Locked Up

Written by: lacksubstance

Summary: Santana has been in and out of jail for years for minor charges and now she's back and the system as finally had enough. With a bad attitude and other inmates that fuel it, she's thrown in expecting to become reformed from this, but a new prison guard is assigned to work in her wing and she has her sights set on her, but will it be that easy or is this girl going to be untouchable?

Pairings: Brittana, Pezberry (minor), and Quintana (minor)

Disclaimer: Own the writing and nothing more.


On the streets of Lima Heights adjacent; considered the wrong side of the tracks to many and also considered rundown compared to the right side of Lima. Santana Lopez walked along the pavement with a cigar in between her fingers. She was clad in a pair of jeans and a jacket to block the cold from intoxicating her body.

She lived in a rundown apartment with her best friend Noah Puckerman, who thought it'd be a good idea to move in together after she got kicked out of her parents' wealthy estate when she came out of the closet. They did absolutely everything they could to make it, well except for selling her body to random strangers. She had no problem having sex with females, but after discovering she'd have more male clients than females that idea kicked the bucket fast.

She continued walking down past the corner convenient store when she finally spotted her roommate. He was leaning against the wall, with one foot hoisted up against the wall, trying to look cool as a guy pulled over in front of him. Taking a puff from her cigar, she watched as he approached the car, exchanging dope for cash as quickly as possible. You could probably blink and miss the exchange as the car sped away.

Santana made her way across the street towards him and immediately when he spotted her, he erupted into a smile.

"There's my wing woman," he said, making her laugh as she leaned against the wall, taking an other puff, allowing it to fill her lungs before blowing it back out. "God how the hell can you smoke that?" He asked her with disgust.

She turned her head and smirked at him. "They're better than cigarettes," she retorted back, which he agreed, then pulled out a bag of marijuana.

"But not as good as this shit right?" He asked holding it up in front of her, making her laugh loudly.

"Yeah definitely not better than that, but close," she stated, pointing her finger to him at the end of her sentence. Puck decided that selling drugs on the street was the only way he was going to get any respect and fast cash in their situation. Santana on the other hand wished there was another way to get around, but she soon figured out that jobs were hard to find and when your limited in a timeframe for certain expenses like rent, food, and electricity; you get kind of desperate.

Unfortunately, that was when they first decided to get a place and that was when they were sixteen. Needless to say, Puck dropped out of high school and even though he encouraged Santana to do the same, she stayed until the end, got her diploma, but still had nothing to show for it. She's twenty-two, unemployed and has a record, which makes it harder to get a job.

Last time she was in jail for three months for battery at a party her and Puck were invited to. She was drunk and this guy got too close for comfort and she beat the crap out of him, including hitting him over the head with the beer bottle in her hand, but it was okay because every time she landed herself in the jail she certainly made the most of her stay.

"How much cash do you have?" She asked Puck, who pulled out a wand, giving her a smirk while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Does this answer your question? People were in some dyer need today, but it makes sense since it's 420," he clarified, placing the money back into his pocket as Santana threw her cigar on the floor then placed her foot on it to put it out. She placed her hands in her pocket, blowing out the smoke.

"Oh hey, we got invited to Hudson's party tonight, you want to go?" He added as she turned her head to him, sucking in her bottom lip as if she's thinking about it. "There will be hot girls there," he sang out trying to get her to give in and he knew her well enough to know when there are hot girls involved Santana can't say no.

"Okay, okay yeah I'm down, let's go," she gives in, making him pump his fist in the air, causing Santana to roll her eyes at him. He always got so stoked that she says yes to going to a party with him, not that she didn't like parties, it just made her laugh, but either way she knew Finn threw the best parties and she couldn't miss out on it.


A block away from the party, Santana and Puck could already hear the music blaring through the streets. It's the kind of party that could get busted by the cops at any moment, but neither one of them were about to let that ruin their fun.

Turning the corner, they could see a line of people waiting to get in, which only caused the two of them to squeeze between the crowd and make their way down to the basement where they see Finn being crowded between two girls that Santana has never met before nor cared much about. Puck greeted Finn as Santana veered away into her own world scaling the place for something to drink; something strong.

