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Chapter 25

"Err, Draco, this is Sam. Sam, Draco."

"I've heard a lot about you," Sam said, extending her hand.

"I hope it's all been go– Or, well, no, that's stupid," Draco blushed and shook her hand. "Pleasure to meet you." Sam's lips twitched upward slightly.

"Try anything funny and I'll Incendio your balls. Got that?" She grinned as Draco gaped at her. "Right, then. Have fun, Harry!" With that she sauntered off.

"She seems...lovely," Draco muttered.

"She is. Hm, a Firebolt. Old model though." He flashed his new one and winked at Draco. No, don't wink. It looks flirtatious, Harry reprimanded himself.

"How did you get that?" Draco leaned forward, staring lustfully at the new broom.

"I work in a Quidditch shop. Since I got to try out the new model, they let me buy it as well. First one in the world." He beamed and threw his legs over it. "Ready to go for a ride?" Draco nodded, also getting onto his.


"I'd like to think of it more as 'playing under my rules.'" With that they took off. Sam said she was going to release a snitch, and sure enough, at the edge of the field, Harry saw her opening a crate. Harry leaned and his broom shot forward. Draco trailed behind him, cheering.

"It's been so long since I've gotten a chance to fly," the blond shouted. Harry slowed down a little and Draco went beside them. Their brooms moved forward in synchronized motion.

"It's relaxing though."

"More relaxing now that I know that I won't get killed by my friends if I lose another game to you." He smiled and leaned over, almost grazing against Harry. Harry shuddered, pulling back slightly.

"Hmm, I always found flying to be fun." He shot forward again, and Draco made a frustrated sound. Climbing higher, he circled the pitch in search of the Snitch. It had been so long since he had last played. Flying happened on a regular basis, but it felt weird to be trying to actually find something. A little golden flutter shone in his peripherals, and Harry looked over to see the Snitch fluttering behind Draco. He chuckled as the blond turned his head from side to side. He was adorable when he was oblivious.

Not adorable...

Shaking his head, he waited for the ball to fly away. He didn't want the game to be over too soon. Instead he pulled up next to Draco, playfully bumping into him. The blond teetered slightly before reciprocating the action. Harry's skin tingled and he pulled away, eying the Snitch again. Draco spied it too this time and shot forward before Harry could. They both went toward it, and Harry growled as Draco's fingers grazed against it. Yet his broom was faster. He caught up and moved faster than Draco, his fingers wrapping around the walnut-sized ball.

"Bastard," he heard Draco mutter beside him. Harry landed and jumped off of his broom, flaunting his victory. Draco jumped off as well, tackling Harry to the ground. "Always end up winning in the end, don't you?" Draco asked, leaning forward. He was ridiculously close. Harry could feel him stretched out on top of him. Kiss him. No, don't!

Harry trembled as Draco continued staring straight into him. Draco pried the Snitch from his grip, and his legs shifted so that he was straddling him. A slight smirk fell on his lips. But Harry had to get out. He could already feel his cock twitching. This was dangerous. If he didn't get out of this mess soon, he'd end up kissing Draco...or worse. They were just friends. Merlin, how he wanted to kiss him...

Harry pushed Draco's chest, feeling a shock as he touched the blond. He wrestled on top of Draco and slid off. For a moment he could have sworn that Draco looked disappointed.

"Let's go eat," Harry said. At least then they'd talk. Then Draco would have no reason to tackle him to the ground.

"Sounds good." Draco shrugged and pulled himself up. He had grass stains on his shirt, but he didn't seem to notice. He just kept on staring at Harry. It was a bit unnerving. "Any place in particular..."

"Well, there's a small restaurant. It's Thai, and it's not very crowded, but I don't know if you like..." He shrugged, glancing away.

"I love Thai. That sounds lovely. But perhaps we should take a shower first..." He pulled a piece of grass out of Harry's hair, and Harry tensed. He was too close again. Draco stayed there a moment too long, and Harry looked down, blushing.

