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Chapter 22

Draco's breaths became more and more shallow, and Harry listened as Draco slowly fell asleep. He urged his eyes to stay open, and instead stared at Draco. What would they do when he was human again? Would he forget about him? The thought made Harry's breath catch in his throat. But what would Draco need him for after that?

As is if realising that Harry was thinking about him, Draco nuzzled closer in his sleep, smiling. "Probably dreaming of William again," Harry muttered. He felt as if he was unfairly bitter for someone who had just slept with Draco, yet he couldn't help it. If anything, Draco would only want to be friends with him, a thought that hit Harry like a slap. He couldn't imagine talking to Draco and being told they couldn't hold hands or kiss... Or what about when Draco actually got a respectable boyfriend – Harry shuddered at the thought.

He stared out at the sky trying to memorise how it felt to hold Draco against him. The silkiness of his hair, the way he twitched slightly at random intervals, the almost inaudible noises he made – it was all wonderful and Draco. But soon the sky began to get lighter.

"Oh, shit! Draco!" Harry shook him, and Draco groggily woke up.

"What is it?"

"Apparate. Now. The sun's coming up." That seemed to wake Draco up. "Grab onto me." Draco's arms wrapped around his waist and with a crack they landed outside the apartment complex. The sun was going to be up in a matter of minutes. Harry stumbled, opening the doors and rushing inside, dragging Draco along with him. The moment they had ran upstairs and safely pulled into his flat, Harry's heartbeat slowed down. He looked over at Draco who smirked at him. "What?"

"You're still naked," Draco mused, moving forward and lightly running his fingers down Harry's chest. Harry noticed that while Draco had a shirt on, he was merely wearing boxers. In those few horrible moments he hadn't even noticed how ridiculous Draco looked.

"Well, you're one to talk." He couldn't concentrate as Draco slowly lapped at his neck.

"I can feel your heartbeat." Harry nodded and tiled Draco's head so that their lips met. His hands went at Draco's boxers and he tugged the cloth down. Breaking off the kiss, he went to his knees, gawking at Draco's already-leaking cock. Draco was unashamed. Harry's cheeks flushed as he leaned forward, tasting the tip.

There was a whoosh from the fireplace and a subsequent scream.

"Oh, God. Merlin, this isn't what I –" Hermione squawked. "Mornin' you two. Glad to see you're – err – up and at 'em." She continued to cover her eyes, and Harry grabbed at his wand.

"Accio clothes." Draco put his boxers back on, scowling as his erection slowly faded. There was nothing like an interruption like that to ruin the moment. Harry put on a mismatched shirt and chequered skinny jeans. Draco's eyebrow arched up quizzically. "They were a joke from Seamus." Draco merely chuckled to himself.

"You can look now." Hermione uncovered her eyes, and Harry looked over to see that she was a deep shade of scarlet.


Another whoosh sounded, and Ron came stumbling in as well. "Sorry I'm late! I hope I didn't miss any group hugs."

"No, just – err – Well, whatever that was," Hermione muttered, jumping slightly.

"It's called a blowjob, Granger. If you don't know what that is by now, I suggest you get a new boyfriend." Ron's jaw dropped as he walked over to the couch.

"Then I'm just glad I'm late."


They had decided to change Draco that day. Draco had admitted that while he enjoyed some of the aspects of being a vampire, his goal in life was not to remain one. So, they had Apparated to Draco's flat, hoping that he might feel more comfortable with the transformation there. Hermione and Ron were planning to stay with him all night to make sure that things went smoothly, which, Hermione assured him, they would.

"Just know, he's going to scream a lot. It doesn't mean that it's bad, but it just means... Harry, you screamed all twelve hours you were turning back. I know it's going to be hard to hear. Do you think you'll be able to handle it?" Harry had nodded. The thought was horrifying, but he knew he had to stay strong and be there for Draco.

Draco's apartment looked like something out of a magazine. Ron and Hermione had gone before to clean it of any garlic or non-vampire-friendly objects. Harry was surprised he had never seen it before. The floor was tiled with pure white marble and the furniture was all leather and clearly designer. It was spotless, and paintings hung from the walls. Harry tilted his head as he looked at one of them. It was Draco's face repeated with different colour schemes.

