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Since the visit from Brittany's parents, neither girl has really spoken to them. Santana knew they meant well and she would never hold anything against them for wanting to check in on her background and history; she really didn't blame them, but trying to convince Brittany would be a whole other story.

It's been a little over a month and their relationship was better than ever. Santana was becoming domesticated, but she'd never admit that. Brittany tends to make fun of her for it, but she tries not to go overboard.

Santana enrolled into the community college in town and needless to say, the admissions office was surprised as to why she was enrolling in community college with grades like hers. She was a hidden nerd; she admits that, but after being cut off and disowned you really have no other options, but scholarships, which were too late to apply for by the time everything happened. She knew she should've stayed on the Cheerios.

Santana even got a job at a local restaurant as a waitress, and yes she was incredibly surprised by that, with her record. However, besides the grand theft auto charge, she had no record of stealing or drug charges. They were a tad concerned with her ability to work with others, but so far she has been keeping her anger in check and that's all they've asked for.

Santana has just gotten home and she sees Brittany on her laptop searching through the list of jobs in her field. She really did feel terrible for Brittany because in reality this entire thing was her fault, but Brittany never makes her believe that.

"Any luck?" Santana asks, taking her jacket off and placing her key down on the table. She's clad in her uniform for work and walks over to her girlfriend to kiss her and sit next to her.

Brittany sighs and shakes her head. "No. I've called a bunch of places today and none are really hiring. It's so frustrating," Brittany buries her face into her hands, then runs her hand through her hair before staring back at Santana.

"We should move," Santana concluded after a few short minutes of silence. Brittany looked up at her baffled because she's enrolled in school, she has a job, and things are really starting to come together. She hasn't gotten into any negative situations to throw her off on her progression, so Brittany really wasn't sure what sprung this on.

"Well just hear me out, I've lived in Lima my entire life and it has some good, but mostly bad memories for me and I know things are really starting to come together, but I just feel like, maybe it's time for us to get a new start, where nobody knows us," Santana speaks enthusiastically. Brittany leans back against the couch and crosses her arms to give it some thought.

Santana was right in a sense because even she had bad memories here. Plus she was positive the situation between her and Santana got out to other prisons and even though she wasn't convicted she was certain that was the reason she couldn't get another job. She didn't want to keep what they had a secret and thus far they haven't, but maybe that's the point. People talk and Lima is a small town, word gets out about many different things.

"My family is here Santana, but I think we can talk more about it and really just plan it out further before taking my car and a UHAUL across state lines to a random state," Brittany reasons and Santana smiles, nodding to every word.

"So we're gonna do this then?" Santana wanted the confirmation and with a smirk from Brittany, she knew the truth. Santana leans forward and slides on top of Brittany, placing kisses on her lips as Brittany wraps her arms around her back. "We haven't even had a first date…perhaps I should bring that UHAUL to it," she whispers into the kiss, forcing Brittany to giggle.

"Well you're already moved in, so I think we skipped a step," Brittany replies capturing her lips again with her own.

"We've skipped many steps babe. We're not exactly a normal couple," Santana mumbles, but even though Brittany knew this was true; she definitely wanted to be like the rest of the couples, so maybe moving out of their state wouldn't be a bad idea.

"Oh! You got mail," Brittany remembers, sliding out from under Santana, who just plopped down on the couch with a sigh. She hated when she was all hot and bothered, and Brittany would immediately get sidetracked and venture off to do something else.

Santana turned on her back as Brittany came back to the living room with two letters. She lifted Santana's legs and slid under them and handed them to her girlfriend, who opened the first one that had the return address from Venice, Italy. Santana smiled, knowing instantly who it was from. Quinn.

She opened it and pulled the piece of paper out of the envelope, and began to read.


Well it's been awhile, hasn't it? I hope Brittany has been accommodating since your release—though I don't doubt she hasn't. I hope all is well with you though. I've been really thinking about you a lot and about all the things you could be doing. I can't deny that my feelings for you haven't changed, but I do hope you're truly happy. That's all I ever wanted for you. Sure I wish it was with me, but I can deal with it.

Enough of that, I'm sure from the address you can tell I am in Italy. It's pretty crazy, isn't it? I mean, it felt like yesterday that I was stuck in Lima behind bars, but now I'm here touring churches and other historical monuments. It's surreal.

I have met some people here though. Specifically a girl—American to be exact, she reminds me a lot of you and maybe I've grown a tad smitten by her and I know she has of me, but I can't bring myself to give her my heart just yet, you know? It's not because of you per say, but my walls are up with everyone these days. You saw it when you first met me, you know how guarded I became after Richard.

Anyway, I hope that I can get through that part and maybe let love in, like you've been able to with Brittany.

