Noon on the Starship was met with the rattle of plates and cutlery, the soft slop of the can processed food as it passed from ladle to dish and the constant chatter of both men and women, Ensigns and Corporals. The one time of day you chat freely about what was going on in your own life and not have to listen to orders or worry about the upcoming mission.

Taz dropped her dark blue tray of food onto the table she'd picked, far away from anyone else and tucked into a corner but not so secluded that she couldn't watch the goings on. The small bowl of orange liquid sloshed around, several splodges splashed onto the table, the glass of water wobbled precariously and the papers she'd balanced onto the side of the tray tipped and splayed across the table. Sighing, she picked them up and took out a pen. Taz looked down at the little black and white spaces, wondering once more why they still had to do this by hand.

She looked up when another weight moved the table slightly, "So about this party…" the intruder began.

Taz threw down her pen and glared at the newcomer, "Dead God Carlos, for the last time, no!" The man in question had been pestering her all day, since waking up that morning the only thing she had heard about was this stupid party she was supposedly going to.

"Oh, go on Taz. These things aren't any fun without you" The other pouted pathetically, while Taz rolled her eyes.

"If by fun you mean my getting drunk and then deafening the crew with my wailing into the karaoke machine"

"You're actually pretty good" Carlos beamed over at her, Taz raised an eyebrow and shook her head.

"I'm sure if the last – what is it know? – 14 parties this year have survived without me, then this one can too" she said, swirling her spoon around the liquid in her bowl. "Besides they're all the same in the end. Someone will say something racist or sexual about me; I'll flare into a rage and try to kill them…" Taz spooned a small amount of the ginger substance, watching the mixture of carrot mixture and water create ripples from the contact.

Carlos continued for her, "Then I'll pull you over to the other side of the room and let you drink yourself silly, you'll either knock the block off someone who looks at you the wrong way and get cautioned by Cole for the hundredth time or you'll force me to take you home and not let me leave"

Taz snapped her gaze up from the soup to glare at him, "I'll agree to the first part, but I have not agreed to let you sleep anywhere near me"

Carlos folded his arms and leant across the table slightly, "And how would you know that, you're always blocked when you ask"

"I may have been drunk but I'm still aware of what I'm doing" she said matter-of-factually. Taz looked back down at the soup before glancing up at Carlos, his brow raised and a smirk on his face, "Most of the time" she shrugged as her companion rolled his eyes, "Anyway, they're all the same"

"Well this one's going to be different" he grinned folding his arms over his chest.

"How? Will I be allowed to murder people this time?" Taz smirked wryly.

"No" Taz sneered and picked up her glass of water, "Declan's going to ask Cara to marry him" Water spat from her mouth, spraying over the other's face. Carlos blinked and wiped the clear liquid from his face, "Thanks"

"Are you kidding me? ¿En serio?" Carlos nodded, Taz leant back in her seat in contemplation of this information. " Declan's actually manned up?" she mused to herself. Taz frowned slightly, "When did this happen?"

"During one of the many parties you enjoy missing out on" Carlos informed her, she nodded gently, "Most of the others have bets on that Cara's expecting" Taz' eyebrows shot up into her hair, eyes widening significantly, "A very drunken party that you also missed"

Taz exhaled slowly, "So he's just going to waltz up to her when she's drunk enough and say 'Will you marry me?' or what?"

Carlos smirked, "I dunno, he never said much but I think…"

"What are you pair of grannies nattering on about?" The pair jumped and whipped their heads around to see Declan walking between other tables towards them.

Taz glared at the taller man as he approached while Carlos chuckled nervously, "Nothing, not a single thing. Just talking, that's all" Taz rolled her eyes as Carlos spluttered. Declan merely nodded and took the seat beside Taz, she huffed and moved her paper work out of his reach. "Not that we were talking about your proposal to Cara or anything" Carlos yelped as the bulkier man reached over and whacked him over the head.

"Say it louder, I don't think she heard you" Taz smirked as Declan frowned over at her, she ignored him, "Seriously, I don't know how you're on the Intelligence team, you've got the brain of a gnat" Carlos stuck his tongue out childishly.

"Can't you keep quiet about anything?" Declan snapped irritably, peering over the top of his head, looking for Cara no doubt.

"Are you kidding, this is Carlos we're talking about" Declan stopped searching and smirked down at the Latina.

"I am right here!" Carlos interjected, glaring between the pair.