She made her way towards the bar, pouring herself some vodka and something fruity to mix in nicely to block out the intensity of the liquor. She leaned against the bar, taking sips as she scaled the room, spotting some girls dancing with some guys, some dancing with girls, some girls and guys pretty much having sex on the couch or against the walls; just a typical party at the Hudson resident. Then her eyes fixed on a girl who is walking down the stairs, dressed in a tight fitted black dress; dark hair. Santana could admit it; she was attracted to her. She was maybe three inches shorter than her, but she still had amazing legs regardless. Santana wanted her, even if it was just for the night.

She pushed her way through the crowd as the girl stopped to converse with some blonde guy that instantly wanted her attention, but Santana wasn't having that; no. Santana wanted her to have her attention instead of this loser. Finally pushing her way completely through the crowd, she stood next to the girl leaning against a wooden plank that supported the top of the house, taking bigger sips of her drink and began listening in on the conversation.

"It's Na'vi!" He yelled over the music as the girl gave him this weird look, but she was too nice to blow him off completely.

"Oh I see," she nodded slowly, then shifts on one of her heels. "Well it was nice to meet you um…" she replied to him, apparently not catching it through this little exchange.

"Sam! My name is Sam and I don't eat green eggs and ham, oh but wait a minute," he said, clearly just a little tipsy. Santana shook her head smirking a little bit, finally taking this as her cue to jump in.

She grabbed on to the girl's arm gently, nuzzling her nose into the girl's neck. "Oh there you are baby. I've been looking everywhere for you," Santana said, kissing the girl's neck soothingly, making the girl giggle even if this was awkward for her. Santana pulled her away from Sam back towards the bar.

"Thank you very much," she breathed out, holding a cup out as Santana poured a beer out of the keg for her.

"No problem, I've been there," Santana stated, taking another sip as she watched the girl gulp her beer down. "Wow a girl that can drink. I like that," she laughed, making the girl laugh along with her.

"Yeah sorry, it's just every time I go to a party I pretty much just want to get drunk. Just want to get away from reality for a night," she tells her, which Santana nods in approval.

"Well then in that case. Have some more," she offers, pouring her the mix that she originally made herself. "That'll get you shit faced in no time," she adds, before the girl takes a gulp of it. She coughs a little at the burning, but she ends up nodding, making Santana laugh.

A half hour into the party, Santana is tipsy and this girl is completely drunk and to be honest she's a really clingy, but funny drunk. She asked Santana to dance with her and before Santana could react, she pulled her on the dance floor, eyeing her suggestively before turning around and backing herself against Santana's front, sliding up and down her body. Santana captured her bottom lip in between her teeth, watching the girl move wanting so much more. She grasped her waist, pulling her closer forcefully, lowering her lips down to her neck again, kissing down it. The girl shifted her head to the side so Santana could have better access to the skin, allowing her to nip and suck at the flesh. Santana could've sworn even over the blaring of the music, she heard her moan.

"What's your name?" Santana whispered into her ear as close as possible, filling it with her warm breath.

"Rachel," the girl said, turning around to look at the taller girl in front of her, who look at her seductively.

"Well Rachel what do you say we get out of here?" Santana asks, holding her hand out for Rachel, who took it instantly, but as they were about to make their way upstairs, Santana pulled her back so she can tell Puck she was leaving.

"Dude we just got here," he urges her to stay, before he spots the shorter girl getting up to Santana's level to nibble on her ear, causing Santana to breath out a tiny moan, making him laugh. "Oh okay, I got you now. Go do your thing, I'll see you later," he smiles widely, only to receive a quick nod in his direction as the girls make their way upstairs and out of the party.


Santana unlocked the door to her apartment, allowing Rachel to go in first and almost instantly after she shut the door, Rachel pinned her against it, kissing her full force on the lips, grabbing at the bottom of her shirt, pulling Santana closer to her. Santana didn't like not being in control, so she twisted them around and pushed Rachel against the door, capturing her bottom lip between her teeth, sucking on it gently, allowing a rising moan to escape Rachel's lips.

