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"Blimey Harry you enlarged her wandless?" Ron chuckled his smile growing even more at Hermione's gasp of disapproval. As they entered the train, they found it was already very packed and every room they passed was filled up. Their arms were full with packages with the ginger haired girl carrying a crate with a fluffy orange cat in it and the red head carried a ugly scruffy rat. They stopped at a room that only held one person a grown man, it seemed everyone had avoided this room.

"This is the only one not filled up, come on!" Hermione opened the door while they all shuffled in. Careful not to wake the sleeping man they settled in for the long ride to the school. Harry stared at the huddled man in the worn cloak, feeling a odd tugging sensation in his chest. His friends continued to bicker in the background but Harry was so entranced he could not look away long enough to hear them.

"Harry!" Ron reached out and shook his friends shoulder, green eyes turn to him blinking owlishly behind the small framed glasses. "You alright, man?" The boy merely nodded.

Remus shifted as he sensed the door open, well aware that he was now sharing a room with three teens. One was a female, a male and one other who smelt like fresh air under a moonlit night. It was so intoxicating, pulling at the wolf inside, who begged to have a taste of the male. All of those thoughts left his mind when Remus felt the train jolt to a stop, well aware it was to soon for the train full of students to stop. The room became cold, still and dark as if the air it self held its breath: Remus knew this feeling all to well and snarled. He jumped to his feet just as the dark haired boy went down with a muffled cry. Lupin's wand raised as he uttered the spell and out a white ghostly form exploded from the tip of his wand pushing the dark hooded figure out of the room.

"These children do not harbor Sirius Black!" He shouted holding the shield till the dementor finally withdrew from the room. "Are you alright?" Remus turned to the young ones concern in his deep voice, but his focus was all on the fallen boy. A mere pup yet he already held a tight hold on his leash.

"Yes, sir. Harry!" The girl shook the pale skinned boys small shoulders in hopes of waking him up. Remus dug in his pockets looking for the abandoned chocolate bar he had earlier, watching as the-boy-who-lived opened his large gorgeous leaf green eyes.

Harry came awake with a cloudy vision, sick stomach and a throbbing headache in his temples. To his surprise it was not his two friends eyes he met no it was the genuine concern in the light brown eyes. The man was tall and slender, his shaggy hair wild and his body poised, his gaze so entrapping.

"What happened?" Harry asked tearing his eyes from the man's gaze, to look at his friends.

"Dementor's entered the train, then suddenly you went pale and passed out. Professor here saved us by repelling the dementor with white shield!" Hermione responded excitedly looking at the teacher with adoring eyes.

"Here eat this it will make you feel better in no time!" Harry watched as the teacher passed around the chocolate. " Come on eat it will help perk you up! I am going to go check with the conductor." The older guy had a look of pain as he quickly exited the room.

Remus took a deep breath as he left the room escaping the addicting smell of the dark haired boy. All he wanted to do was pin the boy to the wall and lavish that long creamy neck with kisses as he slowly claimed him. Remus always had strong control , but this boy broke all the chains that he had developed over the life time of having the wolf.

Harry bite his lip fighting back the snide remarks he wanted to shoot off at a blond across the hall. At another table was his worst enemy insulting him with his giggling gang. Word had spread about the Boy-Wonder fainting leaving Harry open to the insults from Draco, it pissed him off that this school was so big on gossip. All talked ceased when the headmaster rose to his feet with the familiar soft smile on that aged face. Everyone respected the old wizard for his gentle nature,caring word and wisdom. Many also had herd gossip from everyone in the world, that this was the only person the dark lord feared.

"Welcome all old and new to another year at Hogwarts! Due to the escape of the prisoner, Hogwarts will be playing host to the dementors" the headmaster paused as whispers rose in volume. " I warn you now these dementors are dangerous creatures who cannot tell the difference between the one they chase and those who get in there way! On a happier note we have a new defense against dark arts teacher. Please help me welcome professor Remus Lupin!" Students timidly clapped as the new teacher came to his feet. Harry found him self staring longingly at the new teacher, so focused he completely missed the next thing the headmaster had said. Professor Lupin looked shabby compared to the other well dressed teachers but there was something almost predator in the way the man moved. Lupin had long shaggy dirty blond hair that held some silver streaking through it and a very young looking face.

