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Wheit is a young Empyrean that has heard the many tales of the past in his home and wishes that one day he may adventure to Arad with good intention. While he continues his training, his teacher falls ill. In an attempt to save him, Wheit must face many tribulations and find a cure. Will he find help in time? Or will the only person that cares for him pass in his care?



There was a pause, a hollow howl echoing through the cold night air as his feet hit the ground. Through the darkness of the forest, his long white locks flowing behind him as he kept his eyes ahead, guns at his shoulders, heart, racing like a wild fire as he slipped past the trees to find safety. His mind cried in fear as the howl came closer…he had to get out, one way or another, or let himself be consumed by whatever chased him. He turned around as he reached an opening, guns trained on the bushes he'd run through before he squeezed he trigger on his revolvers quickly, dispensing his rounds where he was sure the beast was. But even that would not stop the beast as its yellow eyes gleamed from his side.

Blue eyes turned to look at the figure in time for it to leap at him and leave a gash in his vision. He stumbled back and held the eye as he frantically looked around for some sort of escape, but the figure came at him again, slicing his side open, a blazing feeling overcoming him as his sight blurred from the tears that stung his eyes. He shot again more randomly, spending his last few bullets on the beast without much advantage. He felt a searing pain in the back of his head and everything went black. The next thing he could hear was the beast feeding on his insides, a low growl in its throat.

Sharp blue eyes opened instinctively, his body rising to a sitting position as the moonlight hit his back. He frowned silently as the thoughts ran through his head, reeling through his mind trying to remember the very thing that he was running from in the first place before his waking. He shook his head; a stream of sweat ran down his chin and to his pant leg below. He shook his head, silver mane sticking to his wet skin. He had to figure out just what he should do or what he should be doing…but even so…Those eyes…

He recalled the monster's golden eyes and its black figure, carving his very past into his being with only its cold emotionless, stare. It was only a dream, a fake world that he created himself…none of it was real…He felt numb for a moment before he lay back on his pillow again, but soon noticed the sunlight outside. It was time to wake, weather he wanted to be or not. He opened the curtain and then the window to let in the morning air. Though it was cold on his chest, he welcomed it as it stopped the sweat tricking down his abs.

Fifteen days…fifteen long days and still no difference in his dreams.


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