Title: Reminiscing

Authors: Left my heart in Paris and RUMad

AN: I (RUMad) came up with the idea for this story, but I'm not really familiar with any Jibb's references so I got my sister (Left my heart in Paris) to help and we wrote this together.

AN2: this is just a short Gibbs one-shot in which two women who have dated Gibbs talk about him one peaceful evening… Enjoy :P

Sniggering into their wine glasses, the ageing women conversed as they sat on the bench on the porch of the simplistic suburban home and watched the sun set.

"… him and his boats" The blonde haired woman teased

"Oh god yes; all the boats" the red head woman chuckled as she took another sip from his wine glass.

"He never did tell me how he got them out of that basement"

"No… that's a secret I don't think he'd ever share" The red head chuckled back

"… Oh and the bourbon" the blonde choked out as she sipped her wine

"Oh I didn't mind that so much" The red head replied

A moment of silence grew as their chuckling subsided

"But his smile" the blonde started up again

"Yes his rare but charming smile; and he does have a good sense of humour when he's around the appropriate people" The red head smiled into space fondly "Oh and his silver hair" she added "I love running my hand through it"

"Okay that's enough; I don't need you to get into detail" The blonde said light heartedly


"No" she held her head up high "I have my own wonderful man, who's, most probably waiting for me to get back; next door… thanks for introducing me to him, by the way" the sun was now down hidden behind the houses opposite " I'm going to get going" she stood up and finished the last of her wine in one gulp before settling the glass back down on the table next to her "Goodnight Mrs Gibbs" she through over her shoulder as she left

"Goodnight Mrs Gelfand... and you're welcome for thanking me for introducing you to Todd" Jenny called back

Jenny watched her friend walk across the grass of the front garden and into the house next door; she waved at Jenny before she entered her own home.

"Jethro, you can come out now"

He poked his head out the front door "Is she gone"

"Yes Hollis is gone now"

He sighed in relief "Good, you know I can't stand that woman"

"You don't mind her that much; you just can't stand the fact than I'm best friends with one of your exes"

He shook his head and sighed again "Are you coming to bed?"

"Yeah I'll be right in"

He nodded his head and then ducked back into the house.

She stood up and collected the two wine glasses and empty bottle, and in that moment she realised how happy she was, she had good friends and the most wonderful husband she could have ever imagined.

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