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If Only You Knew

Written by Fenikkusu

Chapter 4: Sanare (To Heal)

Once Vincent wrapped his mind around the possibility of other Elementals, he jogged to catch up to Amun. He flushed at the smirk sitting upon the tanned one's face. Vincent's reaction wasn't that farfetched… Even though Elementals weren't outlawed anymore, that didn't mean that their rarity changed overnight. To be completely honest, Vincent had no clue what these new laws entailed. Who knew that everything could change within a few months? The newest Slytherin shook his head to clear it again. And how the hell does this Amun guy know so much?

"You are most likely wondering how I know so much," Amun commented as he caught sight of Vincent in his peripheral vision. "Keiichi was my Magister in mastering my Element."

That made Vincent stop in his tracks and clutch at the silver cartouche lying flat against his chest. The amulet was hidden behind layers upon layers of clothing, protected from the scathing eyes of Hogwarts. "You… you know Keiichi?" Vincent said incredulously.

Amun didn't bother waiting for Vincent. "Why, yes. He's my uncle."

Vincent stayed rooted in place. In my four years with him, he never mentioned any family…

"Keiichi… he doesn't talk about Akefia or me often," Amun continued. He paused at the end of the hallway in front of the Defense Against the Dark Arts door. "We try our best to live under the radar; the less is known of us, the better." The Egyptian inclined his head to Vincent with an elegant eyebrow raised. "You would know, no?"

"How about you, Keiichi? Were you ever famous?" Harry asked. "You're really powerful and know a lot about magic, but I've never heard of you before."

Silence overcame them in the few moments before Harry received a response. "I have… I have been attempting to, as you say it now, 'live under the radar.' I was once famous, quite some time ago. I have no desire for that anymore."

Again, Vincent was caught off guard. How much does he know? Vincent regarded the other with a critical eye but otherwise gave no suspicious movement. Amun didn't seem to react to anything. "I guess we Elementals need to stick together," Vincent continued carefully as he, once again, caught up with the Egyptian student. As he made a move to open the door, an arm was thrust across his path. Questioning hazel eyes stared at Amun.

"Wand out, Evans."

Vincent took a step back at how low the other's voice had become. It was one of those voices that could put you in your place without any help. A glance at the other's eyes showed Vincent a hidden fire that wasn't so visible earlier. Come to think of it, Keiichi had that tone of voice and look in his eyes whenever Vincent did something dangerous. Wait, aren't their eyes the same color? Vincent wondered idly as he grabbed his wand from his holster.

"I do not trust this man," Amun continued with a hiss. He tossed his head around, appearing to look for something. "Evans, did Keiichi teach you how to read others' magical signatures, yet?"

Vincent shook his head. "He told me it was too difficult due to the influence of the Shadows."

Amun hummed. "Very well. I would like you to observe the following, then." He raised his black wand and pointed it at the door. "Occulta magicae revelio! (I reveal the hidden magic!)" Dark purple runes exploded from the tip of his wand and scattered across the expanse of the door. They curled about themselves and created some kind of circular pattern. "As expected. If we had touched the door without checking it for curses, a tracking spell would have been placed upon us. This is a minor curse, yes, but still a hindrance. Akefia has already gone to alert the Headmaster."

"Snape? What can he do about this? He assigned them here in the first place," Vincent scoffed.

A glare from Amun immediately shut Vincent up. "Headmaster Snape, Evans. From the way you jumped to that conclusion, one would normally take you for a Gryffindor." Vincent couldn't help but wince at that. What was odd was that the usual house-bred malice was absent from the Egyptian's voice. "How do you know that the Headmaster had any input in the assignment of these Death Eaters? I highly doubt you do. Now, do you know the counter or not?"

"If a finite incantatem doesn't work, then no."

"Very well." Amun pointed his wand at the door once more. "Maledictum amoveo. (I remove the curse.)" The same runes from earlier, at a lesser intensity, once again collided with the door. A sound similar to cracking glass echoed through the empty hallway. The door itself didn't change, but the aura around it felt different. "Perhaps you're not as hopeless as Akefia deems you to be, judging by your reaction," the other student commented as he kicked the door now. "Keep on your guard, Evans."

