Summary: Harry gets turned into a vampire and is told he has a mate. Who is it? What's this about a re-sorting? Potter a Slytherin? And why in Merlin's name is Malfoy blushing?

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A vampire's mate

Chapter 1


It was the only thing on Harry Potter's mind right now. His feet hurt like hell and his lungs felt like they were going to explode. It felt like an hour. Harry was sure he hadn't been running for so long, but it sure felt like he did.

The forbidden forest seemed endless to Harry while he continued sprinting towards the dim lights emitted from the castle. Hogwarts seemed so far away at the moment. He knew it was his only refuge. His only chance at escaping him.

Harry squinted at his surroundings, having lost his glasses a long time ago. The rough outline of the trees around him kept him from running into them, but he could hardly see anything smaller than the occasional root. And even those were quite big.

The sudden snapping of a twig not three feet behind him made Harry run even faster. He knew that if he didn't want him to escape he wouldn't, but Harry still had to try. In an desperate attempt Harry bend down a little to retrieve his wand but a hand grabbing his own stopped Harry's every move.

A defeated whimper left his lips as the hand made him turn around. Harry came face to face with him again. To Harry, not even Voldemort had scared him so much. And he had been scary. No he was so much worse.

His black eyes burned Harry everywhere he looked. Those eyes were what had drawn Harry to him in the first place. The man's other hand came up and cupped Harry's face. He flinched away or at least he tried to but the other man's grip didn't tighten.

"Harry" A shudder when through his entire being. Harry was terrified. "you know you can't run away from me. This has to be."

Harry would have started to beg had he thought it would make any difference. No it wouldn't. It wouldn't because he had been ordered to do this. And if he didn't he would surely be killed.

"Why does the council want me dead?"

His voice was so quiet if the other man's hearing wasn't better than any other human's he would have missed it. The hand cupping Harry's cheek slowly slided into his mess of brown hair. It was a soothing gesture. Certainly a nice one had the circumstances been different.

"The Vampire council wants you far from dead Harry. They want you to be one of us."

Harry closed his eyes. He knew this. This he had been told the first time he had encountered a member of the council however he had hoped against hope that they... Merlin Harry didn't even know what he had hoped for. All he knew was that he was scared. So god damn scared.


Harry was cut off when one of Richard's fingers was pressed against his lips. It was wet and without even so much as glancing at the finger Harry knew it wasn't water. It was blood. Richard's blood. It was all that was left to complete the process.

Back where Harry had started to run away from Richard the vampire had already taken Harry's blood. All it would take now was one drop of Richard's blood in Harry's bloodstream and the changes would take place.

Pressing his lips tightly together Harry refused to do so much as think about opening his mouth. All would have gone well had Richard been and idiot. The vampire quickly closed off Harry's nose and waited.

Harry held on for as long as he could, but soon he could feel the lack of oxygen making his whole body tingle in a numbing sensation. He cursed himself for it but Harry opened his mouth and could feel the finger sliding in.

A slight taste of copper filled his mouth and Harry fell limp in the vampire's grip.


Rays of sunshine illuminated Harry's face as he woke up for the first time of his new life. He was laid out on the forest ground with Richard sitting next to him. Richard's dirty blond hair shone slightly in the sun.

Harry could feel the changes in his whole body. His eyesight was perfect. Way better then it had been even with his glasses. His hearing was better, too. Despite what muggles thought a vampires heart still beat and Harry could hear Richard's heart beating rhythmically.

He also felt stronger than Harry ever thought possible. What puzzled him though was that he wasn't burning. New vampires are unable to walk in the sunlight for some months yet here he was. Practically sunbathing on the ground.

"I gave you a temporary version of the Solis Potion. It will allow you to walk in the sun for about another half hour. We must hurry along if you do not wish to burn."

Harry sat up and stared at Richard. He knew the vampire had just been fulfilling his duty to the council, but he had thought Richard his friend. It still hurt. Harry also needed answers. And he wanted them now.

Half an hour. With his new vampiric speed it would take Harry about five minutes to get to the front gates of Hogwarts. A few more to find and get into the Slytherin common room. It was after all the only place in Hogwarts where natural sunlight never found it's way.

Ten minutes. Which meant he had about twenty minutes to question Richard. Twenty minutes and he'd make the most of them. Clearing his throat Harry made Richard turn to look at him.

"Why do they want me as a vampire?"

