Defeating Áglǽca

Chapter Twenty

A week and a half passed by since the ODS arrived in Brazil and even after getting into contact with two of their informants, they still had yet to find Dalton Sloane and Sophia Fedorov. After their informant had called them, the two fugitives seemed to have disappeared and the longer it took for them to search throughout Brazil, the more agitated and ill Billy was becoming.

Casey, Michael, and Rick tried to get him to relax, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Billy was refusing to get the rest he needed and the truth was, they all understood because they'd be the same way if they were in his shoes. Therefore, each of them only slept as little as possible.

One morning, their search finally paid off and Michael received a call from an informant, who said that Sloane was spotted outside a bar in Rio de Janeiro. When Michael told the others, Billy was the first to grab his bag, but as he did so, he stumbled and Casey had to help him stand.

Rick was the first to speak up as he said, "Billy, let us take care of Dalton ourselves. You can't keep running like this, let alone get into a fight."

Casey added, "No doubt he's already found a few more bodyguards. I can handle them, but you can't."

"I can't let you three go after him on your own," Billy replied. "This is my fight."

"This is all of ours fight," Rick responded. "This guy almost killed you and from the way you're running right now, he still might unless you let us handle this. We will get him."

Billy remained standing and said, "I don't care to get into a fight with Dalton or any of his goons, but I need to be there to see him go down and someone has to watch your backs."

Michael smiled as he replied, "We always knew you were never the revenge type. We know, Billy. Just promise us that you won't do anything stupid like turning yourself over to him again, or taking a bullet for us, and we'll let you come along. If not, Casey will knock you out and we'll handcuff you to the radiator. Do we have a deal?"

"Aye," Billy answered. "Besides, I don't feel like being in the hospital again. Not with all that blood around. You know I have a phobia of blood."

"Yeah," Rick said. "I remember you telling me that the last time we were in the hospital, guarding Bishop."

Four hours later, the ODS arrived in Rio de Janeiro and immediately met up with their informant, whom Michael had asked to find men to follow Sloane and his girlfriend around until they got there. Their informant was a bartender inside the bar where he had finally spotted Sloane and as the fugitive left, he ordered two friends of his to keep an eye on the man for him.

The man spoke up saying, "My good friends, it is a pleasure to see you again! Billy, you look terrible."

Billy nodded as he answered, "You are not the first to notice, believe me."

"Please tell us you know where Áglǽca and his girl are right now, Tony?" Michael asked impatiently.

"Why the rush?" Tony asked. "They do not appear to be leaving any time soon. They are enjoying themselves. Not that they are the loud, partygoer types, but they are vacationing as all lovebirds truly ought to. Can't you enjoy this city's beauty?"

Casey replied, "We can't do that, Tony. Áglǽca and Sophia are very dangerous and need to be brought in immediately. Just tell us where they are right now."

Tony asked again, "What did these two do to you exactly?"

"They nearly killed Billy," Rick responded. "We need to take them now."

"I see," Tony finally said. "I will have my friend here show you the way to the room they are staying in. Just be careful, yes?"

Casey grimly replied, "Thanks a lot."

Tony's friend guided the team to the hotel where Sloane and Sophia were currently hiding out, but all of a sudden, as Michael, Billy, Rick, and Casey cautiously walked inside, while their guide left, there was a loud bang coming from a room on the second level of the hotel. As they rushed up the stairs, they found the same man, who led the British Secret Service team back in Mumbai, leading another team of men as they broke inside the room and were currently fighting against Sloane's new and small Gurkha army.

The hotel was becoming trashed as the fight continued. Michael grabbed Billy and told him to stay back as he, Casey, and Rick ran into the middle of the mess and began to fight as well. As they did so, the Secret Service leader saw them and fought his way through the mess he had created to get near Michael.

Just as the man was about to say something, Michael interrupted as he angrily asked, "What on earth do you think you are doing? You've created a war zone inside a hotel full of innocent bystanders and now you may have ruined our chance to capture Áglǽca!"

