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Chapter 18

"Emma Müller! Is this supposed to mean that you are misleading me to skip school? And that coming from a model student like you are? Do you even know how that works?"

Emma loved the playful lilt in Jenny's voice, the way she raised her brow at her in disbelief and amusement and tiptoed around her with exaggerated gestures. 'I still can't believe she's here with me and not shipped away to a withdrawal clinic in Ireland. I really thought I'd lost her.' The mere thought made her feel queasy. No, she wouldn't think about that now. Jenny was with her now and she wanted to have her all for herself today and wouldn't share her – not with school, not with their friends, not with anyone. She hadn't really made a plan for today, but when Jenny asked her where they were going, the perfect solution had popped into her head.

"Come on in." Emma said with a happy smile and dragged Jenny inside Hall One. "No one's here."

"If this isn't the inclusive concept of freedom. We're skipping school to come here - to the place where you work!" Again that playful voice she loved so much. Emma smiled and pulled off her jacket.

"Hall One is closed today, there's a private party tonight."

"I see. So…what are we going to do now?"

If Emma was perfectly honest, she didn't care at all what they'd do as long as it meant spending the day with Jenny. 'I just got her back. That's all that matters.'

"Well….we're not going to just sit around here, that's for sure." Emma said and pressed a button on the hifi-system behind the counter. "And just so we're clear – I'll be leading today." she added with a decisive smile and pulled Jenny in for a slow dance. They'd never danced before, at least not like this, gently turning and swaying to the music. God, she loved her. Everything about her. Her beautiful smile. Her unique scent that filled her nostrils while she swirled around her. Her soft skin beneath her fingertips. The sound of her laugh when she almost lost her footing after doing several pirouettes. The way she was looking at her right now, a mixture of love and amusement and longing in her blue eyes. "I can't believe there were days when I didn't realize that you're the woman of my dreams." Because that's what she was. The woman of her dreams. Without a single doubt. And she wouldn't let her go. Not ever.

"The important thing is that you know it now." Jenny leant towards her, her lips gently grazing her own, until a low growling sound made Emma start.

"Was that your stomach? You're hungry and didn't tell me?" Emma looked at her girlfriend half reproachfully, half amused and got up. "Wait here. No one will notice that we helped ourselves." She disappeared behind the counter and emerged a couple of seconds later, a silver plate with a perfectly arranged assortment of little cakes in her hands. "Taaa!"

"Emma Müller, you're frightening me!" Jenny exclaimed with a surprised laugh.

'I'd do anything for her. Anything.'


God, how she'd missed her. How she'd missed this. She kissed Emma torturously slowly yet deeply. If only she could show her how much she loved her. They'd been apart for only a couple of hours, but nonetheless it felt like an eternity. She'd really thought she'd messed it up. The best thing that had ever happened to her. Leaving Emma behind had ripped her heart in two, causing a physical pain she hadn't experienced before. 'She can destroy me with just a blink of the eye. But I don't care. I'll take the risk. God, yes, I'll take it.' She wanted Emma to feel what she meant to her. She needed her to feel it. Right now. Jenny didn't bother with taking off Emma's clothes although she'd have loved to feel her soft skin beneath her fingers. She went straight for Emma's belt, managed to open it with one hand and popped open the button of her jeans before she pulled down the zipper. 'I love you.' Without breaking their kiss, Jenny slipped her hand inside Emma's jeans, her other hand on her shoulder, holding her in a tight grip, not letting her go. Emma's response was immediate, her hips pushing up against Jenny's hand unwittingly. But Jenny needed to go slowly, needed Emma to understand. 'I love you.' Emma broke the kiss to gasp for air when Jenny's hand brushed over her panties, caressing her gently through the thin material.

"Jenny." Emma breathed, her gaze locked with Jenny's.

"Yes." Jenny whispered. "Yes." She heard Emma draw in a sharp breath when her hand slipped beneath the elastic of Emma's panties and gently grazed her soaking wetness. Emma released the breath she'd been holding and closed her eyes, overwhelmed by the feelings building up inside her.

