June 10, 1990
10:00 AM PDT
Trilogy Universe (EmmettMcFly55)

Verne Brown swallowed nervously, as he looked at his brother. He could see the sheer intensity of the fight their counterparts had gotten into had baffled Jules, too - and he began to worry whether they would ever have such a fight themselves. Certainly, the boys had their fair share of disagreements, but he had never imagined such an intense fight could happen between them.

As he looked up, he saw the local versions of his parents return to the room. Both were frowning, and they sat down without saying anything. Verne guessed the fight was burdening them as well.

"So" Visiting Clara asked. "How did it go?"

"Bad" Local Doc replied, sighing. "Verne's back in his room, and Jules is, too - although I've left them both some coffee cake. I just wish there was a way we could reconcile the two of them."

"Indeed" Visiting Doc said. "Not only can I imagine you must be very unhappy seeing your sons bicker like that - there's also the issue that we need to repair the time machine, and all help is welcome there."

"That's right" Local Clara said. "Perhaps, as a start towards reconciliation, we could give them what they wish - the right to sleep with their counterparts." She looked at Visiting Jules and Verne. "If you would agree to that, of course."

"Well," Visiting Jules began, as he stared at his parents and their counterparts. "I know the other me is more than a little annoyed right now - and frankly, I wouldn't really like having to put up with that. Still, in principle, if it's necessary to get them to talk to each other again - then yeah, I'm okay with the other me sleeping with me. It's not even my room, after all - since it's your house."

"Yeah, Jules is right" Visiting Verne chimed in. He, too, felt somewhat nervous about having to sleep with a constantly complaining version of himself, but he hoped that without his brother's counterpart, they could talk about their lives, and hopefully get Local Verne's mind off the whole fight. He looked up at his parents' counterparts. "If the other me wants to sleep with me, I have no objections to that."

Local Doc smiled. "That's good to hear" he said. "I hope that we can resolve this situation as soon as possible. You're probably going to be stuck here for a while, and in the meantime, we'll all have to get along."

"Speaking of which," Visiting Doc asked, "what do you propose we should do about the time machine repairs today? I think that we should spend some more time analyzing the problem, and perhaps start on the first repairs tomorrow. After all, it is Sunday today."

"Yes, that's right" Local Doc said. "Clara never wants me to work in the lab on Sundays, and I can see where she's coming from. Besides the obvious, there's also the fact that I have the tendency to work on a project for too long, sometimes."

"You certainly do" Local Clara replied. "I've lost count trying to track all the nights you spend in the lab working on your inventions and forgetting what time of day it is."

As Local Doc blushed, Visiting Marty decided to interrupt. "To summarize, does that mean that we can choose for ourselves how to spend our time today?" he asked. "Within the confinements of this house, I mean."

"Mostly, yes" Visiting Doc said. "We'll call you if we need your assistance, but in principle, you should be free to spend your time the way you want it. You can't leave the house, though. After all, we don't know this world, and the last thing we want is for somebody to see there's two of anyone of us."

"Well, I'm interested in watching the rest of Teens In Time," Visiting Verne suggested, eagerly. "And then, perhaps, you guys are curious to see the Mind Warped trilogy."

"Maybe just watch the rest of Teens in Time, today," Visiting Doc replied. "And then, tomorrow, we could probably watch the Mind Warped trilogy."

"I suppose that's fine," Local Doc replied, quietly. "I have to admit, I'm also curious to see what Mind Warped is like. Although, I sure don't want you guys in front of the TV all the time. Still, I understand how you folks must feel - being stuck here, and all."

"Well, it really could be worse," Visiting Marty replied, with a small smile. Turning to his counterpart, he added, "Why don't we compare our music with each other?"

"That's a nice idea," Local Marty agreed. "It's quite amazing to of how our band mates look alike, but have different names. Such as how Henry Johnson in our world is really Zach Nelson in your world. In fact, I do have to say that this is almost a little scary."

"I heard one of your songs, last night," Visiting Marty explained, "on the radio. I really felt astonished, when I realize that it was a song that our band had never recorded."

"KKHV, right?" Local Marty replied, flashing a lopsided smile. "So far, it is the only radio station that plays our music - but it is still simply cool to hear one of our songs next to, say, a Led Zeppelin song. Although, they probably never heard of our band."