"We know," the boy pouted and turned back to his food. "And I thought you'd have told someone you trusted, instead of this idiota" Taz glanced over at Carlos as he mumbled something about his presence. "Even an Ensign could've kept it better than you"

"Kept what better than who?" the group jumped once more. Taz growled angrily at being snuck up on once more, "What are you guys talking about?" Taz reached over the table and pushed her apple into Carlos' open mouth as he tried to speak. He made a strangled noise and glared at her, "Hey Taz, nice to see you" Cara greeted, ignoring the exchange between the two, the smaller woman nodded in return. Being closer, Taz noticed that Cara's uniform was slightly tighter around her middle. She looked over at Carlos, who raised his eyebrows slightly. "So what are you guys talking about?"

There was a pause, a tense silence as each wracked their brain trying to come up with an excuse.

"Carlos fancies somebody" Declan exclaimed suddenly to the table.

The boy in question rounded on the older male, "What? No I don't, shut up Declan" Taz chuckled at his response and gladly returned to eating her cooling soup.

"Oh, sweetie that's old hat, everyone knows that" Cara patted him on the shoulder.

"What?" Carlos yelped, his voice rising an octave above its usual pitch as Taz nearly swallowed her spoon and Declan simultaneously asked 'You mean it's true?'

"You do know that you're surprise to this matter is leading me to believe this is not what you were discussing in the first place" The trio froze, Declan smiled helplessly at her whilst Taz looked down at her food biting her cheek and Carlos looked over at her panicked slightly, "But yes, he does" Cara turned to her food and the rest followed suite.

Taz glanced around the gathered group, "So, when did this happen?" she asked casually, Carlos glared up at her while Cara smiled knowingly.

"A while ago"

"More importantly, who?" Declan leered over at Carlos as he growled cantankerously at him, if looks could kill Declan may have been in threat of being incinerated where he sat.

"I'm not saying that," Carlos smiled at her gratefully, "But it is someone in this room" his smile fell as quickly as it appeared.

Declan looked over their heads and glanced around the canteen, "Someone in this room?" he muttered to himself, Taz also peeked around Cara's shoulder to search. "Poor girl" the other's moist breath tickled her ear as he chuckled, Taz smirked and folded up her paperwork.

Unseen by the pair Cara and Carlos exchanged a brief glance then both looked at the Latina who stared back. "What?" she asked sharply. The two shook their heads and went back to eating. Taz stared down at the bowl of orange liquid, which by now had gone cold and sighed, lifting tray she walked past the group and placed the tray through a port hole into the kitchen.

Declan ran up behind her, "Hey Taz," she looked up, "Erm, if you're finished I was wondering if you'd help me with the thing we were talking about"

Taz blinked, "What thing?"

Declan glanced around nervously, "You know the thing, with the thing" he tilted his head in the direction of their table, more specifically towards Cara who was talking quietly to Carlos.

Taz glanced from Cara to Declan several times before copping on, "…Oh, right. Yeah, the thing with the thing. I'll show you that now" Declan nodded and turned back to Cara muttering that he would be back soon, before walking out of the canteen with Taz following behind. They walked down the hall, turning into a dead end corridor, looking back over their shoulders in case anyone should be following. Declan turned to her, "Well she's never going to suspect anything else is going on now!"

"What?" the elder man yelled.

"Couldn't you have used anything other than the word 'thing'?" Taz put her hands on her hips, rolling her eyes at Declan.

"Well I didn't see you trying!" He replied sharply.

"You weren't giving me anything to work with!" The pair glared at each other. Taz broke their gaze and looked around, "So what do you want?"

"I can guess that you heard from Carlos about tonight with Cara and…" a nod from Taz, "I was kinda wondering if… You see I haven't really proposed to anyone before –"

"And you think I have?" she interrupted raising an eyebrow.

Declan grinned sarcastically, "No, it's just you're…" he paused and glanced at Taz hesitantly, "A girl." She blinked and he deemed it safe to continue, "And you would know more about other girls than I would"

Taz stood silent, watching him before answering, "First of all we are no longer dix años, so the term girls is out the window" he breathed out a sigh of relief, "Second why me?"

He rolled his eyes and leaned on the wall, "I couldn't exactly ask Cara now could I?" Taz sighed and leaned on the wall opposite. "And she gets a bit edgy if I'm around other women, she doesn't mind you, there was a reason but she said not to tell you" Taz raised an eyebrow, studying him carefully, "So, would you help?"