"Emma." Jenny whispered. "Look at me. Please look at me."

Emma complied and opened her eyes again, her pupils dilated and her eyes greener than Jenny had ever seen them. She bit her lip when Jenny entered her and started moving slowly yet deeply inside her. Emma's breath came in shorter and shorter gasps, but she fought hard to keep her eyes open and didn't urge Jenny on as if she knew what Jenny was trying to show her. A low moan escaped Emma's lips when Jenny's thumb moved against her, gently but decisively, pushing her higher and higher until she couldn't hold back any longer and crashed beneath Jenny's fingertips, Emma's hand holding on to Jenny's shoulder as if she were drowning.

"I've got you." Jenny whispered. "I've got you." She'd never forget this moment. Never. Emma's gaze boring into her own, so open, baring her soul to her.

"I love you too." Emma gasped, her breath still ragged, her body still shaking with the aftershocks. "I love you too."


It broke her heart to see her like this. Tears running down her cheeks, her eyes already swollen from crying. Yet she was glad that Jenny had finally given in to her grief instead of pushing the fact that her parents had died in a plane crash away and ignoring the sad truth altogether. Emma could only guess how Jenny was feeling right now. She couldn't imagine losing both her parents in a single day because of a terrible accident. Jenny didn't have any siblings, which meant had her whole family had been erased, except for an elderly aunt who lived in New Zealand. 'I'll be there for her. No matter what.' Emma knew that nothing she said or did could soothe Jenny's pain right now, but nonetheless she kept on trying. She'd stayed the night in Jenny's bed in the Bergmanns' house, watching her sleep, and she'd stay as long as Jenny wanted her to.

"I have to think about them all the time." Jenny whispered, a fresh wave of tears welling up in her eyes and running down her cheeks. "I want it to stop." She was openly crying now.

"It will stop hurting sometime. I promise."

"If I'd been with them in that plane it wouldn't hurt anymore."

Emma winced at Jenny's words, felt them tug at her heart. She didn't dare think about how she'd feel if Jenny had died in that crash and pushed that thought hurriedly back into the depths of her mind.

"We'll see this through together, okay? I'll help you with everything that I've got, I'll do anything I can to make you feel better. You're not alone. And you'll never be. I'll stay with you. Always."

'I promise.'


'You've got the love. You've got the love. You've got the love I need to see me through.'

She loved this song, and she loved listening to Emma's voice while she was singing it. It would take a long time until there'd be a day when she wouldn't think about her parents' fatal accident, but she knew she wouldn't have to face this phase of her life alone. Emma had stood by her every single minute, had been the rock she could lean on when the events caught up with her again and a wave of sadness washed over her, threatening to choke her. Jenny needed her and was surprised that she didn't mind. She'd always hated to depend on other people, but with Emma she'd just accepted it, grateful for her girlfriend's unwavering support. Jenny wound her arm around Emma's shoulders while the audience was still applauding. 'Thank God my parents sent me to Cologne to reorganize my chaotic life, otherwise I'd never have met her.' She wished she could thank them somehow for this decision they'd made for her. 'They probably already knew that. They've seen me with her, the way I flourish when she's with me. The way she soothes me without really doing anything. The way she makes me happy. Me! Me who's only been happy while high on dope or God knows what.'

Jenny woke from her reveries when Emma tugged at her hand and subtly motioned with her head towards a couple kissing each other right in front of them like there was no tomorrow. 'Ben and Bea Vogel? Wow. I wouldn't have guessed. But they seem happy, and that's all that matters.'

"Did you know that?" Emma asked quietly.

"No, I didn't. But they're a cute couple."

"Yes, definitely."

Jenny pulled Emma in a tight embrace. "But they don't stand a chance against us, of course." she playfully whispered in Emma's ear.

"Of course not." Emma agreed with a smile.

"I love you, Emma. Always. Don't ever, ever forget that."

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