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And that was it. He thought he would feel happy and relieved but he only felt calmness surrounded him as he sat down on the closest chair. He drank his tea and asked if he could pay. The woman ran away with a horrified expressoin on her face.

Of course, he was after all a cold-blooded killer. Lisbon will be so mad at him! He repressed a smile at that thought. He knew that the raven haired agent is going to shout at him for hours. But he was looking forward to Red John worth it! And if Lisbon will be shouting it meant that she was she had to be.

Even now,that a dead man lay beside him he felt his heart warm as he thought about Lisbon. When he heard the shots in the phone a few minutes earlier his blood ran cold in his veins. All he could think of was her. Was she okay? Did she get hurt? He almost forgot where he was and why he was there. Almost…

When he was certain that she is going to be fine he had to finish what he had started.

But now as he waited for someone – probably the police – to come his thoughts wandered to her. And his team. He was perfectly aware of the thing he did. He killed a man. Well, a serial-killer at least but he killed him. He will have to go to court and there will be a trial.

Patrick Jane searched his own mind for for one does he feel now that he was free? Free…free from Red John. But not so free if we think about prison…

He couldn't find the answer he was looking expected to feel happy. But he wasn't…He didn't even felt succesful. It was kind of empty in his head. No plans or expectations. No fears. No intentions. No re-thinkings. It was all done. All this time since his family died he planned how to catch him. And how to take revenge. He learned all the names and dates and everything about Red was always thinking of a way to outmaneuver him. And now he did caught him. He killed him.

And his mind was , not clear in a good was simply empty. And it scared him. The revenge was practically his life over the last years and now it was done. What the hell will he do now?

When the police arrived Patrick was still lifted his hands and let the cops arrest him. He didn't say a didn't protested. He just let them lead him to the car and drove away…

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