"Good idea. Over there. Yeah." Harry motioned and immediately scampered off. How the hell was he getting an erection? If Draco didn't stop it, he'd be in trouble. Yet the flirting was meaningless, right?

They entered the showers silently, and Harry turned the water all the way up. Where it hit his skin, it turned red. It was almost scalding hot. But the pain felt good. It helped him think. This wasn't what he wanted, right? Or maybe it was. It was what he had wanted for over a year, but he had promised this wasn't going to happen. Hermione had warned him that Draco might go for him again.

Harry suddenly pictured Draco lying on top of him again, and barely bit back a moan. He could hear Draco in the stall next to him, water running as well. What would the blond say if he suddenly burst out groaning? Still, Harry's hand slipped down. He grabbed his cock and pulled back the foreskin, biting down on his lip. He couldn't let Draco hear him.

His hand moved up and down, and he found his hips thrusting forward. One had reached over, clutching the bathroom wall for support. He felt the pressure build up, and his hand moved faster, stroking his shaft, desperately aiming for that moment of release. In his mind he saw Draco hovering above him. But the scene didn't end there, Draco reached down, kissing him, his hand slipping inside of Harry's pants. The water began to get cold and he heard Draco turn his off, but he continued shamelessly. It was now Draco working on him, edging him on. His balls tightened, and he gasped as he convulsed. His body hit a moment of pure pleasure. He shot out against the wall, and his body relaxed. He let the water run over the wall and wash it away.

Quickly he put some shampoo in his hair and spread it about. The water was frigid, and Harry shivered, his teeth chattering. The soap got in his eyes and he yelped, jumping backwards and rubbing them. As he turned off the water, he shuddered, wrapping a towel around his waist and going out of the stall.

Draco was standing and waiting, already fully dressed. "Merlin you take ages getting ready. I don't remember you taking this –" He cut off, clearly afraid he had overstepped some boundary. "Sam came in with a spare set of clothes. He motioned to the pile on the benches.

"Thanks." Harry stepped forward and grabbed the boxers. He began to put them on when the towel slid to the ground. Out of his peripherals he could see Draco tense. Oh, God... Harry blushed and quickly pulled the boxers the rest of the way up.

"Sorry," he muttered, turning away to hide his face.

"I –It's fine." Draco's voice sounded tense. Harry turned around to see Draco eying him. A part of him was pleased. But it was wrong. "Scar." Draco motioned to his neck. "I did that, didn't I?"

"The day you got out of Azkaban," Harry replied, slipping his shirt over and hiding it. Draco looked like he was going to say something else, but must have thought better of it.

"So, how about that Thai food." Harry nodded and they walked outside. It was beginning to get dark. Harry stretched out a hand and Draco took it. With a crack they Apparated into a side alley.

"Right, now..." Harry walked inside and smiled. He felt comfortable here at least. The chef even knew him by name. Heng, one of the waitresses walked up, grinning.

"Hello Mr. Potter! Table for two?" she asked cheerily, nodding at Draco.

"Yes, please." She smiled and began to lead them to a table in the back. "So, how are you, Heng?"

"Good. There have been more customers recently. Maybe people have seen you here. If the infamous Harry Potter likes it, must mean it's good, right?" As she winked, Harry blushed.

"Well, it is good."

"Glad you think so. Here you go." She handed them each a menu and walked off.

"Come here often, then?" Draco asked, glancing down the menu.

"Yeah." There were silent for a moment. "I already know what I'm getting, so whenever you're ready..."

"I know too." He smiled and put down the menu. A waiter came immediately – one Harry didn't know.

"I'll have Pad Thai," Harry said, handing back the menu.

"Massaman curry, please," Draco said, smiling. The waiter nodded and went away. "So, what have you been up to?"

"Nothing much. I mean, my jobs are finally back to normal."

"Jobs? You work two jobs? Isn't one already exhausting enough."

"I mean, it's hard, but it gets my mind off of –" He cut off, and quickly added, "It keeps them off of other things. But they're nice. You know, the Quidditch shop and being and Auror. Kingsley is laying me on lighter cases since all this mess, though. I mean, it was all downhill for a while, what with you and then Nathanial." Draco glanced down, clearly embarrassed. Harry had felt rather blunt. But it had kind of just come out. And Draco knew that he had been pulled under a blanket of depression for a year.