" 'Arry are you not happy! Hagrid is the new teacher!" Ron clapped him on the shoulder as around them students cheered for the shy giant of a man. Of course Harry was happy for his friend, the grounds keeper deserved it and more some. Even so Harry's eyes strayed back to the defense against dark arts teacher who was deep in conversation with Snape, unaware of the potion masters scowl.

Remus shifted uncomfortably in his seat fighting the summoning scent that was over whelming all his senses. He could feel the boys eyes boring holes into the side of his head while he distracted him self buy talking to the potion master. Even so nothing could cover the hair raising feeling of eyes roaming over his body.

Why now? Why this boy?

"Problems Professor Lupin?" Snape sneered shaking his chin length inky black hair out of his face.

"Of course not" Remus smiled like a perfect liar, he excused him self from the table, quickly heading to his chambers. Along the way, being as distracted as Lupin was, he collided with a smaller body. The person reeked of a burning smell they called perfume, it was so strong it burned the werewolf's nose and it was so familiar.

"Malfoy!" Father like son!

"Bloody hell keep your eyes open next time." The bo,y who looked so very much like his father, snarled. With those words the boy lord stormed away marching very much like a offended peacock, leaving Remus smiling. Continuing his path back to his room where Remus was hoping to find some needed answers. In his room the werewolf went up to a large wall mirror that was spelled for communications.

"Connect!" Remus snarled at it, watching it slowly start to glow a bright lavender in color.


"I have arrived at the school, small problem with dementors but all is well, no sign of Sirius. Although there is another problem not concerning Black at all." Remus said respectfully as he paused allowing the other to have his word.

-I NOTICE YOU SEEM UNSETTLED, WHAT IS BOTHERING YOU OLD MAN?- The voice came in a teasing manner as any deep voice can go.

"Yes, I think I found my mate" Remus ran a hand threw his shaggy mass of hair. " He is one of my students."

-YOU MUST BE STRONG FOR YOUR MATES SAFETY, ACT AS THOUGH NOTHING IS WRONG AND BE STRONG FOR BOTH OF YOU- The deep voice reply came in a hypnotic like tone that drained some of the stress from Remus.-YOU ARE STRONG AND THE WOLF IS SMART, ALL WILL BE WELL-

"As you order, it shall be thank you" Remus lowered his eyes respectfully until the mirror stopped glowing leaving him alone to his own thoughts. Even so all of Remus thoughts kept straying back to the adorable emerald eyed lad.

Harry was very upset on be half of his friend and the innocent creature who is being blamed for a attack it did with reason. Hagrid had warned them that hippogriff's were very proud creatures who did not take well to insults. So what did that stupid blonde go and do, walked right up to the tall creature insulting it to its face. So of course the creature struck out, not even badly injury Malfoy was at his table milking it for all that it was worth. Harry was hoping that the creature had done more damage then giving the snot nose brat a tiny scratch. All morning it buzzed about how the grounds keeper had aloud a student to be harmed from a dangerous creature he aloud in the school. News came on form of winged owls who each brought news in there talons, Harry only wanted to hear of one thing, about the man who wanted to kill him. Reading over Ron's shoulders at the news paper, main title read SIRUIS BLACK SPOTTED IN HOGSMEADE!

"Harry you ready to play so ball!" George popped up a familiar grin gracing his face. On the other side of the table his twin was harassing their older brother the head student Percy. Quidditch was the one joy that Harry actually loved very much and might distract him from the anger he felt.

"Yes!" Harry jumped to his feet excitement making his heart beat even faster. The joy of flying high in the sky above the clouds, free of all weight on the ground. Like his father before him he had become the house seeker winging in the sky as mascot for his team.

Remus stalked around the school feeling very restless, his wolf on edge, looking for something but unsure exactly what. The boy was flying in happiness so oblivious to what the future will hold for him, when the mating process starts. The wolf was dominate, old and very possessive this is well know to be a problem among mixed species mating.