"Áglǽca and Sophia Fedorov are ours to capture, Dorsett!" the man shouted back. "You said it yourself."

"You already blew your chance with him when you let them escape!" Michael continued to shout. "And in case you haven't noticed, Sloane isn't even in this room! While your men are fighting his, he and Sophia are escaping! They obviously climbed out the window and onto the fire escape!"

Then, Michael, Rick, and Casey pushed their way through the men and looked out onto the fire escape. Sure enough, they saw Sloan and his girlfriend climbing up the escape toward the roof. Michael shoved his way back through the fight and as Billy joined him, they both ran up the stairs to the roof, hoping that they would be able to cut the two off, while Casey and Rick stayed behind to help with the fight. The leader of the British Secret Service team followed after Sloane on the fire escape.

When they reached the roof, they saw Dalton as he was helping Sophia off of the escape and onto the roof. As they turned to run, the ODS stepped out in front of them, blocking their path.

When Dalton saw Billy, he said, "I see that you managed to survive, Billy. I'm surprised. I didn't think you had it in you. I was always the stronger one and I saw the look of defeat on your face back at the warehouse. You weren't expecting to make it out of there alive and you didn't care."

Billy remained quiet as Michael moved forward and replied, "We're here to bring you in, Sloane. This time, it's in to the CIA, not to the British Secret Service and you won't be getting away from us either."

"You may have bested me the last time, but surely you don't think I am going to be this easy to capture, do you?" Dalton asked.

"Freeze, Dalton, or I will shoot!" the Service team's leader shouted as he suddenly appeared behind his two fugitives.

Michael shouted, "Captain, get back now!"

The man responded, "No way, Dorsett! I told you, he is mine."

"I am afraid not, Mate," Sloane replied as he suddenly pulled out a grenade and threw it right at the Service leader's feet.

The captain fired his gun just before the grenade landed and he was thrown backward off of the roof and down to the ground. However, the bullet he fired ended up hitting Sophia, as Dalton pulled her in front of him to avoid being killed. The blast killed the British Secret Service leader, just as his bullet instantly killed Reese Fedorov's daughter.

Sloane pulled another grenade from his jacket pocket and tossed it toward Michael and Billy as they began to run toward the man with guns in their hands. Billy instantly shoved Michael and himself to the ground as the grenade was thrown. Luckily, his quick instinct pushed them far enough out of the way of the blast, but the shove ended up causing Michael to hit his head against the ground. He didn't fall unconscious, but he became dazed.

As Sloane continued running across the roof, Billy quickly stood and after making sure Michael was all right, he ran after him. As he reached the end of the rooftop, Dalton stopped and measured the distance between where he stood, to the next roof. When Billy caught up and saw he was going to jump across, he slowly raised his gun and moved forward.

"Don't do it, Dalton," Billy said. "It's too far. You will only end up killing yourself. Let us bring you in."

"Just so that your new home can stick a needle in my arm?" Dalton replied angrily as Billy continued to walk closer to him. "No thank you. Do you really think that you can pull that trigger on me, Billy? After all that we've been through? I don't think you can. You're too good."

"He may not be able to pull the trigger, but I can," Casey answered as he, Michael, and Rick came running over with their guns raised. "Go ahead and give me a reason, Scumbag."

As Dalton looked between Billy and his friends, he suddenly grinned and as he raised his own gun and pointed it directly at Billy, Dalton responded, "Very well."

However, before he could take his shot, Casey fired, hitting Dalton in the left shoulder. The force of the shot caused him to fall backward and over the edge of the roof, but Billy was close enough so that as he went over, Billy grabbed a hold of Dalton's right wrist and tried to keep him from falling.

Billy angrily said, "No! You're going to pay for your crimes as you deserve to. You will not die like this."

Billy's friends ran over to help him pull Dalton up and once he was back up and safely on the roof once again, Casey shoved him face down on the ground and cuffed his hands behind his back, despite the bullet wound in his shoulder. Then, he, Rick, and Michael looked over at Billy, just as he suddenly collapsed to the ground. Michael was the first to reach him as he knelt down in front of his friend and saw that he was sweating and shaking badly.

