I Tell a Tale

In the brink of melancholy and despair

Mother gave birth to a pair

A short moment of felicity went aglow

Only to be stomped on and given to the crow

The infant girl taken by hateful guards,

Her brother was left, his life in scattered shards

I tell a tale of these unfortunate siblings

And of the suffering, loss and a creature's stirrings

Deep, deep, far underground

Where light and warmth could not be found

All feelings were left to decay and melt

All emotions were left unfelt

Unknown to the world above,

Unknown to joy, disappointment and love

A lone girl bravely stood awaiting her fate

Singing imperviously as of the late

A song for the sun, a song for the rain,

A song seeking freedom and full of pain

To a large, terrifying, mythical beast

Who dines on humans, feast after feast

It was only she who can pacify his hunger

Through series of melodies to protect the world and prevent plunder

Underneath the blinding, cerulean sky,

Below birds that soar, flying high

Lies a place full of grief, anger and sorrow

In the edge of an artificial paradise, engulfed by shadow

A young man searched far and wide

Seeking a lost voice imprinted in his mind

His wish, seemingly unable to reach ecstasy

Becomes barely possible, wavers and suffering in agony

Not hesitating to get hurt and to lose his might,

He stands up, lifts his head and fights

With his hands, he has to make sure

That the voice, deep in his heart, stays pure

With the past history buried and forgotten,

And happiness and mirth regrettably trodden,

Determination to rescue her gives him strength

He will parry with the beast at any length

Brother and sister encounter light but it leads to darkness

Until everyone and everything reaches the state of stillness

He takes the life of the winged, muscled creature

And even destroys the artificial paradise and its nature

With gloom and hatred destroyed, abandoned and finally ignored,

Lives go back and return to what it was before

The only exception was the lack of depression

In its place was an abundance of jubilation

The wish had reached the everlasting paradise,

Elation, enlightenment, and enjoyment rise

Brother and sister are together once more,

To tell this tale, a continuous lore