Santana lowered her lips carelessly down Rachel's neck, nibbling and sucking on the flesh yet again as Rachel fumbled with Santana's button on her jeans. Sensing Rachel's urgency, Santana lifted her up by the butt and wrapped Rachel's legs around her waist, allowing her lips to find their way back to Rachel's.

She carried her into her room and tossed her on the bed. She stood there watching Rachel squirm in ecstasy, before Rachel pulled onto Santana's shirt pulling her down to meet her lips again, wrapping her legs back around her waist. Santana pulled the already rising fabric up Rachel's body, slipping it over her head, leaving her clad in her undergarments.

Santana bit her bottom lip as she scaled Rachel's body in approval; she liked what she saw beneath her as she slipped her shoes off and removed her jacket from her shoulders, hopping on top of the smaller girl, who instantly grabbed at the hem of her shirt, pulling it over Santana's head, tossing it carelessly where her dress now lies.

"You're so sexy," Santana whispered into her neck, rubbing Rachel's sides, lowering her lips down to her chest, slipping her hands under the fabric to grope tightly, while moving her hips into Rachel as she moaned out loudly. Santana could already tell Rachel was going to be loud and she also could tell she was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Santana lowered her lips down Rachel's exposed stomach, gently sucking on it as the girl grasped at her sheets with her eyes closed in anticipation. Santana gently used the tip of her tongue, hooking her fingers into the waistband of Rachel's panties, letting her tongue direct the fabric off the smaller girl's legs. Santana made her way back up to Rachel's body and instantly she got flipped over forcefully by Rachel. She was somewhat taken aback because she didn't think it was possible for her to have that much force.

She flipped her hair and leaned down to Santana's ear "I want you naked," she could smell the alcohol on her breath as she spoke these words, but even so, they gave her so much gratification, so she laid there and allowed Rachel to work her magic with every possible touch, kiss and movement she could possible. She pulled Santana's jeans and panties off at the same time and was about to dip down and capture her heat, only to have her flipped over.

With the smaller girl underneath her groaning in a displeasing fashion, Santana smirked seductively, unclasping Rachel's bra and her own tossing it into the heap. Santana rocked her hips into Rachel's a few times as she captured Rachel's breast into her mouth, allowing her hand to lower down to Rachel's heat, teasing her folds.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. Santana could feel the wetness. Not wanting to wait any longer she slides two fingers completely in, pumping hard into the smaller girl as she bucks her hips with the same rhythm, moaning and panting heavily. Santana continued her assault on each breast as she pumped her fingers faster and harder, starting to breathe heavier herself until she felt Rachel's walls contracting in need of release. An instant shot of pleasure coursed through Rachel's body sending it into a spasm, allowing her to voice that pleasure in a loud moan.

Santana allows her to ride it out, but before she could let her finish, Rachel passes out beneath her. The taller girl's face twists into confusion, but she sighs and pulls her fingers out, sliding off of her to make her way into the bathroom to clean up. She washed her hands rather quickly, checked herself over, taking notice of the scars on her back.

She smirked and nodded to herself. She couldn't help, but laugh at the marks. She didn't know why, but she felt that every time she got hickeys or scratches on her body it was a constant reminder that she did a job well done per say. She loved being the giver even if she enjoyed some receiving, being in control wasn't a game to her; it was a way of life. She enjoyed the feeling of being able to overpower a girl with complete pleasure that it makes her want to come back and those scars, only proved she did her job.

She walked out, not bothering to put clothes back on and slid into the bed next to Rachel. Normally she'd have the girl leave, but she was too tired and knew that Rachel was too drunk to wake up, so she left her there.


The sun shown brightly into the window, causing Santana to squint at the blaze. Her head somewhat pounded against her skull as she scaled the room and saw Rachel on her stomach, still fast asleep. She sighed heavily, rubbing her eyes before getting out of bed and picking a wife-beater and shorts out of her drawer and made her way to the living room.