Richard's face darkened. Harry could tell his friend was deeply sorry for turning him without his consent. Try as he might though Harry couldn't find it within himself to forgive his friend. Not yet at least.

"I wasn't told of the reasons. There is nothing of importance I could tell you Harry, unless it concerns our powers."

Harry thought for a second. He believed Richard when he said he didn't know anything about his orders. Yet there were so many things Harry needed and wanted to know. Powers. They had learned about vampires and their powers in DADA, but everyone knew those were only the powers vampires willingly showed.

"What do I have to know?"

His voice was stern and cold. Harry saw Richard flinch slightly and he felt bad at first. Reminding himself that he had every right to feel pissed at everything and everyone right now Harry waited patiently for Richard to speak.

"Everything you've learned in school so far is true. We have superhuman speed, hearing, strength. Our sense of smell is the best known. It will take a new vampire about three months until they are able to walk in the sun. We have mates and you will know who he is when the time is right al-"


"Yes, he. Since you were changed by a male vampire there is a near one hundred percent chance your mate will be male as well. Now most important. Meals. You will have to feed every other day. Later, if your mate allows it, you will feed off of him. Your first meal needs to be 0 positive."

Harry nodded numbly. This was a lot to take. What was he gonna do? What would everyone think? Sudden anger rose in him. Why should he give a flying fuck what everyone else thought! This was his opportunity to be himself and he wouldn't take any shit. From nobody.

"Harry you need to leave now."

Without another word Harry left Richard sitting in the forbidden forest, alone.


Finding the Slytherin common room had been fairly easy. With his new and improved sense of smell Harry could detect the large variety of different smells in the dungeons. Getting in had been a little bit more difficult.

The painting of a snake next to the entrance had silently mocked him thinking he didn't understand a thing. Yet once it realized Harry understood it's every word it had quickly coughed up the password. Now he was lying on one of the couches.

The potion had lost it's effect about ten minutes ago so Harry had to wait for one of the Slytherins to return from lunch. After all someone had to go get Dumbledore so Harry could tell him of his fate. One thing though, kept nagging at his brain.

He liked these changes. They gave him the freedom to do what he wanted. Others opinions be damned. And he knew that that was the reason he was lying on the couch looking just about ready to shag the next person to enter the common room.

And Merlin would he be looking forward to it. Harry had always been sure of his sexual orientation. There was no doubt in his mind that he was a hundred percent gay. He had told Hermione and Ron this yet in the beginning the red head, being Ron, had not believed his best friend.

Ron continually tried to set him up with Ginny. Every time he said no to his best friend Ron only tried harder to get him to go out with the red haired girl. Richard had been his salvation of sorts. They had met in Hogsmeade while he was out with Ron and Hermione.

Harry had no idea what made him do it but before he new it he had been talking to the tall and attractive stranger. Well talking wasn't the right word for it. They had after all flirted endlessly. When Ron had seen that the red head's jaw had dropped to the ground.

After that day Harry had met up with Richard every chance he got. There had been a few timid kisses, but before anything could turn more serious Richard had told Harry that he was a vampire. Yet instead of running away, not out of fear but who wanted to be with someone who would out live them unless they were turned as well, Harry had smiled at him and kissed him.

Harry hadn't cared that Richard was a vampire nor had it been a turn off for him. That night Harry had lost his virginity. And he had yet to regret any of it. Soon after however both had decided that they were better off as friends than lovers.

And now, three months after, Harry was near loosing his new friend. What Richard had done, orders or no, had dented Harry's trust in him immensely, but Harry knew that after enough time to think about it he could, hopefully, forgive the vampire.

Silent footsteps nearing the common room pulled Harry out of his thoughts and back into the present. Now it was time to face the Slytherins. The first person to enter was Blaise Zabini. Absentmindedly Harry noted that the Slytherin was, to put it mildly, very fuck worthy. Perhaps he would get that shag after all.

Harry got off the couch and walked over to Blaise. The Slytherin masked his confusion perfectly, for a human, but Harry saw it all. The fear of what he (Harry) was doing there. The badly masked beat of sweat running slowly down the side of Blaise' face. This was gonna be fun.

"Zabini. I need you to get Dumbledore here."

Harry deliberately gave his voice a husky undertone. The shivers rocking Zabini's body were barely visible and had Harry not been turned he surely would have missed them. Stepping even closer to the other boy Harry was able to hear Zabini's heart racing in result of their proximity.

