"Giotto! You dumbass!"

Cozart scratched his hair in frustration. Why couldn't Giotto figure the game out? How many times had he explained it to him already?

"Like. 100 times Cozart."

Oh oops, had he said that aloud?

"You kind of suck at explaining it though." Giotto pointed out. Cozart glared at him.

They were currently in Decimo's room. For some unknown reason, they had been transported to Sawada Tsunayoshi's room, who turned out to be Giotto's great-great-great-great grandson or something, which made no sense at all because Giotto was only 14, so it was impossible for him to have a grandson at his age. Freaking the poor boy out with their flashy appearance (which included falling through the ceiling and a bright flash of light), he had merely jumped out the window and had run off somewhere. Though they didn't know where. But that was okay, because they had this entertaining piece of technology in their hands right at the moment.


"HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!;PRIMOADFK;LJWHATALDKFJDI'!" The brunette boy let out a girly scream filled with a mumble jumble of words and a few "HIEEE"s. Without thinking, he jumped out his bedroom window, leaving shattered glass everywhere. Cozart raised a red eyebrow up at the gir-I mean, boy's action. And wait, was that a baby with a fedora sitting on his head? And what was that? A chameleon? On a fedora? Interesting.

Cozart looked around the room. The bedroom he and Giotto were currently in didn't look all that harmful. Except for the weird orange box thing on his shelf. Other than that, it looked like a regular bedroom, with a bed in the corner, a desk, shelves, and a close-

"COZART! WHAT IS THIS WEIRD CONTRAPTION RIGHT HERE?" Giotto literally screamed, pointing at the white box on the ground and stomping his foot on top of it. Cozart immediately rushed over to the poor box.

"STOP STOP STOP STOP STOPPPPP!" Cozart screamed back at Giotto, pushing him back and preventing him from damaging the white box any more. He didn't want to pay for the item, since they were pretty much moneyless at the moment. All their money was back in Italy, and he was sure even if they did have money, it would be useless, seeing that they weren't in Italy at the moment.

"Oh my god Cozart. There are so many wires sticking out of it. Do you think this is an enemy's bomb? Should we get rid of it? And what is this weird button?" Giotto bombarded Cozart with questions, as he looked past Cozart's shoulder and spotted the button on it.

"C-C-Cozart! It's glowing red!" Before Cozart could stop him, Giotto pushed him out of the way, kneeled down to the box, and pressed it. The light turned green, and it began rumbling.

"Um. Giotto. What did you do…?" Even Cozart admitted that this contraption was kind of weird. Honestly, what changed colors when you pressed the button? There was never anything like this back in Italy.

"Hmmm. I wonder if I press it again, would it turn into a different color?" Giotto asked. Cozart stood there and watched as Giotto pressed the button repeatedly. The button did not change colors though. It seemed it could only go red to green.

"WAH! COZART! THERE'S A BIG BLACK BOX THINGY HERE!" Giotto's attention changed to the black box on a shelf. Before Cozart could stop him, he pressed the button on the box. It turned green, and the whole screen lit up.

Cozart and Giotto stood there dumbfounded. And what the heck? There was Japanese on the screen!

"Hmmm…press A to start…." Giotto read off the screen.

"Press A where?" Cozart asked, looking around the room. There didn't seem to be anything else in the room that had the letter "A" on it.

And then he saw a white stick looking thing on the ground. Two, actually. They both had buttons on it, and a set of lights on the bottom of it were blue. What caught Cozart's attention though, was the button with the letter "A" on it.

"Giotto! I found it!" He yelled, as he stooped to the ground and picked them both up.

Giotto snatched one of the white stick things out of Cozart's hands, and smashed his hand on top of the A button. Cozart swore Giotto smashed the poor button to pieces.

Suddenly, another white screen showed up. And there were little screens in the screen!

"Dude. G would totally freak if he saw this." Giotto murmured to Cozart. G was not with them though.

"That bastard is probably at Italy freaking out about us." Cozart exclaimed, and a scowl settled upon his face. That reminded him that he had to get back to Italy with Giotto somehow. Who knows what could happen while tampering with this item?

Cozart lifted his white stick thing, and to his utter surprise, a hand appeared, with the number 2 on it. He grabbed Giotto's white stick thing, and his had a number 1 on it.

"Cozart! There are numbers on it! And look, if you move the stick, the hand moves with it! COOOOl!" Giotto shouted, as he began dancing around the room crazily with the stick in his hand.