"True that," Visiting Marty agreed, nodding. "Yeah, it's cool for KKHV to be playing our music. One day, I would love to be able to meet Huey Lewis. I'm such a fan of him."

"Same here," Local Marty replied. "Granted, they might not be as big as Led Zeppelin - but he's still awesome. I think The Power of Love will always be my favourite song. It'll never reach Stairway to Heaven status - but that song is a bit overrated, anyway."

"Not my favourite Led Zeppelin song, either," Visiting Marty agreed. "I do understand why it's a popular song, but... Well, I guess I just prefer other Led Zeppelin songs."

"Right," Local Marty replied, nodding. "So, anyway, I'm looking real forward to hearing your music. I still can't believe that your birthday really isn't for another ten days."

"Well, with all the time travelling that I've done," Visiting Marty explained, "I might as well already be 22 years old. But, yeah, being born on different dates does feel..."

"Hey, think of how we're feeling," Visiting Verne interjected, as he could not stop thinking about the fight between the counterparts of him and his brother. "I still really feel shaken up by... by... Well, you know. I can't believe that our counterparts..."

"Yeah, really," Visiting Jules agreed, nodding. "Actually, to be honest, I almost cannot stand my counterpart. Even last night, he was... Well, he quite seemed a bit cocky."

"Well, our Jules can be that way," Local Doc explained, sighing. "We're trying to work on that, with him. That attitude can be a real turn-off to other people, and may even be part of why he... he doesn't really have any friends. I'm quite concerned for him."

"I might not be the most popular kid in my school," Visiting Jules commented, "but I do have a few very close friends. I can be very cocky, too, at times - but I try to control my attitude. After all, I was trained to follow the golden rule. I do work to treat other people the same way as I'd like them to treat me, and I extend that towards Verne."

"That's a good idea," Local Clara replied, nodding. "We've taught our children that, as well - but we probably don't emphasize that, as much as we should. I guess we simply should start telling them that, more often. I dislike it, as well, when our boys fight."

"In the meantime, though," Local Doc added, "I quite think you boys should just try to relax. I sure understand how the fight was unpleasant for you to see, but... I'm quite certain that they won't stay mad at each other, for long. After all, they're brothers."

"My counterpart is absolutely right," Visiting Doc agreed. "After breakfast, I think you should watch the rest of Teens in Time. That should quite help you relax, a little - and get your mind off the fight. Don't stress about this, anymore - okay? It'll all be fine."

"I sure hope so, Dad," Visiting Verne replied. He then glanced over at his brother, and whispered, "I really love you, Jules. I sure hope we don't ever have a fight like that."

"I certainly hope not, either," Visiting Jules whispered back. "I really love you, too."

Visiting Verne smiled, as he finished the rest of his breakfast in silence. He was looking forward to seeing the rest of Teens in Time, and he hoped that seeing the films simply would help to calm his nerves. He hoped that he would not have to dread bedtime.


Within five hours, everyone (save for the local versions of Jules and Verne) watched the sequels of Teens in Time. Visiting Jennifer was on the couch, as she was cuddling with her version of Marty - while their counterparts, who quite occupied on the other side of the couch, were doing the same. The stereo was tuned to KKHV 104.1 FM.

"So, Visiting Marty," Local Marty asked, as he turned to his counterpart. "What do you think of the films? I remember that you mentioned simply feeling a little uneasy with by how Todd's girlfriend resembles your mother - but, uh, what did you think of Mallory?"

"Mallory was quite cool," Visiting Marty replied. "It's amazing how Brent met his wife in the future, while Doc met his wife in the past. I would just hate to live in that future."

"Yeah, same here," Visiting Jennifer replied, shuddering. "I guess it's not really as bad as George Orwell's 1984, or even the Biffhorrific world - but, still, it simply seemed like not a world that I would like to live in. I'm so glad they they were able to change it."

"Well, it's nowhere stated as a fact that the future will be changed" Local Jennifer pointed out. "Still, I get what you mean. The last scenes of the film certainly hint towards that."

