I had this idea while trying to write for my other X-Men story and it wouldn't leave me alone. Hopefully my mind will now let me get back to my other story and I can post it in the next few days. This is Cherik but only if you squint. There's no specific POV so everyone can interpret it as they like.

Let me know what you think! I've never written anything this short before.


That's what life has become hasn't it? What might have been, if the past had never happened. Almosts, what ifs and might have beens fill everyone's past, but none more so than ours.

Almost glances over whiskey and chess, almost touches as they walked down the street and almost kisses on those long recruitment trips.

What if he'd moved the coin? What if he'd stayed down on the beach a second longer?

Almost enough to protect them.

Almost enough to stand.

Almost enough to trust.

Almost enough to believe.

Almost friends. Almost family. Almost lovers.

But almost is never enough.