"Who's Nathanial?" he finally asked.

"He was an Auror. He went in on the raid to kill Dorian. He actually killed Sybil. But..." Harry trailed off. Images of Nathanial, blood spurting from his mouth, neck snapped flashed in his mind, and he grabbed the water, gulping it down.

"Dorian killed him." Harry nodded.

"I had to watch."

"I know what it's like." Harry nodded. William – how could he forget?

"Harry, I've been trying to say this for a while, and please don't get mad. I know it was horrible and insensitive of me, but I never meant for you to be the one to get hurt. I wasn't thinking about you. If I had known I would've done something..." Harry sighed. So they were getting to this topic sooner than he expected.

"I know. I guess I know." He looked down at his fork and spun it. "But that doesn't make it all better. You have to understand that. I almost got fired. And I almost died."

"Almost died?"

"Did I not mention that in the letter?" He had written and re-written it so many times he couldn't even keep track of what was in which copy.

"You almost died!" Draco sounded furious and concerned all at the same time.

"I splinched." Confusion flickered across his face.

"What does that have to do with me?"

"It was right after I read your article about Aiden. I was freaking out, and I tried to Apparate. I'm lucky Hermione tried to come visit me when she did. Another five or ten minutes, the Healer said, and I would've been dead." Harry shuddered. How many times had he face death by now?

"I'm sorry." His voice cracked. "I seem to be using that word a lot." For a few minutes they sat there in silence. Harry didn't know what to say. Draco's hand seemed to inch closer and closer, however. Every time Harry looked at the table, it seemed to be several centimetres from where it had been before.

"Look, Draco, I –" I love you. What was there to say?

"Pad Thai and Massaman curry," the waiter said, slipping the plates on the table. Draco's hand pulled back, and a light pink tinge came over his face.

"Thank you," they both muttered, looking anywhere but at each other. This was silly; they were acting like little schoolchildren. Yet he didn't have the courage to do anything else now.

"What were you going to say?" Draco asked as the waiter walked off.

"Nothing. Err, that looks good." Smooth. He gave a small groan at his lack of capabilities when it came to talking to Draco. Smiling nervously at Draco, he dug into his Pad Thai. Draco cocked one eyebrow and grinned.

"It is actually quite delicious." They ate in near-silence. "So, Sam," Draco finally asked as they waited for desert.

"She's nice. I mean, she's helped me a lot, and there's the whole mutual love for Quidditch. That helps."

"I'm sure." The waiter came, setting down one bowl of green tea ice cream. Harry picked up his spoon and waited for Draco to do the same. The blond took one scoop, lifting the desert up to his lips and licking it slowly. Harry felt his face heat up. Draco stared innocently at him, though. "And you're fine again with Kingsley, I gathered from your letter." His tongue ran over his lips, catching a stray bead of the melted ice cream. Harry could barely look away and merely nodded in response to Draco's question. As Draco smirked, Harry glanced down at his spoon only to see the ice cream melting over and dribbling on his lap.

"Oh, shite. Yeah, I mean, yeah. Good. Very good. It's turned me on – I mean – turned out really well!" Oh, God... He was hopeless. Draco laughed.

"Relax, Harry. I'll stop. I shouldn't do that. We're just going to be friends, right?" Harry nodded, staring intently at the new stain on his pants and rubbing at it with his napkin. Draco reached over, touching his arm gently. "I promise. I'll stop." He looked up to see Draco's face melted into a soft smile.

"Right then."

By the time they started walking outside, it was already getting late. The streets were filled with the nightlife, though, and they strolled. Harry tilted over, leaning slightly over Draco. The blond leaned over slightly and the tops of their hands swept against each other. He sighed before pulling away.

"So, let's talk about you," Harry said. "Aiden. How was that?"