"They do" Local Marty agreed. "Although I always thought life didn't seem to be that bad for Mallory - and not for Brent and Todd either, while they were living in the 2080s. Of course, there was a lot of cool technology around - and the other films had some dark points, too."

"Yeah, some parts of Part II creeped me out" Visiting Jennifer said, with a shudder. "Such as that scene during Indian Times, when that one Indian warrior almost killed Brent and Todd. What idiot gets the insane idea to go back that far anyway?"

"Well, Bart Winfred did" Local Jennifer said. "He had his reasons, though. With Brent and Todd chasing him through time, he decided to go to a more dangerous era so that he could shake them off much easier. Of course, it almost got him killed, too."

"Yeah, you're probably right" Visiting Marty said. "What did you think of the movies, Jules? Verne?"

"I thought they were all right" Visiting Jules replied. "I thought the scene in Part III where they are trying to get home was very cool. Kind of like the way you and Dad had to use that train to push up the DeLorean to get home, back in 1885."

"Yeah, it was quite similar" Local Marty admitted. "Still, there weren't any trains involved here - and of course, it wasn't a DeLorean that had to accelerate. And Brent ended up making it to 1985 with Mallory... after quite some persuasion."

"And they had to take Bart Winfred along with them" Local Jennifer pointed out. "That was pretty much the most important change. After all, Clara showed up at the train without much of a clue what this was all about - but at least she wasn't dead-set against coming along. Bart Winfred was actively trying to stay behind. With government aid, no less."

"All right, point taken" Visiting Jules said, chuckling. "I guess the situations were quite different, after all. What did you think, Verne?"

"They were cool" Visiting Verne said, smiling. "I really liked those cool futuristic gadgets they came up with. But to be honest, I've got to confess that I like the Mind Warped Trilogy better."

"That's all right" Local Marty said. "It's not like we made the movies, after all - so far be it from me to be insulted. I have to say that they are some of my favourites, though."

"So..." Visiting Jennifer said, looking at her counterpart's husband. "What's next on the agenda?"

"I don't know" Local Marty confessed, turning off the television and the VCR. "There must be a lot of stuff you'd like to do or see that we wouldn't regard as cool, seeing that we're used to it. Have you got any ideas?"

"Well, I'd like to see the game" Visiting Marty said. "I really enjoy playing video games - and even if this one's different, I'm sure that it would be interesting to play. Especially considering the fact that it's about us."

"All right, that's okay with me" Local Marty replied. "What do you think, Jules and Verne?"

"I'm not sure how much fun it would be to watch someone play a game" Visiting Jules said, shrugging. "Of course, learning more about it could be cool - especially it's a bit movie-like, like you said. Still, I'd like to check up on, uh, my Dads first... to see how they're doing with the time machine repair planning."

"That's all right, Jules" Local Jennifer said. "In the meantime, I'll check upon your mother and see if dinner is going to be ready anytime soon. Do you know where to go, or should I show you?"

"I think I can figure it out on my own" Visiting Jules said. "Are you coming too, Verne?"

"Yeah, I might as well," Visiting Verne replied. "No offence, but I really am starting to get homesick. Plus, that whole blow-up between our counterparts makes me feel..."

"No offence taken," Local Jennifer replied, softly. "I quite understand. They do fight, quite a bit - but I certainly was shocked by just how intense it had gotten, this time."

"Yeah, and I do feel very anxious about sleeping with my counterpart," Visiting Jules commented, in a near whisper. He glanced around the room, before adding. "C'mon, Verne, I suppose we'd better get going. I sure do hope we can still go to Jamaica."

Visiting Jennifer swallowed, as she watched the boys leave the room. She really could sympathize with them. After all, witnessing the heated argument had felt bad enough for her. She figured that it would simply feel even worse to know that one of the people involved in the fight actually happened to be an alternate version of yourself.

"And I'll check up on the Claras," Local Jennifer commented, softly. "Local Marty, how about you show our counterparts where we keep the games? In fact, you could even get Episode One set up - and show them the ropes to how the game gets played?"

"Oh, sure thing," Local Marty replied, nodding. He then turned to his counterpart and Visiting Jennifer, and added, "C'mon, you two. Let's get going. It'll be a lot of fun."

