The man's nostrils, with the pale translucency that the rest of his skin retained, flared dramatically as he snarled. Bel took a slow step backward, trying to soothe the furious man with his calm movements. It only seemed to rouse the agitated werewolf even more, and Bel watched in alarm as his canines stretched over his bottom teeth.

"You're filth! You can't even be grateful for the things we give you. What are you doing? Are you going to run away? Are you going to slit their throats while they are sleeping?"

The more the reasons for Beltrano's wakefulness stirred in his mind, the angrier the ginger man got.

"I'm going to—I'm going to fucking kill you."

He leapt, his body lithe and quick like a panther rather than a wolf. Bel crouched, ducking to the right as he sent his foot blindly in the other man's direction. His toes ached when his feet collided with the hard bone in his shin, and the other man let out a growl. He swung his fist before Bel could dodge, and the younger man moaned in pain as his vision blackened and his jaw ached. He fell to the ground, curling in on himself as the deranged werewolf sent blow after blow to his body. He kicked when he could, breaking the other man's nose, but that only made him madder.

Blood spattered over both of them, the scent of the older werewolf become poignant in the air. Both of their attacks became more feral, and soon they were growling and snarling, their teeth gnashing and their voices pained. Adrenaline pumped through them, filling them with anger and almost unearthliness.

Before Bel realized it, they were being pulled apart by a very pissed off Fenrir Greyback and a very emotionless Fang. Bel felt like his body was on fire, his lips bled down his face and his ribs creaked together when he moved. He peaked through his aching eyelids at most of the pack, looking tired and bewildered.

"What the fuck is wrong with you two? What the fuck are you doing in the middle of the night fighting like this? Zeke?"

The ginger man snapped out of his reverie, and his eyes narrowed to slits as they zeroed in on Bel.

"He was out here when I came out to take a piss. He was trying to leave."

Fenrir dropped the ginger unceremoniously to the ground, crossing his arms over his broad tan chest.

"Was he now?"

"No I wasn't. I couldn't sleep so I left the tent, and this arsehole attacked me."

Zeke snarled, lunging for him once again, only to be caught by Greyback.

"You. Go to fucking bed. You. Come with me."

Bel limped after him, pushed forward by the still expressionless Fang. He could feel the older werewolf's annoyance and disappointment, and that made the walk to Fenrir's tent all the more bitter.

The night had been cold, and the warm dry air of the tent soothed his aching body just a bit. Bel sighed, swaying slightly with Fang's firm grip on his arm. Fenrir rustled with something at the back of the tent, and then he abruptly stepped forward and tore the robes off of Bel's body. He didn't even need to pull. All he did was grab and yank and then they were gone. Bloody beast. Bel started to protest, but Fenrir was smearing something on the cuts on his chest. It tingled, soothing the burn. Healing him?

Fang loosened his grip on his arm and gently pat him on the shoulder.

"I'm going to make sure Zeke isn't angry eating again. He ate all of the meat last time," he said in his gentle way as he left the tent.

The silence between Bel and Fenrir was awkward as the Alpha spread the herbal scented cream on his wounds. It was especially awkward when he came to the split lip and blackened eyes, but Fenrir seemed determined to ignore that and continue his ministrations.

"Do you think my ribs are broken? I don't want them to heal incorrectly," said Bel, lifting his arms a bit and wincing as his ribs ached.

Fenrir prodded around his torso, and then shook his head. "No, they are just bruised. Did I miss anywhere?"


Fenrir nodded as if he knew the answer already, and then he sat down on the bed of furs.

"I know the pack has been hard on you, but they are not fond of wizards. Give them time, and they will come around."

Bel gave a tight smile.

"But will I be killed before they have the chance to 'come around'? That man attacked me for no reason just now. And that woman said I would only survive the full moon if I was completely submis—"

"What woman?"

"Oh, I don't know. She was in here when you were speaking with me."

More like snarling at him.

Fenrir groaned in annoyance, falling back on the furs with his arms spread out beside him.

"That woman is the devil. Don't listen to her. I only allow her in my presence because she would be insufferable if I didn't."

Bel was amused by this side of his Alpha. He felt the urge to please and submit, as any werewolf created by Fenrir would. When Fenrir was being civil, the wolf outweighed the anger he felt towards him.

They were silent for a moment, and Bel knew he had to get the question of his chest that he had been holding in for so long.

"Why now?"


"Why did you wait until now to bring me here?" Why didn't you bring me here where I could be safe?