Both boys muttered a lumos before tiptoeing into the classroom. There was something… unnatural about this darkness, a fact that both Amun and Vincent realized. They were about halfway into the room when the door slammed shut behind them. Vincent jumped, but Amun stood his ground. The latter held out his left hand, palm pointed upwards.

"Tu erigo (I summon you), Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress!" Amun chanted.

Shadows immediately bubbled in the center of his palm before dripping to the floor. They gathered at the teen's feet like some kind of viscous material. Slowly but surely it gathered to form a dragon large enough for two people to ride upon. A flap of the dragon's wings revealed a light blue hyde and sharp spikes lining its back and claws. Talons also extended from the tips of its wings, as if they too were usable appendages. Equally dangerous fangs and sharp cobalt irises only added to the intimidation factor. The Winged Dragon threw its head back and roared, sending shivers down Vincent's body.

"Light up the room, Winged Dragon. Flaming fireball attack!" At this command, tongues of fire fell from the creature's maw. A large orb of fire accompanied the tongues, and once it grew to an intensity that threatened to tear the dragon's jaw apart, the Winged Dragon forced the orb forward to the middle of the room. Once it reached that position, Amun accompanied it with a complicated wand movement and muttered incantation. The ball of flames shattered much like the curse upon the door did. The resulting flames shot into each torch-holder, lighting up the room.

As each part of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom came into view, Amun's glare only hardened. It didn't take long for Vincent to realize why. Dark artifacts of every kind littered the room. Some looked harmless, such as the sneakoscope. Others, however… Vincent didn't even know what half of the items were, but judging by the raging auras and amount of blood stains…

Vincent took a step back. "What…"

"By the looks of things," Amun deduced, clenching his fists at his sides. "Professor Carrow has altered the curriculum to encompass only the study of the Dark Arts and not defense." He walked toward the line of dangerous objects, ignoring Vincent's warnings. Why did Vincent know, anyway? Amun probably knew far more. The Egyptian's expression remained unchanged, but in the flickering flame light, Vincent could see the color of Amun's eyes darkening with each item he passed. "Dear Ra. Our class is paired with First Years today."

"Keh. What do we have here? Two slimy snakes spying on the class material early." Vincent swiveled around to see Amycus Carrow standing in front of the closed door. The newest Slytherin bit back a gulp as the professor stalked forward.

"You're a monster," Amun said. "Anti-light weapons? Torture devices? By the stars… you're showing these items to children. Have you no morals? You fool!"

He only received a cackle in return. "Harry Potter is dead. There is no one who can stop the Dark Lord now! The Ministry is under my Lord's control, and his right hand is the Headmaster of Hogwarts. You're just two kids—what can you—" Carrow was cut off as the Winged Dragon tackled him. Its mouth filled with fire once more, mere inches from the Death Eater's face. Its sharp talons cut into all four of Carrow's limbs, though not enough to cause bleeding.

"We can do plenty. Would you like to be an example?" Amun gave the other no time to answer as Shadows wrapped around the Death Eater's neck. "Evans, close your eyes."

"Harry, close your eyes. Close your ears and the rest of your physical senses as well," Keiichi ordered. "The goal of this exercise is multi-faceted. Here I will show you a glimpse of a Shadow-wielder's true potential." Keiichi took a step forward, placing a dusky hand over the boy's eyes. Harry took a deep breath at the sudden darkness but obeyed nonetheless. "Good. Now meditate. Continue your deep breathing. Lose yourself in your Elemental senses."

The concept was relatively new, but only practice could make perfect. The first physical sense to disappear was obviously his sight. Then Harry focused on his hearing, and the world seemed to fade to silence. Next came his sense to feel, smell, even taste. What Harry focused upon was the spark deep inside from which his control over Lightning stemmed.

If Harry were not in such a deep, trancelike state, he would have screamed at the chill which suddenly overcame him. What the hell was that? The chill folded and bent like a cobra attempting to seduce its prey. The Shadows coiled about Harry, trapping him, though it did not constrict.

"Osiris shall protect you, Harry, whether you are within the Realm of Shadows or the Realm of Light. Whether it be me or another Shadow Elemental who controls him… The only thing you need to do, meus discipulus (my pupil), is have complete and utter trust in him. I know you must be feeling… uncomfortable right now. You cannot show fear around these Shadow Creatures, or your soul shall be devoured. Do I make myself clear?" Keiichi explained this with the utmost care.

