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Dean sat on his bed with his back leaning against the wall, slouching down enough so that his mouth was in perfect position to take in Sam, who was on his knees in front of him. Sam pressed his hips forward, prodding Dean's mouth a couple of times before slipping his cock past Dean's lips and into his mouth. Dean was used to Sam taking the initiative lately, but this time it was different; this time Sam was all about having full control over Dean and, luckily for Sam, Dean was in the mood for being controlled.

Having his brother's heated member in his mouth, grazing his teeth as it glided in and out of his uninviting yet unresistant mouth. Dean loved the feeling of having Sam pleasure himself with Dean's mouth -not that he had any choice, since he found that he couldn't move, as if he was under a spell. Dean closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of having Sam's cock leak pre-cum into his mouth, noting how aroused he was becoming, his organ growing stiff inside his pants.

It was as though Sam had read his brother's mind, because as the thought that his sweatpants were starting to feel uncomfortable crossed his mind, Dean felt a breeze sweeping through his suddenly exposed crotch. His member swelled with want even more as Sam's pink lips slid over the oozing head to taste him, eliciting pleasured moans from Dean. Sam's dick began to push into him more ardently, but with less coordination, as Sam continued to use his tongue to play with Dean's, now pink from the attention, head.

Looking at Sam's hard abs before him, a thin layer of sweat over them, Dean realized it must be particularly inconvenient for Sam to blow him in the position he currently was in and yet have his own dick in Dean's mouth. Dean scootched further down, lowering himself flat upon the bedspread, so he was laying directly under Sam. Immediately, Sam's mouth wrapped around his hard cock, furiously sucking with renewed vigor.


The Sam that had been fucking his mouth was fading, and his mind tried to trick him back into believing the deception. But the damage had already been done. The illusion quickly vanished, as Dean awoke from his slumber, only to realize that a lot of the stuff he had been dreaming of, were in fact... happening to him in reality.

Dean's eyes shot wide open, his hearing adjusted to the sounds of the new day, and he discovered that the impassioned moans were still audible, the hot, engulfing mouth was still surrounding him, and the solid -intruding but welcomed- organ was most definitely still loosely tucked inside Dean's mouth. He looked down across the body suspending over him, held up by two toned legs, planted on either side of Dean's face, and saw the silhouette of a familiar, floppy-haired head bobbing up and down his erect member.

Dean felt his eyes roll to the back of his head at the loud, and slightly obnoxious, yet enjoyable nonetheless, slurps that Sam was making. Aware of how close he was to losing it, Dean leaned a bit forward and began to suck his little brother's dick, eliciting from Sam deep, low moans that reverberated down Dean's shaft and incited his aching sack.

Mesmerized by the tightness of Sam's balls above him, the way the tiny veins on them constricted and faintly pumped, Dean watched as if in a trance as they began to fill his mouth with warm, salty Sammy-cum, that Dean let linger inside his mouth for a few seconds before he swallowed.

Seeing and tasting his younger brother's orgasm, coupled with the feeling of Sam groaning loudly onto his aching cock was too much for Dean. He grunted animalistically onto Sam's manhood and bucked uncontrollably, as he ejaculated his own bittersweet semen right into the hot, wet, enveloping mouth around his dick.

Sam thirstily drank as much of the thick liquid as he could, and the small amount that managed to escape was poured down to Dean's balls. After Sam swallowed Dean's last drop, he gently sucked once more, before he extracted the now flaccid cock from his mouth. He went on, though, licking the strings of sperm that had fallen all over his brother's sack.

Dean shivered at the feel of Sam's eager tongue, as the moist muscle worked around each one of his testicles, cleaning up the remains of his orgasm.

"So good," Dean moaned, only to regret it when Sam jumped up, startled, and fell almost completely off of Dean's bed, a faint thump following when his shoulders and part of his back hit the floor.

"Dammit," Sam groaned disoriented. Dean laughed at the sight Sam presented, half of his body sprawled on the floor, but his legs somehow still onto the bed. He looked down at Sam, to make sure he hadn't strained anything, but Dean's attention quickly shifted to the perfect view of his brother's exposed hole.

"Good morning to you, too, sunshine," Dean said with a smirk, as he felt his cock twitching and he slowly rotated his index finger around the soft, quivering cavity.

A fine morning indeed.

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