"Maybe we shouldn't –"

"No, I want to know." He really did. At least a part of him truly wanted to know. The other half wanted to pretend it had never happened – that none of it had ever happened. But that wasn't really an option. He might as well hear it. It would probably happen at some point. And if Draco ever dated again, he'd have to get used to the blond talking about being with someone else. But that's fine. We're just friends.

"Well, what do you want me to say? It was nice. I mean, it wasn't love, at least not to me, but it was something. But, yes, he fell in love with me." Harry blinked, unsure what exactly to say to that.

"It's hard not to once you get to know you," he muttered before he could help himself. "I mean, not that I'm coming on to you." Draco paused, leaning against the railing and stared down at the Thames. The London Eye glowed in the distance.

"No, it's fine. It was hard though. I don't want to sound like a prick. I know you had it worse than me, but it was. I had constant nightmares, and I was afraid. It didn't help when Mum disinherited me."

"She did what!"

"She knew about my father. But family is supposed to trump everything else." Draco scoffed, although Harry could tell it stung. "She told me that I had abandoned them."

"But you saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives! How can she overlook that?"

"She loved my father. I think it's as simple as that." Draco sighed, continuing to stare intently into the Thames. "I mean, that's really all that's new with me."

Harry put his hand on Draco's back. It's a touch of comfort. Of course, the last few times Draco had needed comfort, it had turned into something more than just a hand on the back. Draco tensed under him, but he eventually turned, burying his head into Harry's chest. The move was so sudden. Harry felt his skin tickle, but his hands automatically wrapped around Draco. He held him tightly against him, every part of him on fire. His head nestled against Draco's shoulder. Merlin, he had forgotten how wonderful it felt to hold him.

Draco's hand slipped around his waist as well, and the blond shuddered underneath him. "I've missed you, Harry. I've missed talking to you and –" What was he going to say? Fucking him? Harry knew it was too soon to hold Draco without expecting something to happen. Reluctantly he pushed back.

"I'm sorry." Draco looked at him with saddened eyes. "And I know. I' missed you too. Sometimes I thought I wouldn't be able to go on. The whole world fell away. I didn't understand why no one else understood how I felt – why they didn't just kneel over sobbing. Every time I got up and forced myself to keep on going, it was an accomplishment. I thought that if I tried to kill myself that you would come and stop me."

"Harry I –"

"You're sorry, I know. But I wasn't just sad. I thought I was going to rip out my heart and my eyes. Sometimes it just hurt to breathe. I don't know how I got through it, but I can't go through it again. I don't know whether I can let you back in."

"I wasn't going to –"

"But I would have." Draco nodded, tears swimming in his eyes. With a careful effort the blond pushed them back.

"I understand. Maybe we should just call it a night... We kind of need to go back to the pitch to grab our clothes. At least I do..." Harry nodded. They walked into an alley and their fingers intertwined. Harry pulled out his wand and his breath was knocked out of him as the Apparated.

The Quidditch pitch was lit up. Harry could see Sam flying somewhere up above, cutting across in zigzag patterns. She probably was waiting for Draco to leave to ask Harry how it had gone. Always the thoughtful one... Of course, Ron and Hermione would be waiting as well. Not to mention Luna and Ginny. He felt his heart warm. He was lucky to have such amazing friends. No one deserved that much.

"You're smiling," Draco said, grinning back at him. Harry laughed.

"I was just thinking of my friends," he said, although he immediately regretted it. The smile fell off of Draco's face.

"Oh. I just –" He shook his head. "Never mind." Draco had thought he was thinking of them.

"But tonight was lovely. It was a good idea to become friends again."

"You weren't the only one." Draco's head shot up, and he gave Harry a strange look as if begging for him to understand something.


"I know how it hurt." Harry shook his head. Draco was as persistent and stubborn as always. He couldn't help but love him for it. "I know I was the one who messed up, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't in pain. I have no right to complain, but I know what you felt. Everything seemed to crumple into ashes. My life was grey and dull and – Everything was lifeless, and sometimes I'd wake up next to Aiden sobbing, my stomach clenching, wishing it could just be you. I thought it would never stop."

