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There was a sudden banging on the door, loud, shocking in the silence of the room. Carlin's eyes shot open at once. Her eyes flickered briefly to the digital clock sitting on one of the desks across the room. It was a quarter after three. Who would be there at such a late hour?

Underneath her, Nary got out of the bottom bunk, cursing to herself. She'd only been in bed for an hour, having come stumbling home drunk yet again. She pulled her nightshirt down over her cotton panties and yanked open the door. "What?" she demanded crossly.

The girl who pushed herself into the room was an identical replica of Nary, down to the big blue eyes and ash blond hair. Kiri, Nary's twin. She lived on the next floor up, but she spent so much time in Carlin and Nary's room that she was like another roommate.

"Have you heard what's going on?" Kiri demanded, sweeping across the room with uncharacteristic determination and switching the television on. Carlin propped herself up on her pillow to see.

The news was on, which was surprising considering the hour. The newscaster had bags under her eyes and gave the audience a grim look. "Two more Orono hospitals have been shut down in the last few hours," she reported. "Everyone is advised to stay home and wash your hands as often as-"

"You came banging down our door at this ungodly hour just to show us this?" Nary complained over the news report, reaching for her half-empty pack of American Spirits. "They've been saying this garbage for a week now! The entire campus has already been vaccinated!"

Kiri shook her head, looking troubled. "The vaccine doesn't work."

"What are you talking about?" Carlin demanded, and the twins looked up as if surprised to find her there. "What do you mean the vaccine doesn't work?"

"They just carted off an entire floor of Downing Hall to the hospital," Kiri explained darkly. "All of them infected. I saw them from my window. They were trying to bite the RAs helping them. It was awful."

Nary suddenly didn't look so belligerent. "What are we going to do?"

"I'm going home," Kiri announced. "A college campus is a hotspot for outbreaks like this. We'd be much safer at home with Mom and Dad."

Her sister seemed to think about it for a moment. "Fine. I'm coming too. Just let me pack some things."

"Fine. I'll be back in a few minutes." Kiri turned and left, pulling the door closed behind her.

Nary immediately grabbed a duffel bag from the top of the closet and began cramming the contents of the dresser drawers into it. She glanced briefly at Carlin. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know," Carlin admitted, watching her roommate pack with an ever-growing sense of alarm. She didn't say it out loud, but she didn't have anywhere to go. Her home was halfway across the world and the airports had been shut down for the past week due to the outbreak.

Nary hesitated, her short, bluntly-cut blond hair falling into one big blue eye, still surrounded with smeared eyeliner from her outing earlier. She knew that Carlin was alone. "Come with us," she finally said. "Kiri's right; it's definitely safer than being here."

"I don't know..." Carlin murmured, glancing at the photograph of her family taped to the wall.

"Come on," Nary insisted. "My dad used to be in the military, and my mom's a nurse. It's the safest place to go. I promise."

Carlin threw back her covers. "Okay." It didn't take her long to pack her belongings. She'd only brought one suitcase to America anyway. She was pulling a pair of blue jeans on when Kiri reappeared, her own duffel bag slung over her shoulder.

"Let's go," she said shortly.

The halls were crowded with other students with the same idea, bags in tow, car keys in hand. One of the floor's RAs was standing in front of the elevator, looking quite frantic. "You can't leave," she was saying, almost apologetically. "They've quarantined the campus. Nobody's allowed to leave!"

"How could they quarantine us?" somebody was shouting angrily. There was nothing short of a mob in the lobby before the elevator. "They can't do that!" Other girls shouted their agreement, some looking quite violent.

"Come on," Nary muttered to Carlin and Kiri. The three of them slipped out of the quickly growing crowd over to the stairwell, which was also being guarded by an RA. The stairwell and the elevator were the only exits off the floor.

Kiri grimaced at the riot in front of the stairwell. "Fuck this," she declared, and she reached out and pulled the fire alarm. The shouting stopped for a moment as the alarms went off, nearly deafening them. Nary gave the RA in front of the stairwell a firm shove, sending her to the tiled floor, and the three of them were through the door, along with about a dozen other girls.

There were security officers posted around the main entrances of the building, but they hadn't been expecting such a rush of students, and Carlin, Kiri, and Nary were past them before they even knew what was happening. Then they were in the parking lot and Nary was struggling with the keys to the black Ford Explorer the twins shared.

The parking lot was a mass of bodies and vehicles all screaming and honking at one another, so even when the vehicle was in drive it was impossible to go anywhere. Nary laid on the wheel. "Come on!" she shouted.

Carlin screamed as a face slammed up against her window. The skin was a mottled, blue-purple color and the eyes had a filmy sheen of white over them. It was a girl she recognized from the dorm, but it wasn't the same girl. Not anymore, at least.

Nary gaped at the girl, horrified. However drunk she might have been from her partying that night, she was instantly sobered. With a grim look of determination, she put the SUV into four wheel drive and slammed on the gas. The Explorer bounced over the median, sending all three girls into the air. Then it hit the ground on the other side and Kiri and Carlin were slammed into their doors.

"Put on your seat belts," Nary warned grimly, pushing the gas pedal all the way down.

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