He could practically see Zabini trying to compose himself as the Slytherin's brown eyes narrowed. Blaise crossed his arms over his chest, most likely trying to look intimidating, and hardened his posture.

"And why would I do that, Potter?"

Harry had to commend Blaise for his even voice because he knew neither the Slytherin's heartbeat nor his breathing were. Everything about the Slytherin either screamed scared or turned on as hell. Harry slowly let his fangs grow out but still kept his mouth shut so Blaise couldn't see.

The silence was making Zabini visibly uncomfortable. He kept shifting his weight from one leg to the other while his eyes darted around the otherwise empty common room. Ever so slowly Harry opened his mouth and showed Blaise his fangs.

"Because I need to inform Dumbledore of this."

As Harry said this he pointed at his fangs with one of his fingers. Zabini's eyes grew wide when he saw them. Fear flashed through the Slytherin's whole body as he took a few steps back. He only stopped as his back hit the, now closed, entrance to the common room.

"Listen I'm not gonna do anything to you, okay? I just need to talk to Dumbledore and well the sun's up so I can't leave."

Harry backed off a little to show Blaise that he had no ill intentions towards him. At least non that wouldn't involve a bed and some good hours of shagging Harry thought. Blaise watched him carefully but slowly stepped closer again.

The Slytherin cocked his head and eyed Harry slowly up and down. Finally his brown eyes stayed on Harry's fangs. They pocked slightly out of the Gryffindor's mouth. It made Harry look extremely sexy in Zabini's mind. Lifting his eyes to meet Harry's Blaise took a deep breath.

"If you can't go out in the sun am I correct in assuming that you have been turned recently?"

Harry smirked and retracted his fangs. He stepped dangerously close to Blaise and stroked one of his fingers down the side of the Slytherin's face. Zabini's eyes dilated as Harry slowly caressed him. Blaise gulped.

"Oh my clever little Slytherin. How right you are." Harry nudged the boys nose softly and stepped back again. "So are you gonna go get Dumbledore now?"

Zabini quickly noticed the change in Harry's behavior. The playful side of the Gryffindor had apparently been shoved aside because now he was dead serious. With his eyes hardened it was Harry's time to cross his arms over his chest.

Blaise gulped again. He knew not to mess with a new born vampire if he wanted to live. Of course they were still the same person they were before the change, but the inhibitions of a vampire were so much lower than those of their former life. Which also explained Potter's... flirting.

He was sure that now the Gryffindor wouldn't so much as hesitate before he beat the shit out of him. Yet Blaise was sure that that was all Harry would do. Unlike Draco Blaise had never so much as really talked to Harry. Therefor the brunette had no reason to be thinking about hurting Blaise beyond a black eye or maybe a split lip.

Before Zabini could answer Harry the entrance to the common room opened and a tall brunette came in. He had to be younger than them by probably a year or so. The Slytherin had dark brown hair and beautiful deep blue eyes. His glasses were in danger of falling off as he looked down while walking.

Harry's eyes ranked over the newcomer with high interest. He was, if he was a sixth year as Harry presumed, a bit small for his age, but thanks to Harry's growth spurt in fifth year the boy was still a few inches shorter than Harry himself.

When he finally looked up his eyes widened as they locked on Harry. The few books he was carrying fell from is arms while he gasped in surprise. Faster than any of them could see Harry stepped forward and caught the books mid-fall. With a seductive smile Harry handed the books over to the brunette.

"You should be more careful."

Harry's voice was deep as he talked to the boy. Said boy's heart rate skyrocketed as a deep blush crept over his cheeks. Harry's hands lingered on the brunette's before he turned back to Blaise and lifted an eyebrow, seeking an answer for his earlier question.

The brunette was still completely focused on Harry when he noticed Zabini in the room with them. The Slytherin was looking at them with amusement in his eyes, but when Harry looked at him he sobered.

"Gray could you go get Dumbledore here? It's important."

Harry turned back to the other Slytherin. Gray. Now if only he could find out the beauty's first name. Gray was looking at Zabini as Harry grasped his chin gently and turned his head to look at him. Gray's blush only turned deeper when he locked eyes with Harry again.

"So what's your name then?"

He shivered at the sound of Harry's voice. Harry could all but hear the Slytherin's arousal. Absentmindedly Harry wondered what the brunette's blood would taste like with arousal running through Gray's veins. His cock twitched in the confides of his trousers. Gray already smelled delicious Harry could only wonder about the taste.

"I... my name's Matthew, but you can call me Matt if you like."