Harry felt a nervous flutter as they walked into the shower room. Their old clothes were still strewn on the benches, now wrinkled. Harry glanced at them. That had only been hours ago, hadn't it? Yet it seemed likes ages now. It had only lasted one day. They were friends.

"But Draco..." His protest sounded meek even in his own ears.

"I know why you don't trust me, but if we get together, we can be brilliant. I'm not promising that we can last forever, but while it do, it'll be fucking amazing. I don't know whether I can be just friends with you because every time I look at you I can only think of how much it hurts when you're not touching me..." He trailed off, his voice tightening. Draco's chest rose and fell rapidly as if he had run out of breath, and he his fists clenched.

"Fuck it." Harry rushed forward, pressing their lips together. The world finally seemed right. And Draco tasted fucking amazing. Behind a hint of green tea, his mouth had the same vanilla taste Harry had longed for all year long. He sucked on Draco's lips and explored every crevice of his mouth, afraid something had somehow changed. But it was like following a map he had memorised. Every curve and dip was there, and when Draco's tongue wrestled with his, Harry pulled back.

His fingers immediately reached toward that silky hair, and when his fingers ran through it, he felt soothed. Biting Draco's lip, Harry moaned as blood seeped into his mouth. Draco growled, pushing him back and pressing him against the wall. The blond nudged a knee between his thighs pressing it against the bulge in Harry's pants. A moan broke through the kiss as pleasure shot up through him.

"Mine," Harry growled as Draco pulled back. The blond mewled and his tongue traced down Harry's neck.

"God, I've waited ages to hear you say that. Every night..." Draco pressed with his knee again and Harry arched into the touch. They rubbed against each other, their hands moving up and down, desperate to touch everything again. His hands cupped Draco's face and he tilted his head up, crashing their lips together again. Draco's blood tasted different now that he wasn't a vampire, but it still managed to tingle against his lips and on his tongue. Draco pulled back, his chin dribbling with red. Harry leaned over and licked it, staring into Draco's eyes – his fucking perfect eyes. They were clouded over with lust and need and want and – oh God – everything.

Harry's hips pressed forward, and he ground against Draco. He felt shots of pleasure shoot up him, and he grabbed Draco's shoulders. The blond reached over, tugging at Harry's shirt. Getting his drift, Harry lifted his arms up, and Draco began yanking at the cloth again. It got stuck around his head and the both of them nervously giggled before getting it off. Harry looked at Draco's button-down. He could see the perfectly outline of his body; the shirt was gorgeous on him. But it would be perfect on the floor. Harry yanked it off, relishing in the sound of the fabric shredding.

Every part of him ached as Draco's hands slid down his chest, fingers lingering against the sensitive nubs. "Fuck," Draco growled, and his tongue dipped down, reaching Harry's defined collar bone – the dives and hollows, like little dimples. His teeth grazed against the skin, and Harry moaned, meekly guiding Draco as his fingers wound around the blond hair.

Yet Draco took his time. Harry felt like he was on fire. Every bit of him hurt. He just wanted Draco to fuck him. And he could barely stand. The wall completely supported him. Every bit of him quivered as his hips jerked. He desperately needed Draco's touch. As if hearing his thoughts, Draco's hand worked at the zipper of his trousers.

"Patience, love," Draco growled, smirking. As Harry's pants and boxers fell, he let out a groan. His cock sprung free and Draco only marvelled for a second before kneeling down. Licking Harry's navel, he swirled his tongue teasingly. Gently he bit the sensitive skin, reaching lower and lower. His tongue darted out, licking Harry's inner thighs. He seemed to hit everywhere except for where Harry wanted most. His entire body shook, and he stayed nervous with anticipation.

As Harry jerked his hips, Draco pressed him back against the wall, holding him still. With one swift motion, he took Harry into his mouth, the back of this throat tightening against the head. Harry looked down to see ice blue eyes staring back up at him, clouded over with lust. Draco's cheeks hollowed out and Harry groaned. As he reached down to guide the blond, he felt something catch his wrists. Suddenly they were bound together.