I love you Santana and maybe in another life we could've worked, right? At least I have you as my friend than nothing at all, after everything I've done to you.

Talk to you soon.


Strangely, Santana didn't feel depressed with Quinn's words. She did seem like she was trying to move past her and that's all she could ask for her. She wanted Quinn to be happy and for now baby steps aren't such a bad thing.

Brittany watched her skim the letter over and she knew whatever that was in it, Santana was deep in thought.

"What is it?" Brittany asked, rubbing her leg affectionately. Santana continued to look at the letter, before she looked up at her girlfriend's awaiting blue eyes.

She sighed heavily. "Do you think in another life we wouldn't have worked?" Brittany looked at her, her expression never once faltering. She wasn't sure where this was coming from, but she definitely knew the answer.

"No," Brittany shook her head. "I think one way or another we're meant for each other. The world is full of billions of people and we found one another in an unlikely place—it doesn't happen often, but I like to believe we would've found each other somehow, had it not been in jail. We just work," Brittany tells her and Santana likes to believe that's true. For the first time in her life she had something good and she didn't want to screw it up with these thoughts of what ifs.

She loved Brittany and that's something she can't say often. Never once has she had true feelings for Quinn or any other person in her life; just Brittany. It did feel right with her and for Santana that's enough to believe every word that escaped her lips.


She knocked on the door quietly—almost too quietly she imagined. The house was large to scale, but she remembered it well. Even not being here for years, she remembered every bit of it. She really didn't have an explanation as to why she decided to come. Maybe to resolve some issues or maybe just to show them she didn't need them and never did. There really wasn't an agenda, but she felt herself gravitating towards the house.

She stood there on the doorstep and waited for a few moments, before the door opened. She was met by large eyes. They mirrored her own and she hated to admit it, but she missed them.

"Hello Mama," Santana broke the uncomfortable silence. Her mother, Gloria stood there still shocked that her daughter stood before her. It's been years since she's seen her, so it's difficult to adjust to it.

Gloria stood there for a moment longer, before opening the door wide to let Santana in. She walked in and Gloria followed behind and it was like mental memory to just find the living room and take a seat on the couch.

Gloria sat down next to her and they sat in another silence, before she spoke. "I'm glad you're here. It's been what—six years?" Santana blinked down at her lap a few times. Seven years, she corrected to herself, but it still hindered that disbelief.

"I came here for a reason," Santana says, shifting to face her mother. "I just came here to tell you and show you how I am and what I've done within these seven years. I'm twenty three—and you've missed, my eighteenth and my twenty first birthdays—the two most important ones after sixteen. But you know what? I forgive you for that," she began as Gloria continued making eye contact with her.

"I've been living in the bad part of Lima Heights because it was all Puck and I could afford. He sold drugs on the street and I went with him on carjacking jobs. I've been to parties where I'd get wasted and bring a girl home to fulfill my needs. During the night, I'd kick them out of my bed and they'd be forced to leave. I can honestly tell you I've never had a committed relationship with anyone because I had zero capacity to care about anyone else, but myself. Then I got arrested for the—fuck I can't even count, but Puck left me in a torn up Ferrari and I took the blame for every bit of it even though everyone told me being in the passenger seat, I could lower my sentence—but I didn't," she continued as her mother's eyes faltered a little bit at her words.

"I was beaten twice by an inmate, I hurt another badly by leading her to believe I was in love with her, and I fell in love," she whispers as tears formed on the brims of her eyes. Her mother's eyes widened at the revelation her daughter just said. "And she's amazing mom. I know me being gay is hard for you, but the way I feel when I'm with her—it's like I don't ever want to be without her. She's everything you could ask for me. She takes care of me and I do the same for her—I'd do anything for her. Isn't that what it's supposed to be like when you're in love with someone?" She finishes as the tears make their way slowly down her cheeks and her mother finally looks away from her. Gloria sighs heavily, before leaning forward and taking her daughter's hand into her own.

She blinks a few times, before speaking. "I've been without you for seven years. I've walked into your room every day since you've been gone, hoping that it was a dream. Your father wanted you gone, not me. I knew I could learn to accept you for who you'll fall in love with, but your father never could," she spoke softly, stopping for a beat to take a deep breath.

"Your father passed away two years after and I tried calling you, but the number was disconnected. I didn't know where to look. I went to Puck's house and his mother had said you two had gotten a place together somewhere, but she didn't know where. I tried everything, but I just didn't know. But Santana, I've learned to accept every bit of things that aren't considered normal. I've learned to accept you for you. I'm not happy where you've been, but I'm happy about where you are now. Whoever this girl is must've been a good influence on you," Gloria tells her and as much as it pains Santana to hear these words—in a good way, it still hurt to know that it was her father's doing and she couldn't show him how better off she was without him.