Visiting Jennifer and her boyfriend nodded, as they followed Local Marty. Granted, it was rather unsettling to have a game series based on them- but she also really was curious. After all, she knew about the trilogy - so this might not be so different.


Shortly after nine o'clock, both versions of Marty and Jennifer - along with the visiting versions of Jules and Verne - have actually finished playing the first three episodes of Back to the Future: The Game. Local Jennifer smiled, as she glanced at the visitors. It was evident that they were quite enthralled with the story, and wanted to see more.

"Could we put the next episode on, now?" Visiting Verne asked, eagerly. "I can't quite believe that Edna Strickland had created such a terrible Hill Valley. I mean, I know she isn't not exactly a nice person - but... And I still don't get how Dad could marry her."

"That is a bit surprising," Visiting Marty agreed, nodding. "That being said, though - it's not our universe. Or theirs either, for that matter. And your dad is older."

"Edna doesn't even exist in our universe," Local Jennifer pointed out, shuddering. "I'm glad that she doesn't. I mean, dealing with Mr. Strickland was bad enough. Come to think of it, I don't really know his family - but I'm sure not aware of him having a..."

"... a sister named Edna?" Local Marty finished. His girlfriend nodded. "Yeah, I'm quite certain that she doesn't exist - unless she lives outside of Hill Valley. Also, I sure have noticed Doc being older. In both of our universes, he really was born in 1920 - even if they have different birthdays. He really looked a lot older than eleven, in the game."

"Well, he's supposed to be seventeen or eighteen," Local Jennifer explained. "I guess he's supposed to be the same age as you, from the films. I really don't think our Doc's father was quite that bad, though. I do wonder what Doc was like, at seventeen."

"Actually, I know," Visiting Marty explained. "I had visited him, once, for a week. It was in early 1938. He didn't quite have that many friends, mostly just his cousins. I also found out that Needles grandfather, Howard, was actually his chief tormentor."

"Boy, that's not good," Local Jennifer replied, as she felt sympathy for Visiting Doc. "I often did wonder about Needles' family, if his parents were as bad as him, and such."

"Well, he was never quite as bad as the Tannens," Local Marty pointed out. "He really was a major asshole, but... So, what about Edna Strickland? How old would she be?"

"I think she was about the same age as my Grandaunt Alice," Visiting Marty explained. "Apparently, she dated my Grandpa Arthur - and it ended badly, somehow. I really do not know the specifics, but... Well, once, she ranted at me that I was... just like him."

"That sounds horrible" Local Marty said, grimacing. He then frowned. "Uh... what was that about your grandaunt Alice?"

"Edna was about the same age she was" Visiting Marty responded. "Why? What about it?"

Local Marty shook his head. "I don't have a grandaunt named Alice. Grandpa Arthur only had one sister and she was named Elizabeth. She was about three years older than him."

"I'm not sure when Grandaunt Alice was born, but that sounds similar to me" Visiting Marty said, surprised. "Did your Grandaunt have children?"

"Yeah, she did" Local Marty said. "Two of them. They're about ten years older than Dad, though, and they don't live in Hill Valley - so we don't keep in touch. But I know they exist. What about your Grandaunt Alice?"

"I don't believe she ever had children," Visiting Marty said, "although she married a Todd Workman. But I never really knew her all that well, either. Anyway, we were talking about the game."

"Oh yeah, that's right" Visiting Jennifer said. "I thought that alternate universe they set up in the last episode was very dystopian. Not only was Hill Valley turned into a dictatorship, but also were Jules and Verne never born - and Clara died in the ravine, I presume."

"That's a bit of a spoiler for Episode 4, since it's mentioned there, but yeah, she did" Local Jennifer said. "Doc, uh, Citizen Brown says the Ravine is called Clayton when he's talking to Marty."

Visiting Verne shuddered. "I can't believe there are realities where I was never born. I know I exist because of time travel, but the mere thought that such universes exist... it's creepy."

"Yeah, you're right" Visiting Jules said. "Although it's annoying as well, to an extent because I was hoping we'd get a chance to see our counterparts from the universe of the Game, and now we can't even do that anymore since they don't exist."

"Well, I suppose that's going to be repaired in Episode 4" Visiting Verne pointed out. Suddenly, nervous, he added: "It is going to be fixed, isn't it?"

