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Bella's POV

It almost killed me to walk away from Jared like that. The pain that had been momentarily healed by Jared's presence came back in full force as I left him.

But I had to remind myself of the same thing I had been reminding myself of for the past four months. He wasn't accepting my decision, one I made knowing everything I needed to. It was best for me. Edward loved me, I loved Edward.

"I didn't force you into seeing me. I waited. I waited for you to make the choice. Does he even let you make a decision?" Jared's voice rang clear through my head as I climbed back into my truck, starting it up with a roar. But even the deafening sound of my truck didn't drown out the thoughts that Jared's questions had made resurface in my head.

Did Edward really force me to do things? He did have times when he insisted that certain things that I wanted to do were "too dangerous"... like going to see the pack in La Push. And when I argued back that they wouldn't hurt me and my argument gave me enough leverage to convince him what I said was true, he threw in the fact that Alice couldn't see me when I was near the wolves and therefore he couldn't guarantee my safety.

And maybe he did offer suggestions for what I could do each day, but I could refuse to do them and Edward would understand. Maybe I hadn't refused any of those ideas yet, but that doesn't mean that I can't and that Edward would ignore me.

So what if we fought a lot, out of ear shot of the family? Every couple has disagreements. Jared knew that with all the time we were together.

But he wasn't the one continuously starting an argument when you didn't go with his plans; Jared was lenient. He only argued when you were compromising your safety, the little voice inside my head whispered.

No, that was beside the point. I didn't care if I fought less with Jared, Edward and I could get over that minor bump, for he did let me make choices, even if Jared doubted that.

I had been so caught up in my thoughts for the drive, that I hadn't even realised I had arrived at the Cullen house.

"Bella!" Alice exclaimed as soon as I walked through the door of their house. "Have I told you that you're the best almost sister in-law ever?"

"Yes, Alice. Just don't go overboard. I don't want a really fancy wedding," I said, already exhausted with the conversation.

"But it's your big day Bella! Shouldn't your wedding be big?"

I looked over at Jasper who was on the other side of the room. I met his eyes. "I don't understand how you survived your own wedding."

Jasper chuckled, "I was present for only what was necessary."

"That's a good idea," I mused, causing Jasper to chuckle some more.

"No!" Alice interrupted forcefully. "You are necessary for all of it! You're the bride."

"Then don't make it big and over the top; that was our deal." A pair of cool arms wrapped around my waist from behind.

"Let Alice have her fun, love. All that matters is that you will be my wife by the end of the night, and you'll celebrate with your friends and family," Edward crooned in my ear.

I turned around in his arms to face him. "No, Alice can have her own fun when she plans her next wedding, sorry Jasper. This is our wedding and I don't want it over the top. Stick with the basics, 'cause by the end of the night, we're still going to be married in front of those who count."

Edward stared into my eyes, and I could feel myself getting lost within the gold depths, and my mind getting foggy. "What if I want a larger wedding?"

I opened my mouth to answer him, only to close it again when I realized my voice didn't work. I cleared my throat. "I-I guess it's okay, just not too big."

You're letting him force his will on you. He guilts you into what he wants, ignoring your wishes. Isn't it supposed to be the brides dream day? The little voice broke through my muddled brain, and it was resembling Jared.

Edward smiled, a beautiful, heart stopping smile that erased the little Jared inside my head. "Great, let's leave Alice to do her thing while we head to our meadow."

I nodded, a stupid lost look in my eye as I let him lead me out of the house.

I went through the next couple days without being fully aware of them. Most of it was all wedding plans; when Alice would come up to me with these plans asking for my opinion between two choices, I picked randomly, not even looking at the choices. And then there was the day that Alice wanted me to try on the dresses she picked out; that was hell.

"C'mon, Bella! I liked the first dress so much better! It's much more elegant. That doesn't flatter your body at all."