What Vincent didn't realize was that the pull of the Shadows in the Realm of Light was much, much more powerful. The Shadows meant for the Death Eater raced toward Vincent instead. "Amun!" the boy screamed as he backed up into the classroom's door. "Help me!"

"Damnit! Evans, get out of here!" was the equally panicked response.

Vincent could only scream as the darkness devoured him.

Kiseki's head suddenly snapped up in the middle of her diagnosis. "Severus, do you feel that?" She pulled her hands away from his temples as the words fell from her mouth. The white light which accompanied her touch promptly vanished.

The Headmaster opened his eyes slowly. "Yes… A burst of Elemental magic, I assume?"

The Japanese woman nodded. "This isn't any ordinary magic though. C'mon!" She grabbed Snape's hand and dragged him out of the room sputtering.

"Release me, woman!" Snape cried out.

"Just shut up and deal," Kiseki muttered. "We're almost there, anyway. The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom is on the third floor, right?" A nod. "Good. Amun has lost control of whatever he has summoned, or there's a secondary party there which has garnered the Shadows' attention. Knowing Amun, it's probably the latter option."

Immediately Snape's thoughts centered on Vincent Evans. He couldn't help the worry that crept into his chest. As to why it did, Snape didn't have much time to figure out. A well-placed reducto by Kiseki blasted the door to the classroom open. The first thing they both noticed was the unnatural darkness that coated the inside of the room. Kiseki dropped her grip on Snape's wrist before her hands began to glow. As Snape concentrated, a thin film of water coated his own palms.

Kiseki was the first to walk into the room. Even with her hands lit, only an occasional flash of red could be seen. "Severus," the woman began after a few moments of searching, "I can distract Osiris long enough for you to grab Vincent and get the hell out of here. You'll need to be quick though." Osiris? How in the world— "Sevvy!" Kiseki hissed, the childish nickname slicing through Snape's thoughts. "Stop thinking and follow directions. I can't keep this up for much longer."

"Very well," Snape replied. "I give you permission to summon what you must."

A grin. "Arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you very much!)" Kiseki clasped her hands together as if in prayer, the glow between her palms intensifying. "Illumino (I illuminate), Soul of Purity and Light!" A spark burst from her hands, taking the form of a tall woman with wings. The wings flapped once, dispersing the light. It revealed a pale angel clad in a simple white gown, golden hair spilling over her shoulders.

"Oh mighty saint dragon, god of Osiris, I beseech thee," Kiseki whispered. She bowed her head, her long black hair floating about her. The light surrounding her hands started to outline her whole body. "I know that you hunger for souls as well as the presence of your true master. However, now is not the time for you to feast, nor is it time for your master to appear." A low snarl put Snape on edge, though Kiseki continued. "Do not fret. The time draws near, I assure you. I only ask for a bit more patience." At the softly spoken words, the creature inhabiting the room stilled.

Kiseki breathed a sigh of relief. "Your master's Ba is not yet strong enough to sustain your presence. I ask that you return to the Realm of Shadows, taking your minions with you. Your time will come soon, great Osiris."

The dragon growled once more before promptly disappearing. Light immediately assaulted everyone's senses as the Shadows vanished. Kiseki fell to her knees, exhausted. "Damn, that took more out of me than I thought. How much you wanna bet that Sevvy didn't follow directions… again?" the girl asked the angel, who knelt next to her. The Soul of Purity and Light shrugged but pointed behind her. Kiseki followed the gesture, and her gaze softened at what she saw.

Snape cradled Vincent within his arms. He took great care to support the unconscious boy's head as he slipped his left arm beneath Vincent's knees. When the Headmaster stood, Kiseki noticed the gaping hole seeping blood from Vincent's side. Snape's right hand pressed against the wound, but both adults knew that this injury needed to be taken care of.

"Take him to those rooms you were telling me about," Kiseki said in a rush. "It's his soul that needs healing, and I can't do that here. Might you know about another Elemental with Darkness or Light as his or her Element?"