"Haven't you ever heard of Andy Warhol?" Draco asked, rolling his eyes.

"Well, I've heard of him. And I thought he was dead."

"Merlin, Muggles think so. He's working in the wizarding world right now. He got into a bit of a mess. Valerie Solanas already tried to kill him once." Harry tilted his head but nodded, not wanting to be questioned anymore by Draco. Clearly there was a lot he hadn't learned.

"Maybe we should go to your bed. You know, to be comfortable." Harry blushed as Draco's smirk became more defined.

"More comfortable than the grass last night for sure," he purred, licking his lips. Harry's cheeks heated up even more, and he nudged Draco, pointing at Ron and Hermione. Luckily his two friends were too busy admiring Draco's apartment and hadn't heard Draco.

"Don't do anything you won't regret when you're... normal." The words stung, but Harry kept a straight face.

"Good point." And Draco's mere acceptance of this – as if it were fact – served only to make him feel worse. Draco didn't seem to notice this, though, and instead glanced around his apartment. "I've missed this place."

They trudged over to the bed and Hermione pulled out a vial. "Drink this. I've changed it a bit to fit you, but it should be fine. It'll be just as painful as the process of turning into a vampire, though. More painful, from what I gather. Your heart needs to start itself again and –"

"Nothing you haven't told me before, Granger," Draco said, looking less confident than before. "Just give me it." Hermione scowled. "Please."

The moment the liquid touched his lips, Draco's face distorted into a snarl. That only lasted a moment, though. Quickly it transformed into a look of pure pain, and suddenly he was screaming. His fingers curled around the cloth, and yet his eyes were clenched shut. Hermione lifted her wand and conjured ropes, and Draco was immediately tied to the bed.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" Harry asked, reaching for Draco.

"We had to do this to you for a little while as well. After the first two hours we can lift them, but he'll get pretty – err – jumpy soon." As if to prove a point, Draco struggled against the constraints, writhing on the bed. His voice swelled in volume, and Harry closed his eyes, willing himself to go on. He wasn't even minutes in and already he was breaking down. This wasn't a good sign. Taking deep breaths he opened them again. Draco continued to struggle and his mouth was wide open.

"I'll be out here if you need me," Hermione said. She walked off, looking pale. Ron scratched the back of his neck uncomfortably.

"She doesn't deal well with this. She had to leave when you were under the potion as well. Look, if you need us, we'll just be in the living room. Come get us when he's done. And maybe you could cast a –" Harry nodded.

"Sure." As soon as the door to the bedroom had closed behind them, he grabbed his wand, casting silencing spells around the room. With those spells Hermione wouldn't be able to hear thing. And if he really needed her, he could just run out there. Sitting down next to Draco he waited for it to stop.

By the time Draco had finished moving Harry was already breaking down. His entire body shook, and he barely was able to cast a spell to lift the bonds. Draco's body was now limp, and yet he continued screeching at the top of his lungs. The sounds were worse than those that the Cruciatus Curse made. Every second stretched out and all he wanted to do was shove his head under a pillow and make it go away. Yet he resisted. Instead he moved over to Draco's bed and cradled Draco head in his lap. As he stroked Draco's hair, Draco noticeably relaxed, yet he kept on making those horrid sounds.

The entire night Harry moved around the room. At one point, he was staring around the room and trying to distract himself when he caught something upon Draco's dresser by his bed. A part of him felt bad snooping, but the parchment was in plain sight. If Draco had wanted to conceal it he could have. But the paper was clearly worn. Apparently, it was something Draco had read ceaselessly. Yet upon picking it up, he cringed. It was a letter from William. It wasn't even anything written particularly well.

Dear Draco,

You're not here.

I just wanted to say that I love

you and I miss you.