I disagreed with her, I thought the mermaid style showed off and accentuated the curves I had and looked modern with the small amount of elaborate beading. Alice on the other hand much preferred the historic lace ball gown. I felt as if I was going to get lost in it, my height didn't help the problem.

"No, Alice, this one is much better. I like it."

Alice pursed her lips and inspected me in it once again. She shook her head. "This one isn't good at all. I think Edward would like the first one much better, too."

"I don't give a damn if Edward would prefer the olden lace dress that covers me to my ears." Alice looked shocked at my cursing. "This is my dress and I'm putting my foot down. If you want to throw this huge wedding, I want to choose what I'm going to have to spend the day in."

"I don't know, Bella. Won't you have a problem walking in the skirt that starts at your knees? The other one would give you more room to walk."

I sighed in frustration. "Do you not hear me speaking Alice? I want this dress. This is my day that I'm generously letting you plan and all I'm asking is for this dress. So come out of Alice-land and listen to what I want for my wedding."

Alice looked put off with my comment, her mouth forming an 'O' and her eye brows furrowing.

"Bella, love, what is all the commotion I'm hearing from downstairs?" Edward asked through the door, the knob beginning to turn.

Alice snapped out of her funk. "No! Don't come in, you can't see any of the possibilities!" She ran to the door, slamming it shut.

I had enough. I stepped towards the closet, to change out of the dress. "There are no possibilities, Alice. This is the dress. I will take it home with me and if I find it taken from my closet and mysteriously gone forever, I will never forgive you and will turn up to the wedding in jeans and a T-shirt."

Once I had the dress off and I was back in my own clothes, I took the dress and hanger, put the protective cover back on and started to the door. Alice watched me, shocked. I knew this was the first time she saw me standing up for myself, and I knew she wasn't used to it one bit.

She didn't stop me though, as I walked through the door. "I'll see you tomorrow, Edward." I waved to the family once without turning around or stopping.

On the drive home, I felt very content.

It was the nights I spent in my room alone, not occupied by my daily activities, that the pain the imprint caused me took over me and rendered me useless. I hated them.

The pain would keep me in my bed, unable to do much more than roll side to side.

I tried to keep my sobs and cries of pain silent, as to not worry Charlie, but lately, I wasn't sure how well I succeeded with that. With the wedding day coming closer and closer and still no sign of Jared, the pain increased. The constant tugging and burning and utter emptiness that filled me left me only partly full and loved.

I hated how it gave me nightmares each night, the most common one was of Jared and Edward getting into a fight and Edward ended up killing Jared. Edward disappeared afterwards, but I was left to watch Jared die, unable to move, unable to help him.

I would watch his wolf howl as Edward made the killing blow, and he would stumble around as if he was trying to get closer to me. Eventually, his legs would give out and he'd collapse to the ground, changing back to human in the process. I could see the blood flowing from his many wounds that were not healing, only to see a bite mark in his shoulder. The same dread washed over me as I remembered that vampire bites were deadly to the wolves.

With his last breath, he would always mutter the same things.

"He would have killed you...he still can. I waited... I love you."

The worst part was watching the light of life fade from his eyes, watching his body tremble in its final struggle before death over took him. I cried every time and that was how I woke up in the middle of the night each time; crying and hollow, as if he really had died.

Once again, I found myself at the Cullen house, with the wedding only a week away. Alice was throwing wedding plans in my face continuously despite the obvious look of exhaustion written all over my face.

Jasper took pity on my after a while and managed to drag his mate off for hunting.

I would have enjoyed the down time ten times more hand I not had the pain of the imprint to deal with when I had nothing to occupy my time. And with the pain that I was trying desperately to hide, came memories of Jared.

I saw him sitting on the corner, in his sleeping bag, holding a flimsy cardboard sign loosely in his hands as he called out to me one last time before I left.

"Just let me ask you one last thing, would Cullen sit on a street corner waiting for you? Would he care enough to remember the first place you met?"

"Are you feeling okay, love?" Edward asked, sitting down beside me, startling me.

