There are quite a few time travel stories out there, but not quite enough of Teddy, in my opinion. So I decided to write one of my own! I hope you enjoy it!

Note: Minor revisions as of 16/1/2016.

Chapter 1: Of Teddy and Time Turners

The platform was bustling with activity, full of hooting owls and running children and chattering students with bulging trunks in tow. And of course, anxious parents checking over every last fine detail before sending their sons and daughters off to the train.

"Teddy, have you packed everything you need? Did you remember to bring a warm coat? All your books? Robes in your bag? Cauldron, wand, gloves, your new shoes…" A pretty red-haired woman was fussing over a young man with bright turquoise hair.

Teddy laughed and put up his hands in surrender. "Ginny, I'm not a first-year. I know perfectly well what I need to bring to Hogwarts. It'd be a sorry sight if I still didn't after six years. Come on, Gran nags less than you," he said, waving towards Andromeda who was standing at the side wearing an indulgent smile. As with every year, the Potters had come along with his grandmother to the station to send him off. This year in particular, he had spent the last week of summer with the family. For as long as his memories went, the Potters had always been like a second family, and their house at Grimmauld Place Teddy's second home. When he was not at the house that he lived in with his grandmother, he was there.

Ginny put her hands on her hips and mock-glared at him. "You always forget to bring something or another every year, so how can you expect me not to nag? I suppose we'll just have to send you whatever you missed out later, just like we have done for the past six years. I expect to return home and see a cauldron sitting on your bed."

"Or else it will be something tiny that we won't find for weeks," added Andromeda without missing a beat, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Do you have your Head Boy's badge, Teddy?" There was pride in her voice. Teddy had grown up to be a fine responsible young man like his father, with his mother's kind-heartedness and friendly nature. No one had doubted that the boy would get the Head Boy position this year, and they had thrown a big celebration the moment the badge came in the post with his letter.

"Gran, you're supposed to be on my side," he half-whined in protest. "Of course I do. I'm not that scatter-brained." Six pairs of eyes looked skeptically at him. Lily giggled. Teddy rolled his eyes. "It's in my bag with my school robes. Pinned onto one set. I just checked this morning."

"That aside, it may be a trifle inconvenient for us to post your stuff to you this year, Teddy. So if you actually did miss out something, now's a good time to remember," Harry interjected from where he had knelt down next to Ginny to adjust seven-year-old Lily's coat.

Ginny tensed, turning concern-filled eyes towards her husband. She whispered frantically to Harry. "Are you sure that this is a good idea? There are any number of things that may go wrong..."

He squeezed her hand lightly as he stood. "It'll be fine, Ginny. Trust me."

Andromeda looked confused for a moment but realization soon dawned. "Oh! So, the time has come."

"Wha…?" Teddy looked between the three adults in bemusement, but his curious inquiry was drowned by the sound of the train whistle. The Hogwarts Express was setting off soon.

"You better be on your way, then!" Harry said cheerfully. "Children, say goodbye to Teddy."

The three children clamoring for his attention instantly drew Teddy's attention away from Ginny's creased brows. Teddy tousled James and Albus' hair playfully and then squatted down to receive little Lily's tearful hug. Standing again, he shot another considering look at his godparents but their expression revealed nothing that he could read. Ginny gave him a small smile. Perhaps it wasn't anything too important.

Preoccupied with the adults, he failed to notice that Lily's attention had been drawn to something shiny in his coat pocket, not even when she curiously put a small hand inside and drew out a delicate gold chain. A tiny hourglass hung from it, the sand within the glass sparkling with magical light. "It's pretty..."

Teddy's gaze snapped towards the girl and the item in her hand, and with a jerk reached for it, alarmed. "Lily, don't touch that…"

Unfortunately, the exclamation had the opposite effect than was intended, making Lily jump guiltily. Teddy could only watch helplessly as the time turner slipped between her fingers, hitting the floor with a clang and shattering into tiny fragments. Magical sand, more than should be possibly contained in such a small item, rose from the broken hourglass to swirl around them.

Teddy instinctively put his arms protectively around Lily as the little girl buried her face in the front of his coat. A moment before his vision was blocked, he glanced frantically at his adopted family. He met his godfather's eyes and saw trust, understanding and a little bit of sadness.

What did it mean?

That was the last question that crossed Teddy's mind before they vanished completely into the golden swirl.

Back on the platform, there wasn't even a speck of sand left on the ground to show that the two children ever had been there.

Ginny looked over at Harry with some worry as the boys' gaped. "I really hope that you know what you're doing."

"They'll be fine," Harry answered confidently. "We saw proof of it ourselves many years ago, didn't we? Teddy will take good care of Lily, just like he always has. They'll be back before we know it."

"I just can't help but worry a little, though. Lily is only six, after all." Ginny sighed and then smiled. "But like you said, it was meant to be. I'm glad that Teddy is going to get this chance."

"Fate truly is an odd thing," Andromeda murmured, drawing the pair's attention back to her. Caught in the moment, they had momentarily forgotten her presence.

Harry turned to her. "You must have questions. I apologize for not mentioning this earlier. We owe you an explanation."

Andromeda shook her head, smiling. "I can already guess. You see, I met Teddy and Lily as well, a long time ago, so long that I had almost forgotten. Somehow they had been there, in a time even before the two of you had been born. I didn't really understand the emotions that I saw in that boy's eyes back then. How could he look so happy and sad at the same time, and why?" She tucked a lock of graying hair behind one ear, expression wistful as she reminisced on the past. "But I would like to hear your part of the story as well."

In lieu of a direct answer, Harry drew out a slip of paper from his coat pocket, handing it to her. "To tell the truth, our memories of the incident had been wiped. But a week ago I found this in Grimmauld Place, covered in wards and concealing charms that were set to break at a fixed time."

"Dear Me," Andromeda raised an eyebrow at that as she read aloud. "I'm sure that you have no recollection of a particular event that happened in 1995, involving a young Metamorphagus and little red-haired girl who called you Daddy. I personally made sure of that myself. However, I find it necessary to return your memories to you at this current date. You see, on 1 September 2014, Teddy Lupin and Lily Luna Potter will travel through time to the past. You can't do anything to change it, so I advise you to make preparations instead. May I suggest to pack some spare luggage for the two? I'm sure that they'll appreciate it. Don't worry, Lily is in good hands. Teddy is a responsible boy, as you must know. You'll have to fetch them back yourself, though. Sincerely yours, Harry James Potter."

Andromeda glanced up at Harry. "Knowing you, you've already verified that it is authentic and not a trap?"

Harry nodded as he accepted the letter back from her. "Of course, I had it screened by the Ministry first thing. This letter has gone through Auror Office, Handwriting Verification and Dark Artifacts. The result was completely clean. It isn't even a borderline case. They even told me that the wards protecting the letter has my wand signature all over it. Also, the moment I finished reading, all the memories from that time came back." He tapped his temple. "I was rather worried about a strong Confundus charm but those tests came out clean as well."

They walked off Platform 9 and ¾, being bombarded by questions from James and Albus. Putting a finger to his lips to quieten them for a moment, Harry switched on his cellphone and dialed a number.

"Hermione? Yes, they've gone. Do you have the new timeturner ready? Thanks, you're a great help. I'll be over to pick it up soon." Hanging up, he tucked the phone back into his pocket next to the letter.

"Dad, where are Teddy and Lily?" Albus asked, finally getting his father's attention.

Harry traded a look with Ginny over the boys' heads, lips curving into a smile full of nostalgia. "They've gone on an adventure," he told them, thinking about the tears and laughter of a boy living through experiences that he had never imagined he ever could. "Somewhere in time."