"Draco, wh –" Before he could finish the thought, a gag accompanied it. The blond pulled back, smirking.

"I've wanted to fuck you so much." His hands roamed Harry's chest and his eyes trailed down his neck. Harry moaned, feeling the cloth catch his words. Draco leaned forward, kissing him through the gag. He placed a trail of them down Harry's neck and shoulder before pulling back. "Turn around." Harry moved, pressing his face against the cold walls and moaning.

Draco muttered something and Harry felt something slick inside of him. A hand slowly cupped his arse and dragged down the crack. Pushing lightly, he spread Harry's legs, one finger touching the skin around the sensitive hole. Harry whimpered into the gag, his skin prickling. His cock ached and every centimetre of him simply needed to be touched and explored. Draco probed in, and Harry arched into the touch, his head digging into the uneven surface of the wall ahead of him. Fuckfuckfuck.

Another finger was added, and Harry whimpered, thrusting backward. There was pain but he wanted it so badly. And when Draco hit that spot inside of him, he lit up, his legs suddenly feeling like jelly. But Draco pulled his fingers out. Before Harry could complain, he felt something much larger press against him. Draco slowly slipped in, letting out a guttural moan. "Just as tight as I remember..." he panted. Harry shuddered, getting used to the feeling of being filled. He hadn't had it in months. It hurt like hell. His hands balled up as he whimpered again.

Suddenly the gag released as did his hands. Harry sputtered, but his eyes remained clenched shut. He clenched around Draco, who let out another wanton sound. As if sensing his, though, Draco's hands massaged Harry's back, and he placed feathery kisses, making a careful trail up his spine, then down his shoulder blades. "Relax, love." Harry nodded, and Draco shifted angle, pulling out and thrusting in again. He hit that spot and Harry moaned, pressing backward, making Draco drive deeper into him.

Draco's hand reached around, grabbing Harry's cock. He stroked it in rhythm to his thrusts. Harry could barely see the wall in front of him, and he had no clue how he was still standing up. Part of it probably had to do with the fact that Draco was helping support him. But each time he hit that spot, his world burst into flames all over again. He felt himself build up. His body tingled, and as if sensing it, Draco played over his head.

"So close..." Harry moaned. Draco's hand sped up again, working furiously. His thrusts became more erratic and forceful, and Harry suddenly felt his entire body explode. He convulsed, coating Draco's hand and the wall in front of him. Draco reached over, using a sticky hand to tilt Harry's head over and kissed him. Harry moaned and shuddered as Draco continued moving in and out. Harry's eyes opened and he saw Draco's filled with love and lust and fear. He suddenly gasped and his eyes widened. Harry felt something inside of him, and then Draco slumped a little before pulling out.

Harry turned around, kissing Draco madly. Their hands reached for each other faces, and they scratched at each other's faces, desperate to hold on. Harry tasted salt and felt Draco shudder underneath his touch and knew that the blond was crying. He pulled back to see fall apart, landing in a heap at Harry's feet.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Harry. I never meant to hurt you. But I love you so much. Oh, God, please don't leave me." He gasped for breath, and his eyes remained on the floor. "It's all my fault. How can you – I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He babbled on for a moment or two longer before Harry kneeled down as well. He wrapped his arms around Draco, clutching him too his chest and rocking back and forth.

"I'd never do that. You're mine – always."

He had no clue how long they lay there, but by the time Draco calmed down, Harry felt lightheaded and tired. Smiling, he pulled Draco up and placed another chaste kiss on his lips.

The door swung open and they heard a yelp. Sam stood there, staring them in shock.

"Alright, naked boys. Naked boys. I'm interrupting, clearly." As the door swung shut, she called out, "Just friends, huh?"

"Guess that didn't work out too well," Harry said, chuckling.

"I have to admit, I'm kind of glad, though." Harry ruffled Draco's hair and stood up, reaching for his clothes.

"Me too."

"Oh, and Harry..."


"You better not get used to wearing those clothes."

"Didn't plan on it."

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