I nodded, staring at the TV in front of me, not really watching what was on the screen but I made out that I was. I didn't want Edward to get suspicious of what I had on my mind. I knew he would be furious if he knew I was thinking about Jared.

"Edward, do you remember the place that we first met?" I asked, Jared's questions bothering me to no end. I needed their answers.

"Of course love, we met in high school," Edward said giving me a smile, though I could see the undermining look underneath.

I bit my lip, shaking my head, "No, that was the first time you saw me, we hadn't actually met, seeing as you rushed away the next day, so you wouldn't drink my blood." I saw a small look of confusion fall over Edwards face and my heart dropped. Jared was right, Edward didn't remember. "We met in the book store in Port Angeles; I was looking for a new read. You were already inside, looking through the shelf on the other side of the store. I had dropped my handful of books and you helped me pick them up." I looked into his eyes, not even a sliver of realization in them.

"You don't remember," I whispered.

Edward's hand cupped my cheek looking deep into my eyes. Usually, I found myself getting lost in them, but not this time. All I could see was his forgetfulness. "Of course I remember, Bella. Vampires remember everything; I was merely confused by your question."

Lies. There was nothing confusing about my question, least of all to a 'vampire who remembers everything'.

"If necessary...would you wait on the street for me? In front of that book store?"

Edward seemed flabbergasted. "Why would I have to do that? I could just wait here. You could call or come visit when you're ready."

He didn't get it; he didn't get the sentimentality of the gesture. "Would you give me the space I needed completely, including staying out of my room at night?"

Edward nodded, but I had a feeling he wouldn't. He's a vampire; he could break in if he wanted.

But as I continued to look at him disbelievingly, a shadow fell across his face. "It's because of that mutt, isn't it? He was telling you lies again. I knew I shouldn't have let you go to him."

I stood up, "Let me? Edward, you can't control me. I have a free will and it's about damn time you understand that." Oh God, I sounded like Jared.

"Bella, you know I was anxious to let you go to the mutt because they are unstable. He could easily hurt you."

I threw my hands up. "Oh, give it a break, will you? Jared won't hurt me. He is the one person-other than possibly my father-that I know won't hurt me. Or have you forgotten he imprinted on me, guaranteeing my safety?"

I could see anger begin to boil within him when I mentioned the imprint again.

"So if I want to see him as a friend, as my fiancé, you should be supporting and respect my decision. Right now, you're not doing that and it makes me question if you're what I need in a husband."

The shock was evident on his furious face, but I stood my ground, staring into his eyes, waiting for his response.

Finally, Edward composed himself. "I see I have not been supporting where I should, and I promise to be more so from now on."

I nodded once smiling as I got an idea. "Good, then you will be supporting of my idea to go down to La Push to see Jared and Jake and the rest of the pack again."

I didn't wait for his reply; instead, I got up and walked right out the door. I braced myself for an angry Edward rushing out to stop me at vampire speed, but surprisingly he didn't. Maybe I actually shocked him into immobility.

I drove my truck as quickly as it would go, hoping to pass the treaty line, before Edward decided he wanted to stop me and make up some excuse that I'd have to go back to his house with him.

A sense of calm and a feeling of being at home, washed over me and I immediately knew I had passed over the treaty line. Eventually, I pulled up to Jake's house.

As usual, Jake met me outside, pulling me into a bone crushing hug.

"Don't marry him, Bells," Jacob whispered into my hair. "Don't hurt Jared like that."

I waited for him to let me go. "Hello to you, too." I paused, realizing what he said. "Wait, you know?"

"Yeah, Jared phased as soon as you left. In a deserted alley," he added on quickly when he saw my eyes widen. "He's dying inside Bella."

I took a few steps away from Jake; his words were bringing back the pain increasingly. I put my hand over my heart as I felt the painful tugging. I shook my head, as I referred back to my usual response. "I love him, Jake. I want to marry him. We had a discussion today and he agreed that he was being a little too controlling, so he's backing off."

