Edward Cullen. The subject of my fantasy since sophomore year when the bike riding, basket ball playing bad boy moved into the lives of the Fork's people.

He moved with his family from Chicago to Forks. Rumours had it that the Cullen's moved here to better Edward's life but apparently moving the city boy to a small town didn't make much difference. Actually everyone wanted approval from Edward and from the things I have witnessed this crazy town probably didn't do much good.

Edward was the 'dumb' jock which every girl wanted and every guy wanted to be. After he moved here Mike Newton decided he would be extremely 'cool' and copy Edward Cullen's hairstyle. In fact it looked terrible since he used too many hair products so it ended up looking like an extremely bad hair day with his hair looking like a greasy mess instead of soft and sexy sex hair. However Mike thought it was cool and for six months he tried copied Edward's hair until Jessica Stanley, Mike's girlfriend, had a big show down with him in the hall way and told him how much of a douche he really looked.


"Er, yes sir?" Shit! I got distracted like I did every Biology lesson since 'Mr I'm so hot and cool Cullen' sat right next to me.

"What the answer to the question?" I looked up at the bored and quickly scanned the question.

"Mitosis sir."

"Correct..." Mr Banner then proceeded to go on about the process of Mitosis and Meiosis.

Edward sat next to me in every of our science class and since both of us took all three sciences'. It was only in our science lessons when he would let go of his bad boy demeanour and focus on actually learning, maybe that was because all of his so called 'friends' were too brainless to actually study science.

By his 'friends' I mean all the boys who want to be him and all the sluts that want to fuck him.

In every end of topic test Edward always got full marks but to his 'friends' he would tell them that he got a 'D'. It was confusing and I didn't get why he needed approval so bad.

The end of class bell rung and I trudged off to lunch. Placing myself in my usual seat at the left corner of the cafeteria which was hidden by a pillar I took a look around while munching on the cinnamon chip muffin that I made last night.

The girls who I have no other way of describing but as sluts fitted on one table eating their tiny portions of dead salad at the centre of the cafeteria. Next to them were the jocks who had joined five tables together so all of them could fit, their plates were overflowing with the disgusting food which looked like mashed up pizza. On the other side of the sluts were the less popular girls and boys, they are the people who aren't that fake but who aren't total 'nerds' either. Dotted around the rest of the cafeteria were the rest of Forks High, those were the people who found themselves in little groups not caring what other thought about them. They were all happy with who they are. Finally at the back centre of the cafeteria were the ones who run the school. Edward Cullen sat there along with my brother, Emmett Swan, his sister, Alice Cullen, Alice's boyfriend, Jasper Hale, and Jasper's twin Rosalie Hale who is also dating Emmett.

Emmett is a year older than me but we are in the same year since the teachers and my parents joined together and decided I could skip freshman year of high school and go straight on to sophomore year since I was 'smart' enough. I wasn't naturally clever, no, I just always had my head stuck in my books so I could get out of this town and be my own person. If I wasn't the police chief's daughter and Emmett's sister I probably would have been that girl who gets her books dropped, who gets nasty stuff put in her locker and the girl who's called names because of the way she dresses and acts.

Actually my dress sense isn't bad as such. Today I'm wearing a simple pair of light blue skinny jeans with a flowy long red tank top, since it was a surprisingly warm day. I wasn't the type to wear belly tops or booty shorts like some...

Rosalie is the queen bitch of the school but a sweetheart to her true friends, well whenever she's around at my house, since she's dating Emmett, she's always nice but at school she doesn't bother to turn my way, not that I really care anyway. Rosalie looks more like a runway model than a high school student with her long straight blonde hair, ice blue eyes, a figure to die for and legs that go on for miles.

Jasper is a complete polar opposite of Rosalie. He's calm and pleasant to about every single person. We have history together and in the hall ways he sometimes makes small talk with me. He also is a model like creature with that same colour eyes and hair as Rosalie and a lean and well built body.

Alice is a very sweet and bubbly girl, she's always happy and everyone seems to love her. When she first started here in Forks High I thought she was always high off Ecstasy or something but I quickly learned it was just her crazy personality.

A former member of that little group was Jacob Black my best friend. He unlike Emmett stuck by me in my awkward years which let me to be the quite shy girl who sat in the corner while he became the popular cool guy. Jake was now in Seattle for his first year at college. Jake was probably another reason why people didn't pick on me in school. Jake lived in La Push a reservation not far from Forks but I begged him to come to school in Forks, he was reluctant at first because of his girlfriend who went to La Push School but I won him over.

Leah Clearwater, Jake's girlfriend also went to Seattle for college, her and Jake were practically inseparable.

Due to my thoughts running away I hadn't seen someone approach who was now waving their hand in front of my face. I flinched when I saw Mike with a cocky smirk on his face which just got bigger when he saw my reaction.

Mike and I had some not so pleasant history and he loved to taunt me about it.

I leaned back in my chair hoping to catch Emmett eyes unfortunately he was turned the other way but probably felt someone staring at the back of his head turned around to face me. I finally caught his eye and nodded my head toward Mike who had his yapper open probably saying some disgusting things.

Emmett instantly stood up and walked our way. Mike sensing my distraction turned around to see Emmett with a menacing scowl on his face and I swear I saw Mike shiver a little.

As soon as Emmett reached the table Mike had fled out of the cafeteria.

"Thanks Em." I whispered timidly to which he did a slight nod and turned away.

Emmett was always there for me but he always blamed me for what happened...

AN: Hey guys, so I need a bit of help, I have no idea how the American school timetables work so if anyone could help me out a little that would be great, like how many periods there are? How long classes are for? What time lunch is? Do you get a break or is lunch the only break? I will be really grateful.

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