A Spring Night


I look at the doctor in front of me; I have been feeling sickly for the past few weeks and Severus finally convinced me to go to doctors to see why I was feeling the way I was feeling. So that's how I ended up here at the doctors today getting the most shocking news of my life.

The doctor just told me that I am eight weeks pregnant and the fact that I was sick only in the morning is the morning sickness. I am so shocked; I had never expected my doctor to be telling me this.

"Mrs. Snape are you okay?" My doctor asks me.

I look up at her and a smile starts to appear on my face. "Yes I am okay I am just shocked. I never expected to hear that." I say in a soft voice.

"It's okay to be shocked Mrs. Snape, pregnancy is never expected."

"Do you know when it happened?"

My doctor looks down at the paperwork she has in her hands. "It looks like early April Mrs. Snape." She says.

'Oh god it was that night in the forest when Severus surprised me.' I think.

"Out at the front desk you can pick up your prenatal vitamin potion to take every morning. Then schedule a date to come back so we can do your first sonogram." She tells me as she hands me two pieces of paper.

"Okay, thank you so much doctor." I say with a wide smile on my face.

"You're welcome Mrs. Snape."

I slide off the table and walk behind the doctor out the door, I head down the hall towards the lobby. I go to the receptionist desk, within a few minutes I have my potion and next appointment and I walk out the door. I pull my wand out of my pants and use a spell and soon am standing in my living room.

I walk through my living room to the kitchen, I set my stuff down and head for Severus's office, I am trying to think of a way to tell him, I mean is there ever an easy way to tell your husband that your pregnant.

I find myself outside Severus's office door within a few minutes; I stand there for a few seconds before I take a big breath and open the door. I walk into his office and find him setting behind his desk working on papers.

He looks up at me and the smile that only I get to see appears on his face, I smile back and walk over to him. I pull his chair back and set down in his lap, I look up into his loving black eyes, the eyes of the man I love with all my heart.

"So how did your doctor appointment go my dear Lily?" Severus says in his deep voice.

"Oh I got good news." I say in a seducing voice.

I lean down and start to kiss Severus's neck and I can hear him starting too grown, I think now would be a good time to tell him. "I'm pregnant Severus." I say in a very seducing voice.

I hear Severus gasp before he pulls my head away from his neck and looks me in my eyes. "Did I just hear you say what I think you said?" Severus asks me.

I smile at him. "Severus snape you are going to be a father. I'm eight weeks pregnant." I say in a very excited voice.

Severus looks at me with a shocked look on his face before his smile re appears. "This is the second best day of my life, the first being the day I marred you." Severus says in a sweet voice.

Severus leans in and kisses me, I smile in our kiss. I was hopping telling him would end like this.

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