Just a little one-shot about Silas and Kate. Enjoy!

He never showed, but she knew. She knew that she made him laugh. She, a simple girl, made the strongest man in Albion smile. When they were in the bout, for example, just before she fell asleep, she saw Silas trying to hide a smile, looking at her. In the Night Train, perched in one of the metal bars, she heard him chuckle when she had looked down to see the tracks moving under them. In the museum, when she and Edgar had made an attempt to escape, she could swear she heard a powerful voice in the background laughing, amused.

Every time she tripped, stumbled, ate, dank, talked…. She saw an amused spark in his lifeless eyes or a well dissimulated smirk.

Kate knows that Da'ru knew too and Edgar probably joined two and two. Her uncle would never care, and the rest of the people were too afraid of Silas to see his real him. Silas was most likely the only one that didn't acknowledge this. He thought it was a weakness.

He knew that when Kate was in danger, he would run to her rescue. He could tell her and himself several times that he didn't care, she was useful and that was the only reason. But, deep down, he knew, once again, that it was a lie.

Also, he couldn't help it. He could not push away. The more time he spent with her, the happier he was. Happiness. Something he hadn't felt in ten years. Contempt? Yes. Like when he had killed Kalen. Happiness? No.

He was happy when she smiled. He was happy when she ate or drank. He was happy (and relieved) when he had saved her from falling into the abyss. He had been extremely happy when she freed him from the witch. He was happy when her blood raced in him. He was happy when she revived his crow. He was happy when they had killed Da'ru together. He was relieved she hadn't gone too far in the Veil. That time, he had been afraid. For her life, for his friend.

All these moment where dear to him, but also to her. Although she was scared at first, she began to notice some of his actions were caring and how he changed with time. The way he treated his crow, the only friend in ten years, was… loving. The way he started treating her, not like a prisoner but someone who mattered.

And, finally, when they had parted ways, both knew that their destinies were forever intertwined. They knew, they would be seeing each some other time., somewhere else. So there was no need for long goodbyes.

That's how I explain why Silas and Kate never say goodbye. I have nothing else to say so, if you want, REVIEW!