She spotted Puck on the couch, staring lazily at the television with a giant bowl of cereal in his lap. She plopped down next to him, causing him to look up at her, smirking only to have her give him a weird look. "I heard you two last night. You guys fucked a long time," he commented, placing a spoonful into his mouth, making her push his shoulder. "Wait, so was she as good as she sounded?" He asked, making Santana laugh.

"Dude, that wasn't me screaming," she told him, grabbing the spoon, stealing some of his cereal, before she continued. "It was all her," she added, with her mouthful, making him chuckle loudly.

"Okay, okay, you're a dog and the coolest chick I've ever met. I swear you get more ass than any other guy I've ever met," he commends as her door opens and Rachel comes out with her hair in shambles, fixing the strap on her dress. She looked almost embarrassed as she saw Puck on the couch.

Santana got up and met her halfway, before Rachel spoke. "I should probably get going," she said quietly to the taller girl, who just nodded and guided her to the door. Santana opened it for her, only to have Rachel turn around and kiss her on the lips deeply. It was slow and Santana reacted before Rachel pulled away.

"It was nice to meet you Santana," she told her, licking her lips as a growing smile appeared across her face. Santana returned it and nodded, not needing to really voice her thoughts. "Give me a call sometime," she added, handing Santana a ripped piece of paper, before walking down the hall as Santana watched her sway back and forth until she was out of sight.

Santana came back into the living room, sitting back down on the couch next to Puck and tossed the number on the coffee table. "You going to call her?" He asked her as she turned her head and gave him one of her famous smiles until she finally decided to shake her head.

He laughed slightly, handing her the rest of the cereal before he got up. "Oh by the way, we have a job tonight, it's going to pay us about two grand a piece and needless to say, we need it, so you down?" He asked her as she spooned a mouthful of cereal into her mouth. She nodded instantly, knowing they really needed as much money as they could get.


Santana and Puck walked up to a wealthy house on the other side of the tracks. Inside the garage, there is supposedly one of the most expensive cars they would ever have the pleasure of driving and it was up to them to get it to Azimio Adam's warehouse without it being unseen. Both have done this kind of thing before for Azimio, but this time it was different. This time this car was considered to be worth more than two new Dodge Chargers and a new Chevy Camero put together and if something is worth that kind of change, Azimio wanted it and desperately.

Puck's phone began to vibrate as Azimio's name popped up on the caller I.D.; only person on the contacts since it was a disposable phone used for jobs like this. Puck is given a new phone every job, so the calls can't be tracked.

"You in front of the house?" his voice rang through the receiver, instantly seeing the lights go out in the house, signaling the owner went to bed.

"Yeah and all the lights are out," Puck replied, watching the house as Santana shifted her gaze from Puck to the structure. She wasn't going to lie, she was incredibly nervous about this. She was afraid of getting caught and going back to jail. Judge Pillsbury warned her if she was in her courtroom again, Santana would be forced to be in jail much longer. She didn't know the exact amount, but she was sure it'd be longer than just a few months.

"All right, let's go," Puck's voice came into ear, placing a beanie on his head to prevent a lot of things; from his head getting too cold and because he had a mohawk; it'd be easier to identify him in a lineup, if worse came to worse.

They ran across the street swiftly and quietly, stopping in front of the garage door to the lock. Puck began to pick the garage lock until finally he was able to pull it up quietly. With no signs of an alarm going off, they smiled at one another; so far so good as they ran towards the car. There was a sheet covering it causing Puck, with Santana's help, to pull it off to reveal this brand new blue Ferrari.

Puck's eyes widen at the sight of it and pretty soon a giant grin appears across his face like he was a kid in a candy store, suddenly getting right to picking the lock to open the door. Almost instantly, the car unlocks, but again no alarm goes off and that makes Santana feel uneasy, hoping maybe they figured that since the car was in the garage no one could get to it; wishful thinking.

"I'm totally driving," Puck whispers to her, getting inside the front seat and unlocking the passenger side to let Santana in. As she slides in she notices the entire inside is black leather. She couldn't deny that this car was amazing and definitely the most expensive car she's ever been in. It was almost surreal that they were even stealing it, in fact she was surprised that no one else has yet.