Will he fight the mating? Will Harry run causing the wolf to give chase? Would he give in when caught allowing the wolf to pin him down? Remus struggled under these thoughts as he paced , attempting to calm his strung up nerves.

"Did you hear..." Students voices murmurer causing Remus to cock his head tunning his sharp ears in.

"Yeah! After the dementors.. he fell off his broom!" Remus' heart sunk to his stomach as he herd these words. Remus was frozen, his core going cold and for a gut wrenching moment he felt a strong fear. To have and held only to lose. Then Lupin's mind took control, a werewolf could not survive the death of their mate, so this could only mean that Harry was still alive. Racing down the hall way using his immortal speed shoving students out of his way as Remus went.

Hold on, Harry, my mate. I am coming.

Remus busted into the infirmary his light amber eyes locking onto the small form in the large white bed way to big for the boy. Around him his friends crowded concern filling the room with a tangy scent. The wolf inside relaxed as its eyes saw for their own that its beloved mate was indeed well.

" Remus" Dumbledore stepped in front of him blocking his pat,h the old man's pale eyes glowing. "Could we speak in my office?"

"Of course."

Harry awoke feeling as though he was suffocating and the noisy people around him talking did not help at all. The fogginess was slowly lifting and the events leading to him being here had him sit up quickly with a loud gasp. Some one was kind enough to gently push his glasses up his nose allowing the world to come into view, he blinked taking everyone in.

"Are you alright mate?" Fred asked softly, Harry merely nods.

"The dementors entered the grounds, Dumbledore was so furious. Right after he caught you from falling he chased them right off the grounds." Hermione jumped in quickly before Harry could say anything . Although the emerald eyed lad was watching his friend closely, their paling face telling Harry everything. In the red head's arm's was a wrapped up bundle that every one eyed with sadness.


"Sorry, 'Arry, when you fell off the broom it kind of flew off..." Ron stammered coming closer to the bed. "Into the Whomping Willow!" Unraveling the bundle to expose a bundle of what looked like broken twigs. Harry felt his heart sink as he looked at his once beloved broom stick. It was nothing but splinters, just like his heart now was.

"Harry would you like to take a walk with me?" A gentle voice came from the new Professor Lupin who appeared behind the crowd of students, like the calm in the storm.

"Yes." Harry quickly rolled off the bed, wanted nothing more then to escape the people who were over crowding him. Harry swayed almost falling to his knees if not for the very warm hand that had caught his elbow balancing him. "I have questions." Even so Harry was very grateful for the teacher quick distraction and for him providing the escape.

"It is only natural." The teacher murmured keeping the easy pace with the boy, as Lupin led the way out side towards the lake. "So is the broom damaged beyond repair?"

"There is no repair." Harry snarled out bitterly fighting the tears that wanted to spill out. "Why are they after me? Why do they only affect me so?"

"Dementors are truly vile creatures, they live off others happiness sucking it out till all that is left is fear. While they suck out your happiness it is said the make some people relive their worst moments. You, Harry, have been threw many bad time." Remus turned to get a closer look at the boy, his mate. The pup wore way to baggy of cloths, making him seem so very much more vulnerable and also so very entrancing. Porcelain ivory skin, large expressive leaf green eyes and such delicate features. Harry was so very beautiful to Remus' eyes.

"Professor could you teach me that spell you used on the train?"

"Harry, it is a very difficult spell and it was only good for a few dementors" Remus looked away from the boy focusing on the tree line ahead. "I will teach you if you are truly willing to try to master it."

"I am sir" Harry looked up to the teacher that seemed so very powerful at the moment.

"You will do good." Remus reached out and gently ruffled the boys unruly hair, enjoying the soft feeling of the brief touch. "After class tomorrow come to my office we shall begin then."

"Yes thank you sir!" Harry's eyes glowed with hope as he raced back to the castle a excitement in his springing step.

Remus raised his hand to his nose, taking a deep breath and savoring the sweet smell of the boy. So intoxicating it made his groin tingle with warmth, Remus smirked.

Harry Potter you will be mine! He and the wolf growled.

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