"You're going to be all right, Billy," Michael said as he put one hand on his face and neck in order to keep his head from falling to his chest, and the other hand on his shoulder in comfort. "Just hang in there. It looks like you've earned yourself another trip to the hospital after all."

"He's burning up," Rick responded as he put his hand on Billy's forehead to check his temperature. "You never should have come with us to apprehend Sloane, Billy."

As he wearily looked into the eyes of his friends, Billy quietly answered, "I know that now, but I am still glad I did. Dalton deserves to be punished the proper way, even if that means he receives the ultimate punishment. If I hadn't come, he would have been killed and he may have killed either of you."

Michael chuckled softly as he asked, "Are you saying we owe you, Billy?"

Billy smiled and replied, "You bet you do."

A month and a half later…

An older man in his late sixties was sitting down at his table eating the fresh stew he had just finished cooking. The man lived alone in Edinburgh, in a small cabin he and his wife had built by hand many years ago and despite being lonely, he kept himself busy with being the town's carpenter.

Just as he finished eating, there was a knock on his door. The man stood from the table, walked over to the door, and opened it. As soon as he saw who was standing outside, he slowly walked outside and then wrapped his arms around one of the four men before him. Tears were falling from his eyes as he did so.

"Hello, Dah," Billy answered as he too wrapped his arms around the smaller man.

"William," the man replied. "I never thought I'd see you again. How is it that you're home after all these years?"

As they let up from the embrace, Billy responded, "I have finally been cleared of all charges that were against me. Thanks to my friends here, I am free to come home. They helped me to clear my name."

Billy's father answered, "And who are your friends?"

Michael stepped forward and shook the man's hand as he replied, "I'm Michael Dorsett and these are Casey Malick and Rick Martinez."

"You're American," the man said quizzically. "I had no idea you would have ended up so far away. It is a pleasure to meet you boys. Thank you for taking care of my son."

"Your son is a good man and a good friend," Rick responded.

"I wanted so badly to reassure you I was not guilty, but the British Secret Service wouldn't allow me to see you before I was deported," Billy said softly.

His father answered, "I never once believed my son was guilty of those preposterous charges. Shame on them for doing what they did to you. Please, all of you come in and have some of my delicious stew. I just finished making it."

Billy replied, "Oh, you made my favorite meal that Ma always made. I am so sorry I could not be here when she died."

"Stop blaming yourself for what you had no control over," Billy's father said firmly.

"We've tried getting him to stop that, but he never really listened," Casey responded in his usual, gruff manner.

Everyone laughed and together, they sat there for the rest of the evening sharing stories with Billy's father of what they've been doing over all these years. After staying in Scotland for two weeks, Billy finally explained to his father that he would be going back to D.C. with his friends because it was where he really belonged, with them, as a spy for the CIA.

"I am very proud of you, Billy," he said. "Just promise me you will come and visit as often as you can."

"I promise," Billy answered.

After being back at work for three weeks, the ODS finally received word that Dalton Sloane, also known as Áglǽca, had been sentenced to death. His execution was far off, but there was no escape for him this time. Things were finally getting back to normal after a long few months of sadness, anger, and pain. Billy had been rewarded for his bravery and heroism as he had been the one to save the immigration offices within the D.C. Homeland Security office.

Relief swept over Billy as he was given the news and it was then that his friends walked over and Casey said, "I'd say this calls for a celebration. The first round's on me, but don't think I'll be paying all night.

"We would never think to trick you into buying all the rounds, Mr. Malick," Billy answered sarcastically. "If the first round is on you, then the rest are on me. I owe you gentlemen a lot. For we have slain a fierce enemy and saved the lives of countless men, women, and children. We truly are heroes, gentlemen, and we can never forget it."

"Here, here," Michael replied as the four of them cheered in celebration.

The End