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Draco's Potter-Proof Guide On How To Be a Slytherin


Draco Malfoy put a hand into his pocket and turned to his only son, slowly shaking his head at his own forgetfulness. "Scorpius, could you go and get my wand for me? It's in the top drawer of the table next to be bed,"

Scorpius nodded and rolled his eyes. Not wanting to be late for his first train ride on the Hogwarts Express, he ran up the stairs to his parents' bedroom and quickly flung the door open.

There were two drawers on the little table, he thought it would be best to try both of them even though he knew his father kept his wand in the top one. Smiling mischievously, Scorpius opened up the bottom drawer and frowned when he saw a small green book inside. Was it a diary?

He thought of all the dirty little secrets his father might have written down in it as he pulled it out and read to gold writing on the front cover: D. 1991-1998. After putting the book in his cloak pocket and deciding to take it with him to Hogwarts, Scorpius found Draco's wand it went back downstairs.

Waving to Astoria and Draco as the Hogwarts Express left Kings Cross Station, Scorpius sat down in the empty compartment with the book.

"He-hello? Can I sit in here?"

He looked up and saw an anxious-looking boy with messy black hair and emerald green eyes.

"Yeah, go ahead, I don't mind."

The boy sat down opposite Scorpius and held out his hand, "I'm...I'm Albus Potter, it's nice to meet you,"

Scorpius stared at his hand for a few seconds; this was Harry Potter's son; his dad's old enemies' son. But that was in the past, and this was now in the present.

He shook his hand firmly, "Scorpius Malfoy, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance,"

Albus looked shocked this time but pushed aside any negative thoughts because they both knew that they were not their fathers.

For a few minutes they sat in uncomfortable silence but Scorpius had just the thing to break the ice: the book.

Smirking, he pulled it out of his cloak. "I found this in my father's room, do you want to take a look at it with me, Albus?"

Albus nodded a little uncertainly, moving over next to the blond boy.

They opened the front cover and on the first page, in neat, black handwriting, it read:

'Draco's Potter-Proof Guide On How To Be a Slytherin'