"I'm guessing that's why you're here?"

I nodded.

Jake ran a hand through his hair, "At least don't let him change you. You don't seem to understand that you die when you change. If you die, Jared dies. Don't end his life like that, Bells."


"No, it's not just your life you're ending by letting him turn you into a vampire, but it's Jared's as well. Don't be selfish and take his future away from him, even if it ends up being a miserable one because he feels he let his imprint get dazzled by a vampire. At least do that for him, please Bella."

I pursed my lips crossing my arms. I wanted to be with Edward forever, but now, it was finally sinking in. Jared's life was ultimately in my hands and I couldn't kill him like that, even if I wanted to be with Edward for eternity.

I didn't voice my thoughts to Jake though, "Where's Jared?"

Jake looked sad. "He hasn't returned yet. As far as I know, he's still sitting on the street corner in Port Angeles."

I bit my lip nodding again. I couldn't risk going up to see Jared again, just yet. I had to make sure Edward stuck to his word first, by coming down to La Push, where he couldn't cause a scene. "Can I just hang out with you? I'm trying to get away from all the planning...and Alice. She's going overboard even though I asked her not to."

Jake smiled then. "'Course! I always want you down here Bells. Do you want to go to the beach or do you want to take the bikes for a spin again?"

"Maybe I should stay away from the bikes for a while. I'm still traumatized from the last crash I took."

Jake laughed, "The beach it is. It's good to have you back Bells."

I smiled. "Good to be back." Even if it's only for a while.

The internal fight of taking immortality or leaving it never left my mind for a minute. Nor did the haunting nightmares. Even to this day, sitting in Alice's room, having her apply the makeup and having Rosalie tugging at my hair. The dark thoughts had affected my body as well as my mind, pissing Alice off because she had to apply more concealer under my eyes to hide the dark circles.

I still couldn't believe I was actually sitting here, getting ready for my wedding. In a few hours, I would be Edward's wife and Edward my husband.

I was nervous beyond belief, for both the life time commitment I was making and how overboard Alice had gone with it. She even blindfolded me when I walked through the house. She wanted everything to be a complete surprise when I walked down the aisle.

She still hasn't learned I don't like surprises.

"Oh my gosh! My baby girl is all grown up!"

I rolled my eyes as I heard my mother enter the room. Even without looking at her, I knew her eyes were filling with unshed tears. Renee, the dramatic one.

"What do you want Mom?" I asked, gritting my teeth as Rosalie tugged a little too hard.

"Sorry," Rose muttered as she continued putting my hair up.

Renee let out an exasperated gasp. "I came to see my daughter before she walks down the aisle and...to give you this," Renee stretched her hand out and in it was a fancy hair comb with blue gems engraved in it.

I gasped, "Mom, this is beautiful!"

Renee smiled smugly, "I know; it was your grandmother's, I thought that you should have something of Charlie's and mine in your wedding and I know you don't like people buying you gifts."

Rose and Alice had finished with me by then, so I was able to stand to give Renee a hug. "It's great, thank you."

Renee gave the comb to Rose, who carefully added it to my hair.

Alice then tugged me over to a wall to ceiling mirror.

I gasped as I took my appearance in. My hair was put up in such an intricate way that I couldn't even begin to describe it, and with the flash of blue my mother's comb added the perfect flash of colour. My makeup made me look nearly as flawless and Alice and Rose, and I couldn't help but smile. Of course, the dress tied everything together. I could see myself walking down the aisle to be married.

"Edward's going to love it," Alice said, a smile gracing her lips too. But as soon as her words hit my ears, the spell was broken. It wasn't Edward I had seen in my fantasy but Jared, and not knowing whether or not he'd be there broke my heart. Though I couldn't be sure if it was because of his absence or not.

I forced the smile to remain on my face. Yes, I should be happy that Edward would love it. I was marrying Edward because I loved him and he loved me. We were going to live happily together.

