Rating T for goriness

Chapter 2

All was well in Rogues roost, until the door to the prison flew off its hinges. Smoke covered the doorway all the nearby Green Storm troops loaded there Laser rifles and pointed them at the doorway a stalker walked out 'HELLO PUNY ONCE BORNS.' Said the freed stalker and laughed an evil laugh like a gun being fired. He didn't even flinch as the Green Storm fired at his Titanium armour. He laughed even louder as his shoulder pads slid away and plasma rifles slid out and fired at the soldiers, they screamed and a few fell down. Then the mercenary walked out holding a Rapid Fire Sniper or RFS; he pulled the trigger and shot the remaining troops dead, then out of the doorway walked Shrike. He said 'NICE WORK, MAYBE YOU AREN'T SO USELESS AFTER ALL' and simply walked over the dead bodies a soldier screamed as Shrikes foot went through his chest; the soldier vomited blood and looked at his stomach, his liver was missing and his ribs were half gone his heart was leaking blood. Everything else was missing the soldier screamed and died screaming. Shrike walked up to the airstrip; there were 2 airships docked at the bay, Shrike looked at them both, one read MBEMBE MK II and one read STRIKE SHIP VK III, Shrike decided that the strike ship sounded good. He walked up to the strike ship and cut open the door the mercenary followed along with the Stalker.

Once they were on the ship and flying Shrike said 'SO WOULD YOU GENTLEMEN BE KIND AS TO TELL ME YOUR NAMES?' Shrike asked. He eyed them both with his red eyes glowed faintly as he talked. 'Err... my name is O'lando Raindolf' he said a bit nervously 'I go everywhere with my RFS AKA. Rapid Fire Sniper' said O'lando smugly and pulling his RFS out and mock aiming it. 'MY NAME IS BLADE' said Blade unsheathing his claws. 'I AM A FAN OF FIRE' he said pulling out his flamethrower turret stored in his chest. Shrike went back to driving.

The Strike Ship MK III landed at Airhaven to refuel at mid-afternoon. Shrike, Blade and O'lando walked out of the Airship glancing around there was not a single person in sight. Shrike walked into a bar and noticed the lights were off 'what is going on here? Not a single person in sight apart from me' said O'lando looking around; he walked into a night club with the neon sign flashing THE FLYING MACHINE. He walked out immediately a minute later 'NO ONE IN THERE WHAT IS HAPPENING?' he then sat down. Blade walked down into the lower levels where the storage is. 'SHRIKE I THINK YOU SHOULD SEE THIS' he said with no emotion. Shrike walked down into the lower levels 'SHIT!' shouted O'lando 'FUCKING HELL' he swore again. There was a load of bodies skinned and covered with flies walking over them; some are hanging upside down but all of them are skinned. Shrike looks at them with no emotion or disgust. He walks around the bodies 'THIS IS NO HUMAN WORK, IT IS THE WORK OF A STALKER' says Shrike and walks deeper into the lower levels of Airhaven O'lando says 'W…where are you going?' in a scared voice and dreads the answer and follows.