"More or less, yeah" Local Marty said, smiling faintly. "Although in real life, your lives wouldn't be erased that easy - not the way it's shown in this game, at least. I still remember when Doc and I went to 1920 for that one mission to fix the past, and he told me that in the alternate 2016, he had apparently never invented a time machine - and yet, pictures and objects related to his presence in 1885 were as solid as ever."

"The alternate 2016?" Visiting Jennifer repeated. "I don't recall you mentioning any of that."

"Well, I can't mention everything at once" Local Marty replied. "It was all part of that first trip together after the hectic weekend in October of 1985 - well, for me it was actually part of that weekend, since Doc picked me up while we were on the verge of going back to 1985. Doc - younger Doc, that is - never found out about that, though."

"That sounds interesting" Visiting Marty said. "You'll have to tell me more about it. Did you encounter Grandpa Arthur then, too?"

"I'm afraid not" Local Marty said. "I would have wanted to, but it was certainly no pleasure trip, and we didn't have the time. Clara and the boys were also in danger at that point."

"That's very interesting indeed," Visiting Verne pressed on, "but aren't we going to play the fourth episode now? I can't wait to see what happens next."

The Marty's and Jennifer's exchanged glances. "I don't know" Local Jennifer said. "It is getting kind of late, after all."

"Yeah, it's probably about time for us to head to bed," Local Marty agreed. "Tomorrow is a Monday, and... Well, it's really a good thing that school is out - for the summer."

"Oh, dear," Visiting Verne muttered, as he and Visiting Jules glanced at each other. "It makes me feel... Knowing how our local counterparts have been, all day - I'm sure not looking forward to sleeping with the other me. What if he ends up snapping at me?"

"I do feel the same way," Visiting Jules agreed, nodding. "He even got real short with me, when we were at the breakfast table. I just feel afraid to... to be around him."

"I do understand how you boys feel," Local Jennifer replied, sympathetically. "They've been in their room, all day - so, perhaps, they've really been able to cool down. In the meantime, though, I wouldn't discuss the fight with them. I would simply let them be."

"You're probably right, Local Jenn," Visiting Verne replied, softly. "My counterpart and I seem to have the same taste in music, at least - so, maybe, we could just talk about that. Or even just have the radio on - but not play it at a loud volume, of course."

"And my counterpart and I could discuss science," Visiting Jules suggested. "I'd love to see some of his science projects. Perhaps, we could bounce ideas off of each other."

"Now, that's the spirit!" Local Marty exclaimed, encouragingly. "It's probably best that you guys just try to get some sleep, though. Anyway, Jenn and I gonna hit the hay."

"And we'll do the same," Visiting Marty added, as he placed his arm around his version of Jennifer. "I hope you feel have a good rest, and that there isn't so much tension."

"I really hope so," Visiting Verne agreed, as he and his brother turned to leave. "Have a good night, everyone."

"Good night!" Visiting Jules called out, just as he and his brother left the room.

"Thank you for showing us the game," Visiting Marty commented, smiling. "It's really a shame that we ended on such a cliffhanger, but I guess these games are quite long."

"I've never seen a video game like that, before," Visiting Marty added, impressed. "I'm simply impressed by how advanced it was. It's really a shame that we never saw Doc's family, though. However, I'm certainly glad that Doc and Edna didn't have children."

"Yeah, I'd certainly hate to imagine what kind of mother Edna would be," Local Marty replied, shuddering. "In a way, she actually seems to be worse than Mr. Strickland."

"Can't argue with that," Visiting Marty agreed, nodding. "Well, as much as I can hardly wait to see the last two episodes, I am pretty tired. Have a good night, you two."

Local Jennifer smiled, as she watched the visiting versions of herself and Marty leave the room. It was obvious that they were just as much in love with each other, as she was with her version of Marty. At least, some things have rather stayed the same.

"C'mon, Jenn," Local Marty prodded, as he placed his arm around his wife. "Let's head to bed. I hope that Jules and Verne will be content to sleep with their counterparts."

Local Jennifer nodded, as the couple walked out of the room. All in all, it was not quite a bad day - although she did feel concern for the elder two Brown children. She simply did not have too much experience with sibling rivalry, being as she was an only child.