After been kissing for a long time, they stopped only to stay in each other's arm. It was just like it was enough to hug and to hold hands. After a while, Joan broke the comfortable silence.

"Are you hungry? It is nearly midday. I can fix us something to eat."

"Just a moment," mumbled he before kissed her on the lips. "okay, now you can go."

That kiss has made Joan feel dizzy and she paused a moment before she went to her little kitchen. "So what do you want? There is chicken, pasta…" listed she as she were looking into the cupboards. Keenan had the perfect view over her little bottom and he found nothing wrong with it. He suddenly felt a lust of being with her, in the bed, touching and holding. He hadn't held someone like that for a very long time. "You."

"What?" Joan asked as she turned toward him.

" I want you."

Joan raised an eyebrow. "Why didn't you say that earlier? Come on." She took his hands and led him into the bedroom. She suddenly didn't know what to do so she turned from him to light the numerous candles. She didn't know what to do because they had agreed not to have sex now and she had always known what men wanted when they meant sex. Keenan must have understood her panicked eyes because he took a few steps toward her.

"Hey, don't be so alarmed, we can do this in my way." He put his hands around her face.

" Your way? How does your way work?" said she nervously as she reached for the button on her pyjamas. Keenan stopped her.

"Ssch, that is my cue." He unbuttoned her top and let in fall to the ground. He was kissing her while he undressed. She could only stand there, with her arms motionless. " Okay, now it is your turn as she was naked except the knickers. She took his jacket with shaking hands. He helped her pass the shirt over his head. He quickly jerked off his shoes and the socks. He finally was in his underwear. After finished with this circus, he looked at her and found out he stared.

" Oh my, Joan, you look beautiful, sensational."

"Well, thank you, but I hope you're not going to say than I'm not for you."

" I would never say that. Oh wait. I have." He chuckled. " I promise that I'll never say that again. I am yours forever as you are mine."

"It sounds good," said she before she surprised him by falling on the bed talking him with her in the fall. She kissed him hungrily and he kissed back in the same way. Joan never knew that one could be so happy just kissing somebody.

" I have forgotten what it felt like so be so close with someone."

" I have never been so close to anyone," confessed Joan. This was new for her and she found that she loved it, a lot. Her exes had never been like Keenan. Decided, selfish men that loved themselves and had never known the meaning of giving flowers. She had also been different then. Inexperienced even after many boyfriends, she thought that this was the way men were. Even the boyfriend before Keenan, a guy she must thank for his involuntary matchmaking, had been dull. Keenan was smart, funny and gentle. She felt like a princess that had discovered the charming prince. Keenan felt privileged. Joan was something special and she confessed that she felt special with him. He wanted to take care of her, to comfort her. He had told his father that he had met a woman, and that he would live with her. His father had worried and asked him if it was wise. Keenan knew she was the one; no one else could be better than Joan. She was just Joan, his Joan. Joan felt the time to confess. She must tell him about the car. After all, she had made the plot and faked hysteria. It had worked to some extend since he had dumped in her apartment.

" We're always gonna be honest to each other, right?" Joan asked.

"It's essential," replied he.

Joan was unsure of what to say. She didn't how he would react. If he was gonna be angry or hurt. The last thing she wanted was to hurt his feelings over a stupid car. "Hum, I have to confess something."


"The night that we went to the movies and you walked me to my car?"

"You mean the car you pretended was stolen?"

Joan couldn't be more surprised. How could he know? All her anxieties were gone and were now replaced by perfect astonishment. She laughed of her stupidity. " You knew?"

He chuckled. He was amused by her unawareness. He had known perfectly right that she had tricked him. The made up scene of frustration, the crying, he knew. He had read straight trough her, a gift he knew he had from the first moment. He had played his part well, and his thoughts had been confirmed in the car when they declared their love. Her distracted nod told everything. Joan was ashamed. She tapped him on the shoulder for his amused face. All this time and he had known that she had made this to make him follow her home. She put her hands on her ashamed face.

" I may have been a bastard case that evening but I wasn't born yesterday."

" I'm so ashamed," said she behind her hands as he kissed on the available face. Joan's reaction was to hit him on the arm. She couldn't be angrier with him for not telling. But she did this while laughing so Keenan knew she was reconciled with it. He took her in his arms to stop her from hitting on the shoulder and he kissed her on the red cheek. She was more beautiful when she was ashamed and laughing. He reminded himself that he would try to make her laugh for the rest of his life. "Well," said she, admitting she had lost the battle. Keenan looked beautiful. His blue hair was glowing and his blue eyes sparkling. He was smarter than she thought and she couldn't love him less for that. "I so very much love you."

" And I love you." He looked at those wonderful eyes. " And Joan…"

"Yes, Keenan?"

" In time, I may even get to like this mangy cat of ours," said he as she looked at Blanche's angry stare.

Joan chuckled. " She's got the eye on you," said she as she mimed Blanche's face.

"And that is her good one," joked he. Blanche giggled and took one playfully one of his finger in her mouth. His lips soon replaced the finger and he moved on top of her to kiss her.