She breathed in slowly, peeking her head around the corner to check and sighed heavily as she turned back to face him. Taz stepped away from the wall and paced back and forth in front of Declan, "I guess, if you're gonna do this properly, you'd need to take her somewhere away from the chaos that is likely to ensue tonight," she glanced sideways as he frowned, "Women tend to get embarrassed easily, even if they don't show it" the elder of the two turned a light shade of pink, "Say nice things about her, like how she looks and why you like her and stuff like that" Taz shrugged slightly, Declan nodded "Don't try to be too obvious about what you're going to do but don't drag it out and make it sound scripted." Taz paused and looked around at her companion, who was watching her intently, "Lastly, it's overdone and terribly clichéd, but get down on one knee when you ask, some seem to like that"

"But not you?" he raised an eyebrow, Taz sniffed indignantly.

"No, as I said it's clichéd and too sappy. If anyone tried that with me I'd break their nose" Declan snorted, "You get the idea?" He nodded and muttered a thanks before walking down the corridor. Taz yelled after him to stop, Declan turned confused to face her, "What about the ring?" the boy blinked at her stupidly before a light flicked on inside his head and he delved into his pockets.

He produced a small, circular box, black leather covered the outside and thin, gold painted vines curved along the top and sides. Declan held it out to her and Taz carefully placed it in her own hand, opening the lid gently, a small smile curved onto her features when she saw the ring. The silver shone almost as bright as the small zirconia in its centre, it was simple, the finished metal curved around the stone and joined at the opposite side.

"It was passed from my great gran down my mum's side to the eldest" Taz glanced up at Declan as he spoke once more, she closed the box and returned it to his outstretched palm. "What do you think?" he asked, when she remained silent.

She coughed lightly, "Sí, es bastante. I'm sure she'll like it" Declan smiled brightly and Taz felt the edges of her mouth tug upwards.

"Thanks Taz"

His hand fell briefly onto her shoulder and she nodded back, "No problema" Declan turned away and led them back into the canteen. He sat back down beside Cara, who only smiled at his attempt of an excuse, Taz lifted her paper work from Carlos' hands and yanked him up "Come on you" she glared at him, dragging the man away by his ear.

"What did I do now?" he complained as she pulled him down the hall.

Taz stepped out from the small ensuite, her hair half dried by a towel, wearing grey sweats and a large white shirt she had stolen from Up as a joke and never gotten round to giving it back. The ground vibrated from the music playing several decks below, voices increased and faded as Rangers walked by and the occasional plinking of the ships computer system was almost drowned out by the louder noises from the bass drum beat. She flipped idly through the white sheets on her desk, scribbled notes and her signature and folded them neatly into a pile as her communications device bleeped. Taz picked it up and examined the message.

She sighed exasperatedly, "Oh, for dead-God's sake Carlos, stop texting me!" she yelled to the room at large.

A knock at the door, followed by a muffled question, "Did you get my text?" Taz glared at the door as she marched over and hit the pad next to it. The metal slid open and Carlos stood grinning on the other side, "You didn't text me back" He chuckled at the Latina's irked expression before taking in her attire, "You're not going in those are you?"

Taz looked down at the grey sweats and the too-big t-shirt and then back at Carlos, "I think I know how this is going to end up, but where do you think I'm going?"

"The party?" The elder asked, giving a hopeful smile.

"Wrong" Taz turned and the door began to close. Carlos held out his hand and it reopened, Taz looked back to glare at him.

"But it's New Year's; all the other junior ranks will be there" He complained loudly, attracting the attention of several Lieutenants who were wandering the corridors.

"Well I won't" she folded her arms over her chest, hoping to end this conversation.

The elder boy pouted slightly, "You said you were going"

"Sí, then I changed my mind" she turned back into her room, the door once again failed to shut as the other stuck his hand out.

"Why don't you come? We hardly ever see you since you became a Sergeant"

"That is a lie; you make me talk to you every time I try to eat. So I'll see you then, adios" Taz turned and the door slid shut. Or almost. A yelp of pain from the other side made her glance over her shoulder, a foot was stuck in between the door and the frame, "Carlos get your foot out from between there!" Taz yelled irritably.

"I can't, it's stuck. And it hurts" He called back, whiny and childish. She listened as he moaned in an exaggerated way, shaking her head and holding back a smile.

"You're an idiota you know that?"

"You frequently tell me" Taz chuckled lightly. There was a pause from the other side of the door as she moved away towards her desk, sitting on top of the table and placing her head against the wall. From this angle she could see Carlos attempting to release his foot, "If you open the door now my foot may be spared and we can still go to that party" he yelled through the open crack.

