Kakuzu's New Sister

Summary: Kakuzu's in for a surprise when he finds out he's getting a little sister. Will they get along or hate each other… and what happens when one of his friends falls for her? OC pairings are a secret!

Rated T for some violence involved.

Also my OC's personality is based off of my actual personality, other stuff about my OC and other OCS is made up.

I do not own any Naruto characters or the Akatsuki. Masashi Kishimoto does.

~noise~ 'thoughts' "speech" *flashback*

Chapter 1: Meeting the sister

No One's POV


"Stupid alarm clock…" muttered a voice from beneath the covers. An arm with stitch-like tattoos slinked backed under the covers as the alarm shut off.

"Kakuzu get up and get dressed," screamed a womanly voice from down stairs, "I made breakfast already!"

Grumbling could be heard from beneath the covers as a dark skinned, stitch-like tattooed 17 year old boy began to sluggishly make his way out of bed. Walking towards his closet, he pulled out a black t-shirt with a dollar sign on the front, a pair of slightly ripped light blue jeans, a dark green hoodie, and some black DC converse with green shoe laces. Walking past his night stand he grabbed his mask and put it on as he trotted down stairs.

"Morning Mom," Kakuzu said as he sat down, "what's for breakfast?"

When Kakuzu looked up he noticed a girl sitting across from him, a cup of coffee in her hands. Rubbing his eyes to make sure it wasn't a dream; he turned to his mom and asked, "Who the hell is this brat?"

Turning around his mom replied in a cheery voice, "That's Blaise! You're new little sister!"

"WHAT!" was Kakuzu's answer as he fell from his chair. Blaise, the girl across from him, snickered as he let out a string of cuss words from his position on the floor.

As Kakuzu was getting back into his seat, his mom inquired, "Don't you remember? We talked about at last week's family dinner."

"I didn't think you were serious," exclaimed Kakuzu, "besides I really don't think having a little sister is necessary."

As she placed a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of them she replied, "Well since I work so much, I thought you'd like some company when I wasn't around." "Now no more arguing, you two need to hurry up and eat or you'll be late for school."

"Yes mom," they replied at the same time. Quickly they finished breakfast, grabbed their backpacks, and headed out the door. As they were walking to the car, Kakuzu stole a glance at his new 'sister'. She looked to be about 5' 11" with dark brown hair that went to her ears, slightly tan skin, and dark green almond shaped eyes. Her outfit consisted of black sweatpants, a red t-shirt with Jack Skellington on it, a black and white tripped sleeveless hoodie, white and grey converse, a pair of black-rimmed glasses, and a black fedora with a red sash around it.

"Dude, is this your car," Blaise said as she pointed at the hunter green GT-Mustang. Kakuzu rolled his eyes as he slid into the driver's seat, Blaise following shortly after. Silence surrounded them as they drove. Blaise stole a glance at Kakuzu, contemplating whether or not to ask questions.

"If you have questions ask now brat," Kakuzu replied in a grumpy voice, "because when we get to school you're on your own."

"A-alright," Blaise replied quietly, "My first question is what the school is like?"

Taking a deep breath Kakuzu said, "Tokyo High is mostly made up of three gangs. There is the Kohona Gang, the Sound Gang, and then the Akatsuki. Watch out for the Sound Gang, they deal with drugs, counterfeiting, and anything else illegal. The Kohona Gang mostly plays pranks, defile property, nothing major. The Akatsuki, which is the gang I'm in, are the protectors of the keep everything under control using any methods needed." "Any other questions you need to ask me brat?"

Scowling, Blaise replied, "One my name is Blaise not brat Nii-san, two can I meet your friends, and three I think I saw some dude trying to grope some kid's butt."

"One I don't care what your name is, two my answer is no, and three that was Orochimaru," Kakuzu stated with a shudder at the disturbing news.

Tokyo High loomed in front of them with all it bleak, boring glory as the turned into the parking lot. Only one thought entered Blaise's mind as she got out, 'Can't wait to see what trouble I managed to get myself into here.'

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