Scene 1: The Bowtin's house

(The phone rings and Silas answers the phone)

Silas: Hello, who is this?

Nurse: I am a nurse that is calling from the hospital

Silas: How may I help you today, ma'am?

Nurse: Is your name Silas Bowtin?

Silas: Yes, my name is indeed Silas Bowtin

Nurse: A prisoner by the name of Zoey Broderick was admitted into the hospital. Zoey had been complaining of having extreme painful contractions. She gave me your phone number hoping I could get in touch with you.

Silas: I thank you for the update

Nurse: I will talk to you later, goodbye

Silas(hanging up the phone): goodbye

Nancy(walking into the kitchen): Who was on the phone?

Silas(putting on his jacket): A nurse from the hospital called me

Nancy: So what?

Silas: I have to go to the hospital right now because Zoe is in labor

Nancy: It is very possible for Zoe to get raped in jail. Are you sure that the baby is yours and not another man's baby?

Silas: The baby was definitely a surprise, it just happen. I am definitely the baby's father, trust me.

Nancy: I am surprised that they would allow you to be at the hospital for the birth.

Silas: Zoey is black and I know that we are going to have ourselves a biracial baby. I am still going to be apart of my son's life no matter what.

Nancy: You are only eighteen, remember?

Silas: I share a special connection with Zoey because I met her in rehab

Nancy: I give you permission to be with Zoey

Silas(walking out of the front door): Goodbye, mom

Scene 2: The Hospital

(Silas encounters two guards standing out of Zoey's hospital room)

Guard One: Mister, who are you?

Silas: I am Zoey's baby daddy

Guard Two: You better get to Zoey because she is about to drop a baby at any moment

Silas(walking into the room): I thank you for the update

Scene 3: Inside Zoey's hospital room-Zoey is giving birth

Zoey(in the mist of having a contraction): I thank you so much for coming to the hospital

Silas (squeezing Zoey's hand): No problem

Zoey(having another contraction, she screams as she grabs hold of Silas): AHA..AHA..AHA

Silas(holding Zoey very tightly): I'm here for you, Zoe, I am going nowhere

The Obgyn(to Zoey): Zoey, don't push too hard

Zoey: Why not?

The Obgyn: The baby's shoulders are stuck

Zoey(panicky): Will my son be alright?

The Obgyn(trying to pull the baby out of Zoe): Your son will be alright, trust me

Zoey(overcome with pain and pressure, she screams as she begins to cry): AHA..AHA..AHA

The Obgyn(giving the baby to Zoe to hold): Here is your beautiful son, Zoey

Zoey(sobbing as she holds her son): I love you, my sweet Noel

Silas(crying, he kisses Zoey): I love you

Scene 4: The next day Silas pays a visit to Zoey and baby Noel in jail.

Scene: The Fellowship Room

Zoey(giving Noel to Silas to hold): Do you want to hold the baby?

Silas(holding Noel): Yes of course

Zoey: I wonder who in the world knew that I would be in jail and have a baby

Silas: By the way, how are you holding up?

Zoey: I have enrolled myself in a parenting program

Silas: I am so very proud of you

Zoey: I have very so limited resources here in jail. I don't know how long I can raise Noel on my own.

Silas: You can allow me to keep Noel for once

Zoey: I don't know

Silas: You need to take into consideration Noel's best interest at heart.

Zoey: I already do that sort of thing

Silas: So what is the problem?

Zoey: I don't want Noel to grow up to be a criminal just like me by selling illegal drugs.

Silas: So what is your game plan?

Zoey: I love Noel and yet I know I can't keep him forever. He is better off living with you instead of living with me here in jail. I have terminated my paternal rights if it will make you happy.

(Baby Noel then cooes making Silas and Zoey to laugh for once in their lives)

Scene 5: Six months later-The Bowtin's house-the nursery

(Silas is changing Noel's dirty diaper when a crying Nancy enters the nursery bearing bad news)

Silas(choked up): Whats wrong, mom?

Nancy(crying): I have received word from the jail that Zoey is dead. She had died earlier this morning and she sends her love.

Silas(doubtful): No way

Nancy(still crying): Zoey died in her sleep. She had a brain aneurysm. Her brain and heart gave out on her.

Silas(shocked): I never knew she had a heart problem

Nancy(sobbing): Zoey Ginger Broderick was truly an angel although I didn't like her very much

Silas(crying): I don't know what I am going to do without her

Nancy(embracing Silas): I am sorry for your loss

(Baby Noel then cooes making Silas and Nancy smile for once)