Fenrir grunted, sitting up. His silvery dreads fell over his shoulders, the tiny bells laced in them ringing softly. He was shirtless, clad only in wool cutoff trousers like most of the other men there.

Fenrir was very quiet, and for a moment, Bel thought he saw a flash of sadness in his face.

"I thought I had killed you. Well, I was told that I had by your asshole of a Father. I found out a month ago that you were at Hogwarts and I knew I had to get you out of there."



Fenrir glanced up at the bewildered look on his face, and then he grimaced in embarrassment.

"Shut up, and close your mouth," he growled, relaxing against the furs once more, "it's my job as an Alpha to keep track of all of you."

Bel was still shell shocked.

"Oh okay. Can I go back to Hogwarts now?"


"Why not! I thought we were getting somewhere!"

"You are not going back until you get those fucking stupid prejudices about werewolves out of your head."

"But I was going to be an Apprentice! I had schoolwork!"

"They were going to kick you out soon anyway. That Umbridge bitch was catching on, according to Lucius Malfoy."

Bel folded his arms across his chest.

"Snape would have still let me be his Apprentice. I don't have to go to the school to do that."

"Oh shut the fuck up. Why would you want to work with Snape anyway? That guy's a dick."

"He's a renowned Potion's Master and he's not afraid to use Dark Magic to improve a potion."

"Someone has a crush."

Bel sputtered for a moment, his face heating up, and Fenrir laughed mockingly at him. Bel tossed a can at him in indignation, which only made the Alpha laugh harder.

"Sleep now, pup. I promise I'll send a message to Professor Snape tomorrow," said Fenrir innocently, crossing his large arms behind his head.

Bel sighed, nodding. He loosened the collar of his slightly dirty school shirt and lay down on the furs. Fenrir shifted a bit behind him, and was almost instantly asleep. Bel felt unexplainably better after their conversation, and he easily drifted off to sleep.

"What's he doing in here?" Cried an extremely whiny female voice. Bel groaned, rubbing his eyes as he sat up. Fenrir was already awake. He took a long swig from a canteen filled with god-knows-what.

"Is it not customary that new pack members stay with me on their first night?" He said easily. She relaxed a bit, but she kept her pouting glare focused on Beltrano. Bel rolled his eyes and stood, straightening out his clothes. A dark head popped in next to the woman—Mandy—and a wide smile stretched across the handsome face.

"Well, well! You look better!" He rushed into the tent and gave Bel an extremely enthusiastic hug. Bel blushed, patting the man's back awkwardly.

Fenrir snorted from across the tent. Bel glared at him.

"Thank you, Fang. I feel much better."

Fang pat the side of his face, smiling brightly. He nodded to his Alpha and fled the tent with a small kind glance at Mandy. She curled her lip at him, still too annoyed to be fully pleased.

"Are we going to send a message to Professor Snape now? Or perhaps Professor Dumbledore? I would like to receive my missing schoolwork while I still can."

Fenrir snorted again, stretching (dear god are that many muscles even necessary) and rising from the furs. "Alright, pup. I've got an owl that will send the message for ya."

He wrapped an arm around Mandy's shoulders, and she blushed. She smiled sweetly.

"Hallo Bel!" A tiny voice sounded from below his hip. The little girl from the night before was there, looking sleepy and happy. "Good morning Lillian. How was did you sleep?"

"Good. I heard you got in a fight with Zeke over a pretty girl. My mum says that boys like to fight over girls."

Bel was about to dissuade her assumption when Fenrir butt in. "Actually, they were fighting over the last piece of meat. Those savages."

Lillian gasped, then she shook her tiny finger at him. "You have to share! If you don't share then you fight! And when you fight you get black eyes!"


Lillians mother emerged from a nearby tent. She gasped, grabbed the little girl's hand, and strode off as quickly as she could.


Fenrir smirked, entirely pleased with himself. Fang laughed good-naturedly, his hand finding its way to Bel's shoulder. Bel blushed again. Fenrir's smirk widened.

"Alpha! Alpha!" The voice got louder and louder as the werewolf shouting drew nearer. It was a blonde teenager—around the same age as Bel—and he was running full speed toward them.

"Yes, what is it Isaac?"

"Remus Lupin is here, Alpha. He's back. I don't know how, but—"

Isaac couldn't even finish his sentence, because Fenrir was strutting past him, his long legs stretching as far as they could go as he bypassed the smaller male.


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