open the guard's stomach and threw him against the wall; his organs leaked out: Liver, Lung, Spleen, Large intestine and Small intestine. The guard screamed threw up and watched as his sick dripped into his chest onto his legs. Shrike watched while all this was happening. He walked up to the guard looked for the key card, picked it up, wiped the sick off and opened the door. The guard was breaking into a sweat; Shrike turned around to look at him then walked off down the corridor and looked at some of the other prisoners. There was another stalker and he said 'HELLO LET ME OUT I WILL HELP YOU ON YOUR ESCAPE' Shrike glanced at him and decided it would help to have another stalker like himself helping him, there was a human, a mercenary with a big pistol in his hand. Shrike let him out as well and said to them both 'I have agreed to let you out, on the condition that you will do as I say or I will strike you dead' and walks off with them following he reaches the end of the corridor rips the door off and throws it away. He then walks out of the door and sees…

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