Then why was it that the mental profession sounded like I was trying to convince myself?

There was a knock on the door. "Is she ready?"

I swallowed the growing lump in my throat that was not forming because of anxiousness. "Yeah, Dad."

Charlie came into the room. When he looked at me his eyes teared up, too.

"Aw, Dad, don't start crying, or I will too!"

"And we can't have that; it took forever to put all that makeup on!" Alice added.

Charlie cleared his throat, "Right, let's get this show on the road then."

Renee left the room to take her seat as Alice gave me the low down on what to do. She had finished just in time for the music to start.

As instructed, I waited ten seconds after Alice got to the bottom of the stairs to start my own descend to the music of 'Here Comes the Bride.' I could hear people getting out of their seats as Charlie and I made our way down.

As we walked, I had to lean heavily on Charlie's arm, having a hard time keeping myself stable in the heels I was wearing. When we were nearing the bottom of the stairs, I lifted my gaze from my feet to inspect the crowd, looking for one russet face in particular, but didn't see him. Though I guess I should have known, through the still strong tugging in my chest.

Once I started walking past all the chairs I lifted my eyes to meet Edward's, but I couldn't find the amount of joy I should, knowing I was mere moments away from marrying the one I loved. I didn't even get anywhere near feeling like I was going to cry. Only a sense of unease, as if the wrong man stood before me.

I had been so lost in thought, I didn't even realize that Charlie and I had reached the end of the aisle and he had already given Edward my hand.

"You alright, love?" Edward whispered in my ear. Only the other vampires in the room would have been able to hear.

I nodded, not trusting my voice. And I was, every moment, the tugging in my chest was decreasing, and the pain was going away. Maybe the imprint was allowing me to finally choose Edward, knowing I wanted Jared as a friend.

Together, we turned to face Angela's dad, who had offered to be our pastor.

"We are gathered here today to celebrate this man and this woman coming together in holy matrimony. If anyone has any objections as to why this man and this woman should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace."

We waited a moment in silence. No one spoke, so the pastor opened his mouth to continue with the ceremony. He didn't get a chance to get the words out of his mouth when the front door slammed open and the one voice I never expected to hear today rang through the house.

"I object!"

In unison, we all turned around to stare at the person who barged into the house. When my eyes fell on him, I couldn't help a smile grace my lips. Jared. He stood there, half naked as always, shifting from foot to foot, chest heaving as everyone stared at him.

I could feel the weight of everyone's shock as we all stared at him. But he ignored them all; his eyes were only on me. I met his gaze, the intensity of it made me shiver.

Angela's father cleared his throat before he addressed Jared, everyone's gaze turning to him. "What are you reasons for this man and woman not to be married?"

The heads turned yet again, as they waited for Jared's response. It was like watching the spectators at a tennis match.

Jared swallowed taking a deep breath before speaking. "I never thought I'd be the man to ruin a wedding like this. But..." He ran his hand through his hair nervously, his eyes drifting from mine.

I so desperately wanted to run to his side, comfort him, tell him it was alright. But I didn't, I stood in the same spot, as Edward's hand grew tighter around my own.

"Bella, you shouldn't marry Edward when you know he doesn't truly love you. Ever since you met him, all he did was control you. He knew you were in a relationship with me at the time, but he still forced himself into your presence and doing things that made you think you liked him. Once he fully got you away from me, he kept you to himself, keeping you away from your friends, from the things you like to do and the places you like to be and forced you to do things he wanted.

"If you acted against what he wanted, he'd scold you like a two year old child. If he did let you go somewhere you wanted, you had to continuously check in with him. If he can't even trust you, how can he love you?"

Edward's hand around mine was becoming extremely painful. "Edward," I warned quietly, but he ignored me.

"You're just jealous she didn't want you anymore. You're just upset that she chose me over you. Wouldn't you let her go and let her be happy if you truly loved her?" Edward demanded, anger and hate dripping from his every word. His hand tightened even more until I felt bones break.

