Author's Note: This is the first piece of fiction that I've written for Falling Skies and it comes as I mourn the loss of my favourite character, though she isn't technically dead so maybe there is hope for her return right? At thoughts about my writing and ways to improve are appreciated, thanks for reading. :)

Hal paused for a moment, his eyes drifting over the side of the hallway and the wall painted with the pictures of the missing. The dark haired boy knew that his brother was one of the pictures on the wall, but for the first time in all the times that he had walked through the hallway his brother was not the one he was thinking about as he looked at the pictures.

"Karen…" The boy murmured softly to himself, clenching his hands into fists as his eyes glazed over with tears. "You shouldn't have to be on the wall." A tear slid down the boy's cheek even as his hand dipped into his jacket pocket and pulled out a picture of the blonde haired girl that until the day before he had spent every day after the invasion with. "I'll find you, I promise."

The young soldier took a step towards the wall, his hand blindly drifting over the surface of the wall looking for a tack to use to pin the photograph to the wall. Images of the blonde haired girl flashed in front of the boy's eyes, memories flying through his mind. "You were so good that night, when I couldn't sleep, you showed me how to sleep through it all. I've been doing the thing you showed me, but nothing works. I just can't sleep without you."

Slowly Hal lifted the picture, placing it in a free area of the wall before securing it with the tack and grabbing a piece of paper from the table beside the wall. "I'm going to make sure everyone is looking for you Karen, no one is going to forget you, I'm not going to forget you." The boy vowed softly, gripping the pencil tightly in his hand as he began scrawling information down onto the page.

"Karen Nadler, she's seventeen years old, at the time of the invasion she was a senior in high school. Then she became the scout of the second Massachusetts Militia Regiment, and she was bloody good at it. I lost her, but I'm going to get her back. I watched the way that my father loved my mother for years and didn't pay any attention to it at all, but I watched it, and that's the way that I love Karen. With my entire heart, I love her. I'll find you Karen, love Hal."

The boy finished the short note, attaching it to the wall next to the photograph before leaning forward and kissing the picture. Paying no attention to the fact that he was in the middle of a crowded hallway, he allowed his tears to slip down his cheeks.