Hey there, finally added 'Hand aufs Herz' as a category, so I decided to post my little fic here as well. 'Hand aufs Herz' is a German telenovela about a German highschool, all in all a bit similar to "Glee", I guess, with a really adorable pairing! ;-)

Here you go...

She fumbled with the key to her locker, her simmering anger rising up another notch as she felt rather than saw Emma's presence behind her as if there was some mind of invisible connection between them. Fuck her! Jenny thought and rummaged around in her locker a bit longer than necessary before she slammed the door shut with a loud thud, turned around and glared at the petite blonde in front of her.

"What do you want, Emma?"

"You shut down the alarm in Hall One!" Emma spat at her, her anger almost as intense as Jenny's.

"Yes, I did. So?" Jenny replied coolly, knowing fully well that her reaction would provoke the blonde even more.

"So?" Emma mimicked angrily. "They think I did it! I got kicked out because of you!" Emma's eyes sparkled with fury and hurt, and her cheeks had taken on a light shade of red.

Jenny shrugged dismissively. "Shit happens, I guess."

"I want to know why you did that!"

"Well, I guess I just couldn't be bothered to work with you any longer." she said with another shrug.

"And why is that?"

Jenny almost flinched as hurt and disappointment were even more evident in Emma's voice now. What am I doing? Watching Emma fight back angry tears because of her was even more excruciating than the one sentence that had ripped her heart apart. 'I don't flirt with women! I am normal!' She remembered that it had felt as if she'd been slapped in the face by those words Emma had uttered with self-evident conviction. How stupid of her to believe for even a fraction of a second that Emma shared the feelings she held for her. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She felt another flash of anger surge through her veins. Get a grip, for fuck's sake!

"Because I am not interested in listening to your narrow-minded, bigoted opinions all day long!"

"What? I am not narrow-minded!"

"Oh no, I almost forgot, you're normal, aren't you?" With that, she stepped past Emma and left hurriedly before her carefully maintained mask started to crumble.


She tugged one last time at her blond wig, her Samurai sword attached safely to her back, perfecting her costume, before she braced her shoulders and entered the room with her trademark 'bordering-on-arrogant' smile firmly in place. At once, she was engulfed by a throng of bodies which were moving more or less rhythmically to the blaring music. She quickly scanned the room to find her classmates, but her gaze was caught by a very cute version of Janis Joplin at the far side of the room. She bit her lip to hide the smile that threatened to sneak on her face. 'No, no, no, you're still mad at her, remember?' she reminded herself.' And she deserves it. But God….she's gorgeous. And cute. And…' When Emma looked in her direction she quickly averted her eyes and pretended to have the fun of her life, swaying to the music all on her own. She knew that she could easily pull it off – whereas others would just look lonely and a bit lost amid all those people chatting and laughing with each other, she was well aware of her reputation. 'The cool girl from London who doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything.' Yeah, right. If only they knew. She looked up again and saw Hotte leave the group around Emma to get another round of drinks. Jenny inconspicuously danced towards him and grabbed his tie when he was near enough for her to reach it.

"So…who are you?" She smiled and moved closer towards him, an idea taking shape in her head. If she doesn't realize what she feels, then I'll have to show her.

"Bond. James Bond. Isn't that obvious?" She took a closer look at the bespectacled boy in front of her. He was actually rather nice, and she apologized silently for what she was about to do.

"So, Mr. Bond, have you detected any other agents yet?" Jenny asked in full flirty-mode.

"Don't turn around, there are a couple of very suspicious guys behind you, and they seem to be armed." Hotte replied, happily playing along.

Jenny laughed and pulled him closer, fully aware that Emma was watching their every move. 'It's now or never' she thought and pressed her lips to Hotte's who was so surprised that he didn't react at all and thankfully didn't try to deepen the unexpected kiss. Jenny took a step backwards and turned towards Emma who'd come closer and closer and stared at them with a mixture of shock and anger showing on her face. 'I'm sorry' Jenny thought and pulled Hotte in for another kiss, not quite sure whom she was apologizing to – Hotte for playing with his crush he obviously held for her or Emma for hurting her again. 'But I have to make her see it'. she tried to justify her actions, grabbed Hotte's hand and started to dance with him, her hips swaying way too close to his. She forced herself to keep her smile in place as Emma turned on her heels and left. 'Mission accomplished.'


She turned in her sheets for the thousandth time, tucked her pillow into a more comfortable position, desperately wanting to fall asleep, but her mind returned to this night's events again and again. Emma laughing that beautiful laugh of hers while talking to Luzi. Their brief eye contact as she'd entered the party. The shocked look on Emma's face as she'd watched her kiss Hotte. Hotte's hopeful smile after their first kiss. What have I done? What kind of a stupid idea was that? God! But what should she have done instead? Walked up to her and said 'Hey Emma, sorry for snapping at you like that after you told me that you wouldn't flirt with a woman even if hell froze over, but I have a huge crush on you and I know you feel that way too!'? She groaned quietly and kicked the covers away. Why couldn't she just forget about her?

She snorted at the stupidity of her silent monologue. Because she was special. She could endure the most boring classes without a single word of protest as long as Emma was sitting next to her. She was even looking forward to Mondays, for fuck's sake, although they didn't even share a class on Mondays, but at least she'd be able to talk to her during the breaks in between. She sometimes sneaked into the auditorium just to hear her sing. She'd almost slapped that Caro bitch in front of the whole volleyball-team because she'd named Emma a hopeless loser. She regularly forgot what she wanted to say when her eyes locked with Emma's and would just stand there, listening to her and smiling like an idiot while her heart was doing somersaults inside her chest. Her gaze would travel down to the blonde's lips once and again, before she'd mentally slap herself for the way her imagination was getting ahead of itself, conjuring up a dream of their lips colliding, brushing tenderly against each other in perfect sync. 'Jennifer Hartmann, would you shut up your mind right now and go to sleep? God!'