It was barely even a love letter. Perhaps a miscounted haiku was a better way to describe it. William had probably scribbled it down as a brief note, something that was meant to be thrown away. Yet Draco had kept it after all these years, and clearly it had meant something. Parts of it were worn to the point that Harry could almost see through it. Sighing, he placed it down and stared at Draco instead. Now he needed a distraction from his distraction.


Morosely, he waited. And waited. Draco's screams seemed to echo even after they had faded into harsh whimpers. It was almost eleven hours after he had taken the potion that they suddenly faded. Draco shifted slightly, and then his eyes shot open. Glancing around the room, he opened his mouth to say something, but only managed a weak choking sound.

"Hermione! Hermione!" Harry ran out of the room and shook Hermione awake. Ron jumped up immediately as well, wand in hand.

"Merlin, you scared us," the ginger muttered, rubbing his eyes.

"Draco's awake." Hermione instantly scrambled to her feet and ran into the room with a vial. She poured it down Draco's throat, and he coughed a bit.

"What are you doing, Granger? Wait –" He paused and smiled. "I can talk. And I'm normal." He felt his skin and stopped at his neck, feeling the heartbeat. He smiled broadly at all of them. The two of them shuffled, uncertain about what to say or do. Harry's look made them start.

"I guess we should be off." Draco gave a hollow laugh.

"I need to talk to Harry." Harry's two best mates shuffled off and there was the whoosh of the fireplace. Draco sighed and pulled himself up. "Look, Harry, there's something I need to get out." Harry didn't like the way Draco spoke so gravely. Yet what had he expected – kissing and snuggling? Pulling himself close to the bed, he sat down and stared at Draco intently.


"I need a break from all of this. I need to try to find myself again. I did some things to you that I feel terribly about. When I came to you, it was just about William, but after all that we've been through it's impossible to leave without feeling... something. No one's cared about me as much as you have. You've stayed with me even through Azkaban, cutting yourself open every day just so that I could be happier."

"You wouldn't have survived..." Harry mumbled, looking away. He couldn't look into those bright eyes and keep from crying. Just hearing Draco tell him that he didn't want him anymore made it a struggle to push them back.

"But you could have sent it once a week or twice. It didn't have to be every day."

"I didn't want you to get hurt." Harry's voice was small. "You're making it a way bigger deal than it was." If only he could convince himself to believe that...

"No, you were fantastic. And you said it yourself, Harry, I'm not deaf. You love me."

"I didn't want to force you to do anything. Just ignore that. I mean, it's not like you can let go of William..."

"Exactly," he said, and grabbed Harry's hand. It took effort not to pull away. "William meant the world to me, and when I went to you I thought it would be simple. I feel like an idiot. But you were like him in so many ways. I don't know what to think anymore. But I know that I need some time to recuperate from being a vampire and from Azkaban." Harry nodded. Draco leaned in, placing a feathery kiss on his lips. He hadn't kissed him because he needed to. Harry's heart skipped a beat.

"When can I –"

"I'll find you. If you keep on wearing clothes like that, it shouldn't be hard."


At times it was hard to convince himself to keep from finding Draco. Half of his dreams revolved around Draco. It was hard to concentrate sometimes, and it got to the point where Kingsley called him out on it. Hermione and Ron tried their best to deal with him, but even they had trouble dealing with him. He could barely wait for Draco to end the silence.

It had been four months, after all. Summer was here, and the sultry weather did little to calm him. He'd toss and turn at night, unable to find a comfortable position to sleep in. At times he'd just leave, walking down the streets. At one point a Muggle had attempted to rob him at gunpoint, and he hadn't even attempted to defend himself. It wasn't like he was carrying anything anyway, so the man had nothing to steal.

Harry began to wake up early and usually went out again right after sunrise. There was something calm about the streets when they were mostly empty. Diagon Alley, for example, tended to have a thin layer of mist across it, and it gave off a comforting, albeit lonely feel.

There was a bakery that had been recently opened. Harry rarely bothered with making breakfast. It was easier to wander around. It seemed to be the only way he could focus later. Kingsley had noticed his seclusion, but, at least for the past few weeks, he ignored it. Harry was doing better at work if nothing else.