She remained silent, pretending to contemplate the offer "Nah, I'd rather listen to you suffer" Taz smirked as he groaned on his side of the door.

"If you don't open the door and stop being so anti-social, I shall sing" She almost snorted at the stupidity of his threat, Carlos wasn't the worst singer on the Starship but he wasn't the best either. "I mean it!" Silence on both sides as they both waited. The 'Sir, I wanna buy these shoes' Christmas song lyrics seeped through the opening, the tune was off and his notes were purposefully pitchy.

"Alright fine!" He fell silent, Taz heard him chuckle in triumph as she rummaged through her drawers and throwing on a navy long sleeved top, a pair of green trousers and her black boots. The door opened sharply and Carlos jumped backwards, holding onto his foot and hopping around on the other. Taz began walking down the hall in the direction of the music, "Hurry up, will you?" she called back whilst turning a corner. Each flight of stairs brought the music louder and closer, the steps of the Ranger deck ended and a door led the way into the civilian decks.

Despite having a bar up on their own deck most of the younger and lower ranking officers preferred the civilians' pub 'Port Fortune', there were obvious bonuses to the bar on the lower decks; it was larger and was able to house twice as many people, civilians and Rangers met for drinks or a chat whilst off-duty or during mess. The bar seemed out of place on the metal ship, old red bricks made up the walls, the floor was made of hard chestnut panels and wooden beams stretched across the whitewashed ceiling, the entire place was like something out of a book with its comfortable, red cushioned seats, stained glass separating tables for privacy, the bar itself was of a chocolate brown coloured finish with bottles and shot glasses lining the shelves, a karaoke machine resided on a heightened platform which Taz and most other Rangers avoided like the plague. And then there were the tenders – who were a friendly bunch of immigrants from varying countries, French, German and Irish were the mains but some days one would find a Russian working behind the bar, the workers enjoyed the Rangers company and hid a stash of 'hang-over' tablets in the back rooms, pilfered from the medical staff during an on board hen and stag night.

Altogether the pub was exactly what you'd expect it to be, the one flaw was that everybody knew about it and it was constantly filled with people, both Ranger, civilian or visitors from other worlds.

The loud beats bounced off the metal walls and made the floor beneath their feet shake, irked elders and parents congregated by neighbours doors, disproving the racket and shaking their heads as Taz and Carlos walked by.

"Why do they look at us as if it's our fault?" Taz growled irritably as a particular pair of elderly females frowned in their direction.

"When you get to their age, everything becomes a younger persons fault" he said matter-of-factually as they continued towards their destination, "Especially if that person comes from a higher authority" Carlos poked the League insignia sown onto her top.

The pair rounded a corner and found Declan shifting awkwardly from one foot to the other as he attempted to speak with Cara, a square lump stuck out of his back pocket. He glanced at the crowd gathered in surrounding corridors, Rangers smirked and jeered at their friend whilst civilians gathered to merely watch. Taz caught his gaze, both pleading and a little bit frightened.

Taz huffed and marched forwards, Carlos trailing behind her "Okay you bunch of cabrons, there's nothing to see here! Why don't you go away before my knife finds its way into your gut, eh?" Many chortled in her face but turned and left none-the-less, just in case. She pushed Carlos down the hall after the crowd, looking back over her shoulder as Declan held Cara's hand in his.

Balloons and streamers decorated the walls both inside and outside the bar, loud techno music blasted from inside and large crowds gathered around the entrance, chatting or smoking. Taz glared at the smokers as she walked past, Carlos heard her muttering about smoke pods being a waste of invention. The pair pushed through the gathered band of smokers and edged around several intoxicated couples against the walls, ducking as a dart was flung in their direction and Carlos yanked his companion away before she could start a fight with the equally annoyed players. Above the pounding noise of bass drums came the orders for beers, tonics and shots, and drinks were passed over people's heads to the back of the pub.

Taz found herself being pushed aside by a gaggle of drunken females, the hair still smelling of spray, eyelashes five times their normal size and skirts that rode so far up their legs they may as well have been wearing a belt instead. They circled Carlos, leaning towards him, their chests practically pressed against him. The man looked past one of them, waving for Taz' help. The Latina sighed and reached a hand between the heavily done-up women and pulled him through, there was a collective groan from the orange faced ladies as they walked away.

The pair found a seat near the wooden bar, their previous owners had either been a couple who had snuck off, or the drunk guy currently lying on the floor.