And sure enough, the hand moved with him.

Cozart waved his arm. The hand moved up and down on the screen.

Giotto smiled at Cozart. "Let's try pressing one of the screens!"

Cozart nodded. At this moment, he could care less about going back to Italy. He absolutely needed to figure out what this weird thing was.

"Pressing the small screen in the big screen caused the small screen to become a big screen! With colors! " Giotto yelled, eyes widening at the screen. Cozart raised an eyebrow at Giotto's confusing explanation. There were two humans on the screen-one with a red cap, one with a green cap. They looked like they were driving with some weird circular thing.

"Press start Giotto!" Cozart said.



At hearing the weird "Mario" thing, Cozart's little hand on the screen practically flew to the "Start" button on the bottom. This thing was obviously their way back to Italy! It was the only thing that sounded Italian here!

And so began the adventures of Giotto and Cozart.

Flashback End

Giotto's POV

"GAH! COZART! HELP ME!" Giotto shouted at Cozart, throwing his stick thing at the black box. Cozart caught it right before it could smash into the, what they learned to be called, a TV.


Giotto pouted. He didn't like this game at all. For the past few minutes, all he had succeeded in doing was killing himself. He flew off the roads, got hit by red turtle shells, and once when he was first, was hit by a freaking flying blue shell!

"THIS GAME SUCKS!" He wailed, flailing his arms like a child. Cozart facepalmed, and handed the stick thing back to Giotto.

"I have explained this to you over 100 times already. I even showed you step by step how to play. Why don't you understand?" He said, scratching his red head in annoyance and frustration.

Giotto glared at the TV and Cozart. He hated everything right now. Where was Italy? Why were they here in Japan? Where was his beloved G? And lastly, why couldn't he win this stupid game?

Cozart sighed. "Let's try this again Giotto. I'm sure you'll be able to do it." He handed the stick back to said blonde. Giotto snatched it out of his hands, and faced the TV. He had to win this time. According to Cozart, this was the only way to get back to Italy. Some bullshit about the red capped guy sounding Italian.

"He sure doesn't sound Italian to me…" Giotto thought to himself, as he chose a place to race.

The game started, and Giotto began tilting the stick thing like crazy, just hoping that the car would go somewhere. He had basically lost hope in him and Cozart winning the game.

Cozart slapped his forehead once again.

"Are you stupid? In order to move, you have to press the 2 button." Cozart explained. Giotto looked up at the screen. It seemed like all his energy on waving his stick crazily had been wasted, because his car was still sitting there at the starting line. He looked up at Cozart's half of the screen, and he saw that his car was moving!

"COZARRRT. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT EARLIER?" Giotto said, glaring at him. Cozart merely shrugged, already fed up with his friend's stupidity. Giotto pressed the 2 button, and once again, began flailing his stick thing around.

"STOP IT. THAT WON'T GET YOU ANYWHERE. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to tilt the stick thing instead of dancing with it to turn." Cozart once again, explained.

Giotto ignored him. He jumped up and down with the stick thing, and to his surprise, his car did this weird trick thing in the air.

"Cozart! My car had some sparkles around it! And my stick thing made a noise!"

Cozart raised an eyebrow up at Giotto.


"Wave the stick thing up and down in the air!" Giotto explained, as he once again, did the sparkling thing in the air.

Suddenly, another car came zooming by and collided with Giotto in midair. Of course, Giotto's car went flying into the ditch.

"NOOOOOOOOO! THAT WAS CHEATING! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" Giotto yelled, as he grabbed the instruction booklet that was lying next to Cozart.

Giotto searched frantically for something about colliding into the air with another car being illegal, but there was nothing about it. He threw the instruction booklet out the shattered window.

"This sucks Cozart. We will never be able to get back, an-"

Suddenly, said red head jumped up and began dancing.

"Giotto! I won! I got first place!" Cozart yelled, grabbing Giotto by his shoulders and shaking him back and forth.

Giotto's eyes widened. He looked at Cozart's screen, and almost cried in happiness.

"Now we can get back to Italy!" Cozart exclaimed.

"YES! NO MORE OF THIS RETARDED GAME! LET'S GO BACK!" Giotto shouted, scaring the hell out of a bird that had happened to land on the tree right outside the shattered window.

They stood there awkwardly waiting for something flashy to happen to them.

*1 hour later*

"Tell me why we are playing this game Cozart?"

They were currently sitting on the ground holding another weird contraption in their hands.

"Pokémon. It kind of sounds Italian."