I cried out, tears falling down my face. The human guests didn't take much notice of my tears, assuming it was because of the fighting men, but the vampires and Jared knew different.

Jared's eyes moved from Edward's to my hand and back to Edward glaring. "Sometimes you have to fight for the one you love, and help them get out of a relationship that was hurting them, even if they hate you afterwards. You must realize how much your ways hurt her. Or do you ignore them because you just like having her under your control? Do you even respect her at all?" He looked at Edward pointedly every time he said hurt as he began to walk towards us. He barely took two steps when Edward flung me behind him, jostling my broken hand. I cried out again.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Carlisle speaking to Edward, his lips moving too fast for my human eyes to see. He must have been telling Edward to let go of me, but his hand didn't loosen.

It was in that moment, with Edward standing in front of me, his hand still holding my broken one with vampire strength, glaring at Jared who walked towards us, not even shaking, eyes burning with anger that any inkling I had of ever loving Edward disappeared. If he truly loved me, he wouldn't be "protecting" me from a man that was not a threat-for wasn't I standing up there to marry him?- and hurt me almost intentionally?

Jared had been right all along. All his words and questions came together in my mind and I accepted and understood them. Jared loved me. He never hurt me, he never controlled me, he trusted me and never forced me into something I wasn't ready for. Unlike Edward who insisted I marry him.

I loved Jared.

The thought had so much certainty that I was trying to pull myself from Edward grip to run to Jared's side and kiss him with all my pent up passion.

But Edward still had my broken hand in an iron grip.

I wrapped my other hand around his wrist. "Edward, let me go."

Jared smirked at Edward, he saw my revelation, heck, he probably felt it. I had re-accepted the imprint. "Yeah, Edward, let her go. Or do you not trust the love that you two share? Are you guilty into faking your love and know the second you let go of her hand that she's going to come running straight to me?"

Edward growled.

My eyes widened in fear as I tried to distance myself from him. That had been the most primal growl that had ever escaped his lips in front of me, let alone the humans at the ceremony. What the hell would they think?

Jared was standing in front of us then and he got into Edward's face, looking down at the vampire as he glared. "I'll tell you one more time, let...Bella...go."

Edward's lip pulled over his teeth in a snarl and I feared both Jared's life and mine in that second. But Jared stood strong, and roughly grabbed Edward's wrist.

Edward let go of my hand, only to use both hands to push Jared all the way to the other side of the room.

I gaped. Did Edward just use his vampire strength in front of the humans? Then I felt worried and guilty. I shouldn't care about that right now. Jared could be hurt.

Thankfully, Edward didn't grab hold of my hand again, instead he stalked towards Jared, who had stood up and was beginning to shake.

By then, the rest of the Cullens were leading the guests outside, apologizing as Carlisle moved in to break it up.

Just as the guests left, the rest of the pack filed in as Jared burst into his wolf.

Jake, catching sight of me ran to stand beside me, the rest of the pack going to back up Jared.

I moved to step closer to Jared, but Jacob's arms wrapped around my waist stopping me. "Not right now, Bells." He looked down at my mauled hand. "The leech do that?" I nodded. "He's dead."


My words surprised me. But even in my shock, I didn't regret them. I wouldn't be sad if Edward died. I'd have a party and dance over his ashes. As long as it meant Jared didn't go with him.

I focused my attention back to Jared and Edward to see them in a standstill, Carlisle holding Edward back, the pack holding Jared back and Edward with one less arm. Despite Carlisle's calming words they were still growling at each other. The rest of the Cullen family rushed back inside, Jasper and Emmett running to Carlisle's side to help him restrain Edward.

Right then, I knew I was fed up with Edward.

"SHUT UP!" I bellowed. The growls cut off immediately and all eyes were on me. I didn't focus on any but Jared's eyes and as he stared at me, all I could see was worry. A whine escaped his muzzle.

