Draco Potter-Proof Guide On How To Be a Slytherin

Step Thirty-Eight

Step Thirty-Eight: One must curse Potter when his back is turned.

Al closed his eyes and counted to three, hoping that when he opened them again he would wake up in his bed.




However, he had no such luck. He still found himself in the presence of Syrita Zabini and Harry Potter, both of whom weren't looking particularly pleased. Albus wasn't pleased either, he didn't want to be here in the middle of the Forbidden Forest and he couldn't even think of a lie to feed his father, not that Harry would even believe his youngest son in the first place.

"Well?" Harry said firmly, "Would you please care to explain yourself?"


"-Mr Potter, may I just say it is a pleasure to meet you and I for one can explain why your son and I are here." Zabini interrupted, an arrogant, boastful tone to her voice. Albus didn't even bother to tell his house-mate to be quiet and just stared at the ground, not caring what she said because, to be honest, he had nothing to say in his defence.

"Scorpius and Rose went missing a while ago and Albus and I were so worried that we decided to go looking for them," she sighed, blinking back crocodile tears, "it was a stupid and extremely irresponsible thing to do but we're just so worried about our friends, aren't we, Al?"

Albus had to hide all the shock that he was feeling, just so his father wouldn't find out that Zabini had just lied straight to his face, looking so truthful and innocent. It was just so unnatural for her, Zabini, had called him Al. Though he had to admit, she really was a great liar. "Yeah, we haven't been out here very long, Dad. We were just about to head back before it starts getting dark." Albus continued, looking up at Harry, his face unreadable.

After a moment of thinking through everything the two teenagers had said, Harry shook his head and smiled, "You two make a great pair of liars. I don't know what was really going on here but I trust it wasn't anything too idiotic, Al. Though if James were here, it would be an entirely different story. Come on, I'll make sure that you two really are 'getting back before it gets dark'."

The two Slytherins walked just behind Harry as he lead them back to the castle. "What was that all about?" Al hissed.

"Well, we'd be in more trouble if you'd just stood there looking gormless any longer so I thought I'd intervene."

"I was about to speak but, no, you rather rudely barged in!"

"I was trying to be helpful!"

"I don't need your help, Zabini."

"And I didn't want to help you, I was just helping myself but you managed to get out unscathed too."

"Everything alright back there?" Harry asked with a grin. The quarrelling going on behind him definitely reminded him of a younger Hermione and Ron.

"Yes." they both replied, glaring at each other as they spoke in unison.

Zabini took a couple of strides forwards so she was now walking beside Harry. "If you don't mind me asking, what were you doing out in the forest, sir?"

"Supervising a task for the aurors in training, as long as I get back soon, my disappearance will be unnoticed."

Albus continued trudging along behind Zabini and Harry, not paying any attention to their conversation. It was then when he realised 'd seen them both earlier, but where were Scor and Rose now?

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