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I miss my angel

Daddy's sunshine is now heaven's brightest star



Ed sighed.

It had been a good eight months, almost nine since the incident and he knew that he loved Spencer with all his heart. He loved him more than he could ever dream of but there were times where he wished that their child wasn't so mischievous. It was one thing to do the little things like hiding things from his parents but this child went way too overboard. Not only did he play with the things they tried to keep him away from him but he often went missing for a few odd moments and it scared the wits out of him some days.

"Spencer Edward Elric! Get your butt down here now!"

Roy appeared with the child in his arms and Ed gave a sigh of relief. He didn't know how or why the little child done what he done but it appeared that it was different now than how it was before. Roy looked tired though and it was obvious that the kid had been keeping him up at night to play again. He put his hand through his son's dark blonde hair and smiled before giving Roy a small kiss which the man gladly returned.

Even though they became intimate a few times again, Ed knew they weren't ready to even think about the possibility of a child anytime soon. Besides, they had Spencer and he was enough of a handful already as it was.

"Why are you yelling at seven in the morning Ed?"

Ed sighed again before giving a tiny smile, observing Spencer's innocent looking gold eyes. He knew that the boy wasn't stupid. He was very smart in fact and he had to wonder what it was that the kid was doing when they couldn't find them. Once they had been in the store and they went ten minutes panicking and he just had to wonder how he appeared right after with Hawkeye like it was the most natural thing in the world. It was a real mystery to him.

"Sorry it's just that sometimes this kid does not act normal at all. I could have sworn he was in his crib last night." Even though he had muttered it, he knew that Roy heard him for the man just rose an eyebrow all the while giving that smirk that he had often grown to love unless was in situations such as 'I told you so'.

"It couldn't have been because Spencer can't climb at all yet. He may have started walking a little but he's hopeless when it comes to that. He can barely say twenty words let alone know how to trick his parents into thinking all this could really happen. Am I right?"

Ed seethed.

"Excuse me Mr. Sarcasm but did you or did you not take Spence out of the crib?"

Roy instantly frowned.

"I did not take him from anywhere. I thought you actually picked him up because when I came to from your screaming, he was right there with a smile on his face."

Ed sighed whilst Spencer clapped his hands and laughed.

"See he's mocking me Roy. I think he knows something I don't."

Roy just laughed.

"When you solve the mystery to what he's been saying all this time and how he ends up tricking you so much, you let me know okay? I mean, there's no way that he would have done all of these things you said."

Ed sighed and nodded.

He knew that Spencer really couldn't do any of the things he accused his son of doing. He took Spencer from Roy and adjusted him on his hip before giving him a kiss. Spencer just looked at them with a cross look as though saying, 'I don't like it when you do that in front of me'. Ed rolled his eyes before strapping him to the highchair. Roy joined him at the table, tiredly laying his head on the table. Ed could understand though since the man really couldn't get a good night sleep what with Spencer's attachment to him and all. He knew it was going to be tough when Roy went back to work and all but that had to be done too.

"You should take a nap afterwards and-"

"Grandma's coming to see him though and I should really be up. I think if I tire him out during the day, then he won't be such a monster at night."

Ed silently seconded that motion before turning back to the bagels. He couldn't help but smile a little bit though at the thought. Years ago if anyone ever told him he would be with Roy and they would have a son who he would come to love so much, he would have told them to go eat a nail or something but now he couldn't help but wonder sometimes. If he had never had this then this great thing wouldn't have come to be and he wouldn't have realized what he was missing. Al had always been right. Suddenly realizing what he thought, he silently groaned, especially when Roy pointed out that he burnt the bagel.

Shit, when did his mind start agreeing with him that his brother was always right?

"Here's Spencer!"

Linda didn't hesitate to play with the boy once she had come over and Izumi tried to determine how the habit was of each and every thing the boy did. She even tried to find out his sleeping habits. Glowering silently, Ed swore he would have elbowed Roy hard enough to wake him if he wasn't so glad that he was finally getting the much earned sleep. The man desperately needed it and since Spencer was busy with his great grandma, Ed knew he wouldn't bother Roy's sleep all too soon.


Ed blinked and suddenly stared back nervously at Izumi hoping she didn't kill him. He hesitantly asked that she repeat what she last said and could hear the woman sigh. Instead of yelling though, she smiled over at the child and Ed was confused for a moment before he too noticed something that he hadn't thought he would see. Izumi was so happy at the prospect of the baby and he saw that Linda was beaming, which was something she hadn't done much either.