"Will you be all right here?" the Headmaster replied in the same urgency. "I do know of one man, known more formally as the Dominus Animi."

Kiseki's golden eyes widened considerably. "Yes, that's perfect…" She shook her head to get rid of the temporary shock. "Anyways, I'll be fine. Felicity, I need you to go fetch Yuugi and Ryou from Diagon Alley. Now." The spirit, for lack of a better term, 'poofed' out of the room. Kiseki turned her attention back to the Headmaster. "Once I get Yuugi here, Amun should be fine. Let's just hope the meeting doesn't stir up too much trouble, yes?" She glanced over at the other unconscious body sprawled across the stone floor.

Snape pursed his lips. "It is not Amun and Yuugi that you should worry over."

After a moment, Kiseki laughed. "True. I'll keep an eye on Akefia and Ryou, too. Go now, before his condition gets any worse. I'll meet you there in a few minutes."

What a turn of events, Severus thought as he began to walk forward. It was then he realized just how light the boy in his arms was. "Kiseki—"

"He's malnourished, Severus. Even I can see that."

"Do you think…"

"I have no right to say what I know about Vincent. It's his story to tell," Kiseki replied with a shrug. "For the last time, hurry up!"

As much as Snape wanted to ask questions, Kiseki had a point. Now was not the time nor place for such research. Before the woman could shove him out of the room himself, the Headmaster departed. Who are you, Vincent Evans? It is obvious that you are no ordinary student. His heart clenched at the boy's last name. Millions of questions had run through his mind since the unusual sorting. What if Albus was correct? What if Vincent was a relative of Lily's? If he were, why hadn't she mentioned him? Surely Lily would have gushed about having a nephew with such magical ability. If he weren't related to her, that would be fine, coincidental.

"Sevvy, there's no such thing as coincidence in this world. That's such a useless term," Kiseki said with a shake of her head. "There's only the inevitable, you see? It's what my people call hitsuzen."

Snape raised an eyebrow. "Hitsuzen?" he managed with a bit of an accent.

"Yup, that's right! It's like… a naturally foredoomed event, where other outcomes are impossible. It's something akin to fate, but it's not a direct translation." Kiseki wrung her hands in her hair. "Ugh, I hate translation blocks. It totally ruins everything."

"No, there's no such thing as coincidence," Snape muttered to himself as he stood outside the portrait to the Headmaster's guestrooms. The picture contained a woman who looked eerily similar to the Light Creature Kiseki had summoned, minus the wings.

"Password, Headmaster?" the blonde inquired with a smile.

"She already set one?"

"Yes… I believe you may know the answer, however. Why not try it?"

"By any stretch of the imagination, Felicity, would it be sanare?"

The woman grinned. "Password accepted, Headmaster. By the way, the healing room is on the left, connected to the living room. The potions lab is located to the left of the healing room while the kitchen is to its right."

"Prepared is an understatement," Snape commented as he rushed into the living area. As per Felicity's instructions, he quickly found the healing room. He wasted no time in placing Vincent on the sterile table. Once Snape freed his left hand, he pulled a simple silver cartouche out from beneath his robes.

"Well, well, well… I wasn't expecting this," a low baritone voice chuckled.

Snape frowned as he thought back a reply. "I need your help."

The laughter immediately stopped. "Severus, what happened?"

"Your nephew took it upon himself to summon Osiris."

A pause. "Who else was involved?"

"A Lightning Elemental who goes by the name of Vincent Evans."

"I'll be there as soon as I can." The connection halted then. All Snape could do now was wait.

Meanwhile, in a realm where light could not reach, two crimson eyes opened in the darkness. The owner of the eyes scowled. "The situation is more dire than I expected, if you are calling me so early on," Keiichi murmured. He pulled a long piece of royal purple cloth from a pocket before wrapping it around his forehead, obscuring his eyes from view. "At least I'll be able to leave this Ra-forsaken place for a while."

With a wave of his hand, the Shadows melted away to reveal Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "Severus really should strengthen the wards," Keiichi commented as he placed a tanned hand on the castle's great doors. "If I was able to make it this far without any complaints, we're going to have a problem." It took a bit more concentration to teleport himself to the Headmaster's office. Keiichi narrowed his eyes behind his blindfold and rapped three times on the door.