Stray Thoughts

Sarah walked along the park lake looking out over the shimmering water, which glistened in the moonlight. It was late at night, where everything was silent and her thoughts where her own. It was the time and place that she felt most safe, where she was able to be herself and not have to look over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her. Her thoughts drifted from the day that Will turned her into part machine, making her a bionic woman to the day that she first met Jaime Sommers, who intrigued her so much and who she had not been able to stop thinking about.

As she walked near the edge of the glistening water, she decided to sit down at the platform which was overlooking the whole lake. It was a very beautiful sight illuminated by the moonlight. The way the water was so still made her feel as though a calm sense of serenity had washed over her.

Across the lake Jaime was following Sarah from a distance at which her bionic's wouldn't be able to track her. Jaime was following Sarah because she felt as though something was wrong with Sarah and she didn't know what. Jaime has always had a feeling in the pit of her stomach about Sarah, but she hasn't been able to place her finger on it. She knows it's not hate, but the feelings she has, she has never felt before and doesn't know what to call them. The way that Sarah was moving looked almost sad to Jaime, and then she sat down on the ledge overlooking the lake. Jaime looked at her again, her head was resting on her knees and it looked as though she was shaking. Could she be crying, Jaime wondered.

Jaime didn't know what to do, but every bone inside her body screamed at her to go comfort her. When she reached Sarah's side she sat down next to her and pulled her into a hug which Sarah didn't resist. She rested her hand on Sarah's head feeling the softness of her blonde hair, running her fingers through it softly. The tears cascaded down Sarah's face and fell onto Jaime's jacket.

Jaime didn't know what was wrong with Sarah and when she asked her, Sarah just kept on apologising for all that she had done that had hurt Jaime in the past.. Jaime grabbed Sarah softly by the shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. She searched her eyes but she only saw sorrow and sadness in the depths of them. Jaime knew that Sarah could feel again that it was breaking her heart at recognition of what she had done. She doesn't know how it happened but she is happy that Sarah can feel again even if it comes with all the emotions both good and bad.

Jaime held Sarah close to her after she had stopped crying and wiped away the stray tears that were left on her cheeks with her fingers, softly caressing her face. Sarah looked up at Jaime and as their eye's met they both leaned in and as their lips touched they melted into each other, enjoying the sensations of their very first kiss together.

Jaime and Sarah both knew that from this day, in the middle of the night, that both of their lives have been changed for the good. They could now be with each other, rely on each other and just be there holding, protecting and loving the other one as best they could in the beginning of this very beautiful relationship they are starting.