Matthew's answer was so soft Harry wasn't sure if the boy had actually spoken. For a Slytherin Matthew was quite... timid. His voice was soft and a mere whisper. He behaved more like a Hufflepuff than a Slytherin.

He turned his gaze to the ground even with Harry's hand still grasping his chin softly. Perhaps he was merely behaving this way because of him. There was no fear coming from Matthew so Harry concluded that he was nervous because he was, obviously, attracted to him.

"Well Matthew I'm Harry. Now about what Zabini asked you would you be so kind and get Dumbledore here for me?"

For a moment Harry was scared that the Slytherin might die with the amount of blood shooting towards his face. Harry could feel the warmth coming off of Matthew like waves of heat on a warm summer day.


With that Matthew left the common room. Harry's eyes followed Matthew until the boy was out of sight.

"I think you might have broken him. He always acts like that when he thinks someone's hot."

Zabini's words made Harry chuckle. Turning back to the Slytherin he saw that Blaise had sat down on one of the couches near the fireplace. He waved a hand at Harry and told him to sit down while he waited.


When the common room entrance opened again Matthew stepped through with an intrigued looking Dumbledore not far behind. Harry told him about everything that had transpired with Richard, leaving out the part where he lost his virginity of course.

Harry was a bit shocked when Dumbledore didn't react too badly. The headmaster was, understandably so, furious with the vampire council for turning him unwillingly. He just wasn't mad about them turning Harry.

When Dumbledore was informed that Harry would need someone to brew the Solis Potion for him that twinkle found it's way into the headmaster's eyes. Then Harry knew he was totally and absolutely fucked.

"I'm afraid Severus is, at the moment, unable to supply you with the potion. Perhaps we could ask Mr. Malfoy for his help?"

Harry wanted to cry in dismay. It wasn't that he didn't want Malfoy's help, the blond was after all very good with potions. No the bad thing was the Slytherin hated him. Malfoy would never – never – agree to help him.

"Help with what? Potter? What are you doing here?"

The voice of none other than Draco Malfoy himself carried through the silent common room. Harry turned to look at the blond and saw utter confusion on his face. Somehow he felt a little bad for him. This must be awkward for him.

"Ah Mr. Malfoy just who we were looking for. Mr. Potter needs your help with a little potion. Now before you say anything this would of course excuse you from any homework which would interfere with your work on the potion."

That sure got the blonds attention. Faking to think it over Harry saw a small smile slip onto Malfoy's face. Great just great.

"Fine. When do I start and what does he need?"

"Today. The Solis Potion."

There was utter silence in the common room. Harry knew that Malfoy knew exactly what that potion was for. The blond Slytherin's eyes were wide and full of curiosity as he looked at Harry like a test object.

This unnerved Harry greatly, but before he could bark at the blond and tell him to stop looking so stupidly Matthew, again, nearly dropped his books. Just like the last time Harry caught the books mid-fall and handed them to the boy.

"Now what did I tell you about being more careful with your books?"

A deep blush spread across Matthew's cheeks and nose before the brunette excused himself and went to his dorm room. Harry could hear Blaise chuckling to himself from his place on the couch. He couldn't help the smile that graced his lips. Merlin he liked Matthew. He was... interesting. When Harry turned around he saw Malfoy was still looking at him in utter disbelieve.

"Wanna see my fangs or will you just believe me now?"

For some, to Harry unknown, reason Malfoy too started to blush and looked away.

"No I believe you."

"Good. Now professor I wanted to ask about a re-sorting. I know it's the middle of the school year, but I don't know if you've noticed but with this," Harry gestured towards his body with his arms and hands. "I can finally be myself and that's not really very Gryffindorish."

Dumbledore chuckled a little at this and smiled at Harry.

"I will arrange the re-sorting for before dinner then."

Harry nodded and smiled at the old wizard. With any luck Harry would get sorted into Slytherin and would have a chance of getting to know one Matthew Gray better. And maybe just maybe him and Malfoy wouldn't kill each other.

The blond in question was looking at Harry with wide eyes. Vampire. Potter was a vampire. He wanted to get re-sorted and to make matters worse he seemed to really like that Gray kid. Matthew Gray. Draco had just found someone new to dislike.

Draco knew it was bad for him and his health to even think about entertaining love-like thoughts about Potter, but he couldn't help it. Draco knew when he was defeated. And he also knew he was irrevocably in love with one Harry James Potter.

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