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The Captain

The newly-minted young Captain James T. Kirk entered his quarters and flopped exhaustedly in the comfortable chair at his desk, glad that the long debriefing after the shake-down cruise of the Federation's newest starship – and even newer crew – was over. He scrubbed at his face with both hands for a moment before reaching into the bottom drawer and removing a shot glass and the half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels he'd bought to celebrate his promotion. The twenty-five-year-old Terran poured himself a shot and sipped it slowly, relishing the smooth warmth and fire of the amber liquid as it relaxed his frazzled nerves. Leaning back, he considered turning in for the night, but realized that there was still one more thing he should do while the day's events were still fresh in his mind.

He sat upright just long enough to activate the computer terminal built into the utilitarian desktop. Leaning back again, this time placing his feet up on the desktop, he addressed the machine: "Computer; begin recording. Captain's Log, Stardate 2258.72. We just finished the final debriefing from our shakedown cruise and Starfleet Command was suitably impressed. We've been given a week of shore-leave before receiving orders for our first extended mission. Hopefully, it'll be more interesting and easier on the ship than our first outing. Computer; end recording."

Kirk took another sip of his whiskey, lost in thought. He suddenly realized that he still had yet another duty to perform before he could call it a night: one that he didn't particularly care for.

"Computer; begin recording. Captain's Personal Log, Stardate 2258.72. Well, it's official. We are now a real crew. Not only have I become the youngest starship captain in Starfleet history, we have the overall youngest command crew, as well. Unfortunately, I suspect that they're gonna expect a lot more out of us than they do the others. That's okay; we'll show 'em.

"Actually, I have a lot of hope for this crew. In spite of the way we came together, we all seem to mesh well – even with the differences in personality and temperament.

"Speaking of spite, I guess I have to remember to give Admiral Pike a big 'I told ya so' before we leave. I told him it would only be three years. Of course, I was talking about becoming an officer rather than captain at the time, but this is even better. Only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest, my ass."

Kirk paused and gathered his thoughts while taking another drink. "I really don't get the purpose of these personal logs. I mean… I get the psychobabble and I do 'em 'cause it's required of all officers of Command Grade, but they seem like a big waste of time to me. Bones says that they're a good way to vent frustration, but it seems to create more frustration than it relieves. But then, Bones usually knows what he's talking about – unless it has to do with women. I can't even begin to imagine what his ex-wife must have been like to get him to start a career in an environment that he's so plainly terrified of just to get away from her.

"He's a great doctor, though I wish he'd lay off of those damned hypo-sprays. They hurt! He certainly knows his stuff and has turned out to be a hell of a good friend. Amazing since the first thing he ever said to me was that he was gonna puke on me. I'm really glad he didn't.

"Speaking of friends; oddly enough, Spock and I seem to be developing… something – if not a friendship, then at least a state of mutual non-aggression. I just wish that it didn't take the destruction of his home planet to get the stick out of his ass. He's actually a decent enough guy, but he really needs to lighten up. I'm surprised that Uhura is so attached to him.

"God… Uhura. What a fine specimen of womanhood. What the hell does a hottie like her see in that pointy-eared SOB? At least I finally know what her first name is, although I can't believe it took me two weeks to realize that, as captain, I have access to her personnel file. I'm not planning on telling her, though. We'll at least still have that little game to play. Besides, the damned regulations prohibit me from fraternizing with the crew. I wonder how Spock got around that at the Academy? Lucky bastard! At least I've managed to stop drooling every time I see her – or think about just how talented her tongue must be."

Kirk dropped his feet back to the deck and poured himself another shot. He stood, and began to pace as he continued, "I'm really not too sure what to think about Spock. If I hadn't met the older one – and he hadn't done that mind thingy while we were marooned on Delta Vega – I'd never have believed that we wouldn't kill each other at the first opportunity, let alone become friends. I'm kinda glad he did that, though. Admittedly, the Jim Kirk he knew was very different than I am, but it was interesting to see just how much trust grew between us – them – whatever. Without seeing, and feeling, his memories, I'd never have believed it possible. Of course, the Spock I'm currently working with isn't the same, either. But, there is hope that we can at the very least get along well enough to make the Enterprise the finest ship in the fleet.

"And maybe I can find out how the hell he managed to get the hottest lieutenant in the fleet. I wonder if there's another hot xenolinguist around somewhere?

"In any case, I actually think things will work out well. From talking to him while planning and executing our recent little jaunt – and of course, the older Spock's memories again – I know that the man's a certified genius – even for a Vulcan. Between Bones, Spock and I, I don't think there's anything we won't be able to deal with."

Jim stopped pacing, swallowed the last of his whiskey before placing the empty shot glass on a nearby table, and flopped onto his bunk with his hands behind his head. "Of course," he continued, "it helps that we seem to have lucked out and had the best of the Class of 2258 assigned to us. Other than her talented tongue, dear Miss Uhura was at the top of her class in both Communications and Computer Sciences as well. That's not to mention that she has an incredible singing voice. I remember when I walked into the Officers' Lounge a couple weeks ago and she was singing while Spock was accompanying her on that weird Vulcan harp-like thing. If she's as talented in everything else as she is in what we've seen, then Spock really is a lucky bastard.