"Hey Taz, you gonna sing for us tonight?" She turned around to search for the voice, spotting several Rangers she had come across before waving over at her.

"Not tonight" Taz called back over the loud music, shaking her head.

The group pouted and frowned, "Aw but you always put on a show for us when you're here" One of the older lads called back.

"Sorry amigos, I don't perform for you" Taz smirked. She watched another member make a comment and the group burst into laughter, "What did you say, ese?" she asked sharply, Carlos turned from ordering drinks to watch, slightly anxious.

The elder boy spoke again, "My good friend here was just commenting on your friendship with our good Commander" He looked back at the group as they chortled and cheered at their inside joke, "You seem close" The boy winked over at her. Taz was instantly on her feet, knife in hand and a murderous look in her eye. The group instantly fell silent and backed away into their stall as she approached.

Carlos snatched her arm and pulled her back, "Just let them talk, they're idiots" Taz looked back at the group, who were now quickly finishing their rounds and leaving.

"I don't get why they can't leave it alone" she sighed and set the point of knife on the wooden bar, spinning it in circles and creating a hole, one of the bartenders glanced over but said nothing.

"You and the Commander are friends, I know" Taz looked up at Carlos when he spoke, "Sometimes others aren't that understanding" she snorted and picked up the drink that had been set in front of her, swirling the liquid around in its shot glass before downing it and another swiftly filled its place. Carlos let his index trace the circumference of his glass, "I mean the two of you are very close, you talk to each other all the time and watch movies together," Taz turned her head to watch him curiously, "Most days you're more cheerful after talking to him and you seem to be in a better mood when you're around him" Carlos smirked sadly, "I guess it's not surprising most people think you're…"

"Choose your next words carefully, hombre" Taz interrupted, he froze like a data-dog caught in a hovercar's headlamps.

"…such great friends and would never think you're anything but friends" He smiled hopefully towards her, taking her smirk as a good sigh he exhaled slowly. Carlos watched as the smaller woman chucked back several tequila shots, "So is this the part where you drink yourself into a stupor and make me carry you back to your room?"

Taz placed down the glass with unnecessary force and smiled over, "Sí" Carlos rolled his eyes and turned back to his rum and coke, wincing at the taste of lemon the 'tenders put in, "You could make my time sober more amusing though"

"How?" He asked, part of him was curious and the rest was more inclined to worry.

She rested her chin on one hand, staring him directly in the eye, "Tell me about this chica you fancy"

Taz smirked as he choked on his oxygen supply, "Can I have something stronger please?"

Up leaned against the metal wall of the smoker's station, nodding to various other ranks as they talked quietly across the room. He pulled out a rectangular, silver box, followed by a small roll of thin paper. Carefully he unrolled the paper and tore a section off, sticking the rest back in his pocket and turned to the little box. Inside was a brown substance, it looked a bit like mud or dirt found in a wood, the matter – one could argue – was a form of dirt, a weed rather. Placing a small amount on the edge of the torn paper, he rolled it up, forming a cylinder shape and took out a lighter, Up allowed the end to smoulder a little before taking a long drag and leaning his head onto the wall, watching the smoke pour from his mouth as he exhaled.

The metal plates vibrated gently against his skull, the occasional lyric was caught floating up from the base of the ship. He smirked softly, recalling the time he was considered young enough to join such parties.

The Commander watched quietly as several Rangers stubbed out their butts, walking out of the station and down the hall, still engrossed in conversation. The room was empty apart from himself. Sighing quietly he reflected on the meetings he had been forced to attend, robots didn't stop not even on New Year's Eve. Things on the robotic force front had been relatively uneventful, but the G.L.E.E wasn't taking any chances and were taking this as a calm before the storm, which Up had good reason to agree with.

A series of loud noises broke his train of thought and he turned his head towards the corridor the commotion seemed to have come from. Shrieks and chatters rebounded off the walls and a cry for help could be just about heard over the screams. Up frowned and was about to walk out and see what was causing such a racket, when a familiar face stumbled through the door of the station.

Taz lumbered inside, the noise escalated and diminished as the metal opened and closed. She appeared not to notice him and leaned against the wall, and slid to the floor with a bottle of tequila in hand and her head in the other. He smirked at the faint groan coming from her throat, "Enjoying yourself?" Up asked cheerfully, the look he received was not so cheery.

"Shut up, or I'll end you" she hissed angrily at him, turning away and placing her head in-between her knees.

"Happy New Year, to you too" Up replied. The pair sat in silence, Up watching Taz as he took another puff and the latter with her head down at the ground, muttering in her foreign tongue. "Party's bigger this year" The Commander broke the silence.