"She really is and I'm sorry that you couldn't find me, but I didn't want to be found," Santana tells her and Gloria nods in understanding. They finally sit in a more comfortable silence now that the air was clear between them, before Gloria spoke.

"So tell me about this girl," Gloria nudges with a small smile, making Santana laugh slightly, before she decided to tell her everything there was to know about Brittany and what made her so special to her.


That night, Santana told Brittany everything that had happened at her mom's with a smile never leaving her face. It made Brittany truly happy to see that Santana reconnected with her mom—and with her own doing. She told her mom about how she had a job and was enrolled into school, and even told her they thought about moving, but we're still unsure.

Her mom in return invited her and Brittany to her fiesta with the rest of the family; Santana missed those and plus she's told Brittany all about their parties, so she really wanted her to witness them.

Santana laid in bed as Brittany rested her head on her chest with her leg curled over Santana's. Brittany snored softly while listening to Santana's heartbeat. It was late and Santana had work and the first day of school tomorrow, so she wanted to be well rested.

Her phone began vibrating on the night table, making a loud shattering sound before finally waking her up. Her eyes squinted and she yawned, before picking it up. She blinked a few times getting use to the light, before hitting the answer button.

"Hello," she says tiredly, closing her eyes. They opened slightly at the sound of the operator asking if she'll accept the charges—someone's calling her from prison. But everyone she knew as friends at least were out of jail now. Did Mercedes lose her cool again? Quinn's in Europe, so it couldn't be her. Rachel? No way, she doesn't have a bad bone in her body. "Yeah I'll accept them," curiosity was getting the best of her.

"Santana," a male voice comes through and it causes her to sit up slowly, pushing herself carefully out of Brittany's grasp.

"How the hell did you get my number?" She asks in a whisper, before walking out to the living room.

"Your mom," he says as she sighs. She didn't mention to her mom that she and Puck weren't speaking anymore—she probably should have.

"What do you want Puckerman?" She asks a little louder now since she didn't have Brittany near her sleeping.

"I want to see you. We need to talk. We've been bros for years man—and you were my first. You're special to me and I mean we can't let a girl get in the way of our friendship," he spoke desperately. She found his pleading ironic because now it's him on the other side in the cages while she walks around free to do as she pleases.

"She isn't just a girl, Puck. And you may think I'm still that same person I was before I got locked up, but I'm not. I mean fuck! You got my number from my mom, you think I'd have the balls to go see her again if I was that same person? No, I'd get a big ego and say I don't need her and I never did. And I know you think I'm choosing her over you, but it didn't have to be that way. If you didn't threaten her and try to say I'm always going to be a player and a fucking screw up, then we all would have been fine. But you caused this! Not me, not Brittany, but you. So I meant what I said, I'm done with you. If you decide you want to apologize then I'll come see you, if you don't then we're not bros anymore," she tells him, before she hangs up the phone with a sigh.

She takes a seat on the coffee table, running her hand through her hair. Brittany walks out of the room and leans down in front of Santana.

"You miss him," Brittany tells her softly as Santana shakes her head then sighs heavily again.

"I miss how he used to be," she replies.

"Honey, I barely know him, but from what I can tell, this is how he's always been. It's you that's changed and that's not a bad thing. You're better off without him because let's face it, he brought you down. He may have told you he would tell the police he had something to do with the carjacking, but do you really think he would have? Or do you think he only said that because he knew you'd be bigger and take full blame? I won't tell you what to do, but if you want to see him then do it, if not then don't. It has always been your decision," Brittany explains tiredly and Santana just nods, knowing she's right about it all.

Brittany leans in and kisses Santana, before pulling her up from her spot.

"Let's get back to bed. You have a big day tomorrow," Brittany adds, kissing her temple, making Santana smile and walk back in the room with her to get some sleep and forget everything with Puck—for now at least.


The weekend came quickly and both girls couldn't be more excited and nervous. Brittany was meeting Santana's mom for the first time, not to mention they were recently estranged. Now they speak at least once a day and even Brittany talked to her on the phone. From what she could tell, Gloria seemed to like her, but when you're not in person it can sometimes be deceiving.

They approached the house and Santana grabbed Brittany's hand to bring her around back. It was pretty much human nature for her that whenever there was a fiesta going on at her house, you go around back instead of knocking on the door since everyone was most likely outside.

She opened the gate and could already hear the music and laughing. She smiled when memories of the last time she was here for these moments flowed through her. She was just happy she could share one of her finest memories with Brittany now.

They walked in and saw her cousins and aunts relaxing on the patio furniture and her younger cousins in the pool, while some danced and her uncles cooked.

"Oh Santana!" Her mother noticed them pretty quickly, getting out of her chair to hug her happily.

