So I had a couple of ideas for 'caught' but they didn't really feel like they really defined the theme of 'caught.' So I went with a vetted theme with my own twist.

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The war of Sozin lasted almost a day.

The day of the comet.

In that day the armies of the Fire Nation changed the face of the world and almost destroyed it.

Sozin sent his armies to the four temples of the Air Nomads and to the poles, to the great ice cities of the Water Tribes.

When the comet lit the sky on fire the Fire Nation attacked, killing most of the Nomads and scattering the rest to the four winds.

The attacks on the Water Tribes ended much worse, for the Fire Lord had devised a plan to take the cities from the Tribes forever. While the comet reigned the Fire Benders blanketed the poles in fire and melted the caps.

A day later the world had flooded and only a few thousand of the Earth and Fire Nations peoples had survived the theft of their land by the ocean.

The Water Tribes however, flourished in the new water filled world, they lashed together their many, many boats and made great floating cities, they already knew how to live off the ocean and they saw no need to hurry the refreezing of the caps.

Several years after Sozin's Flood rumours began to appear, rumours that the Ocean spirit had blessed it's children with gifts that brought them even closer to their natural element, stories spoke of half human, half fish tribesmen.

Zuko had always thought they were just stories until the summer of his eighteenth year.

He had taken a net out to the rocky shores where the fish were plentiful but the footing treacherous and set about collecting fish for his mother.

As the midday sun blazed over head Zuko cast his net out into the water again, when he reeled it in he found his catch was not what he expected.

Tangled in the net amongst dozens of silver scaled fish was a young woman with eyes like the ocean, her skin glittered in the sun light and Zuko quickly realised her body was covered with scales.

She watched him cautiously, curiously, as he drew his knife from his boot.

"I won't hurt you," he said softly, trying not to scare her, her blue eyes fixated on the knife; Zuko edged closer, he could see that in her attempt to escape the sea maiden had tangled the net so badly it would have to be cut. Carefully he sliced through the lines of the net, the young woman merely watched in silence, Zuko wondered if she could speak, if she could understand what he had said. Finally she was free and she scuttled away from him as quickly as she could, he noted the odd way she moved, as if her body was unused to its own weight, her legs and feet moved awkwardly. As she neared the edge of the rocks, and made to slip back into the ocean, he called out to her.

"Wait, I'm sorry about snaring you, my name's Zuko." She cocked her head curiously, "Do you understand me?" he asked, she looked at him for a moment longer and slid back into the waves. Zuko clambered over to the edge were the young woman had been a moment before, he peered into the water hoping to glimpse her. Suddenly she rose from the depths, one hand on the rocks hoisting her up, the other slipping around his neck. The woman's lips pressed against his for a brief moment before she pulled away.

"Katara," she said before disappearing beneath the surface once more. Zuko sat there stunned for several minutes before he shouted at the ocean.

"Wait, Katara? Is that your name?" he got no reply.

Beneath the ocean in a city called Lantia two young women sat talking, one woman was only paying passing attention to the conversation, fixated instead on a pendant she had procured earlier that day; a legged serpent twined around a stylised sun, she was thankful it was made of gold, it would not rust or decay in the ocean.

"Katara, you're not listening."

"Of course I am Yue." the elder of the two fixed the younger with a look. "alright so maybe I wasn't listening all that well..."

"What is that anyway?" Yue gestured to the golden pendant. Katara blushed.

"I took it from his neck."

"Whose neck?"


"Zuko? What kind of name is Zuko?"

"It's the name of the land walker I think I accidentally caught today."

"You didn't."

"I think I may have."

"Did you kiss him?"

Katara just nodded.

"You can't keep him, you'll have to throw him back."

"Do I have to?"

Yue gave her friend another look, Katara pouted.

"Damn it."