"Jake, let me go." He did so, though he hesitated. He was right behind me as I started moving towards the group. I walked until I stood between Jared and Edward, having a sense of déjà vu. Only this time, I faced Edward.

I looked into his eyes. Instead of being their comforting golden yellow, they were pitch black. Had I not had Jared behind me, I would have been shaking in fear. I shook my head. "I don't even need to explain why I no longer love you. You should already know."

Edward growled, and struggled towards me, though Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett had a good grip on him.

I backed up, not trusting Edward at my back until I stood next to Jared. I wound the fingers of my good hand through his fur as I stood next to him. Quickly, I replaced my fingers with my arms and engulfed him in a hug, my arms wrapping around his neck.

I could feel Jared's chest rumble happily, though his eyes never left Edwards.

"I choose you, Jared. Again."

That sent Edward into a snarling rage that took the whole family to drag him out of the house. Jared didn't look at me until Edward was out of sight.

His familiar eyes locked onto mine as he searched. He must have found what he was looking for, for he smiled, letting his tongue hang out. I laughed as I buried my face into his fur.

"We should probably get you back to La Push. I don't trust the bloodsucker." Jake said, tugging my shoulder gently. I lifted my head to see the pack was already outside phased, waiting and guarding.

"I agree completely." I turned to Jared. "Can I get a ride on your back?"

Jared nodded once, lowering himself onto his stomach, so I could climb onto his back. Once I got as comfortable as I could in my dress-cursing it the whole time I tried to climb on until Jake helped me up-Jared stood and walked out the door. As soon as his paws hit grass, he ran.

I yelped out in surprise, the speed catching me off guard. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly as we travelled through the forest at amazing speeds.

I felt no need to close my eyes as Jared ran. Even with the trees blurring past me, I felt safe and in awe at Jared's strength, as I felt his muscles move underneath me.

In no time we were in the forests of La Push and Jared was slowing down. He stopped in the clearing behind his house and lowered himself to the ground. I ungracefully rolled off him. Unfortunately, I landed on my broken hand and cried out.

Jared's face was in mine in an instant, his eyes full of worry. I shook my head at him. "I'm fine," I croaked out. "Just phase back."

I got myself up as Jared returned back fully human clad in his usual cut offs. As soon as our eyes met, his face broke out into a grin and he engulfed me in a hug, wary of my hand.

It took me a moment to realize we were both shaking and I had tears falling down my face.

Jared pulled back, looking at me again and I saw he had a few tears falling too. His hand ghosted up to my face, caressing my cheek. "I thought you were going to choose him," Jared said, his voice shaking slightly. "I was scared you were going to ignore me and choose him."

I shook my head. "Never. It never really was him. It was always you, I always loved you. I still love you. You were right, I got blinded by Edward's promises and I couldn't see he had no love for me. And that was so sweet."

Jared chuckled, "What, my being right?"

"No, sitting outside our cafe, waiting for my sorry ass. I'm sorry I made you wait that long, I'm sorry for bringing up the wedding like that and I'm so sorry for not believing you sooner."

Jared's smile was contagious and I couldn't help but return it. "All that matters is that you're here now."

We stood there for a moment in silence, our arms wrapped around each other, my head resting on his chest, my broken hand forgotten.

I lifted my head, looking at him from under my lashes. "Aren't you going to kiss me?"

Jared chuckled, "Wasn't sure if I was allowed to."

I stood up on my tip toes trying to reach his height, which I didn't even come close to doing. Jared's arms tightened around my waist though, lifting me the rest of the way.

I leaned in, "You're always allowed to," I whispered, before our lips came together, moving together in synchronization, expressing the love and desperation we couldn't express with words.

We pulled away when the need for air became over powering and we stood there, staring into each other's eyes.

"Now isn't this an interesting end to your wedding?" Jared teased.

I shook my head, "Not interesting, perfect." I brought my lips to his once again.

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