"Mama this is Brittany," Santana says with a warm smile, pulling Brittany forward with their clasped hand. Gloria took in the tall blonde before her then smiled and leaned in and hugged her. Santana couldn't contain the blissful feelings she felt when she took that action.

"It's so nice to finally meet you and thank you for taking care of my maja," Gloria states, holding Brittany on both shoulders.

"Oh please, I think she's been taking care of me. She's been cooking for me senseless," Brittany smiles as Gloria laughs and places her arm around her waist.

"We brought pico," Santana tells her, holding the bowl up to her mother, who looked at her strangely. "Brittany insisted we don't come empty handed, so I just made a bowl of pico," she added as Gloria nods and takes the bowl then escorts Brittany away to introduce her to everyone.

Santana sighs and walks over to her younger cousins, some she hasn't seen since they were babies and some who she hasn't seen since they were at least four. It was really sad to think about that, but when they hugged her and warmed up to her, she knew that things were going to get better. Perhaps she should rethink this whole moving out of state thing.

Pretty soon she was sitting at the patio furniture and her cousins were hassling her about what she's been doing and how she's dealt with not living off her parents—it annoyed her, but they were family and they were curious.

"Well we know who you been doing," her cousin Milo told her, holding his beer in his hand as his sister, Estephanie hit him in the head while laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, you got jokes Milo," she replies, sipping her beer as everyone else calmed down. Gloria is in the house getting everything else together while two of her brothers finished grilling.

"No, but really, so you're a felon and in the end you got with a guard—I mean only my little cousin can do that. Shit I wish I could've done that. I had me a fine chica when I went away for my damn DUI, but nothing," her other cousin Antonio states as his new girlfriend was sitting on his lap. She gave him a dirty glare and it lasted pretty long until he noticed. "Oh I meant, before you baby," he added as Milo and Santana made whipping sounds. "Oh fuck you putas," he shook off as they laughed.

Just as he said this, Brittany came back to sit down on Santana's lap, where she instantly wrapped her arms around her slim waist. "I swear your cousins don't stop dancing," she breaths out tiredly as Santana laughs.

"We're Hispanic it's in our blood," Estephanie says as they all agree and Brittany nods in understanding.

"Can you get me something to drink?" Brittany asks Santana, who just nods pulling her up so she can sit down and as she walks away she hears the whipping sounds starting and it wasn't just Antonio or Milo, but the entire table. She turns around and glares at them.

"Well at least some of us get laid for being whipped," she turns back and goes to get Brittany something to drink, but hears Brittany say 'it's true, she does' causing her to laugh with her back turned so they couldn't see.

Santana comes back and Brittany gives her her spot back and sits back down on her lap, before kissing her cheek and thanking her.

"We were just telling Brittany how much of a little shit head you were," Milo says with a smug smile and she just shakes her head.

"Thanks guys, I appreciate that. You're supposed to make her want to stay not run away," Santana states, kicking Milo's shin and he groans, grasping it in pain—she had a mean kick.

"Babe they could never make me run nor could you, besides you were a shit head," Brittany tells her, poking her cheek with the bottle rim from her beer. Santana narrowed her eyes at her, making her giggle before kissing her cheek again and snuggling into her.

"Okay I'm going to say something positive though, you two are adorable together and I don't care if others think it's wrong. I'll knock the shit out of them if anybody says differently," Antonio's girlfriend, Sofia says as she gets nods and unison of agreements from the rest of the table.

Santana smiles gleefully, before nodding and kissing Brittany on the lips with a big smile. They continued to peck a little bit here and there, when Brittany gets a tug on her shirt. She turns away from Santana and sees one of Santana's younger cousins who couldn't be more than six.

"Bri can you come dance with me?" He's been calling Brittany 'Bri' all day and she wasn't about to change it. She kind of liked it—had a nice little ring to it and it was something she wasn't called before.

She smiled down to him. "I will in a little bit okay, you just save the perfect song," she promises and he smiles widely, before running off and jumping in the pool again.

She chuckles softly and turns back to her girlfriend. "You're good with him," Santana comments and Brittany nods, but shrugs. She always liked kids and she thought Santana's cousins were adorable and they seemed to have a liking to Santana as well so it was even better seeing her with them.

"Yeah and my kids never stop popping out their kids," one of Santana's aunt says, making them laugh. "I swear, I think they are humping like jack rabbits those two," she adds and that was a mental image Santana never wanted in her head, but unfortunately was placed in it.

Gloria steps out when she hears the conversation and she takes a seat next to her younger sister. "You've been a grandmother three times…?" Gloria asks her and she nods with a roll of her eyes. "I want to know when it's my turn. When am I getting grandbabies?" Gloria asks and everyone turns their attention towards Santana and Brittany, whose eyes are wide in shock. They turn to each other like the other would have an answer, but that's a whole other story.

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