High School Sucks!

The first thing you should know about high school is... Its not a f*ckn' musical!

I am Haruna Sakura and i entered High school this year. I don't really like high school musical but i tought that high school is great. But now i know that high school really sucks.

"Wake up Sakura. If you don't you will late. School is waiting for you." my mom said and pulled my pillow. "I am sick! Now give me my pillow back." i murmered. "No you are not. Its only been one week and you are already tired. What happened you High school spirit?" she laughed. Yes in summer vacation i was so excited about high school and i were always saying things like "I am a high school girl!" and "This year is going to be awesome! I can't wait." I stod up. "Fine! I woke up. Are you happy?" i said. Door knocked. "Look Hinata-chan is here and you are not ready." she said. "Fine! Open the door i will be ready." i said and started to change my clothles.

"I am ready lets go!" i said and took Hinata's arm."Hey. Eat some breakfast honey." mom said. "No need. Are you hungry Hinata?" i said. "N-no i already eat breakfast." she said. "Then lets go we are late!" i said and we started to run. After class we met again. "Where is Ino." i asked. "She didn't came to class." Hinata said. "I guess she is sick again." i said. "Thats means there will be only us today." i said. "I-its okay Sakura-chan. Its better than being alone right?" she said and smiled. "Hinata we are already so alone. I mean, i only have three friends. Don't you think this is so pathetic?" i said. "I-i guess we should try to be friends with others too." she said. "Others? Do you mean Karin and her friends? They are famous of being slut. High school sucks. If you are a slut thats means you are popular. I you are not thats means you are invisible. But you know what is the good point?" i said. "What?" she asked. "When i was little i always wanted to be a super hero and power of invisibilty." i said and laughed.

"Hi everyone!" i heard Ino's cheerful voice. "Good morning sleeping beauty. You are so late." i said. " I am not late. I just followed senior hoties!" she said. "Do you mean those guys in basketball team?" i said. "Yup! Sasuke is so cute!" she said and blushed. "Do you mean the blonde one?" i said. "I can't believe that you don't know Sasuke! The blonde one is Naruto! Sasuke is the black haired one. He is so cool." she said. "Black haired one? With pony tail? I don't think that he is cool." i said. "Oh! Eww thats Shikamaru! And he is so annoying. Our fathers are really good friends but we don't get along well because he is just too... I don't know... Lazy?" she said with a confusing face. "Whatever listen well! The blonde one is Naruto. The other cool one with red tatoos on his face is Kiba. The one with white beautiful eyes is Neji and he is Hinata's cousin. Rock lee is absolutely not hot or handsome but he is a really good player. Omg... And he is Sasuke..." she said and pointed someone.

He was really good loking. His hair was so dark and his skin was so pale. Our eyes met for a moment but then i looked away. "Stop pointing him." i said. "So what do you think?" she asked. "Okay i admit that he is good looking but don't you think he looks like a emo." i said. "But emos are cute." she said and giggled. "Whatever. I am sure that he likes girls like Karin." i said. "Kairn likes him so much but he turned her down. He don't have a girlfriend! That means he wants true love. Ohh so cute." she said. I laughed. "No thats means. He is a gay." i said and Hinata laughed. "No he is not! okay?" she said. "Fine i must i must go to gym." i said. "You are lucky we have math." Ino said. "I wish we are in same class." Hinata said. "Oh don't worry i would rather go to math class. You know i am bad at those things. And Gai-sensei likes basketball so much. I bassicaly hate basketball!" i said. "Oh its not that bad!" Ino said. "Yeah. yeah. See you later." i said and left.

The leeson was boring and while we were playing basketball everybody laughed at me like always. Then i hit them with ball "accidantaly" I was the strongest girl in the whole school. I were so strong but i was so bad at basketball. At the end of the class Gai-sensei came near with his tight clothles. "I don't really want to tell yo this but... You suck! Where is you spirit of youth? You are so bad! Do you want to be a first year student again next year? Whatever. You are luck because i am a good teacher. And i will make you exam again. You must play basketboll. Your exam will be next month. So work hard. And let me give you a hint. You should put that ball in to the basket. Thats why we call this basketboll." he said and go somewhere else with laughing. "Thats why we call this basketboll." i talked like him. "Let me give you a hint too. You should stop wearing tight clothles. That why we think you are a gay." i said and kicked the ball. "Ouch!" i heard someones voice. A blonde guy and Sasuke were standing infront of the door. "This is not soccer you know." Narut said and smiled. "Oh sorry Na... Na... Um What was your name?" i said. "Sakura-chan don't you know my name?" he said and nodded. "No. And why do you know my name?" i asked. "Thats a secret." He said and winked. "My name is Naruto. And we heard Gai-sensei talking. You are bad at basketball right? If you want i can..." Naruto was talking but Sasuke cutted. "I will train you." he said. I was dead at the moment. "Did he really said that?" i tought. "No! Why do you want to train me anyway?" i asked. "As a seniors we have to help atleast one first year student in a lesson. Thats the rule." he said. Then i remembered how Karin is madly in love with those "Basketball Hoties" and how Ino would react if i accept. "I must stay away from them." i tought.

"No thank you." i said. "Then let me train you!" Naruto said. "I said no!" i shouted. "But why?" Naruto said. "Because that Karin slut would kill me if i accept your offer." i said. "She don't have to know." Naruto said. "But she will! Karin is so populer. If someone saw us. Everyone in the school would attack me!" i said. "Okay. You asked for it." Sasuke said and came close to me. He suddenly kissed my cheek and took a photo with his phone. I blushed."What are you doing!" i said and pushed him. "let me train you or i will show this photo to everyone." he said. "Why are you doing this?" i said. "You are the only girl in first years who doesn't like me." he answered. "Hinata doesn't likes you too." i said. "Kiba is giving biology lessons to her." Naruto said. "Did anyone said Kiba?" someone with red tatoos opened the door. "Wow. Hinata has a good taste of mans." i tought. "Then ask boys!" i said. "Ha-ha! Only a gay would ask a boy to give lessons. We don't like rumars do we?" Kiba said and put his hand to Sasuke's shoulder. "Don't worry. I don't have any interest with brats." Sasuke said with a bored tone. I got pissed. "I don't have any interest in grandfathers too. But tell this to Kairn." i said. And Ino... Naruto and Kiba started to laugh. "Haha Sakura-chan you are funny. Wait do you think i am a grandpa too?" he said and nodded. "I didn't delete the photo. Now give me a answer." Sasuke said. "Fine! Do whatever you want! I should go." i said left. "Now what i am going to do?" i tought while walking.