"Of course, she's not the only talented crew member. Montgomery Scott is another damned genius. When we got back after the destruction of the Narada, the first thing he did was get into the repair of the Enterprise. While everyone else wanted off the ship as soon as possible to recover from what we'd just gone through, Scotty seemed to find it more relaxing to spend the next month fixing 'his lassie'. He hadn't even been officially assigned here yet, but he was off and doing whatever it is that engineers do." The young skipper chuckled. "I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to get his hands on the Enterprise's 'ample nacelles'. I'm glad that my first crew request as captain was for him to be Chief Engineer. From the reports I've read – and rumors I've picked up – Scotty drove not only the Spacedock repair crew nuts, but the original design team as well. As a result, his suggestions have already improved the ship's performance and efficiency over thirty percent.

"I suddenly seem to recall from Old Spock's memories that Scotty was instrumental to his Enterprise's successes, too – and just as possessive of her. In fact, his Enterprise eventually ended up with the same senior staff that we have; just much later in everybody's careers. That's kinda reassuring in a weird way. I mean, knowing that the crew we have was instrumental in so many major events in a future that hasn't happened yet, and won't because it's not the same future… Shit! This is just too damned confusing! Well, Temporal Dynamics was my worst class.

"Yeah, we're luckier than hell. Take Hikaru Sulu for instance. In a ship the size of this one, which he only had a basic familiarity and no real experience with, he managed to twist and turn it through the mangled and scattered remains of the seven starships that arrived at Vulcan ahead of us with minimal damage. Now that he's had some more experience with her, I'd bet that he could repeat that without even scratching the paint. I was originally concerned when he said that his Advanced Combat training consisted of Fencing, but he sure kicked those Romulans' asses. I checked and he, too, was top of his class in Piloting and Navigation. Several other classes as well.

"Pavel Chekov must be the biggest enigma in the crew. He really is only seventeen – I checked. How he even got admitted to the Academy is beyond me, but he completed his training in record time. He may be young, but he's another damned genius. I wonder if he was on the path to become another genius-level repeat offender? Kinda high-strung and excitable, but a good kid.

"I hate to admit it, but I even pulled Bones' records. For a man that hates space as much as he does, he sure knows a lot about it. Only thirty-one years old and he's one of Starfleet's foremost experts in Xenobiology. In fact, Bones is one of only three Terran doctors authorized to care for joined Trills. His ex must really have been something else to be able to chase him away, as he's already done so much successful research – some of it while still in med school – that any planet-side facility would gladly give him whatever he wanted to have him on their staff. I'm glad to have him aboard and I'm even more glad he's my friend. Old Spock had a lot of respect for his McCoy, too.

"I should really talk to this time's Spock about all of this since he can do that funky mind stuff, too. Maybe he can help me tone down these memories or feelings or whatever the hell they are. Spock admitted that the older one convinced him to stay in Starfleet, rather than join the new colony, although he didn't tell me why. It's none of my business, of course, but maybe it would be good for both of us. I dunno; it's pretty personal, and Spock's a pretty private guy. Maybe, though…

"Anyway, I guess I should take this next week to be a regular person for the last time since next week I get to start being a big-time Starfleet Captain for real. Maybe try and track down Gaila for one last go-round. Could be fun, as long as she forgets about all that love shit."

Kirk looked up as the door chime sounded. He paused for a moment, then took a deep breath. "Guess Bones was right; this did make me feel a little bit better. But I'll never admit it to him. Computer; end recording." He looked towards the door and called, "Come in."

Kirk sat up as the lanky figure of Leonard McCoy entered his quarters. "What's up, Jim?"

"Nothing, really. I was just dictating one of those stupid personal logs that make the Fleet shrinks so happy. What about you?"

"Good, good." McCoy rubbed his hands together as he probed further. "Make you feel any better?"

"Meh, not really, but I'm getting used to it. Got any plans for the week?"

"Nah, just gonna relax and possibly have a mint julep or two. Maybe try and see my daughter before we leave, if my ex isn't being a bigger bitch than usual." The generally relaxed doctor's irritation was evident as his typically slight Southern drawl had become much more pronounced. "Hopefully she's off-planet somewhere far away and Joanna's with her grandparents."

"Well, save a couple of days for some real fun. I'm thinking of looking up Gaila. Maybe she'll have a friend." Jim's wide smirk gave evidence to the kind of fun he had in mind.

"Who's Gaila?"

"You remember her. She was Uhura's roommate at the Academy."

Bones snorted and shook his head. "Riiiiight. The Orion girl. Thanks, but no thanks. I've had enough of women to last a lifetime. Or maybe two."

Jim grasped his chest in mock shock and outrage. "You can never have enough of women, Bones! You just have to not marry them. Believe me, buddy, they're much more fun that way."

"Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, just thought I'd pop in and say good night."

"Okay, but keep those days open. Don't want you to get as tight-assed as Spock, now, do we?"

"Lord, no!" He chuckled lightly. "Orion, you said? Hm, maybe… G'night, Jim."

"'Night, Bones."

After the doctor left, Jim got undressed and climbed into his comfortable bunk, thinking, "Gotta get that man laid. Had enough of women, my ass." As he fell deeper towards sleep, one last thought crossed his one-track mind, "I wonder if I rate a hot, young yeoman…"