"I see you're happy," Ed mumbled although Izumi heard him.

She gave him a glance before turning back to watch Spencer. "He's a miracle baby I would say. What was it that happened that could have caused this baby to be conceived and then when Mustang got hurt, what kept him from dying? Ed I often blamed myself for my baby's death but now I've realized that he hadn't been meant to live all along. I've been living in my own guilt for so long but seeing as how Kelsey didn't live a full and happy life like she should have made me realize something. We all have our own destinies we have to fulfill. Sometimes we have already done that before we even get to see the world and it's decided that we don't get to stay. It may hurt like hell but by remembering what we had helps outweigh the bad that we had to see. Do you get what I mean?"

Ed nodded. He did.

"I know and I'm happy that in the end I got rewarded even after all the stuff they put me through. It's almost like it was a test of faith or something but I do love Spencer and I love Roy. I love them both and I'm glad. Roy is alright and even though Kelsey's death changed him, he is now much stronger than he was before."

Izumi didn't say anything after that and Ed knew she really didn't want to discuss a child's death in front of the other kid. Spencer giggled and out of the blue the almost nine month old disappeared in a blind of light. The ones remaining had their jaws opened in shock wondering what the hell happened. That was the explanation for all the times that he couldn't find Spencer. Ed knew there was a problem all along. His anxiety lessened when Spencer once again appeared much to Linda's shock.


Roy was wide awake when he heard that and turning to the boy, he gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Linda smiled and ruffled the little boy's hair before turning to Ed in shock, realizing the same thing that Izumi did; Ed wasn't as shocked as they were.

Roy looked at them and shook his head.

"What's this all about now?"

Ed didn't really want to tell him without finding out what it was himself. He couldn't be too sure because it wasn't like any alchemy he knew. Alchemy was equivalent exchange and you had to give something up in order to gain something. But it still had to have the same properties so how could his son do that?

"I think I know what this is." Roy looked over to Izumi in confusion now. Sighing she continued, ignoring the curious looks and the still confused expression on Roy's face for he was the only one to miss that. "You two did open the gate even though one was involuntarily. It gave you the power to ignore the laws of equivalent exchange first of all. Second of all, there is the fact that he wasn't born from normal parents either. He has a fire alchemist papa and a basically metal alchemist for a daddy. Two powerful alchemists of course but it still goes to wonder how he could disappear and reform like that. It's odd-"

"It's not possible," Roy finally said with a frown.

"I think you guys misjudge everything you see. There's more than just Alchemy out there but the real reason that we have all these versions of magic was because Alchemy is the root of it all. I don't know how we could get a child this powerful though. I mean there's things known as sages, mages, wiccans, wizards, and a whole bunch of branches that haven't even been studied yet. Many have forbid the practices of some of them but if I would have to guess, Spencer has one of those branches of magic and it'll be pretty hard to conceal."

Ed nodded whilst Roy looked mad.

"But my baby isn't some sort of magic tool. He shouldn't even have this! Are you saying that he somehow got a stronger version of alchemy that allows him to just skip the whole equivalent exchange? I don't like it at all!"

Ed didn't either but he knew that it was nothing he could do. Glancing down at Spencer, he knew that the boy was more than enough to handle. He knew that but he still loved the boy. Nothing would ever change that and he suspected that maybe he had those in the beginning because Ed and Roy probably had them themselves although they were dormant in them. Did that mean that Kelsey had had the ability herself but hadn't come into it yet? Would all their children become this way? He knew he shouldn't be asking himself this but it was just weird. Finally he turned to Roy with a grin.

"Don't be sad Roy. It's a good thing because now we don't need a car- if we keep it hidden," he hastily added seeing Izumi's glare. "But he's still our son and we all love him here so don't fret. It'll be okay. Besides whose to say any of our other kids do that?"

Roy understood finally and let out a tiny sigh. It was true after all and he knew any other kid that ended up being born as well would have all their love. He couldn't see himself having another one so soon but he also knew that he wouldn't mind when he did. Letting out a small smile, he took Spencer into his arms again. He had been happier than he had had been in years and he knew that even though Kelsey was dead, she was living on. Was this why he had seen her though? He frowned thinking of how he had saw her when he had almost died and had to wonder if it was her doing or if it was soley Spencer's now that he knew about a power that they had never in their wildest dreams imagined before.

"I think this is really weird," he mumbled but it didn't matter anyways because he loved him. Loved Spencer the same way he loved Kelsey.

He would love them both until his heart broke.

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