Suddenly she heard the car engine turn on and noticed Puck already hot wired the starter and he started to rev the engine, causing Santana's mood to change into a growing excitement. He backed out of the garage laughing the whole time until they hit the road, speeding away faster than they were suppose to.

"Woo! This is awesome!" Puck yelled, speeding through a green light as Santana laughed, blasting the music. They decided to take it on a little joyride before bringing it to Azimio; it's not everyday that you get to drive a Ferrari.

As they come to a stop at a red light, still blasting the music they suddenly hear the sounds they never in their minds wanted to hear. Police sirens coming up right behind them. Santana's face turned pale at the sight of them coming up on their tail and Puck didn't dare move yet.

"Puck fuck! What are we going to do? I can't fucking go to jail again man!" She yelled at him as he focused between the rearview mirror and the light almost as if contemplating on whether he should run the light or let them be cool or even just silently hoping that the light would turn green so he could go, but since luck wasn't on their side; it didn't and the police car was nearing their butts, so Puck finally decided it was enough.

Placing his foot full force on the gas peddle he sped through the red light and as instant as that, they were placed into a speed chase because there was no way Puck was stopping. Puck turned in many different directions as the car followed in suit for a few blocks, trying to locate a possible solution.

"Highway! Take the highway!" Santana yelled, pointing at the sign causing Puck to veer into the north lane to get on the highway. He knew that by this time the police officer probably called for backup because there was no way he was stopping, plus this car had a full tank of gas; this chase can go on till the tank hit empty.

Puck veered in and out of traffic around slower cars, trying to dodge the police in hopes at least they crash like in some crazy action movie. Santana on the other hand was freaking out, even though Puck has been in jail before himself she knew he had ways of staying out of prison for long.

"How did this happen?" Santana freaked out to him as he glanced over at her before looking back at the road and mirror.

"Maybe both the house and car have silent alarms, but you're going to be fine dude. I promise," he assured her as he continued going north, noticing there were at least four cop cars behind them now, taking the same route they were.

Santana's mind was going absolutely insane and she had no control over what was happening right now and it bothered her. She had to rely on Puck to get them out of this situation and it terrified her to no end, but at the same time she could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins as Puck started veering off the highway to an exit.

"What are you doing?" She asked him in somewhat of a panic yell. He sighed wanting to ignore her; thinking he knew what he was doing and he didn't need her yelling at him at this moment.

"There's no use staying on the highway. We need to find away around the city," He told her, before checking the mirror and spotting the police cars a few yards away, as two of them accidentally hit on going traffic, making Puck laugh and cheer. This confused Santana since she didn't know what he was cheering for, but she glanced behind her and saw the accident that just took place and she erupted into a smile.

"That's my boy!" She egged on to Puck, who just laughed basking in the glory, allowing it to boost his ego. Puck continued to look in the mirror and before he could even notice what he was doing he hears "Puck! Look out!" Santana's voice rings into ear. Looking at the road he sees a set of trees in view as the road made a sharp curve, causing him to hit one of the trunks full force.

Instantly Santana is knocked out cold as Puck's airbag deplores out of the steering wheel. He groans at the contact, rubbing his forehead feeling a little blood on it. He sits there for a moment before hearing the police sirens again, but spotting no lights. He panics and evacuates the car as quickly as possible into the woods, running as fast as he can to avoid getting caught.

He ran and ran as fast as he could from the scene stopping five blocks away. He could still hear the sirens, but they weren't getting closer. It was almost like they stopped; he guessed they found the car. Breathing heavily he pulled the beanie off his head with huff and suddenly the sirens seized and that's when he knew he was safe.

Author's Note: So this is the new story and I hope you're willing to keep reading. This was just the Prologue, so the real drama begins in the next chapters to follow. Obviously, this needed to be done, so you can see what kind of character Santana is in this story and why she's back in jail, but rest assure I won't disappoint. In the meantime, let me know what you think in a review and my Tumblr (I'm going to put the link here) http:/ lacksubstance . tumblr . com is there you can follow. I update my progress on my writing and ask for help sometimes. My readers feedback is highly important to me. Again, please review. Thanks guys. (: