Chapter 7

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Harry groaned coming awake with a mind splitting headache that was due to the previous night events. Although he was happy that Sirius was free and that he knew the truth, he did not want to repeat the night ever again. Dementore filled dreams was all he had through the night and they were truly terrifying to him. Harry was please being able to fight them but he was still scared of those dark creatures.

"Harry, please open your eyes." The rusty sexy voice of his mate came from the left of him, causing Harry to jump into a sitting position.

"Remus?" Harry snatched his glasses up and looked in to the face of his weary tired mate. The man was looking like a beaten man with bags under his eyes and sad puppy dog brown eyes. "Are you okay?"

"You are asking me if I am okay? You are the one in the bed, Harry. You had me so worried, I was so very scared for you." Remus reached out and ran a hand through Harry's messy locks, his hand shaking. Remus remembered little of the night after having the wolf taking control. Waking up in the woods with out any memory of what happened to his mate and his friend. That was like a nightmare come true.

Remus stared at his mate so very glad he was safe but not liking the paleness of his Harry's skin. He had been told that the Dementores had tried to steal his soul along with Sirius' but something had scared them off. So close he had come to losing his precious mate, Remus had failed to protect his beautiful small mate. The pain was deep in his chest cutting like a sward, piercing deep into his heart.

"I am fine, Remmy, do not look so sad." Harry reached out and laid his hand on the older man's scruffy cheek. "I only regret that, Peter, was not caught so the truth could not be told." Harry shook his head to clear his bangs from his eyes.

"I agree but he is well and free that is all that matters. Harry, my love, you faced my true wolf form and yet you look at me now with no fear." Remus crawled his way on to the bed, nothing sexual, it was a wolf thing. Werewolves were pack like beast they used touch as a way of comfort and right now that was what he needed. Spooning up against the smaller body absorbing the warmth and finding peace in his mates warm aura.

Harry stared down at the head resting on his chest, feeling a deep sense of love for this man whom he claimed as his mate. Harry could sense that his mate was upset on how he seen the wolfs true deadly form. The man may be a were wolf but he was very much as self conscious as any regular wizard was. Harry started running a hand over the older males back in soothing circular motions.

"You were fearsome, large and amazingly beautiful. I was not afraid how could I be? I am both you and your wolfs mate." Harry summarized to the best he could. "I may not know a lot about werewolves but I trust you and I knew you could never hurt me."

"You do not know how much I love you right now." Remus nuzzled his mates stomach basking in the happy glow that was forming around him. His wolf was dominant it was only fitting that his soul mate be strong and iron willed to deal with them. The lack of fear of the unknown made his pride in his mate grow even more by the minute. "So you thought I was beautiful?" Remus teased earning a smack from his flustered mate.

"Well, now that I think back, you were a very beautiful fluffy wolf. Cuddly like a over grown teddy bear." Harry shot back earning a surprised snort from his mate, this made him laugh out loud. "Remmy, what will happen now? Its the end of the year almost, will Dumbledore force me to go back to the muggle family I have?"

"No, you are no longer under wizards laws. The headmaster and I have come to an agreement, the minister can shove it for all I care." Remus sat up his mood very sober and serious. "You will be coming to live with me in my home."

"What about schooling?"

"You will continue to attend Hogwarts, but you shall have a few extra perks." At the boys surprise look Remus continued on. "You shall have your own room." He paused to laugh at the shocked blush graced his mate's pale cheeks. "You will be in more advances classes to excel you further in your teachings. In plain terms, you will graduate ahead of your normal class with better credits."

"Really?" Harry paused to think this over, it did not sound like such a bad deal. "Can I still fly on the team?"

"Oh, yes, it is your love so I encourage it." Remus smiled leaning down to steal a kiss from mate. His tongue flashed out, slowly stroking the boys soft lips and when they parted he dove in. It started off gentle but the need for him to dominate made him rough it up. Pushing the smaller male back against the bed to better straddle Harry's waist. Remus growled with satisfaction as he ravaged his mates mouth. Harry did not fight, his hands dug into Remus' shoulders as he was swamped with such strong sexual emotions.

"Um.." Hermione's voice came from behind them causing two different reactions from the males. Remus felt the urge to bare his fangs at her and Harry was beet red with embarrassment from being caught in this act. "I don't mean to interrupt, but the Headmaster and Some others are on their way over. I thought I should warn you."

"Thank you, Mione." Harry managed to stammer out as he tried to push his mate off him with no luck. "Remmy."

"I will let you escape this time, my delectable mate." The wolf man nipped at the boy's creamy neck then jumped off the bed. Remus was brimming with energy that had been given to him by his mate.

"You are a bad influence!" Harry mocked a glare at the man, but it was ruined by the smile stretching his face. "I wounder what they want?"

"It is the Headmaster, Snape and the lovely Minister" Remus tilted his head in the direction of the door. Harry found it to be a little unnerving that the wolfs senses could tell all that with out actually seeing.

"Is it about Him or us?" Harry meant, Sirius but feared saying the name out loud, many spying ears in the castle.

"Hard to tell, but either way there is nothing they can do." Remus said firmly watching the approaching group with a molted gold eyes. The wolf's territorial instincts were stronger then ever sense he had not marked and claimed his mate. A unclaimed unmarked mate of a dominate wolf was like a pawn for others to use, this made its mate more aggressive.

"Ah, Professor Lupin, you are looking considerably well. We are here to see Harry is he awake?" The Headmaster's voice was crisp and cold causing Harry to bite his lip in worry. Harry did not trust the old wizard any more, there was to much coldness in him.

"I am awake." Harry stepped into view standing slightly behind his mate. Although he was leery of the men, his mate's presence made him stronger. Harry lifted his gaze meeting the pale blue eyes of his Headmaster, he was not going to back down.

"Ah, Harry how are you feeling?" Fake sympathy was dripping in the old wizards voice.

"I am well, thank you. Now may I ask why you are here?" Harry dropped the fake kindness and gave them his hardest look.

"Can we have a few minutes alone to talk with, Mr. Potter." Minister Fudge looked to Remus his question was more of a command. This fat, pig eyed and balding man was use to playing god but this was Harry's mate.

"My mate will stay." Harry snapped crossing his hands over his chest with a stern look that reminded, Remus, of James. The Minister opened his mouth to protest to the order given by a teenager. "No, do not argue this with me. It is about time I speak up for my self. I am tired of you treating me like some half wit because I am The-Boy-Who-Lived." Harry stepped into the man's face his emerald eyes narrow with a dangerous edge that made the older man shiver. "My. Mate. Stays."

"As you wish." Fudge placed a hand over his fast beating heart finally able to breath when the Potter lad stepped out of his face. He could see now why Dumbledore wanted to keep this lad, to make him the perfect weapon. There was a edge in those eyes that could rival the Dark Lord's, the only thing that made a difference was which side was he on. Looking at the collected tired looking lad standing beside the wolf Fudge saw the difference from the last time he saw him. There was a old soul in that gaze, like a person who had seen to much and was ready to to do what to end what ever bothered him.

"On subject, we need to speak to you about the time you spent with Sirius Black, in the chambers." Dumbledore clapped his hands and looked around for a chair. The air was so thick he needed to find a calming point for every one. "Did he speak of any planes in his quest for freedom? Or why he let you live if he was plotting to kill you?" Dumbledore perched on a chair pulling out a box of jelly beans and offered them to Harry.

"No, thanks." Harry pondered a second to think of how much to say and how to word it correctly. " I herd nothing of his plans for freedom, I am sure that was not his main concern at the time. He did not kill me because it was never his plan to kill his own godson."

"He betrayed your family, stalked you at this school, and attacked you best friend. Make no mistake he was here to kill you." Fudge spat with hatred in his narrow eyes.

"I do not care what you think of what I am going to say, or weather you will believe me." Harry closed his eyes fighting back the urge to yell and defend his innocent god father. "He was not after me, he was after the murder of his best friend. The real person who betrayed my parents, Peter Pettigrew."

"Peter is dead murdered by Black, 12 years or so ago Harry." Dumbledore stated

"Black, has brained washed you." Fudge sneered.

"Like I said I do not care weather you believe me or not that is my truth and that is all I want to tell you." Harry turned his back to gather his belonging so he could return to his room. With out giving them a second glance he left the infirmary with his mate hot of his heels.

"Harry, I am going to return to my class room to pack." Remus soft voice stopped Harry in his tracks. "I am no longer teaching here."

"Why?" Harry felt very sad by this, it was not because he was his mate, no. Lupin was a brilliant teacher, the best this school had and now they were letting him go. "Is it because of me?" Harry asked softly feeling his eyes water in sadness.

"Oh, my love." Remus gathered the smaller body to his own, comforting Harry with his warmth. "Snape, let it slip that I am a werewolf, no one wants their child taught by a creature." Lupin stroked the silky black hair and tightened his grip on his mate. "It is not your fault. Even if they tried to fire me for our bond, I would leave happy, you are worth anything."

"Awe, you are a sweet talker. Well I guess its for the best, I would be very distracted if I had you as a teacher." Harry said with a small smirk, Remus was shocked into silence. " I had be...are all my stuff still at your room?" Harry asked jut remembering.

"Yes, just go right ahead and take over the room." Remus smiled, his wolf was hungry to fallow its mate and claim the sweet little boy. "I shall be back in time to escort you to the banquet."

"I really don't want to go it is not one of my favorite thing to go to." Harry ran a hand through his mess hair. "Can we have dinner in your room?"

"Yes, now off you go." Remus shooed his mate off and walked back to his class room. Before he entered he smelt the fresh scent of the potion professor, Snape. The wolf was edgy with the slow going of the mating and it really did not want to deal with this grudge holding nasty man.

"Wolf." Snape sneered leaning against the desk.

"What can I help you with?" Remus forced the politeness from between his clenched teeth. He use to feel sorry for the man, after the way he was treated by Remus' friends. School was many years ago, yet this greasy git could not let go, Remus felt no more pity. He was angry by the charade this grown man kept playing.

"I herd you are mated to your best friends son." Snape snapped trying to anger the other teacher looking for a fight. To his surprise the dirty blonde haired male tilted his head with a thoughtful expression. Slowly a devious and knowing sly grin spread on Lupin's face, flashing overly sharp teeth.

"Sirius, was right, you do need to get laid. Good luck on that, Snape."

Snape felt the heat spread across his face at the mans cunning words. So speechless there was no come back on his tongue. So angry he could do nothing more then storm out of the room escaping the smug wolf.

Well that was rather easy..Remus chuckled

Harry was finished packing his belongings when there was a knock on the door of his mates chamber. He did not know weather he should answer or not after all this was not his room.

"Harry, Open up!" The voice belonged to one of his best friends, the loudest female on the school grounds. Throwing the door open there stood Ron and Hermione with a very long package in their hands.

"Hi, 'Arry, we got a package for you. But first why are you in, Professor Lupin's chambers?" The red head was a little baffled. Harry felt a little guilty for not telling his friend sooner but he really did not know how to go about telling him.

"Hi, Ron, Mione please come in." Harry stepped aside allowing them to enter in the chamber fidgeting with his jacket. "Is that my package?"

"First spill, Mione, won't tell me so I wont give you this till you tell me." Ron pouted acting very much like a spoiled brat.

"Fine" Harry sat in one of the fluffy green arm chair waiting for them to seat. He frowned as he noticed a small brown owl sitting on the red heads left shoulder. "Its kind of hard to explain it, sense this is still new to me. Lupin is a werewolf this you know. For werewolves there is only one love of their life, their mate. It is like predestined for the two people to bond, they are meant for each other. Remus is my mate. The other half of my soul."

"Your his mate?" Ron asked looking a little dazed but there was no harsh emotions, no rejection. " Well that is awesome, your going to live a very long time."

"I guess. Now can I open my package?" Harry smile grateful for have such a great friends, but the package was really intriguing. On the package was one white card and a silver hippogriff feather.

Dear Harry,

I wish I could take you into my home and provide for you like I should have been doing all these years. Alas I am still on the run and I am in no good shape to be around. This is a small token from me to you I do hope you enjoy it.

P.s the owl is for the red haired lad he lost his pet so I will give him one.


Harry blinked at the end of the card, so close to tears by the small effort of his godfather, it really touched his heart. The man had suffered all those years in that horrible dark prison for some thing he did not do, yet he still had not lost his love.

"Ron, he says the owl is yours because you lost your pet." Harry smiled at the shocked expression on his friends face. Now turning his attention to the package, he carefully unrolled the brown wrapping away. "Oh, my god!" Harry exclaimed as he saw the gleaming handle of a Firebolt, it was so unreal.

"Thats a...blimey 'Arry thats a Firebolt, a actual Firebolt." Ron leaned over running a finger shyly over the gleaming polished broom handle.

"I know, its so beautiful." Harry smiled but then, he could actually sense his mate coming closer. It was like he could feel the aura of the wolf padding towards the room they were in.

"Harry, I got these for you, I think they will help." Hermione smiled as she passed over the two books she was carrying. Harry groaned, he was not a book person no matter how much he tried and his ginger haired friend was always trying to get him books. All protest died in his throat as he saw the titles of the books.

Mated to a Werewolf

Rules of the Wolf to the Wizards

Harry grinned at his female friend, touched by the thoughtfulness of her gifts. Both books were exactly what he needed to better understand the new changes in his life.

"Thank you, Mione." Harry leaned over and hugged her tight, grateful for having such a good friend. "These are perfect, how did you know?"

"I was reading up on it and the author was highly recommended. After all he is a wizard who is mated to a wolf as well. Well we got to go, were meeting the twins in a few minutes." Both his friends left the room leaving Harry, to bask in the glow of the wonderful day. Quickly he packed the books in his suit case for later reading, not wanting his mate to see them.

"Harry." Remus husky voice called out, Harry shivered unable to fight the shot of desire that went through his body.

"I am here." Harry folded his hands across his lap, feeling shy all of a sudden. Everything has changed, school was out, he was mated and now Harry was in his mates room.

Remus grinned wolfishly as he sensed the different emotions coming from his cute young mate. The emerald eyed lad was nervous, happy and he was a little turned on. It was little red riding hood and Remus was the big bad wolf. The wolf was struggling for control edged on by the smell of its mates desire and the need to claim him.

"Hello, Harry." Remus leaned down and placed a kiss on his mates plump lips, smirking at the blush. On the table sat a magnificent brand new broom, he could smell Sirius' scent coming off the package. "Ah, Sirius, you stole my idea." Flopping down on the chair next to his beloved mate, getting as close as physically possible. Lowering his head, Remus, nuzzled his young mates pale creamy neck with is nose.

Harry shivered fighting the desire he had never felt before, it was like his body was taking control. The softness of lips replaced the nose and they started sucking on Harry's neck. Blood pooled downwards and he fought to keep from crying out. If you cannot fight it, embrace it and Harry did just that as he turned the table by climbing onto his mates lap. Harry mimicked what the older man had done only to gasp at the hardness rubbing against his thigh.

"Remmy." Harry moaned looking into the golden gaze of his, turned on mate.

Kane jogged down the hall way making his way towards the mated pairs room, he was more then ready to get out of this school. So much magic made his wolf edge and his skin crawl it was not his place to be. Yet his firm control of his wolf, his silver tongue and the sheer size of him made a perfect liaison for the pack. Kane adored Lupin, the turned werewolf had such sheer control of his wolf it surprised every one. It could take many years, centuries to find your true mate, and this young wolf found his early on. Mates meant many things to the pack fertility, survival and strength. A mate was protected by the entire pack with there lives.

Banging on the door with a smirk on his face, Kane was pleased by his timing. The scent of desire was shooting from under the door. Yet time was limited this day and he had to fallow the time line the big boss had given him. From in side he herd the wolf snarl at him to leave him the away, it was fallowed by the spicy mating scent.

"Old man, we need to move out!" Kane banged on the door with a little more force chuckling with delight.

Harry, Pulled away from Remus, finally hearing the voice and banging on the door. Blushing deeply, he pulled his hands out from under Remus' shirt avoiding his mate's golden gaze.

"Pain in the ass, stupid wolf." Remus stood and dropped Harry back on the couch, so he could throw open the door. "What the hell is up your harry ass?!" Snarling at the bright haired tall man in front of him. The idiot had the urge to look down at Remus' tight pants and gave a dark chuckle.

"Whats up, doc?" Kane grinned trying to push his way around the male so he could enter the room. Yet, Lupin did not budge glaring at him with angry golden eyes. "Come on, old man, its not my fault the big boss gave me a time and I can only fallow it." Kane frowned as he looked at his clock time was wasting right this minute.

"Alright come in but you mind your manners, you may be older but I am meaner." Remus replied to the other and walked back to his devilish looking mate with a smile. "This will have to continue late. Harry, lets head out, lets go home."

Home, this was a word so very foreign to Harry but it was also very welcome.

Home was where the heart is and his heart was with his beloved mate, Remus.

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