"Sí, it's mostly an engagement party" Taz looked up at the older man, who raised a greying eyebrow. "Declan proposed to Cara" she explained briefly, leaning her head against the cool metal wall.

"Declan and Cara?" Up frowned, trying to place the two names, "You mean, the kid we chased down the dumpster boy and his revenge buddy?"

Taz chuckled, a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth, "That's them" she muttered, her eyes closed, face pointed to the ceiling.

"Good for them" They fell into a silence once more. He brought the lighted paper back to his lips, continuing to watch his friend carefully as Taz took a swig out of the bottle, barely wincing as the liquid ran down her throat. The digital clock above the door turned to '0.00', at the same time a cheer reverberated from down in the civilian's deck and a droll metallic voice announced the new year.

"Feliz año neuvo, Up" Taz spoke, brown eyes catching his blue as they stared at her, a small smile played on her features.

"Ditto" Up returned the smile, "Maybe for your resolution you could give up the drink, it's not good for you" he put forward as she took another swig of orange liquid, choking slightly this time.

She wiped the excess alcohol from her mouth and smirked, "Says the man who smokes like his life depends on it"

Up chuckled, "Touché" he put the stub in the bin and folded his arms across his chest, "Alright, let's make a deal. I'll not smoke anymore, as long as you stay away from alcohol"

He watched as she contemplated the offer, "Sounds good to me" she nodded, taking a final nip of the remaining dribbles of tequila and standing up, her knees shaking slightly under the amount of drink she had probably consumed. Taz paused and then frowned at him, "What's the catch?" she asked accusingly.

"What makes you think there is one?" He put his hands in the air in defence, raising an eyebrow to her.

Taz tilted her head to the right, her own eyebrow raised in imitation, "It's you" she said bluntly.

Up chortled, "If one of us breaks we'll figure it out then" Taz nodded and left the discussion closed. She leaned against the wall as her knees threatened to give way, Up noticed this and questioned her, "So, how did you escape?" The Latina looked over at him, face a mixture of surprise and curiosity. "You don't expect me to believe you managed to find your way from 'Port Fortune' to the Ranger's smoke stations by yourself, did you?"

She snorted, "A load of chicas tackled him in the hall" He nodded slowly, "I'd guess most of them are drunk" Taz grinned over at him.

"Taz!" Up scolded, knowing she was only joking. The pair turned their heads at the sound of rushed footsteps heading towards them, "Speak of the devil. I wonder sometimes why he doesn't just leave you on the ground, you can be pretty mean to him when you want"

The door opened and he ran in, leaning against the metal and panting heavily. Taz ignored him and chose to respond instead, "Carlos, en serio? He's too much of a goody-two shoes to do something like that"

"I am not!" Taz chuckled and the Commander smirked lightly, whilst Carlos glared at her "And thanks for abandoning me back there" She stuck out her tongue childishly and chuckled when he returned the gesture. The younger man turned to Up, "Sorry to have her disturb you sir"

"Wasn't doing anything important son" He nodded politely to the information's officer, watching as he tried to drag Taz from the wall.

"Come on then Taz, we've gotta get you to bed before you try to hurt anyone"

She yanked her arms from his grip and sat on the floor, smiling as he rolled his eyes, "Like I'd do that, what kinda persona do you take me for ese?"

"An unreliable one" he muttered, heaving the woman to her feet and nearly dragging her out the door.

"Pero no estoy cansado" Taz whined irritably, going limp in the soldiers arms, huffing as he let go and let her fall to the ground once more.

"You say that and then you'll keel over and I have to drag you back" Carlos said, offering a hand to pull his friend up.

Taz glared at him, "Shut up, or I'll wrap you up in a tortilla and eat you, as a snack!" she threatened, the alcohol perhaps affecting her rational thoughts.

"With or without pico de gallo" Carlos raised an eyebrow, a smirk spreading across his face.

"I'll just use your blood for that"

He shook his head, "Sure, whatever Taz" Carlos picked her up around the waist and slung the light girl over his shoulder. "Goodnight Commander" he called back, ignoring the indignant yells and fists pummelling his lower back as he walked down the corridor.

Up smiled softly, "Goodnight Carlos, Taz" he called after them. The room was empty once more, the soft vibrations still trembled and words travelled up through the floors, Spanish curses were muffled by the door.

The Commander sat on a silver bench and sighed, wandering just what this new year would bring.

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