Harry shuffled past the magazine stand, glancing at the moving covers. He was about to go past and to the bakery when something caught his eye. Glancing over, he saw Draco laughing on a magazine cover. He smiled momentarily until he realized: there was someone else holding his hand. The guy standing next to Draco looked over at him adoringly. He was attractive, Harry had to admit. And by the looks of it, he was a model as well. Snatching the magazine, he scanned down until he saw what he wanted: Interview with Draco Malfoy on 194.

He flipped through the pages, but the guy selling it interrupted him. "Oi, if you're going to treat 'em like that, you have to buy them." Shoving his hands into his pocket, Harry dished out a few coins and dropped them into the man's hand before he walked away.

The Model Boyfriend

We can all recall when Draco Malfoy, a highly acclaimed model, came out of the closet last year by Harry Potter's side. But I guess the Golden Boy wasn't able to hold onto everything. Draco has recently announced that he is dating another model, Aiden Milligan. Our very own Winston McKinley was lucky enough to get a chance to interview him.

WM: So, whatever happened to you and good ole Harry Potter? You two seemed glued to each other at the trial. Are you two still friends?

DM: Well, you know, things [pause] they change. We're not really on speaking terms, but I guess it's better that way.

WM: Oh, rough breakup?

DM: No, it was actually mutual. But I think some time alone is doing us both well.

WM: But you're not really alone, are you?

DM: [laughs] No, I'm lucky enough to have Aiden.

WM: Care to tell us about this lucky boy? Or, well, how about you tell us one thing you really like about him?

DM: Well, he's really sweet. He cares about me more than anyone I know.

Harry put down the article, unable to read anymore. He gasped for breath, suddenly feeling his chest constrict. Words like "mutual" danced in front of him when he shut his eyes, and he found his wand. Fumbling around, he Apparated. There was a sharp pain in his back when he landed, and he stumbled toward his flat. The pain intensified with each step, yet he kept on moving. He had barely made it inside when it dawned on him what had happened. I've splinched. He hobbled toward the Floo, desperate to get to anyone, but he was having trouble staying up. Everything began to turn black at the edges, and suddenly the floor was coming at him.


"Oh, God, Harry. Please, just say you're okay." Hermione's worried face swam into blurry view. Harry reached over, putting his glasses on. His throat felt pinched, and he trembled. Kingsley stuck out of his peripherals, but Harry didn't even care at this point. Kingsley already knew how he felt about Draco.

"He lied," Harry choked, staring at Hermione. "He lied to me..."

"What are you talking about, mate?" Ron appeared as well, and Harry felt a sudden surge of appreciation for all his friends. Still, it wasn't enough to keep away the flood of tears.

"He's gone." It was Ginny that appeared next. Harry heard her voice before he saw her.

"It's Draco, isn't it?" she asked, edging forward. Harry nodded, barely able to form words. He felt betrayed, but beyond that, he felt his heart rupture and every bit of him hurt. Draco hadn't just lied, but he had purposefully tried to hurt him. "Did you see him?" Harry shook his head.

"An – There's an article," he managed to choke out. Kingsley strode out of the room immediately after this. They only had to wait a few minutes though before he reappeared, magazine in hand.

"I thought he would have understood what pain meant after what we saw in the Pensive. I thought he had changed. Clearly six months wasn't enough for him," Kingsley spat, glaring at the article. Everyone seemed to crowd around it, and they all made a variety of disgusted noises, chiming in with their own commentary.

"That little git. I'm going to kill him, I swear I will," Ron growled, but Hermione gently squeezed his shoulder, and he deflated. "I'm so sorry, Harry." Harry barely knew how to respond.

"Am I fine?" he finally asked.

"Well, physically," Hermione muttered. "I can't believe him. I thought he was better than that." There were murmurs around the room.

"I think we all did," Harry said, trying to fill the uneasy silence. "He put on a convincing act, for sure." His chuckle was completely humourless. Ron and Hermione exchanged a worried look.

"I hate to say this, Harry, but I think you need another break from work," Kingsley said.

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